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Copper John – episode 6

Copper John
episode 6
They followed the mad crowd around the town till they finally
arrived at the “so called” king’s palace, the king came out and
the crowd chorused “Igwe” the king in response raised his hands
and waved at them to acknowledge their greetings, then the three
girls were pres£nted to him, John stretched to get a sight of the
king as his temper had reached boiling point, he hissed, the king
looked like Mr Ibu, an Igbo film actor, this took his temper to the
melting point of iron, this ugly man was going to take his one and
only Joy forcefully as a wife and maybe Chinelo and Becky too,
he knew the king would choose Joy to be his wife because no
man could resist such beauty, his head was steaming like a
steam train, no one and no one messes with his Joy, the three
girls were forced into the palace as the king dismissed the crowd,
John looked at TJ and the hunter, he had a plan
……………………………………………… Mr Adeboye checked out of his hotel
room, he met the receptionist and dropped his room key, he then
walked out of the hotel, since the hotel’s parking lot was full he
had parked his car along the street, he p@ssed through the
hotel’s gate and walked towards his car, he was shocked by
what he saw, the bumper and two side mirrors of his car had
been removed, he stood for almost a minute, staring in disbelief,
when will Nigeria become better? He thought, he finally opened
the door of his BMW 5 series, he wondered how they did it
without the car’s alarm going off, this was the work of an expert,
he thought, he dialled Nelson’s number, Nelson was one of his
friends, they had both attended the same secondary school,
Nelson was a police officer in Lagos before he got transferred to
Enugu where he became a DPO, Nelson had helped him recover
this his same BMW car when it got stolen, he had then helped
him to install a GPS tracking system into it, he had called Nelson
before hand that he was coming to Enugu because of his son,
Nelson picked the phone after three tries, he then asked for the
description of his police station which he gave to him, Mr
Adeboye started his car and headed for the police station
……………………………………… DPO Nelson had another worry apart from
being sacked, his friend’s son was missing, he had gone to
check John’s apartment but he found out that it was empty, he
had also gone to the motor park where someone confirmed that
about six corpers were on the missing bus, he knew but he didn’t
want to tell his friend on the phone, he had told Peter Adeboye to
meet him in his office within the next 1 hour as he had
somewhere to go to …………………………… Mr Adeboye was driving
along the express road, he was deep in thought only for him to
look foward and see a plank full of nails right ahead of him, he
immediately slammed on his brake, suddenly two hefty armed
men came out of nowhere, one man opened his door and
knocked him out cold with the bottom of his gun
……………………………………… Some men were carrying fire wood to the
king’s palace, John had caught a toad, he planned on putting it
inside the king’s soup which was going to be cooked with the
firewood, he only had to get closer to the pot, he had killed the
toad and cut It’s legs, it now looked like a piece of meat, if the
king wanted to have his Joy he could have her in hell, they
dressed like palace errand boys, they had gotten the clothes from
where they were spread, John and Tomiwa carried firewood to
the palace kitchen, as he dropped the firewood, he quickly tossed
the toad delicacy into the boiling pot of soup ,.they walked away
slowly not to arouse any suspicion, the king was in the palace
with all his chiefs, he has chos£n Joy and Chinelo to be his new
wives while Becky would be his new wives servant, he dismissed
his chiefs and went to have his supper, he ate his akpu like a
glutton and then devoured his meat he saw one strange piece of
meat and tasted it, it tasted delicious, he then tossed the rest
into his mouth, little did he know that he was eating his last
supper ..
King Emeka drank almost a two liters of palm wine, now it was
time for him to go and sleep with one of his new wives, he tried to
stand up but he fell back to his chair immediately, he was a little
bit drunk, he then used the table in front of him to support
himself, he staggered towards Chinelo’s room ……………………………….
Chinelo was not in the least bothered, she had just become the
wife of a king, she was a Queen now, ‘Queen Chinelo’ she said to
herself, she had left the bush home where she was with her
parents, at least life in the palace won’t be as boring and
stressful as life in her parents home, she admired the new
wrapper she was wearing, it was given to her by one of the
palace maids, she could now do as she wishes, she would
convince the king to build a new house for her parents, suddenly
someone had entered her room, it was the king, she stood up and
said Igwe good evening, the king didn’t even say much, he pulled
the wrapper she was wearing off her body, she now stood unclad
before him, he pushed her and she fell on the bed, he pulled his
trousers down and lay on her with his heavy weight, Chinelo did
not even try to resist, she knew the king would love her more if
she bore him a child, she knew the result of S£x and she was
ready to bear the consequences, King Emeka entered her and he
knew pleasure ………………………………………………………… Nelson had
waited for two hours and his friend had not showed up, he dialed
his phone number but it was switched off, he wondered what
must have gone wrong, maybe he had missed his way and his
phone’s battery was flat, he left the police station as he had more
important issues to attend to, he instructed the constable to bring
Mr Adeboye to his residence when he comes to the station, he
entered his SUV and told his driver where they were going to,
they set out and a patrol van followed
them ……………………………………………………….. Mr Adeboye woke up in a
small dark room, he was unclad, in chains and all his hair had
been shaved off, he was terrified, he was alone in a strange
place, he thought about his son, maybe the same thing he was
experiencing had happened to his son, he knew Nelson would
find him, but it was a matter of when ………………………………………………..
The wore his trousers, he was fully satisfied, his new wife had
given him pleasure that he had not experienced for a long time,
he wondered what his other new wife had in store for him, as he
turned to go out of Chinelo’s room, he suddenly felt a sharp pain
in his stomach, before he knew it, a seizure took over him and he
fell to the ground, Chinelo saw what was happening and she
shouted for help, immediately two guards came in and saw their
king vomiting foam, suddenly he stopped moving, one of them
placed his chest on their king’s heart and didn’t detect any heart
beat, hell was about to break loose, their king was dead
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