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Eye of blood episode 7 – 9

( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)⛔
Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎.
By Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Episode 7
Writer p.o.v✍️✍️✍️🔱
And who s£nt you to give me this Mrs Johnson asked the mess£nger. King Lucas the mess£nger replied. Mrs Johnson heart skip,
oh no he later found me she muttered. So why did he s£nd you to me Mrs Johnson asked.
we need your daughter in our kingdom, he asked you to handover her to me the mess£nger replied and Mrs Johnson smiled.
Never did you think my daughter will go with you, am sure she will killed you before you get there Mrs Johnson said.
Yes that’s why he asked you to handover her to me the mess£nger said.
You’re playing with fire go back and tell your king that I don’t know him.
And if he as a death wish, he should come back for my daughter Mrs Johnson said and went inside the house.
Honey what happen, why is your face like this, what did you discuss with that man Mr Johnson asked. Oh my face,
there’s nothing wrong with my face. And what I discuss with that guy is nothing, he is just some random guys that came to beg for money she lied.
Oh and did you give him Mr Johnson asked. No I don’t have cash with me Mrs Johnson said.
You should have let him come in I still have some cash with me Mr Johnson said.
Somewhere in America.
Your highness Stella refuse to handover her daughter to me. She said I should Asked you if you have a death wish the guy said.
Stella said that king Lucas asked. Yes she say it, how dare Stella king Lucas shouted angrily.
No problem, give me the mirror I will pay Stella a visit king Lucas said.
How did you get here Mrs Johnson asked king Lucas that’s sitting on her bed. I will take that as a greeting Stella. How are you doing my love king Lucas asked.
Am not your love what are you doing on my bed in my room Mrs Johnson asked. Are you asking me that, am sure you Know what I can do.
Or have you forgotten, common you shouldn’t have to forget is just 22years king Lucas said with a smirk.
What did you want from me Mrs Johnson asked.
Stella you know what I want from you handover your daughter to us we need her to fight for us king Lucas said.
My daughter will never work with bad people as you guys Mrs Johnson said.
If you still need your husband find a way to bring her to us in the next two months king Lucas said and disappear.
I can never handover my daughter to you people and you dare not do anything to my husband Mrs Johnson said angrily. Oh he is gone she said with a sigh.
Back to king stoner and Ashley
Release me this moment or you won’t like what I will do to you I said. Let me see what you got baby the guy Said.
One mind is warning me not to show my Power to him.
Fine am sorry there’s nothing I can do just release me I said. I will release you on one condition the guy said.
Which condition i asked. Just show me anywhere I can spend the night king stoner said. Fine I will take you to the motel near my house.
So release me I said. Why can’t I read your mind the guy asked with a smirk.
Why did you want to read my mind I asked him. I wants to know if you are lying or not he said.
Fine am not lying cause I detest lie, release the please am in pain I beg the fool.
Fine I will release you but why can’t I read your mind he asked again. Because I block you I thought.
That’s because am not thinking about anything I replied him. He release me and I fall down hitting my @ss on the ground. Hush I said in pain.
Let go he said, are you crazy don’t you see am in pain you put me I asked. I didn’t put in pain your mouth put you he said.
Fine let go I said and stand up. We are here I said, oh thank you he said, so you can thank me I asked.
Yeah am not like you he replied. This guy must’nt go scout free for giving me pain I thought. I look at his trouser and it began to torn. And the people there started laughing.
Why are you guys laughing I asked pretending as if I don’t know what happen.
Look at is d!¢k outside they said pointing to the strange man still laughing. Hey strange man I called, am stoner not strange man he replied.
Whatever I said laughing. See your d!¢k outside I said.
What how come he asked hiself and use his hand to cover his torn trouser and boxer and it makes it more funny.
And the people burst out laughing he was embarr@ss, yeah that’s what I want.
I will be on my way I said still laughing. No wait were can I get a new because he asked.
Are you asking me that I asked him still laughing. Please he beg, use your power to provide new cloth for yourself I said and ran out.
Episode 8.
Writer p.o.v✍️✍️
Ashley ran out and burst into a load of laughter. Am such a bad@ss, huh but am not a bad person now,
he started it first I never knew he is fragile like that am sure am more powerful than he is.
But who’s he and what’s he looking for here cause am sure he’s not part of us here Ashley thought.
Am not a bad person though let me get him some clothes from that boutique,
but am tired to walk and he caused it by making me stand on a spot for over 40 minutes.
Ashley wave her hand in the air and met herself in the boutique.
Good afternoon ma’am how may we help you the receptionist asked her.
I need a male cloth she said. Oh for your boyfriend the receptionist asked smiling.
You better mind your business before I turn that smile on your face to cry she said and the receptionist compose herself immediately.
Hey where’s the man with the torn trouser Ashley asked the motel receptionist. Oh Mr stoner,
he is in room 260 did you Know him the receptionist asked her.
Oh no am just a good Samaritan o want to give him a new clothes,
you Know is not good if he keeps moving around with torn trouser and boxer Ashley said laughing.
Oh that’s good of you miss, wait let me give him a call the receptionist said. You can go in the receptionist said.
And what are you doing here, you came back to make jest of me king stoner said as soon as he see Ashley.
No o am not here to make jest of you, am a good Samaritan so decide to give you some clothes so you won’t walk n@k£d Ashley said.
Thank you king stoner said with a smile. Keep your thank you to yourself I will take my leave now Ashley said.
Wait were will I see you again, you’re powerful right Ashley asked.
Yes why asking king stoner asked. Use your power with that Ashley went out.
King stoner laugh to himself, who’s she, she’s not carried away with my look and she’s not afraid of me despite the fact that I show her a little of my power earlier.
Expect me in your house soon king stoner said.
Johnson’s mansion.
Mum what happen why are you pacing to and fro, I have been calling you for the past 15 minutes but you don’t hear me Ashley said.
It nothing my dear just thinking about some random things Mrs Johnson said. Random things,
you wants to tell me that those people threaten you’re the random things Ashley asked. How did you know her mother asked not to surprise.
Relax there’s nothing you do in this house that I don’t know about. Relax let them come am ready for them Ashley and.
Are you sure you can fight them alone they involve your father Mrs Johnson said. Relax nothing will happen to my father am ready for them.
You should know they’re not powerful than I am, cause if they’re, they will fight there battle theirselves Ashley said.
The next morning in the school.
Why don’t you come to school yesterday Jane Ashley friend asked her. Hmm something funny came up Ashley replied,
really gist me Jane said. You too like gist Ashley said, Please Jane beg with her best puppy eyes.
Fine don’t think that eyes caught me just feel like telling you Ashley said. Ashley explain everything to jane started her @ss out rolling on the floor.
Hi Angel someone greet them, hello handsome jane replied. I am not taking to you let this angel replied me the guy said.
Hmm angel they’re talking to you Jane said laughing. Am sure you aren’t talking to me Ashley said.
Am talking to you pretty, you must be crazy, you ignore my friend greetings and expect me to reply you Ashley said. Fine am sorry the guy said.
Am Leo I will like to be your friend the guy said. I don’t need a male friend Ashley replied, I don’t mean a boyfriend, just a friend leo said.
I don’t need a male friend are you deaf Don’t get me Angry get out of my sight Ashley said.
That’s too harsh Jane said. I don’t just like him he looks like a bad person to me Ashley said.
Hello have seen the girl but she’s proving stubborn to get leo said.
How did you know she’s the one king Lucas asked on the other end.
I knew she’s the one cause she has been doing wonder since she came into the school leo said.
Fine use your power on her let her fall sleep king Lucas said. Wow my instinct is right, i knew you are a sheep in human clothing.
Am right here use your power on me Ashley said. Isn’t what you think leo said going on his knees,
you don’t know who you are coming to Meet did you have a death wish Ashley asked him angrily.
Am sorry my lord Please spare my life leo said begging her.
I never said I will kill you. Did you have a house here Ashley asked. Leo nod his head,
will you answer me with your mouth right now Ashley yelled.
Yes my lord he replied fearfully, you know what you will do for me, just go straight to your house and sleep for 2weeks Ashley said.
Leo nod his head and started running to his house.
Around 9:00pm at night
Ashley just came back from the bathroom with a towel tied to her body she was shocked to meet king stoner sleeping peacefully on her bed.
You what are you doing here Ashley asked surprised written on her face.
Episode 9.
Writer p.o.v✍️✍️
Holly Molly, what are you doing on my bed strange man Ashley asked. But king stoner doesn’t move from where he sleep, infact he begin to snore.
This is disgusting, get out of my room this minute Ashley yelled.
Baby are you in, why are you shouting is someone there with you Mrs Johnson asked her daughter.
Mum come in there’s a strange man in my room Ashley said thinking king stoner will stand up, but he didn’t move. Mrs Johnson heart skip as soon as she heard strange man,
hope this people haven’t come for my daughter she thought. There’s only one way to know she said and open her door.
Ashley where’s the strange man Mrs Johnson asked. Mum look at him on my bed now.
What’s wrong with my daughter there’s no one on the bed Mrs Johnson thought.
Mum you mean there’s no one on the bed Ashley asked.
You have re Ashley Doesn’t allow her finish her word before she pledge with her eyes. Hey young lady your mum can’t see me,
if you continue to argue with her, you will look like a physcho to her king stoner said. Now I understand Ashley thought.
Mother am just joking with you don’t be scared there’s no one on my bed Ashley said. What sort of joke is that Mrs Johnson asked. Mum am sorry Ashley and.
Fine that joke is too expensive I don’t like it. Goodnight my love Mrs Johnson said and peck her on the cheek.
Ashley make sure she blocked her parents hear from that Moment they won’t ear anything she’s discussing with king stoner.
Even stoner didn’t Know she block her parents ear.
So what are you doing here Ashley asked angrily relax I came for visiting king stoner said sitting down.
Came for visiting by this time, how did you get here she asked.
How I get here is not necessary. I have a message for you king stoner said.
What’s the message all about Ashley said and fold her hands under her br£@st.
Can you stop doing that king stoner asked. What Ashley asked. Put down your hand I can’t think straight king stoner said.
Then think bend if you can’t think straight Ashley said.
Put down your hand I have an important message for you king stoner said. Fine Ashley said and put down her hand.
Your father must not go out tommorow cause there’s danger out there for him king stoner said.
Danger as how Ashley asked pretending as if she didn’t knew what he mean. Just tell him not to go out tommorow king stoner said. You done Ashley asked.
Yes stand up from my bed and go back to where you are coming from Ashley said. Why are you so rude king stoner asked.
Am not rude Ashley replied, not even thank you King stoner said. I didn’t asked you to see vision for me that’s your own problem so get out Ashley said.
Am not going anywhere am sleeping here king stoner said. You must be joking Ashley said.
Fine I can’t even sleep with you cause if I I will die of temptation king stoner said.
Your majesty we haven’t heard from Leo since morning, one of king Lucas guards said. Bring the mirror let check where he’s.
What!! How dare him sleeping on duty king Lucas yelled.
Amanda come and wake him up king Lucas said. Your majesty he isn’t waking up,
Amanda said. Hope he’s not died your highness but am not sure if he will wake up anytime soon Amanda said.
Fine s£nd Sean to Korea I need him to cause accident for Johnson, but he should make sure he’s not died king Lucas said.
Dad I need something from you Ashley said. Anything for you my darling just name your price Mr Johnson said.
I don’t want you to go to work for a reason well Know to me Ashley said. Really your wish is my command ma Mr Johnson said mockingly.
And one more thing am going out with your car Ashley said. Your are free my darling,
let me go and rest my madam said there’s no work for me today Mr Johnson said. Ashley got into her father car and drove off.
She parked the car at the place Sean is waiting for her father.
What did you think will happen next.?


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