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Deanna episode 7 & 8

Devils and angels
💃 Author Viola 💃
💃Episode 7 💃
{Will you still love me.. when you’ve met my demons?}
Deanna took in a deep breath and claimed out the window.
“Why did you refuse at first?” Stefan asked as they sat under a tree
“I’ve been having weird dreams and I think am about losing my mind”
“Tell me about it”
“It’s like am being haunted”
“Haunted?” Stefan wondered “it’s not like you killed someone”
“I don’t know Stefan, but it’s like a ghost and it appeared to me with your face last night”
“Was that why you were reluctant to come out at first? You thought I was the ghost?”
“Am just scared Stefan”
“We’ll see the priest after mass tomorrow” Stefan said
“How’s living with the president’s family?” Deanna asked changing the topic
“It’s not as fun as staying with you.. there’s no one to talk to”
Deanna blushed at the first statement then asked “What about your cousin, Damon?”
“He’s always acting strange”
“At least we’ll hang out tomorrow” Deanna said
“Yeah! with Damon”
“Damon? why?”
“He wants us to go to the game station together”
“Why the game station?”
“It’s part of hanging out and it’s going to be fun”
Deanna frowned. She had wanted it to be a day alone with Stefan.
“How possible would that be? The president’s son, moving around with an ordinary citizen”
“Damon is humble. Not everyone knows he’s the president’s third son. He loves his freedom so he doesn’t want anyone knowing who he is”
“That’s going….”
“Deanna?! Deanna?!”
“I have to go now” Deanna got up together feet in fear. Vickie was knocking on Deanna’s door and she would be in trouble if she found out that she wasn’t in her room.
“Why the hurry?” Stefan asked and grabbed Deanna’s arm
“My aunt is at the door.. she’s going to find out that am not in the room”
“Alright.. maybe tomorrow”
Stefan waited for Deanna to leave but she wasn’t leaving.
“Aren’t you going?” he asked
“My hand” she looked at her hand which Stefan was still holding
“I totally forgot” he released her “I’ll walk you to your window”
They walked to the window together and Stefan stood by her window while she climbed in. Vickie was still yelling at the top of her lungs and hitting the door.
“Is she mean?” Stefan asked Deanna in a whisper
“No” Deanna replied with a smile “Go now.. she can’t see you”
Stefan waver at her and walked out.
Deanna made the sign of the cross and opened the door.
“What took you so long to answer the door?” Vickie yelled and slapped Deanna. She shifted her gaze to the wide open window and asked “why is the window open? you now sneak out? h-uh?” Vickie dragged Deanna closer and pounced on her.
Vickie threw punches and slaps at Deanna till Deanna was weak from crying and pleading. Vickie noticed that Deanna had almost passed out then she released her.
“Deanna?!” Vickie called but Deanna wasn’t answering.
She tapped Deanna and shook her violently “Deanna?!”
No reply
Vickie got scared and ran out of the room, leaving the unconscious Deanna behind.
Deanna opened her eyes and found herself in a dark room. She couldn’t see anything nor anyone and she didn’t even know where she was. Deanna tried moving but her hands and legs were chained. She struggled to lose herself but couldn’t.
Her pulse ramped up and she saw a figure appear in the room with a long whip. In the dark room, Deanna could still fathom that the figure was a woman.
“Welcome” the figure said. Her voice had the shrill persistence of a dentist’s shrill
“who are you?” Deanna asked in fear
“I am your god” the voice burst into an evil laughter. The figure was a woman, but she had a man’s voice. She wrapped the whip around her palm and flogged Deanna.
Deanna screamed and started struggling to break the chains.
“you can never break free.. your soul is mine” she whipped Deanna again and Deanna cried out “No one can save you” the voice thundered and flogged Deanna more “not even them”
Light shone at a part of the wall and Stefan appeared in the wall. It was like a television and Stefan was on display.
“Stefan?! Stefan?!” Deanna cries out
“He’s not going to hear you.. he’s going to be destroyed”
Stefan stood on a cliff looking around but he couldn’t see Deanna. Though she was seeing him.
“Stefan?!” Deanna called when a creature suddenly appeared behind him. The creature was covered in iridiscent scales. “what’s that?”
“His worst nightmare” The voice replied and whipped Deanna. Deanna screamed.
“you’ll watch everyone you love die”
Deanna watched the wall as the creature walked up to Stefan from behind. “Stefan look out!” Deanna shouted and the creature pushed Stefan off the cliff.
“They’ll all die one after the other.. cause you’re caused.. you’re jinxed” the voice snarled and whipped Deanna but she didn’t scream.
“Stefan?!” she sobbed instead
“it’s not over” the voice chuckled “There are more you need to see”
Deanna whimpered as she continued watching the wall. The creature slowly changed to Damon.
“He’s going to destroy all of you.. no one can stop him” the voice said
Damon disappeared and Deanna appeared on the wall. She was in a field and there were heaps of dead bodies lying on the ground.
“you’ll lose everything you’ve always cherished” the voice said
Deanna looked around and she recognized many corpse lying on the ground. There was her aunt Millicent, Uncle Adam, Vickie, Bruce, Moira, Hilda, Stefan.. everyone she knew were lying dead on the ground. Deanna burst into tears and ran to Millicent.
“Aunt Millicent?!” she called shaking Millicent violently “you can’t be dead” she sniffles and ran to Adam “Uncle Adam?! Uncle Adam?!” she cried shaking everyone she knew
“They’re all dead” someone spoke from behind
Deanna whirled around to see who spoke “Damon?!”
“Hi Deanna?!” Damon smirked and started walking close to Deanna “we meet again”
“You killed them” Deanna hurled in tears
“Not just me” Damon clicked his tongue “we killed them”
“you were behind all these” she yelled “you deceived me”
“I didn’t” Damon said and cupped her cheek in his palm “you made the wrong choice”
“you made me love you when you knew I wasn’t supposed to”
“what happens now?” Deanna asked and slowly started changing to the iridiscent scaled creature “now that you’ve met my demons, do you still love me?”
“I hate you” Deanna yelled in tears and pushed him “I hate you Damon.. just return to hell”
“I was about returning, but I came to get you”
Deanna got scared and started moving back “what do you mean?”
“we both belong in hell” Damon said and advancing towards her “am taking you with me.. to eternal punishment” he added and grabbed her arm
“Let me go” Deanna shouted
“you soul is mine”
“No!” Deanna screamed and sat bolt upright. She was no longer in her room. Instead, she found herself sitting on the floor in her room.
“Another nightmare” Deanna breathed out. Her heart was racing. She got up from the floor and hurried to shut her window. She checked her time and it was 1:58 am.
“It’s late” Deanna said and laid on her bed. She couldn’t remember anything from her dream. All she remembered was that she woke up screaming. Deanna covered herself with the sheets and gradually drifted to sleep.
Deanna finished preparing breakfast and was setting the dining table when she heard Vickie scream. She paused and listened again. Vickie screamer louder. Terror made her voice shrill. Deanna ran to the direction the scream was coming from. Vickie was standing beside Moira’s bed and screaming.
“Aunt Vickie?!” Deanna called. Vickie clutched at Deanna, still screaming. Deanna traced her gaze to the bed. Moira was lying in the bed, still fast asleep. But she didn’t look as if she were sleeping. She was too pale, too still, like a wax work. Deanna crept closer, her eyes fixed on Moira’s face. She touched Moira’s cheeks. Her skin felt as waxy as it looked, cool against Deanna’s finger tips.
“what’s happening to her?” Vickie asked frightened
“I don’t know” Deanna stuttered “She looks dead”
Devils and angels
💃Author Viola 💃
💃 Episode 8 💃
{Will you still love me.. When you’ve met my demons}
“I’ll have to run series of tests on her first buy for now, I still don’t understand what’s wrong with her” The doctor said after checking Moira
“But is she still alive?” Vickie wanted to know
“She’s alive.. her heart beat is normal and her breathing is as though she were sleeping. What I don’t understand is why she looks like a wax work” the doctor said
“What do you suggest we do while waiting for the test results?” Vickie asked
“Call a priest to pray for her” the doctor replied
“Thank you doctor”
“I’ll take my leave now” the doctor took his briefcase and walked out
“Oh! My baby!” Vickie broke down in tears again
“She’s going to be fine” Deanna pacified. Her phone rang then she walked out to answer the call.
“Hello Stefan!” Deanna called on getting o her room
📲 how was your night?
📲 was your aunt mean to you when you opened the door?
📱No.. she just wanted to check on me
📲 Alright then.. I just wanted to be sure you’re okay and also to remind you of our date today
📱Am not going to make it today
📲 Why?
📱My aunt’s daughter is sought of sick.. she isn’t waking up
📲 Is she dead?
📱No.. Her heart beat is normal and she’s breathing perfectly well
📲 Have you called a doctor?
📱Yes. She’s as confused as we are
📲 Maybe it’s spiritual. Call a priest or an exorcist
📱Bruce already left to call the priest
📲 Am so sorry about that
📱I just want her to wake up. She’s just too young to die. And even though she’s all saucy.. she’s a cute little darling
📲 She’s going to be fine.. call me if there’s a new development..
📲 See you tomorrow
Deanna hung up and placed her phone on her bedside table. She fell back on the bed wondering what could’ve happened to Moira. She looked fine and healthy the previous day.. Well, except for the night when she was all mommy! mommy! and crying. Maybe she was trying to tell her mom something was wrong with her. It reminded Deanna of the two weeks she had being asleep. Except she didn’t look like a wax work.
Few hours later, Bruce returned with a priest.
“The LORD be with your household” the priest made the sign of the cross at the door then sprinkled holy water on the door post before entering the house.
“where is the girl?” the priest asked Bruce
“She’s still lying in her room” Bruce replied and led the priest to Moira’s room.
Deanna and Vickie were sitting beside Moira’s bed when Bruce walked in with the priest.
“Good afternoon” Deanna greeted the priest
“The LORD be with you” the priest replied. He glanced at Vickie who was crying profusely then he shifted his gaze to the wax looking, sleeping Moira.
“It’s more of a spiritual cause than physical”
“we thought as much” Bruce said
“How did it start?” the priest asked
“She went to bed like every normal child but she didn’t wake up again.. and she isn’t dead either” Bruce replied
“Was she poisoned?” The priest asked
“poisoned? who could’ve poisoned her?” Bruce thought out loud
The priest moved closer to Moira and took her palm in his “she’s getting cold”
“All my life, I’ve never come across such. And why must it have to be my child?” Bruce blurted out
“what did the doctor say?” the priest asked further
“He’s not sure of what’s wrong with her cause she’s medically sound” Deanna replied
“It’s a spiritual attack.. maybe she came in contact with an evil spirit” the priest said
“What do we do?” Bruce asked
“Prayer.. All you need is to be strong in prayer” the priest replied.
They all joined hands and the priest led them in a short prayer. After they had finished praying, the priest covered Moira with a duvet up to her chest.
“Am going to keep praying for her and so must you all.. she’s going to fine” the priest said and sprinkled holy water on Moira. He asked them to put out the lights in the house and replaced them with candles.
“The LORD be with you” he said and walked out
“Oh! My baby!” Vickie broke down in tears once the priest was out. “I wish I had listened to you last night.. maybe I would’ve prevented this”
“She’s going to be fine” Deanna said
Damon walked into the living room and was surprised to find Stefan sitting on a couch whereas the entire family had gone to church.
“Hi Damon!” Stefan called frustratingly
“Why didn’t you go to church today? Don’t tell me you forgot today is Sunday”
“I decided to keep you company” Stefan replied but the expression on his face showed that he was lying
Damon chuckled and sat on an armchair “you’re not telling me the truth”
Stefan let out her breath slowly “It’s about Deanna”
“Did she dump you?”
“No.. she’s not even my girlfriend”
“did she call off the date?”
“sought of but it isn’t really her fault”
“Then whose fault? Yours?”
“Her aunt’s daughter went into coma if I may say, but it’s more of spiritual”
“I don’t know.. All Deanna said is the little girl isn’t waking up but she’s breathing fine and her heart beat is normal” Stefan explained
Damon thought for a while and asked “She didn’t mention anything that might be the cause?”
“No one knows yet”
“Maybe she’s the Sleeping Beauty of our time” Damon said with a shrug
“Like Deanna who slept for straight two weeks without waking up”
“If Deanna went through such and still woke up, then the little girl’s case won’t be different” Damon said
“Deanna looked normal but the little girl looks like a wax work” Stefan spat out
“What’s really bothering you now?” Damon asked “That the little girl is in a critical condition or that your date with Deanna is cancelled?”
“Both” Stefan fell back on the couch and covered his face with a throw pillow
“I understand.. you’re concerned about your childhood friend” Damon said sarcastically and walked out .
Courtney was alone in her room, she was sitting on an armchair with her legs crossed on a footstool. She was counting how long it would take before the news of Deanna’s death comes. She thought Deanna drank the poisoned water the previous day. She took her wine glass in between index finger and middle finger.
“I see you’re happy” someone said from behind Courtney
She spat back into her wine in shock “What the-?” she whirled around “Damon?!”
“Did I startle you?”
“Shit! You almost scared me out of Courtney’s body”
“Devils shouldn’t get scared” Damon said pacing around the room
“How did you get in here?” Courtney asked
“Does that matter?” Damon asked picking a small globe from the table
“Am a woman Cipher, you shouldn’t be sneaking up on me”
Damon burst into an outrageous laughter “you don’t have anything that I want Vivienne.. you’re the last person I’ll pick interest in”
“Whatever Cipher! What do you want?”
“Have you been going about doing evil?”
“Is that even a question?” Courtney scoffed “Am a devil remember? And the language is destruction”
“Am going to send you back to hell” Damon threatened and his iris turned to flames
“Damon what are you doing?” Courtney got scared and got up from her chair
Damon grabbed her arm and yanked her forward “Look into my eyes”
“Cipher you’re hurting me” Courtney cried out
“Look at me”
Courtney screamed and looked away. She feared Damon would cast her out of Courtney’s body and back to hell.
Damon dug his nails into her skin and she screamed louder.
“I dare not find out you’re doing anything crazy” he seethed and faded into thin air. And he was gone.
“Courtney?! Courtney?!” Someone called knocking on the door. Damon had sensed someone coming and left.
“Courtney are you okay?”
“Just get lost” Courtney yelled not minding who was knocking. She slid to the floor holding her bleeding arm. “I’ll kill you Deanna”
“am so scared” Vickie sobbed staring at Moira. Moira’s condition wasn’t improving, she was getting cold every minute.
“There’s still hope” Bruce said. They were sitting around Moira’s bed. Bruce, Vickie, Deanna, and their neighbor, Meredith.
“I suggest you call an exorcist” Meredith said
“What difference would it make? We already called a doctor and a priest” Bruce said
“you have to keep trying.. Moira is your only child” Meredith reminded
“I know. But there is not going to be a solution if we don’t find the cause” Bruce stated
“I believe her attack is spiritual” Vickie spoke up
“that’s why you have to call an exorcist” Meredith insisted
Bruce let out his breath slowly “I still have faith”
Deanna excused herself and walked to her room. She fell back on the bed with a deep sigh. Everyone was tired and frustrated. The room wasn’t well lit despite the three candles the priest had lit in her room.
Deanna’s phone rang and she glanced at the caller’s ID. It was Stefan calling.
📱Hello Stefan
📲 Deanna?! How’re you doing?
📱Am not fine Stefan.. Nothing is fine
📲 Any improvement?
📱No. She’s getting cold like a dead person
📲 Am still confused on what’s really happening. Did she encounter with an evil spirit?
📱I’ve having suspicions about a strange girl who visited yesterday
📲 A strange girl?
📱Yes and I don’t know her
📲 Didn’t she mention her name?
📱She did.. She introduced herself as….
The door suddenly opened and the candle flames flicked. Deanna’s pulse ramped and her phone fell off her hand in fear.
“Who’s there?” she asked looking around
In the light of the candle, a grey shadow danced along the wall.
“Aunt Vickie?!”
A hand grabbed Deanna’s and she tried to scream but couldn’t. It was Courtney and she smiled at how helpless Deanna looked.
“you won’t remember anything when you wake up. You don’t know me and I never visited” Courtney said looking into Deanna’s eyes.
Deanna got dizzy and collapsed to the floor. Then Courtney got up to her feet and vanished into thin air.


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