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Eye of blood episode 34 – 36

( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)⛔
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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Episode 34.
King stoner make sure they keeps all sort of food in the room for Ashley. “She must be hungry when she wakes up he thought”
Ashley wake up, and was surprised to see king stoner sleep on a couch in her room.
“What’s he doing here, did he feels comfortable sleeping like that Ashley asked herself.
Hey get up your neck might break if you continue sleeping like that Ashley said and king stoner open his eyes instantly.
“You’re awake, how are you feeling, hope you aren’t feeling any pain king stoner asked worriedly.
Ashley chuckled, as you can see am perfectly fine.
Are you hungry, they’re many foods for you at the table, king stoner said pointing to the table.
You mean all this are for me, what did you take me for, a glutton or what Ashley asked dramatically.
I never said that, I just thought you might need some food king stoner said.
Am not hungry Ashley said with an eyeroll.
But her stomach embarrass her, it growl loudly and king stoner chuckled.
What did you have to say about this king stoner asked with a smirk.
Am not hungry, but my stomach need some food Ashley said and king stoner burst out laughing.
What’s funny Ashley asked and walked to the table.
“When am I going back home at least am done with what brought me here, and am sure my parents will be worried by now Ashley said”
“Relax you just recovered, I brought you here and I will be the one to take you back home king stoner said” “fine where’s Lucas, am sure he’s died by now Ashley said.
No he’s not died he is in the dugeon am waiting for you to wake up before I passed my judgement. And as for ruth you will be the one to punishment her king stoner said.
Oh I totally forget about her where’s she and where’s Rita Ashley asked. Rita is fine.
And Ruth is in the prison king stoner said.
Take me to her Ashley said. Huh to who king stoner asked.
You’re so dumb to Ruth Ashley replied him.
What did I do to you that makes you hate me so much Ashley asked Ruth.
You did nothing I just hate your gut, and I hate the fact king stoner loves you Ruth said.
Who told you stoner loves me we are just friends Ashley said.
It’s obvious you’re blind cause you’re the only one that’s not seeing it.
Did you know how it feels to fell in love and the person doesn’t loves you in return Ruth said.
I understand you, but what’s yours will always yours no matter how, if stoner is your husband, you guys will surely get married without problem.
Let me Asked you a question, what are you thinking when you went to hang up about who you said you loves.
Did you think he will love you more or hates you Ashley asked.
Am sorry I wasn’t thinking well, I let jealous control me am very sorry Ruth said crying.
You’re sorry, what if Lucas have succeeded in killing me, will you still be sorry, Ashley asked her.
I don’t even know what to say than am sorry, Please forgive me, I didn’t say you shouldn’t punish me, I deserve any punishment you give me, I just want you to please forgive me, am foolish and naive then Ruth said.
No problem I have forgiven you a long time ago.
And as for punishment, I don’t have any punishment for you I just pray, you really changed for good Ashley said.
Ashley you mean you’re not going to punish her king stoner asked.
You heard me clearly stoner, I don’t have much strength to talk Ashley replied.
Fine if Ashley said she’s not punishing you, you can go but I don’t want to see you around me, or my things again.
Go far away from this palace king stoner said and went out with Ashley.
Hey you go and bring Lucas for me king stoner said to one of his guards.
Why did you want me here, I can never bow or beg you Lucas said and scoff.
Shut up how dare you talk when I didn’t asked you to king stoner said and slap him Angrily.
Your majesty you need to calm down the king mother said.
I won’t kill you, I want to give you a slow and painful death king stoner said with a smirk.
Take him back to the dugeon, cut one off his leg and his ten fingers king stoner said.
What that’s too much for me Lucas said.
You haven’t seen anything king stoner said and went in with Ashley.
Your majesty said you should meet him in the garden. He have a very big surprise for you one of the guards said.
Surprised Ashley asked.
Yeah the guards replied her.
What’s the surprised all about Ashley asked.
Am not in the right place to tell you ma’am.
Am sure you will love it if you see it the guard said and went out.

35 semi final

What’s the surprised all about Ashley asked the guards. Am not in the best position to tell you am sure, you will like it if you see it, the guard said and wick at Rita.
Wait did that guy just wick at you Ashley turned and asked Rita. Oh you’re even blushing Ashley said.
No o me blushed, am not blushing Rita deny. I can see it in your eyes you’re lying.
The guy is handsome, and stoner personal guard Ashley said. So did you know the surprise waiting for me Ashley asked Rita.
How did you expect me to Know Rita asked Ashley. “Fine you are going to the garden with me Ashley said.
But you’re the only one king stoner wanna see Rita said. You don’t wanna go with me right,
that cute guard will be there with king stoner Ashley said. Really Rita asked smiling, yes Ashley smirk. Fine I will go with you rita said.
No you shouldn’t go with me am the only one king stoner wanna see Ashley said. Please let me go with you Ashley said.
You don’t even love me, you agree to go with me just because of that cute guy Ashley said crying her imaginary tears.
Who told you I don’t love you, I love you I don’t just want king stoner to get mad at me Rita said. Fine let go Ashley said.
They got into the garden and Ashley was surprised to see decorations everywhere, when did they do all this, and what are they celebrating Ashley asked Rita.
As if I know Rita replied. You’re so mean, you’re not like Jane I missed a lot. You,
stoner and Jane are the reason am alive Ashley said smiling. And where the hell is stoner, is he playing a prank on me Ashley asked.
She looks at her side and can’t found Rita again. Ah where did Rita went to.
Surprised, she heard the voices she have been dying to hear. Dad Ashley call and ran to hug her dad.
“I told you children will disgrace you, she doesn’t love me Mrs Johnson said Cleaning her fake tears” “And who told you I don’t love you, I did and I really do Ashley said.
Don’t mind her she’s just jealous of us, she wished you love her as you love me Mr Johnson said.
Common dad I love you guys equally, is just that you and I understand each other more Ashley and.
My best friend or should I say my cousin didn’t see that am standing here,
maybe she have gotten herself another best friend Jane said dramatically raising her hand in the air.
Drama queen Ashley scoff. How can I replace you, you’re the best friend one could asked for. I really love you Ashley said and hug Jane.
She said she love me, you people should shift and let me faint Jane said. Just keep quiet Ashley said.
Yes cousin sister Jane said. What’s up with this cousin sister you’re talking about since Ashley asked. Am very happy we are family,
I can’t wait to tell you everything Jane said dramatically. Am lost Ashley said.
Don’t worry princess I will tell you everything Mr Johnson said.
And how did you guys get here, who brought you guys Ashley said. Your prince charming Jane replied smiling.
What’s wrong with you Jane, who’s my prince charming Ashley asked.
As if you don’t know who I am talking about Jane scoff. Where’s he Ashley asked. She has finally accepted he is her prince charming.
No you are getting it wrong it’s king charming not prince charming Mr Johnson said. Dad, Ashley called, daughter Mr Johnson called and look away.
Here comes the king charming Mrs Johnson said smiling.
Why is he looking more handsome this evening. Am I the only one seeing this Ashley thought. She was lost staring at king stoner
Hello king stoner wave his hand on her face. You can take a picture it will last longer king stoner said with a smirk.
Bursted Ashley thought. You wish I wasn’t looking at you, I was looking at the garden it looks more beautiful Ashley said.
And who said you’re looking at him, he only asked you to take pictures Mr Johnson said with a smile.
Ashley I have a confession to make king stoner said. Confession as how Ashley asked.
See I don’t know how to use sweet words, cause I have never fall in love before. But you made me fall in love Ashley.
Love you and I really do king stoner said. And Ashley looks at him as if he has gone crazy.
and epilogue.

Are you okay Ashley finally found her voice. Yes king stoner said. You crazy Ashley said feeling his pulse.
Am okay Ashley I really mean what I said king Stoner said. Am sure this is one of your jokes Ashley said.
I mean it king stoner said. Ashley Mr Johnson called. Yes dad Ashley replied her Dad.
King stoner really loves you, and he is a very good guy I will like it if you can give him a chance Mr Johnson said. But Dad, no but Ashley, you and I knew you Love king stoner Jane said.
Don’t keep him waiting Mrs Johnson said. Ashley smile out tears I love you too,
but I can’t do without my parents, I can leave them alone in Korea and be staying here what about my education Ashley said.
Ashley you will surely leave is and marry one day and the time is near Mr Johnson said.
As for the school, I will let you go back to Korea to complete your education, it remaining one year for you to passed out king stoner said.
I don’t have a ring now, but I will surely buy you a very beautiful and special ring later,
will you please do me a favor of being my better half, king stoner said going on his knees.
Wow they look good together the maids keep murmuring among themselves. Is it not cool Jane shouted. Yes it is Jane said dancing.
She dance and fall king stoner friend.
Oh am sorry am so happy I don’t know that someone is at my back Jane said smiling showing off her 32. No problem beautiful, what’s your name he asked.
Aww am Jane she said smiling sheepishly.
Am Stephen king stephen said bringing his hand forth for an handshake.
“Hmmm Ashley said”
and Jane come back to senses. Am sorry,
I think you have also meet your prince charming Ashley said teasingly. No king charming he is also a king, king stoner said smiling.
A year later.
Congratulations my darlings Mrs Johnson said and hug both Ashley and Jane my princess are now a graduates with beautiful results Mr Johnson said happily.
Jane Stephen is waiting for you he his car , Mrs Susan Jane mother said.
Really he makes it Jane exclaim happily and wear her graduation cap on her mother head and ran off.
Princess you’re not looking fine, what happen. Today is your happy day you should be happy Mr Johnson said.
Dad how did you want me to be happy when stoner isn’t here to celebrate with me Ashley said crying.
No you don’t need to cry baby to ruin your makeup Mrs Johnson said.
I never knew you Love me this much my Queen, king stoner said from her back. Pervert you told you I love you Ashley said crying.
I knew you love me so much that you can’t do without me so stop pretending king stoner said smiling.
I love you Ashley said and ran to hug him. I love you too my queen king stoner said.
I love the sounds of that Ashley said smiling. You two should get a room Mrs Johnson yelled.
Are you jealous of your children, we can also go inside too, you Know Mr Johnson said with a wick and Mrs Johnson blushed. See them Mrs Susan said.
My queen a woman is waiting for you outside, one of the guards said. Waiting for me, for what Ashley asked.
Her daughter is very sick the guards said. My love I will be right back Ashley said and ran out.
Am sorry your highness am back let start from where we stop Ashley said. Am not in the mood again king stoner said pretending to be angry.
You know it wasn’t my fault, it my right to heal people cause that’s why God gave me the power Ashley said.
I understand my love. You’re the best queen we have ever have in this kingdom king stoner said and kiss Ashley.
Dad why are you bitting mummy lips little Adriana asked. Princess am not bitting your mother lips we are,
say more word there and you will be a dead meat Ashley said and king stoner burst out into laughter.
Jane and king Stephen also get married a year after Ashley married. Rita get married to king stoner head guard. It was hard for king stoner to let him go,
but he don’t have a choice the guards is a human like them. King stoner established him and makes him a big man.
No one heard of Ruth again. And they leave happily ever after.
If you enjoy the story or learn one or two things, from it drop a comment. Who’s your beat characters so far.

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