Eruka (episode 4)

© Oby Chinyere
No matter how I try not to think about Bazil I still do, everyday his thoughts crosses my mind, it hurt de-eply but I was determined to move on and forget about him despite how ha-rd it was.
Since Julio was busy with her nursing school I doubled up my hustle, I try to concentrate on my business, nob©dy was in Julio’s slot ever since she was away, I asked one the street hawkers, who usually sell groundnuts to me to stay in the slot I will be giving her a certain amount everyday and she quic-kly agreed, so after everyday sell she brings back her sales to me and I pay her for the day just as agreed.
I could have s£nt for my last kid sister from home but she is helping mama back home.
We are only three girls to my mother.
Papa has abandoned mama because she couldn’t give him a son, he got married to another woman and pursued mother out and mother left with us to her family house were she brou-ght us up and after i c@m£ to the town I was determined to take care of mama and my sisters, and I have tried to do that despite how difficult it might be, I have tried to shuffled between giving Bazil money and mama to support her little trade and also to pay some bills for my kid sister, Mimi.
Bazil has always gotten the lion share of everything sometime I have to prospond mama’s own nee-d for Bazil because I wanted to plea-se him with everything and anything possible, I never knew that I was just his bank, where he comes to anytime he nee-ds money and he uses my ha-rd earned money to spend on another woman.
I was able to recover Dave’s money, the loan he gave me to add to my business, within months I got his money and I decided to call him, ever since I asked him to stay away he has kept his distance, sometimes am tem-pted to call him just to apologise the way I acted and treated him but I ignore the urge to do so.
So today I decided to call him not only to tell him that his money is re-ady but also to check up because is being a while and he has never called all throu-gh or even ask for his money, he has told me in the beginning that anytime his money is re-ady I should let him know.
So I called him the first time but he didn’t pick immediately but later did
” Ruka… How have you being…
“I’m fine, is being a while, how are you also…
” Good, I’m good, how’s the business moving…
“Very well, is it possible for us to see…
” sure, hope you are alright… There’s no problem…?
“There’s no problem Dave, I just want to apologise for the last time… I’m sorry for…
” no point, I totally un-derstand, I step out of bound, it was your relationsh!p, he was your man and you obviously love him, I have no right to try to mingle in, I only wanted to be a friend and help in that pres£nt situations which didn’t work out, because me doing that will bring trouble in your relationsh!pwith your man you made that clear and I get it, you asked me to stay away and that’s exactly what I did, no nee-d for an apology…
“Oohk…can I still see you…plea-se tell me where I can meet you… plea-se
” yeah, if that won’t bring any trouble between you and your man then is fine… we can meet at same sp©t of the last time…do you still remember the place…
I later got re-ady and left, when I got to the place he was not there, so I sat and waited for him after getting a soft drink to chill, he later c@m£, apologising for keeping me, he wanted to get me food but i told him I was fine with my drink.
We talked about my business after which I gave him the cash that he loaned me
“What is the money for Ruka…
” is yours, I returned what i owe you, thank you Dave for agreeing to loan the money to me, you help in restoring my business…I’m grateful
“Your welcome but the money is all yours, I only said you should return the money whenever you have it because I really wanted to help you bounce back, if i have just given you the money like a gift you won’t see any nee-d to be serious and work ha-rd to have a real turn up, all I wanted to do is to help you and I’m glad I have being able to do that in my own little way…
I was surprise and shock that Dave was actually leaving all that hvge money for me, it wasn’t a loan after all but him trying to encourage and support me, I was really overwhelm with Joy when I realise that he was serious,
I felt like going into his arm and giving him a warm hvg but I held my self from doing that.
He smile as he looked at me, he took my hands into his and said he just wanted me to be happy but he can see that I’m not happy, something is bothering me, he asked what exactly is the problem, I felt relaxed as i told him about Bazil, I tried not to go into details, I told him that it was over between me and Bazil, he asked if he was because of him, on the day he dropped me at home and Bazil was waiting at my place,
I told him he wasn’t.
After we talked that day we bec@m£ very close to each other.
He visits me and we hang out, and just within the month we started d@t!ng,
I was beginning to experience another kind if love and care, Dave put my nee-ds before his own, he was kind, gentle and humble, my business was growing that I have to get another slot and employ another person there, things changed in a good way for me and i was really happy, Dave made every day worth living, if he travels he was always calling to check up.
I even go to his place unannounced what i wasn’t able to do with Bazil, I aside having my own money Dave was always buying things for me.
Just when I thought everything was turning out fine something happened,
Dave went on a business journey that period, I c@m£ back home from the market that day and saw Bazil, is being over six months that I have seen him, that was ever since he broke up with me,
I saw him standing by my door, Julio was in school, so I stay home alone.
My heart double skiped as I saw him, just seeing him I don’t know how I was beginning to feel, I have really missed him but I try to wave off the emotion crowding in My mind,
On seeing me, he started shedding tears, he knelt down asking me to forgive him, he said he didn’t know how the strange girl turn his face against me, that he was not in his right mind when he did what he did to me, he said he love me And nothing and no one can st©p that.
Bazil was crying as he was saying all of this, I don’t know what to do as i kept looking at him from where I stood, I thought of Dave and quic-kly Wave his thought off, with Bazil knelling and crying which was a rare sight to behold I remain speechless and confuse.
Could this be a pretense or was this real
so many things was going throu-gh my mind as I stare at him.