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June 18, 2021


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Don’t hurt me I’m a virgin episode 21

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✍️ Chapter Twenty-One✍️

“Tell me.” He strokes my lips with his thumb.

He smiles at that and my hands begin to move to his neck, bringing him closer to me.

He takes that as a cue to kiss me and kiss me he does. We both groan when our tongues meet as the kiss deepens. The flame from before ignites my blood once again and this time it comes wrecking my senses with a full on force.

Then he stops the kiss, suddenly. “Not here.” He explains, as he pulls me to one of the stairway that leads us to the second floor.

I don’t have time to take in my surroundings because Jeremy has pulled me to one of the rooms. When I take notice of how huge it is I immediately assume it’s his master bedroom, with the poster bed dominating the whole room.

Before I can take notice of everything else Jeremy grabs my face and draws me into another passionate kiss. His hands move to my tied hair and he frees my ponytail.

“I want feel you.” He growls in my neck, his

hands roaming in my hair so fiercely. I moan an agreement and he begins to slowly but torturously slide his t-shirt of me. Then he stops. I open my closed eyes to gauge his reaction.

“Is this mine?” He frowns at the t-shirt and then returns a dazed look toward me.

I nod.

He smirks mischievously. “Why, Miss Levy, I didn’t take you to be sentimental.”

I smirk and shrug.

“Why did you torture me by leaving, if you still wanted me?” He suddenly ask, changing course of action.

I bite my lip.

He sighs. “I’m sorry.” He pulls at my chin so that I free my button lip.
“Christ, your lips!”

I bravely step towards him and taking his face I kiss him.

“You should stop doing that…taking the initiative.” He growls as he grips my lower lip between his teeth. This makes me shiver in a good way, the sensation travels downwards to that flesh between my thighs.

His kiss gets fiercer when leans down and grabs me by my waist, lifting me up he before pushing me onto the bed. I fall on my back.

His mouth leaves a trail of heat from the nape of neck to the skin under my breast. His hands work magic,

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by kneading the swells of my breast, his fingers pinch at my nipples making them quiver and harden even more than they were before.

Then his mouth lowers on my abdomen threading on the line where his sweatpants are.

“I want this off.” He murmurs as he slowly peels the sweatpants down

my thighs, my knees, my legs and eventually off my feet taking off the dirty socks along the way.

Once they’re full off, Jeremy parts my thighs and stands between them. His eyes are liquid grey-blue as they roam all over my body only to linger on my chest.

I don’t even have the decency to feel ashamed; my brain is too fired up by hormones to care about how my body looks in his eyes.

My breath hitches when he starts stroking the skin of my thighs. His hands move in circles, journeying inwards.

“You look so sensual like this. Sprawled all over my bed, exposed and vulnerable.” He whispers as he kneels down between my legs.

His words increase the ache building inside me.

He kisses the inward of my thigh and his tongue trails north. I lean on my elbows to see what is doing and in seeing him between my thighs, feeling his tongue on my skin, increases the desire that is spiralling all over my body.

He growls when his mouth meets me in between the apex of my thighs and the only barrier that’s keeping him from ravaging me is my panties.

He grabs the line of them and roughly peels them down and off me. Suddenly, his breathe hisses when he sees me naked.

He doesn’t take long to study me when he stands up and leans over to kiss me. All the while his hands work magic as they meet me there.

I gasp.

“I’ve missed this.”

“I’ve missed us like this.” He murmurs when he kisses my jaw, my neck and moving down to the line between my breast. Then his tongue meets one of my nîpples.

“Oh god.” I moan.

His fingers start to delicately stroke me down there and the sensations piques by the pressure of his mouth on my nipple.

I let out an incoherent scream.

His teeth graze on my nipple whilst he inserts one of his fingers inside me, stroking me.

“You’re soaking wet, Leyla!”

I moan. The ache inside me increases and that familiar tightness of my body begins. A sign that my release was close.

I think Jeremy realizes this too because he begins to increase the pressure on his fingers whilst his mouth sucks and nip at my breast.

“Jerem–oh.” I whimper incoherently when the building increases.

“Come, Leyla. For me.” He murmurs and at his words I climax.

I shut my eyes tightly as I let the sensation override my body… taking me off reality for a moment.

“Beautiful.” I hear Jeremy say as kisses my lips and then with one swift movement he falls on the bed and shifts me with me so that I end up straddling him.

I feel the not-so-subtle bulge of his erection pressing against my thigh.

“Take off my shirt.” He orders as he places both of his hands on my thigh. His fingers are thrumming on my skin as if he’s itching to touch me but is resisting.

The thought of him inside me makes my hands move in their accord on his chest. They begin fumbling the buttons of his shirt. My eyes are trained on my hands in concentration and I can feel his smirk on me.

I look up and his eyes are twinkling with mirth.

“What’s so funny?” I dare ask.
“You.” He simply answers.

I finish the last button of his shirt and he suddenly moves up into a sitting position. His blue grey eyes heating up when his faces draws closer to me until our noses touch.

I’m trapped in that pool of his eyes which gaze at me with wonder. I then feel him shift as he lets his shirt drop on the bed.

The shift also makes his erection press against me there and my mouth goes slack.

“Now my trousers.” He bites his lips, his eyebrows quirking up but it is his intense eyes that hold me.

I move off his lap and off the bed as I beginning to unbutton his trousers. He shifts on the bed until he is on the edge and I kneel on the floor.

“Jesus!” He curses when I peel off his trouser along with his boxers, making his erection bounce freely.

My eyes bulge at his length as if seeing for the first time.

How was it possible that thing has been inside me before?

“Touch me.” He orders.

I look up at him with hesitation. I’ve never touched a man before. Ever!

His eyes are molten blue gray when he stares longingly down at me.

“Like this.” He says as he takes one of my hands and moves it along his shaft. He begins moving that hand up and down.

I’m aware of his change of breathing as he lets go of my hand, leaving it to its own.

He hisses when I press my thumb on his head… feeling the moist of beed there.

He closes his eyes when I increase my speed, his breath coming out in rough pants.

I stare at it with wonder until an odd thought tempted me to use my mouth. I lick his head first before accommodating his length inside my mouth.

“Shįt!” He hisses. He feels soft and tender but also hard.

He lets out a string of curses when I swirl my tongue around his head once more.

It’s upon knowing that I’m making him tear up at the seam that encourages me to continue. He fills me all the way to the back of my throat.

He jerks inside my mouth as I move my mouth up and down on him. It doesn’t take long to feel him tense up.

“Leyla, I’m about to come!”

Great! I think as I continue. It meant that I was doing it right.

“Stop! If you don’t me to do it in your mouth!” He hisses.

I’m not thinking about what he said when I continue to torture him.

“Fuck!” He jerks up for one final time until he pours himself inside my mouth.

I swallowed and cough immediately, cringing and frowning.

When I see at his reaction I decide against it.

“Please, tell me that was your first time!” He growls when he pulls me towards him and in a few seconds I’m lying on my back against the bed.

I nod at him.

The look he gives me somehow manages to make me blush. It’s a look of pure adoration in a mixture with awe.

“You’re a brave girl, Leyla.” He smirks as he hands trails on my waist to my thigh.

Thoughts shred into pieces as the desire once again pools in my body.

“I want to be inside you, my brave little girl.”

“I’m not little,” I complain but my tone is full with wanting.
“To me you are.” He says as he kisses me on my neck.

“But I’m not; I’m only like what five years younger than you?”



I cup his face when he looks warily down at me.

“You don’t mind?” He asks as he moves himself between my legs. I feel his erection digging at my inner thigh.

“Why should I?” At this point my brain was in a primary response, only a small portion of it is reasonable whilst the rest of is working on sending messages to secrete more these hormones that are raging inside me.

He smiles warily at my response and the smile lightens up his features. Then he dips his head between breasts.

The gesture is quite intimate because he just breathes without as much doing anything else.

“Jeremy. I can’t keep up with this. I want to feel you too. Please.” I beg.

He laughs.

“Since you begged so nicely.” He looks, his whole face filled with mirth.

He moves across me and opens one of his shelf drawers.

When he returns he tears up the foil packet which contains a condom. Immediately he pulls it on his length and then returns to the position between my legs.

✍️To be continued ✍️
It weird writing scenes like this so bare with me😟

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