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Finding love (Mhd) prologue

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(My heart desire)

A tear slide down Liam’s cheeks, he couldn’t believe it happened again.. It’s just too sad to be true and he found it hard to believe even though it happened right in front of him and to him..
How could she do this to him, he had loved her with all his heart, giving her literally everything she wanted and asked of that he could offer and she had easily left him for another guy, is love that hard to find.. When will he ever get to find a perfect girl..
A girl that’ll love him not just because of what he has but because of who he is.
He gave her his heart
Gave her his wealth.
Loved her like she had his life…
Gave her what she wanted
Loved her with his whole being because he had thought she was the one for him, the one to stay forever..
Because he thought she felt same way he felt for her,
He thought she loved him
Thought she could keep his heart
Thought she could love him and not his wealth only..
But she left..same way other girls had.
She abandoned him just when he needed her most…Without looking back..
Just few weeks ago she had told him she loved him and just yesterday she left..without fulfilling her any of her promises.
Without yielding to his pleas.
She left him for another guy…
When will Mrs right come knocking, is it when he’s grown old with lots of beards and a dropping moustache..
This wasn’t the first time he was being dumped by ladies he had loved and whom he thought loved him too. He’s been in six fucking relationships loving all the girls and thinking that they were right for him and ready to stay..but they all left him.. Or is he just destined to be single for life.. With all this wealth..
Yes he was rich.. In fact he was a celebrity, a famous one at that and he has lots of people wishing to be like him, ordinarily they would’ve thought he was living an amazing, happy and fulfilled life since he was wealthy but he still felt that empty spot deep within him..why is it happening to him of all people .. Why can’t he just find love.. Is that too much to ask..??
He angrily kicked the frame that had he and Mae’s picture, her smile looking as bright as ever; deceitful and deceiving, with his boot and it made contact with the ground and shattered, he picked a big wood by his side and repeatedly hit it on the glass, making it shatter into much pieces…
“Arrgghhh” he screamed angrily.. He took the whisky beside him and drank directly from the bottle.. Groaning as he took each gulp…
“Fuck you Mae.. Fuck all girls.. Fuck them.. ” he grumbled and started crying, his emotions taking a larger part of him and bursting open.
He cried for a while and took another greedy gulp from the whisky bottle and groaned.
He heard the door open slowly and footsteps, there was silence then a calm voice followed, Mae had one too, she had used it to deceive him then broke up with him after telling him she was tired of the relationship, he was speechless of course, only letting his thought waver on why she had said those words. But he couldn’t find any right answer.
“Excuse me sire.. These papers just arrived…..
“Get out” he said, looking ahead..
“But sir..
“Get the fuck out…I’m not signing any fucking papers ”
“Sir, if they’re not signed, we could lose billions of –
“You’re fired..Get outta my sight! .. ” he said angrily, his gaze away from her.. He heard whimpering sounds, he knew that she was crying and when the door creaked, he knew he was alone..
Poor girl.. It wasn’t really her fault but she talks too much, she could’ve just left when he told her at first.
Anger can really do stuffs.. He couldn’t believe he just fired his secretary who’s been with him for five years. Apart from his sister who was abroad, she was the only lady he was close too, they never dated but they were almost close to being friends and he liked her because she was hardworking and not the type that joked with her job or flirt with him openly. But she was a lady and her kind had dumped him, all he could do now was hate them, regardless of who they were.
The door opened again and his mom walked in she had a sober look, obviously she was feeling her son’s pain..that’s how a mother should feel when her son is passing through these stuffs..she’d always Been with through all his emotional heartbreaks, she never left his side..of course she wouldn’t, she was his mother ..
She came closer to him and squat beside him on the the floor.. She took his hand and caressed it, making him rest his head on her shoulder.
“I saw the news.. Mae’s getting married” she said.
He breathed out.
“Don’t say anything.. You’ll just hurt yourself the more ” she says
“Where does loving me go wrong.. Why can’t I just find a woman that’ll love me and be happy..
“You’re gonna find true love at the right time”
“Right.. When I’m forty.. ”
“ don’t have to be like that.. Rose told me everything, you fired her.. Son, you don’t have to let your emotions take the better part of you.. Or take it out on others.. ” She paused.
“You Just get yourself together–
“Together?” he scoffed “I’ve been fucking rejected six times mom and now Mae just topped the list”
“Son they’re Millions of girls out there ready to give a lot just to be with you or even go to the alter with you”
“With me or my money” he asked rhetorically and smiled sarcastically .
“We could think of something.. I’ve gotta perfect plan”
“What plan” Liam said as he took another drink from the bottle.
“First you have to drop this if you want to hear it,” she collected the bottle from him and set it aside “You could go on a vacation” she said and Liam gave her a raised brow look.
“Why would I need a vacation?”
“First to get your head off Mae and then to find love” she said.
“I don’t understand” he said.
“Look, you’ll go to a complete different town. It’s like going on a quest to find your true woman.. The one destined for you” she said.
“Mom everyone will be destined for me once they realize that I’m the CEO of Glamorous Accessories” he said.
“Not when you look all dirty and poor.. not if you become a pauper who sells petty stuff by the road side and live without his parent” his mom said and his nose scrunched up suspiciously..
What’s she up to..??
“I don’t get you”
“Son.. You’ll go to new York with nanny Rita, you’ll live in a comfortable but small house and You’ll sell petty stuffs .. Then from there you might find true love, someone that’s ready to love you for who you are and what you are without knowing you’re Liam Gonzalez and just then..maybe just then you’d believe that love exist” his mom said and he stared at her expressionless..
“Mom.. I don’t think that’s a nice idea”
“Only a trial can convince you. All you need is a new identity then you’re good to go”
Liam shrugged “I know where to get that and a little facial change”
“Then you’ll be good to go. Think about it” she planted a kiss on his forehead, stood up and walked away, leaving him in severe thought.
“Going on a journey to find true love?” He thought. He could try it.
How’d you see the prologue??
Guys please let’s create awareness to others, share to groups and your friend.. Let’s embark on this ride together 💞

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