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July 24, 2021


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Ethereal beauty Episode 15 & 16

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Episode fifteen.


(Oh no!!)

Maya POV
A call came into my phone, I picked it. It was one of Matt men.
“Ma’am you where right, Matt is about betraying you. He plans on telling Tanya all about what you have been doing. He was talking to himself and he wasn’t aware of my present and that was how I was able to find out.” He said.
“Thank you.” I said and disconnected the call.
I might be a woman, and not getting any younger but my wisdom is increasing. Matt thought he can play this game with me. Have been suspecting him. Since when we had that talk together. I could read his expression and I can say that he was having sympathy in his eyes. And when that happens he will try all he can to save me, so I hired his gang member to spy on him and I was right.
I need to take care of him first. I won’t let him betray me and expose me to my son.

Tanya POV
After classes that day, I went over to Jeff casino.
“Miss. Lee.” He said.
“Any news about the kidnappers?”
“No not yet, but we are close to finding them.” He said and that made me smile.
“Yes. We are tracking his location. The car that the kidnappers used has also been tracked, we will get answer tomorrow.” He said.
“That is the best news I heard today.” I said.

Kimkim pov
Its been fun staying with my family. We cook together, laughs at each other jokes. Do nasty things, Infact I kiss this moments.
So bad dad, Jessica and Lisa are leaving, I will be left with rose who will stay with me until aunt janet and Minho get back. I really miss Minho, I just pray and hope uncle gets better soon.

Matt POV
Matt was brought to me blindfolded and hand cuffed. He knelt him down in front of me.
“Remove the blindfold an leave.” I commanded, and they obeyed me.
When the blindfold was removed, Matt was so shock.
“Helo sweetie.” I said smiling.
He tried breaking the handcuff but could not. “No need of wasting your time honey, the person who said he sees me as his mother, and still yet planned on betraying me.” I said and he looked at me shocked.
“You must be shocked. How did she find out? That is what is going on I’m your head.” I said and knelt close to him. “You underestimated me, me been a woman doesn’t mean am not wise sweetheart.”
“Am so sorry madam.” He said.
“You know I don’t spare my offenders.” I said.
“Am sorry ma’am, but you can kill me if you want to at least to make you ease your anger.”
“And who told you I was angry?” I asked.
He looked at me.
“Am not going to kill you. But you will still have to work for me, but not as a gang leader but as a son who said I am his motber.” I said and stood up. “But let me make this clear to you honey.” I pointed a gun towards his head, “if you dare tell Tanya about all this then be ready to lose your girlfriend and the child she have for you.” He looked at me shocked and scared. “You know who I am.” I said.
He bowed his head and sighed, “fine.” He said.
I smiled.
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Maya POV
“Matt have told you how will we kill that bastard, and so be it. I don’t care if everyone in this apartment will die. Just make sure you kill him and his family too. And I will be here to monitor his death so don’t even think of betraying me again cause this time i will kill you and I mean it. You will die a painful death. Since you say you consider me as your mother, do as i say.” I said.
He nodded.
“Great, you are killing him this night.” I said.
“This night?”
“Got any problem with that?”
“No ma’am.” He replied.
Thank goodness I found out about him trying to betray if not it would have been a disaster. He would have told Tanya and plan would be ruined.

Matt POV
Am really in a tight spot where I can’t get out from. I have no choice but to do as she said.
We waited until night fall, exactly 7 : 30 pm. I signaled for my guys to get ready.
Some people in the apartment where are sleep, some where still awake I could tell by their light on and their shadow.
We all went out to bring in some explosive, we are bringing in ten gas cylinder filled with gas. And one ammonium nitrate. This is going to be a terrible death, but why would madam want to kill everyone. What have they done to her, this is too much. This will not only kill those in the apartment but other surrounding apartments. Ammonium nitrate is a very bad explosive agent. On our way back to the room, a little girl ran to me, she must be three or so, she gave me her doll.
“I might not be needing this anymore, give it to your daughter.” She said.
Another girl came to stand close to her, she must be five too. I thinking they are friends or sisters.
“Where are your parent?”
“They re inside.” She said with a smile.
Gosh, this children will have to die too.
I can’t, I can’t do this.
I turned to my men, “I can’t do this, this children will die.” I said.
“Boss since when do you have human sympathy?” One of them asked.
“What do you mean by that? This young children will die.” I said.
“Sorry boss, but we are doing what Mrs. Lee said.” They said and went upstair. I ran after them trying to stop them, when I got their, they have already set a bomb.
Bomb? This isn’t the plan.
They began to run while I stood still till shocked and confused, thay set the time to two minutes.
I looked at Jim, I could see tears in his eyes, his mouth where covered. He eyes looked so sorrowful.
One of my men dragged me outside, and began to run with me.
There is nothing I can do again.
On my way, I saw that little girl that gave me her doll but without her sister, I stopped, carried her and ran with her no time to look for others, we just have two minutes. We ran as fast as we could, the little girl was quiet. We came out of the apartment and entered our car. We just have 59 minutes to go far away from here.
The driver of my gang drove as fast as he could, and went a bit far from there. We all heard the sound, the sound of the heavy explosion. I turned to look back and saw the way the building was burning. Not only that apartment but also, the other houses too close by where affected. From what I can see. Almost five house caught fire too.
This is terrible. I looked at the young girl and she was stirring at me without saying a word. Don’t know what happened, but tears fell from my eyes. I quickly wiped it off not wanting anyone to see it.

Matt POV
I couldn’t sleep after the death of those people in that apartment. Am such a fool and a coward. I left the little girl who her name is, Jisoo at my girlfriend house.
Their screams, their cries. The children and everyone.
U deserve to die.
Mrs. Lee have practically become a killer. I need to stop her even though I will die in the process I don’t care cause who knows what she will do next. I just have to help her out.
I picked my phone from my drawer and removed my simcard, i took a new one and placed it inside. After switching it on, I copied Tanya’s written number to my phone and dialed his number. Can’t afford to send him a message or it might cost me my head.
“Tanya Lee?” I asked.
“Yes please who is this?” She asked.
“Listen to me, make sure no one asks who you are talking to. I know about Adams Mavis death. And also about the recent fire incident. Its all related to someone very close to you. Come to Juwon inn, by five in the morning.” I said and disconnected the call.
All this will stop tomorrow.

Tanya POV
Who is he and what do he meen by someone very close to me?
He knows about Adams Mavis and the apartment? Adams Mavis is dead? when? I need to meet this man and talk cause he got a lot of question to answer.
I laid back on my bed and slept anxiously praying tomorrow will come as fast as possible.


Episode sixteen.


After the burning down of the apartment, Maya was told about what Matt did. He wanted to stop it.

She should kill him, she thought. But no, she needed Matt. He is one of her best assassin.

She knew he will definitely tell Tanya about all this, he can’t be trusted again.

He tried betraying her at first and can do the same especially now that he have start developing sympathy, she can’t risk her plan.

So she decided to keep an eye on Matt. She paid some of his gang member to watch him and his every move.

Matt POV
Right from the day Mrs. Lee kidnapped me, I knew she had some men watching over me. And now, she must have made them to watch over my every move.

I need to be careful, its four thirty am, and I need to leave now. I will leave and be back within some couple of minutes. I won’t stay long.

I have a very trusted member in my gang, he is my friend and will never betray me.

He told me about the tight security around me, and that he was paid to watch over me. So that morning I told him to come over to my room.

He came knocking, and I opened the door for him.

“Now kel, am leaving for somewhere very important. You are going to pretend to be me, while I will be you.”

“Where are you going to? Madam is going to find out and she will kill you. You know how she is.”

“Don’t worry, I will make sure she don’t find you. All you need to do is to put on the mask I brought for you, its not perfect but you will look like me, and then we exchange clothes.” I said to him.

He sighed and pulled out his cloth, I did the same and wore the face mask I bought.

“Wow you look so much like me.” He said.

I helped him with his and he ended up looking like me.

“I will be back in no time, all you need to do is to just lie on the bed pretending to be asleep.”

“Got it.” I patted his shoulder and left.

I sighted like five men spying on the house, but they where doing it in a way no one will suspect them. Foolish, I sighed and left without them knowing it was me.

I need to meet Tanya as quick as possible, its five already.

I walked to the hotel which wasn’t far from my house. Tanya was there already looking as beautiful as ever. But there is something weird about her, sometimes I think she is a boy while other times a girl. Don’t know why it happens. I put on a nose mask and went to meet her.

“Tanya Lee.” I called and she turned to look at me.

“Are you the one who called me? Don’t you know you wasted my time.”

“Listen I don’t have much time here. No one should see me here or I will be killed so I will go straight to the point. Like I said ,I know what happened to Adams and the fire outbreak. The person responsible for all this is no other than Maya Lee.”


“Your mother is not who you think she is. She kidnapped Adams and killed him by setting the apartment on fire.”

“How did you know this and beside I haven’t heard about any apartment been set on fire.”

“It will soon become the news of the day. I was the one who helped her.” I said and gave him a flash drive. “Watch this and believe what I said.” I said and left leaving him confused. I remember how i got the recording in the flash drive. The day Mrs. Lee told me all about her plan, I secretly video it. The day that she told me to burn down the apartment. I am really grateful that I video her when she was talking.

I ran back to my apartment and met the door opened, shit, those spy.

I quickly brought out a black leather and the drugs I kept in my Pocket and dropped it inside. I went inside. They where trying to persuade kel that he should stand up to talk to them, but kel refused.

“What are you doing?” I said calling their attention. The guys looked at me. Well I was dressed as kel so they don’t know its me, the real Matt. “Can’t you see he is sick, I went to buy drugs for him.” I said bringing out the drugs inside the leather and showed if to them, “I went to get drugs for him.” I said.

“Sorry boss.” They said to the fake me.

“Now leave.” I said and they left.

I went to lock the door and immediately exchange with kel. I took his place on the bed, while he left. I owe him a lot.

Tanya POV
I can’t believe this, that man lied to me. How dare he say something like that?

I entered my car and looked at the flash drive. This can still help me find out some clues.

I removed my laptop I always leave in my car and connected the flash drive to it.

It loaded and I clicked on the video.

It was my mom talking to someone who I couldn’t see the face cause he was recording it.

I watched it to the end and it so happened that all what that man said was true. This can’t be possible.

Not mother. But I haven’t heard any news about the apartment. Maybe she did not do that cause it will kill many, but Adams was with her, why didn’t she tell me.

I don’t want to believe this.

I brought out my phone to check the time, but the first notification I saw from Google was ‘Han sang apartment caught fire. Affecting the houses close by. Killing 48 people and 10 people where injured. Number still counting.’ Oh no, Han sang. That was the apartment, mother burnt it and killed everyone there. She killed 48 innocent people.

I went online and it was just posted online. It happened last night, and it was said, a man named Adams Mavis set the apartment on fire by putting his gas on.

But others said that, it can’t be the cause of that outrageous fire, that more than one gas cylinder was found in his apartment. And there was another cylinder which content haven’t been identified yet.

I dropped my phone to the floor not believing what I just saw.

Why mother? Why?
This can’t be, you have totally turned into a psychopath.

You killed people, you killed innocent people.
You are wicked.
Why? Just why?

I thought you changed, but hell no, you still killed people. Children where there, teenagers, pregnant women. Mother why?

Kimkim POV
Its seven in the morning, dad will be leaving for daegu soon.

A sad news was broadcasted. Hansang apartment caught fire killing 50 people, injuring 10 people. The number before was 48 but they found two more dead bodies. They said a man set the apartment on fire killing himself and others round him.

“That man is really wicked, how could he do such a thing. He killed a lot of people.” Jessica said.

But it looked suspicious, how could he do that with ten gas cylinder. And an unidentified cylinder too, he would have just killed himself with just one. But no one in the apartment survived to tell us what really happened.

This looks so suspicious.
“This don’t look suicidal, I mean he would have done that with just one gas cylinder.” I said.

“Maybe he wanted to kill everyone.” Lisa said.

“Kimkim is kinda right, it don’t look suicidal.” Dad said.

“Wish I was a detective, this wouldn’t be hard.” I said.

“Then go ahead and be a detective.” Lisa said.

“No I want to be a doctor.” I said.

Dad got ready, and we followed him to the bus station.

“Kimkim take good care of yourself and be a good girl. Don’t destroy your aunt house.” He said.

“Why do everyone keep telling me that? Am not that kind of a bad destroyer, I got class and maturity.” I said.

He smiled and hugged me. I watched as he left and i felt sad. Jessica and Lisa will be leaving soon.

We all went back to the house.

Tanya POV
I cried and cried in my car, if was so heartbreaking. Why mother? Just why?

I never knew it was up to 8. I don’t think I can go to school today.

I drove my car back home but in a crazy speed that one might think I will die but I don’t care if I die.I was a hell of myself with my hairs scattered, I look like a lunatic. I dragged my feet to the house. Mother was the first to see me and I felt a terrible hatred the moment I saw her.

She rushed to me, “what happened to you Tanya? I went to your room and you weren’t there. I thought something bad must have happened to you. Do you know how scared I was?” She asked.

“I hate you.” I said.

“What?” She asked looking at me shocked. Grandma stood up too.

“I fucking hate you and your whole being, and I hate you for bringing me here to this world.” I said with my voice raised, it was filled with anger, hate, sorrow, hurt, pain, and disgust.

She kept looking at me confused, “where is all this coming from?” She asked.

“You burnt down Han sang apartment killing a lot of people.” I yelled at her.

She kept quiet for a while, “who told you that?” She asked shocked.

“Why would you care? You killed all those people and asked who told me? Fine I found out myself, I told you I wasn’t dumb and I was going to look for him so why wouldn’t I found out?” I asked.

She sighed, “now you know. So no need of making a big deal out of it.” She said with no iota of regret.

I stirred at her shocked, she is not the woman I use to know. “You are not the woman who gave birth to me and raised me.” I said.

Grandma came forward, “Tanya what are you saying?”

“Grandma have you heard the news about hansang apartment?” I asked in tears.

“Yes we just finished watching it.” She replied.

“It was mother who did it. Your darling daughter. She did it cause she wanted to kill Adams.” I said.

Grandma looked at mother, “tell me its not true.”

“Adams was a pest so I had to kill him. And unfortunately all those people have to sacrifice themselves for it. I has to kill all of them cause they could report me. And I am not willing to go to jail.” Mother said.

Grandma did what she never done before not even to me or my sisters. She slapped mother hard on her face. Mother placed her hand on her cheeks shocked, her mouth was wide opened. I too was shocked but the anger in me didn’t let me show it.

Grandma still slap mother at her other cheek, “You. You have gone this far? How dare you? You have slowly turned into a witch. I said I will support you but not this way, is this the only way to avenge? You have totally turned into something else, Maya Lee.” Grandma said.

Mother just stood shocked.
“You are a shame.” She said. She was about to fall but I held her and helped her to the sofa. I came back to mother, “I am regretting knowing you. You should have killed me when you had the chance, you should have. Father and brother will be so disappointed in you. I hate you and seeing your face make me wanna remove my eyes.” I said.

Tears began to flow down mother’s eyes.
Grandma stood up, “you are going back to America cause Korea have turned you into someone else. And you won’t come back until I say so. And listen, I will file a case against you that only me can redraw. Only me, just know that once you come back here, you will be arrested until I redraw that case.” Grandma said.

Mother was silent.
“Now get ready cause we are leaving right now. Am booking two tickets for us, we are both leaving together. I need to watch over you before this get into your brain and kill you.” Grandma said and went upstairs.

This is for the best .I glared at mother and went up to my room. Am still pained and heart broken. Mother just why?


Do you think grandma gave Maya a right punishment?

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