Dangerous attra-ction finale

💞Dangerous attra-ction💞
Episode 10
Written by Humble Smith 💋
💝Austin’s POV💝
Clara quic-kly wore her cloth and made to run away from the room but couldn’t as she saw Steve still writhing in pain on the floor..
She bend down and tried raising him up..
“Ohhh God!!!!..what is happening here!!!” My father thun-dered,
My heart was really pacing very fast, I was caught red handed..
How would they have c@m£ back without ma-king me know..
Oh, seriously..!
I’m doomed..
“Untie him!!” My dad ordered my men who glanced at me before obeying, they cut off the rope on Steve and Clara led him to the be-d, he l@ydown and she rested his head on her l@ps with tears on her eyes..
She was too speechless and struck so badly..
She hadn’t even glanced at me or my parent, all she cared for was Steve who was in pain..
My legs were wobbling and I feel like fainting or disappearing into the thin air as my dad gave me that killer glare..
There’s was totally disappointment in their faces, there was no doubt my life would never be the same after today.
“Clara!!!!!” My dad suddenly screamed out as he got to see her face..
She looked up and stared at him..
“Clara so you are the one this bastard wants to r@p£??” He growled and looked at the men around..
“The only way you all wouldn’t rot in jail is to give him a thorou-gh beating now!!..after all he isn’t my son!!!” I heard my dad say ma-king me wi-den my eyes at him..
“I just c@m£ back here to check on my real son Steve only to see that the fake one is ma-king his life miserable..I found the real truth..Steve is my son!!..and for you Clara, your mother and I had decided to merge our company together which means you are to marry my son..” He said and turned to the men..
“Beat him up now!!” He ordered and they bowed..
Before I could say jack..a rod landed on my back..
My mother had been sobbing in pain seeing her real son Steve being tortured by me, she had been speechless and was only shedding tears
💝Clara’s POV💝
“Let’s take him to the hospital” I heard Austin’s mother voice say to me..
I nodded and helped Steve up as we head to the garage..
“I’m so sorry” I heard Austins parent chorus but I gave them no reply,
Right now, I’m emotionally drained, the thought that I should have been R@p£d few hours ago made me feel shiver all over me..
I glanced at Steve who l@yon my l@ps and a smile escaped myl-ips as his eyes opened..
“I love you” he whispered and I felt joy surge throu-gh me..
“I know” I nodded not knowing what to say, my heart is really heavy with happiness..
The words of Austin’s father or should I say Steve’s father Brenda kept resounding in my mind..
Steve is the real son..
I can’t wait to tell him that..can’t just wait to let him know that we are betrothed and he is the son of a millionaire..
Can’t wait for him to know that his pains and suffering are gone..
We got to the hospital and he was placed in an intensive care unit…
It was now four weeks after that incident and now we are all gathered round the table having a family meal..
I and Steve was seating opposite each other, his parent was also there and my mom was there..
We were all enjoying the sumptuous meal and guess what??..someone was at the sitting room scru-bbing the floor,
That was Austin..
He had now bec@m£ Steve’s servant..
I stared at Steve who now looked so cute and found out he was also staring at me..
We smiled and win-ked at each other..
“plea-se can you all excuse us for some minutes” Steve said and held my palm leading me to his room..
💝Steve POV💝
“Clara, I feel like bur-sting!” I said peering into her eyes which was glistening..
“why??” she smiles
“I can’t believe it is all happening.. the way it all worked out seem so unreal that at once I wait to wake up from this dream..”
“it’s real, just that way, so easy, we are together..when fate has made two things to bind, nothing can break it..” she purred and I squee-zed her palm pas-sionately,
“for the very first time in my life, I had peace in my soul, who would have known that the servant was the boss why the boss was the servant, you loved me even when everyone left, when I was seen as nothing, you saw something in me, you stood by me and gave me courage..”
“I had always had the feeling that you aren’t the riffraff you are called..orphanage home was where you were kept after birth because your mother doesn’t want to have another baby..not knowing you are the only son she had..Austin was switched to her when her baby died on labour, the doctor doesn’t want her to be in pain so Austin was given to her..”
“who would have thought of these tale.. no one..”
“I got attra-cted to you and it was a clear danger..it was dangerous because Austin wanted you, I thought leaving you for him would be the best…hell no..taking the risk was the best because we can’t go against our heart..”
“I want to k!ssyou now..” I said with a funny look
“what if Austin catches us” she said with sarcasm and we both bur-st into laughter..
I held her w@!st and drew her close to me..
our eyes locked..
we both shut our eyes as ourl-ips got closer..
the k!sswent on and I felt that plea-sure all over me..
the type I had never felt..
it was a dangerous attra-ction but I took the risk..
Just then, Austin walked into the room with a broom..
we both stared at him..
“so sorry I never……”
“shut up and go on with your work!!” I seethed ma-king laughter escape ourl-ips..
This is fate….
The end…