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Crazy nun Episode 17 & 18

🎀My Body is Holy 🎀
💆My mind is dirty 💆
Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞
💫 Episode 17💫
👒Next Morning 👒
Today’s morning air feels so refreshing. There’s peace and calmness in it. It isn’t just like every morning air I wake up to breathe in.
This is different and I know the reason why..
I am waking up with my daughter wrapped in my arms and sleeping peacefully.
Last night was really emotional for us and I’m happy it went that way.
We are cool now and I’m so happy for that.
I feel like I want her to remain in my arms this way till it makes up for the times we were apart.
I so much missed the way I watched her fall asleep in my arms. She’s all big now and I can’t but imagine the major role I missed in her life while growing up. Especially during the time she started developing into a woman.
I missed Alot of lessons I could have passed on to her. I missed the Time we’d have make out on a day. Just me and her.
I missed a major role in her life and I am happy she has forgiven me.
If only I could turn back the hands of time, I’d do it and set things right, this time, more carefully.
I smiled at my own thoughts.
It’s time I shut down my regrets and look ahead for better days which lies for us.
She’s sleeping so sound in my arms and I feel fulfilled right now.
So sad, she’s spending just a week with us,… But you know what?
I’m gonna make this short visit a memorable one for the family.
The fun she missed during her childhood, I’ll try to make it up to her.
I concluded planting a kiss on her hair.
I woke up that morning with the sum shining so bright as it penetrated into the room. Never expected I’d wake up this late.
Last night was one of the best night. A night I reconciled with my mom and yes, I’m super excited about it.
She never for once suspected that her mom passed through all that for her sake. And she was head over judging her mom wrongly.
She stretched out from the bed tiredly. The morning is so bright and she already knows today will end so well with the family.
She plans on a little tour anytime from today, she have just less than four days to go back to the convent and she intends to spend it well. And grab on a lot of gist that’ll intrigue the sisters.
She can’t wait to tell Stephanie the progress she’s making with her mom.
👒Later in the morning👒
I assisted in chores, like washing the dishes, sweeping and cooking.
I also made out time for my baby sister and Mom by telling them most of my pranks on the sisters. Especially the last one I played on Old Audrey 😋
It’s so fun to be with family you know. It holds Alot of good memories and makes one lively. I can’t remember the last time I was this Happy.
Time with family is really the best.
Later at noon, we ate lunch and as usual, after we were done I gathered the plates for washing , I put the leftovers together and went outside to dispose off.
I walked over to the dump site and carefully placed it into the bin. I turned to leave when suddenly, my eyes caught a familiar lady.
The lady from last night who I had seen standing outside her house late yesterday. Our eyes met and……….
She smiled broadly walking towards me.
She’s so pretty I must confess, she’s putting on another pair of shorts and a Singlet top.
“Hi” she greeted, taking a halt before me.
“Hi” I mouthed q reply.
“You knew in town right?” She asked and I slowly nodded
” I’m pretty familiar with faces around this neighborhood so it was easy to guess that”
“Okay” I smiled.
“So what’s your name ?”
“Call me Catherine. Cat for short” she grinned stretching out her hand for a shake.
I took her hand into mine and she smiled in return. She’s really pretty.
She’s pretty and that’s all I know. I can’t say so for her body cause my eyes can’t survey her shape due to the type of cloth she’s putting on.
A plain top and a very bogus Skirt which is way past her kneel level.
I mean who wears such in this century? Where’s she from? The 80’s or 90’s?
Her clothes are certainly ugly. I can’t even wear such inside my house.
“So when did you arrive the neighborhood” I asked, not wanting her to take notice of the way I was surveying her body.
“Yesterday” she replied almost immediately.
” You are welcome Miriam. How long are you staying here? Or is this going to…
“A week. Or less” she cut in.
“That’s sad. I was hoping we’d make good friends” I pouted
She chuckled slightly..” I’d be glad if we become friends during my short stay here”
“I’d love that too. What do you say? I start by showing you around town tomorrow” I gestured
“That’ll be so cool” she smiled so bright.
“My pleasure Miriam. See you around then.”
With that, I walked out of her sight, back into my house…
💫 Episode 18💫
“I see you have met a new friend already” my mom trailed off the moment I walked in. Guess she saw me talking to someone outside
“Yeah, her name’s Catherine and she’s really nice. She offered to show me around town tomorrow before I finally go back. Isn’t that sweet?” I squeaked in excitement as I narrated to my mom.
She slowly nodded a reply
“As long as it makes you happy, I am too”
She wasn’t certain about her reply. There’s no excitement in her voice that someone offered me some friendly gestures and rendered to spare some of her Time and show me around town.
Isn’t that worth something?
I mean isn’t she supposed to be happy about that?
“You don’t like the idea?” I asked all of a sudden.
“No Miriam don’t think that way. It’s a generous offer and I thank her for that. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful.
There’s just more to people than their looks and friendly gestures. I learnt that in the case of your father”
She sighed out
“I understand what you mean mom. And I thank you for being this concerned. She’s nice okay”
I assured my mom cause something in me tells me she isn’t so happy about this tour thing.
“Okay, fine. Just be careful. That’s all” she exhaled sharply with a smile small stretched on her lips.
“Sure” I twitched, walking back to my room.
There isn’t a need to cause a worry about anything. I’m super excited about this and i can’t wait for tomorrow.
I’ve always wanted a tour and luckily, someone just rendered her services.
I have just few more days to go back to the convent and I must use them well. I really don’t know if I’ll ever be given such a chance like this again.
Sister Mag and Audrey can really be unpredictable at times.
All I want is a tour, and friendly Catherine will help achieve that.
I acted normal the next morning. These two are back and I didn’t know when they sneaked back in or the Time either.
Seeing them sneak out of the convent gives me a heavy bump right in my chest. It’s like I’m carrying a big secret which I am so guilty for not reporting it.
I can’t deny that I’m not sure for a fact that the girl of last night wasn’t Samantha.
I clearly saw her face and i know she was the one. Even though I didn’t get to see the other person’s Face, I am very well sure it was patley cause those two are birds of a feather.
Should I report about this?
No I can’t, I fear what they’d do to them.
It’s best if I chat them up and tell them what I saw. They’ll be surprised I know, but that’s the only way I can have peace of mind.
I can go on by threatening to report them if I ever catch them sneak out of the convent again. That’s a brilliant idea.
It’s better than reporting straight to the authority.
Who knows? They might decide to change and confess their deed’s to the Rev’d sisters themselves.
I just have to do this. And if they go against my threat to tell on them, then I have no choice other than to report them straight to sister Mag and Audrey.
We have just few more days before the arrival of the Pope
Yet I and my men haven’t come up with a great plan on his abduction.
I can’t miss this opportunity. Imagine what we’d gain from this, the ransom and all. He’s a very important personnel in the society and they’ll be ready to pay anything for his release.
Something in me tells me this operation would bring Alot of Fortune to us. And I’m just too fvcking excited about this.
We can’t let this one-time opportunity slip through our fingers. It’s not everyday you get to expect such a prestigious person in a town like Brooklyn city.
I’m pushing through with the plans and it will be a complete success.
I’m still excited that I got picked for Lord Skylar’s treat. You know that guy always come in handy.
I am so fortunate to be the one treating him.
Who knows what I’d gain from this?
I have a plan already. Which I know it’ll be very hard.
This is a one-time chance and I intend to make good use of it. I’ll decide on how to make him fall asleep and then, make away with his money.
Cause he’s gonna be in so much cash that day😋.
But the problem is how can I do this?
I don’t know who my partner will be and I’m not sure if I can liase my plans with her…🤔
One way or another, I’m sure I’m gonna come up with something good…
TBC ✍️
😂 Skylar is planning, not knowing he already has a planeë
I hope the Robber gets robbed 😂


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