Cruel intentions Episode 1 & 2

“Sometimes horror stories are real and we nee-d to protect ourselves from monsters.’’
Standing in front of the mahogany framed oval mirror in my room, i look down at my dress. The dress feels too short and ti-ght, i also feel like it expo-ses too much of my che-st but i love how it accentuates my dark hair and slim figure. As i continue staring at myself, the door opens and my sister Wynita walks in.
I spin around and smile shyly at her.
“You look amazing!”
“Don’t you feel it’s too short?” i start fretting over the dress.
“The dress is perfect Wendy,” she as-sures me.
“I love the dress but i don’t think Jason will be okay with me wearing something this short.”
“Oh man!” she lets out a loud frustrating sigh. “Why do you allow that nob©dy to control your life?” she asks
I sh0t her a serious look, “That nob©dy is my fiancé or have you forgotten?” i flaunt my ring in her face.
She shakes her head, “I am not gonna get into this with you right now, just do whatever makes you happy,” she says before she storms out of the room slamming the door behind her back.
I take a de-ep breath and tell myself that tonight is going to be a good night then i walk back to the mirror. I stand in front of the mirror a long time before i finally decide that i look beautiful.
At 7 pm, my phone rings and without checking the caller ID, i gr-ab the phone and answer.
“I have someone waiting outside your place, he will drive you to where i am,” Jason says
“I thought you would be picking me up.”
“I didn’t feel like driving, James will bring you to me when you are re-ady.”
“Don’t make me wait long, you know i am not a patient man,” he hangs up.
I am not even surprised that he didn’t give me a chance to respond, that’s Jason for you. gr-abbing my purse, i sl!pmy feet into my black ankle stra-p heels and trot out of the room.
“Wynita? I am leaving now,” i call out on t©p of my voice but she doesn’t respond.
I know she is mad but who cares, tonight is going to be a great night not even her tantrums will stand in my way.
I hope he is going to be okay with what i am wearing, i hope he is in a good mood. That’s what keeps running throu-gh my mind as the car drives me to him. Jason and i have been together for three years, we plan on getting married next year. I love Jason a lot & i want to spend the rest of my life with him.
The only thing i hate about him is that he is pretty much controlling about my life. He is strict about everything i do- the clothes i wear, the food i eat and the people i hang out with.
Wynita hates Jason because of the way he treats me, she thinks he doesn’t deserve me. Yes i know that sometimes Jason is unbearable but one thing i am sure of is that he loves me dearly.
And i am hopeful that he will become less controlling when we finally get married. Nob©dy knows Jason as much as i do, he might appear tough and all that but he is really gentle at heart.
“We are here,” the driver says, startling me from my thoughts before he parks, steps out and walks around the car, he opens the door for me and i step out slowly.
“Mr. Chibale is in the main hall, are you going to be okay by yourself or would you prefer i esc-rt you?” he asks.
“No, thanks, i am perfectly fine.”
I have been to this h0tel a number of times Jason’s mother owns the place. This is where they hold most of their family functions. And i am very sure our wedding will be held in this same place.
Tonight we are celebr@ting his elder sister’s 40th Birthday. His sister Julia is one of the most amazing women i know she has a friendly and jovial nature. The first time i met her, we hit it off pretty well. Julia is a lawyer by profession she is married and has three children.
Jason also has a younger sister named Jacey. Jacey is the complete opposite of Julia, she is rude and arrogant, for some reason, she doesn’t like me and the feeling is mutual because i don’t like her either, i just tolerate her because of Jason. Jacey is a fitness coach and she runs her own gym.
I push the glas-s doors open then i walk down the pas-sage that leads towards the main hall.
When i step inside the hall, i sp©t Jason instantly he is at the far end of the room talking to Jacey. Though he has his back to the door he s-en-ses my pres£nce as i walk towards him, he turns and we lock eyes. I stare at him in amazement, he is wearing a grey suit and he looks good.
Jason eyes me from head to toe as i walk towards him and suddenly i feel nervous.
“Babe,” i manage a weak smile
“What the hell are you wearing? You want me to be the bu-tt of every joke?” he asks
I stand there unsure of what to do or say.
“Can’t you see how short and ti-ght your outfit is?”
“I am sorry if am embarras-sing you,” i murmur.
His eyes flash in anger, “You are my wife to be, you repres£nt me. What will people say about me when they see you dressed in a ti-ght short dress? You look like a who-re.”
“I am sorry,” my voice trails off.
“Sometimes i wonder if i am marrying the right woman or not.”
His words sting and tears flood my eyes, “Maybe you should find someone else,” i respond angrily.
“Maybe i am not the right woman for you.”
Keeping my face down, i turn and walk towards the door, my heart is aching & i can feel the tears threatening to fall but i have no intention of crying in front of all these people.
When i finally walk out of the hall, the tears finally begin to fall.
“Wendy?” he r0ûghly gr-abs my hand.
I r0ûghly wipe the tears off my face with my other hand before i turn around to face him.
“Did you just walk out on me?” he asks.
From the tone of his voice and the strain with which he speaks, i can tell he is really angry.
“Didn’t you hear what i just asked?”
“Let me go,” i say un-der my breath.
He ti-ght£ñs his grasp on my hand, “What is wrong with you? Why are you acting like an illiterate?”
I feel the tears building up behind my eyes, “I don’t want to be here anymore, i want to leave,” i say as the first tear falls down my cheek.
“You must be kidding me.”
“I am serious.”
“And i am supposed to go back in there all by myself and act like am single while everyone else is having fun with their p@rtners?”
“Figure something out.”
“You are tripping.”
“I am not tripping.”
“Then why did you walk out on me? You just walked away and made me come chasing after you in front of all my family members.”
“I walked away because you humiliated me.”
He laughs, “How did i humiliate you?”
“What you said hurt me.”
“And what did i say?” he asks
“You know what, never mind.” i respond before i wipe my face with the palm of my hand.
“How about if we forget about this little misun-derstanding and go back inside?” he says. Jason never apologizes even when he is in the wrong, asking me to forget about issues is a way of brushing them off.
“Come on, everyone must be wondering what we are doing out here.”
I stay stiff and hold my ground i am not gonna pretend like everything is okay.
“Baby!’ He leans forward and lightly brushes hisl-ips on mine,” You know i love you a lot and i would never do anything to hurt you,” he whispers.
With those words, i can’t help but crumble, “Fine,” i respond and just like that the conversation is over.
-Chapter two-
Sunday Morning, i abruptly awaken to the sound of my ringing phone i let out a sigh before picking up the phone, “Hello?” My voice comes out in a croak.
“Where are you?” Wynita asks
The p@rty ended pretty late last night and i was a bit ti-psy, i couldn’t go home so i spent the night at the h0tel with Jason, i didn’t call my sister because i knew she would give me a lecture about spending the night out.
“And then?” her impatient tone is all too familiar.
I roll my eyes at the voice on the other end of the line, “I sle-pt at the h0tel.”
“And you couldn’t even call to inform me?”
“I was a bit ti-psy.”
“When did you become a heavy drinker?”
I let out a frustrated sigh,” i didn’t say i was drun!k, i said i was ti-psy.”
“I don’t even know you anymore.”
“Here we go again.”
“What day of the week is it?” she asks
“And what do we do on Sunday morning?”
“Thank you. I am waiting for you here so we can go to church together.”
“I don’t think i will make it.”
“Say what?”
“I have a headache and i really feel tired.”
“You were out drinking all night what do you expect?”
“Wynita plea-se.”
“Fine, i will see you when you get back home.”
“Sure,” i respond as i hung up the phone. I can hear her cli-ck her ton-gue in irritation but i choose to ignore it. I am too exhausted to get into a fight with her. Shared on whatsapp by Martino
Wynita has the knack for b!owing things out of proportion, yes she is my sister and i love her but i wish she can just st©p monitoring my life and focus on hers.
Placing my phone back on the small beside table, i stumble upon a note from Jason.
Babe, i had to rush out and run a few errands, i might be a while but i will be back before you know it. gr-ab yourself some breakfast and keep yourself safe for me. I love you.
I re-re-ad the “i love you” and my heart melts with joy.
That “I love you” hits differently when you know it’s coming from the depth of their heart.
I climb out of be-d and pad across the carpet to the bathroom where i take a warm nice shower. When i am done, i take a towel from the cabinet and wra-p it around myself .Then i pad back into the room and get dressed.
After that, i pick up the phone on the stand beside me and call the reception to order my breakfast. Twenty minutes later, breakfast is delivered to my room and i dig in almost immediately.
After breakfast, i decide to watch a movie to pas-s time. I spend the rest of the morning in the h0tel waiting for Jason, i tried to call him a couple of times but his phone went unanswered. I am really bored, i want to leave but if Jason comes back and finds that i have left, he will be mad. He hates it when i defile his orders. Well i have no option but to wait for him to return.
I look out of the window at the swimming pool which is located at the rear of the h0tel. The pool isn’t too crowded, i think i should go out there and have some fun before i die of boredom in this room.
Without giving it a second thought, i quic-kly change into my swim suit, i am glad i actually carried one. Standing in front of the mirror, i wh!pmy hair up into a bun then i gr-ab a towel and head out.
I place my towel on the lounge chair near the pool before i dive in. I swim in the water for almost an hour before i finally step out. Then i sit down on the poolside lounge chair.
“That was some great di-ving you did,” the man next to me says.
I look at him and smile, “Thank you.”
“I hope you don’t think i am creepy but you are a very beautiful woman.”
“Why would i think you are creepy for that?”
He shrugs, “I don’t know, i just didn’t want to sound like i was coming on to you.”
I laugh, “Oh.”
“So are you here by yourself?”
I shake my head. ”Nah, i am here with my fiancé, he just rushed out to gr-ab a few things for us.”
“I see.”
“And you are here with?” i ask
“Some friends,” he says pointing to a group of people in the pool.
“I am d!¢kson by the way,” he says
“Nice to meet you Wendy.”
“The plea-sure is all mine,” i respond.
I spend the next few minutes talking to d!¢kson and i must say he is a really funny guy. When he cracks a really funny joke, i can’t help but bur-st into a fist of laughter, i laugh as ha-rd as i can, tears running down my face.
“Oh lord! Am i really that funny?”
“You cracked me up with that one,” i laugh some more that i snort and almost chock on my saliva.
“Easy!” he ru-bs my back.
“Having fun?” Jason’s voice makes me jump and i quic-kly rise to my feet.
He sh0ts me a serious look, “We have to go,” he says and before i respond, he is alre-ady heading back towards the entrance.
I quic-kly gr-ab my towel and start following him.
I know Jason is supper angry, like i said he doesn’t like me talking to other people especially men. Jason is extremely Jealous and he is always accusing me of coming on to other men. When we get to our room, Jason gr-abs me by my wrist and pins me against the wall.
“Who is that man?” he asks in a disgusted tone, anger written all over his face.
“I just met him at the pool.”
“Don’t fv¢king lie to me.”
“I am serious.”
“Why was he ru-bbing your back like that? Are you slee-ping with him?”
“Then explain what i just saw.”
“You nee-d to learn how to trust me,” i said with tears in my eyes
“Now you are gonna pl@ythe victim?” he cli-cks his ton-gue.
“I have been faithful to you since day one i would never do anything to jeopardize what we have & you know it.”
“Then why are you always throwing yourself at other men?”
“I wasn’t throwing myself on him,” i cry
“You know what Wendy?”
“If you continue like this, i will have no option but to call off the wedding.”
“You should really think about what you want. I am the head and you must submit to me, if you can’t obey my instructions while we are engaged imagine what will happen when we get married.”
“It hasn’t gotten to that,” i whisper
“Yes it has.”
“I am sorry.”
He lets me go and stalks back to the door, he mutters, “I nee-d some air.” And with that he is out of the room.
“Arhhh!” i hit the wall.
It always has to come to this Jason always threatens to cancel the wedding every time i offend him. And the funny thing is that i have never cheated on him, i love this man with everything in me. He is the man i want to spend the rest of my life with but how do i make him trust me?
He walks back into the room a few minutes later, “Get dressed we are leaving,” he says.
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