Clumsy nurse batch 16

Clumsy Nurse
but if I am not able to meet Anna I should write this down
yes I should write this down, where do I write this down.I looked throu-gh the room until I saw my old journal of last four years. I better not use my recent journal for safety purposes..
I picked my journal and looked throu-gh it …I searched carefully for an empty space.
Anna’s p.o.v
I was awoken by coffee which my mother’s favourite maid served.
I woke up and wra-pped my blanket over me I feel cold.
” thank you, exactly what I nee-ded.
” you are welcome
” madam I nee-d to tell you something about your mother
” what is it
” your mom didn’t leave you just like that…Mrs issabella didn’t leave In sane mind she was actually acting very weird.
“yes,she was halfway Insane… your dad had to lock her up.
” how come dad didn’t tell me
” I dont know and I don’t also know how she left…I am surprised because she was heavily guarded.
“how did her sickness start
” it’s shocking because it just started out of the blue.
” thanks.
” I will be leaving
she walked out ..
I can’t really believe all this…why didn’t father tell me.this means we nee-d to further our search to psychiatric houses who knows someone might have found her.
I rushed into my shower.
Mrs tonias p.o.v
Anna keeps ma-king things tough I can’t believe she fired Ella… Anyways she will soon cry out nee-d exchanging words with her,I know exactly what to do.
I placed a call to my agent
” hello are you done .
“no am still meeting major lawyer’s…soon all the files and info concerning all do¢v-ments will be mergered into one .then all issabella has to do is to sign it.
” ok you are taking too much time,I am tired of seeing issabella alive.
” it’s all good,everything Is un-der full control but what about Anna
” why
” Anastasia is a true Grande by are not even a legal wife and we both know that daniella is not Mr Grandes child .even if Isabella signs away all her rights and all annas right to you ..the court and the board even citizens won’t fall easily to you…they will start investigating and asking questions…and they may find out the truth but if Anna is dead or seriously ill,….
” they will have no choice but to plead in my favour ,I can easily disguise that am helping Anna out.
” true, now you un-derstand
” I don’t know how the future will be but I know for sure that there is no possibility of hurting Anastasia now…her security Is mind b!owing.
” untill the files are re-ady . I hope you also have plans on how to shut Alexandra up.
” I did but one stupid nurse ruined everything …now I have to finds another way to kill him.
” better do…so by then , after Isabella as-signs her shares to you…the death of your husband will also push his own shares to you too….in the disposition of Anna ,ma-king you the only heir of Alexandra Grandes wealth worldwi-de.
I smiled this is what I like to hear.
” so have you found the boy.
” no not yet but Anna wants to hold a big board meeting ,do well to not miss it.
” I won’t .
” good,tell Ella to cool down..everything will fall to place…very soon she is going to have it all.even everything that Anna has
” ok
” good bye
” ok.
I dropped the call.yes, even everything Anna has.
Ryan’s p.o.v
am tired of watching Clara from my window.she’s so pretty and she’s br@iding her hair…… clara feels so guity nowadays its sliming her down but when i offered we break up and take things slow she was still crying. she really loves me very much . i wonder if she doesn’t miss me, she should be up here by now
” hey girlfriend.
she waved her little hands at me
” why are you ma-king me miss you
” wait , am coming…. I will just
she tied the red ribbon on the two br@ids and rushed up ,she looks like a toy.
she c@m£ up and I took a step closer and hvgged her. she smiled and looked down
I sat on the be-d and helped her sit
” sir ryan , do you think Anna will forgive me
” for what.
” for you… for loving you
” Clara
” don’t worry I alre-ady know the answer.I just wish you were someone else not someone who belongs to Anna cos I really love you very much…
” Clara its ok.everything will fall into place with time.
she nodded and smiled out tears…is all this paining her.
claras pov
I only have one wish.that Anna will forgive me.I am selfish when it comes to ryan maybe because I loved him alone for a while.I know i don’t deserve happiness but I really want this one.I looked at him and more tears streamed down
” Clara
I wiped my tears and smiled.I raised my hands to his face and k!$$£d his cheek.I really want to k!sshisl-ips but I feel so guilty now… thinking about Anna’s call.I k!$$£d him there for a while till my tears dropped on him I wiped them
” bia`ne ” (am sorry) I said wiping his shi-t i stained.. he looked into my eyes
” Clara I hate it when u shed tears
I hastily wiped my tears I don’t want him to hate me yet.he raised his hands to my eye and dried them out..
” Clara Its ok.we will do it your way.. ” he moved closer and hvgged
” clara why are you quiet suddenly.
” I just want to hear your heart beat.
he chuckled
” sir Ryan are you hungry
” Mrs Ryan do you want to cook
” yes I want to…let’s go cook
” yes madam.
he carried me into the kitchen.
” sir ryan drop me on the floor
” no my princess doesn’t step on the floor.
he placed me on the counter
I smiled and wiped my tears before he sees it.why do I keep tearing up… maybe I should try being a friend to sir ryan now.. k!sses ,no r0m@n磅just hvgs like normal friends do.can I do that?. i cant break up with ryan it will kill me rather i will try my best to avoid these stuffs i can do it,fighting!!.I looked in his face and he mixed everything for the sauce and turned on the fire he moved over to me and placed both hands on the side of the counter tra-pping me and just looked at my face as I kicked my legs about.
” sir Ryan can you cook
” yes … do you want to taste… he de-eped the spoon and fed me . tastes good I smiled . he presses his hands on both my hands on the counter and looked into my eyes again…
” what do you think..was it good?” he asked me. I nodded and he smiled at me I stupidly moved over and tried k!ss!nghim again .. arrrgh why can’t I control myself I gently tucked my hair behind my ear and tried withdrawing myl-ips he k!$$£d my cheek.
” Clara Its ok…. I am willing to wait for all those conflicting thoughts in your mind to settle…I am still here and I love you and we are still a couple but it will be on your terms… I will be anything you want me to be.a friend,a lover,brother as long as you are happy.
its done lets go.he carried me down from the counter and we both walked down to the dinner with the food.
” I am so glad I gave you my first k!sssir Ryan..It was really valuable to me others saw it as nothing.
” am glad I was your first love too Clara.
” so Who was your first love sir Ryan
” well her name was kareena, Indian model.
” really Indian
” was she pretty
” not as pretty as you.
” after her
” it was kang hye
” kang hye unnie
” yes ,the actress
” wow amazing
” is it?
“yes so why did you two break up.
” well she got obssessive
” Me too, I don’t want to see you with any other girl Ryan … I feel like I will die
” u wont, it has to be u Clara
” promise
” yes I promise
” so after unnie was daniella
” yes Ella
” how did you meet
” well open street…she was a reckless driver she almost spoilt my car.I was so mad I c@m£ down to shout at her but it turned out she alre-ady coll@psed she was unwell..that was how we met.
” what about Anna
” I told you she was s£nt to my f0rç£ .
” sir ryan do you live alone
” yes..I do…… uhm no I live with… Anna.
” can i live with you day.. maybe?
” my house is alre-ady yours and when we return you will surely live with me
” just like Anna did?
” yes Just like Anna
I got happy in my day I might live with sir ryan
” am happy sir ryan…I will dish the meal sir
” no this cute b©yfri£ndwill do that” he said
” so tell me about you …uhmmm who was your first crush ” Ryan asked
” Ryan dervantes,25 years old world best surgeon, br@niac and handsome.
” hahahahaha really
” I fell for you for a long time , the press pushed me to love you more.each time you c@m£ back..I really tried to see you but I never got the chance
” sorry
” I can’t believe you are mine
” I swear I am.
” sir ryan I will go out tomorrow, I will visit Louisa..she’s ill
” oh really.
” yes
“ok but do come back early I might die from missing you
” ahh I will
” ok
we ate fully and i retired to my room , watching time sl!pthrou-gh shadows.I didn’t k!sshim I think I can control de-sires for now until he calls Anna but I really miss k!ss!nghim and falling into his che-st and having him r0m@nç£me.”Jesus Clara what are you thinking of” I shouted and used my pillow to cover my face i saw him looking at me from his window.I smiled and waved at him.. I won’t sleep with you tonight sir ryan you will surely break my defense…omg I miss him.I held my pillow ti-ghter.he laughed as though he can hear me shout” de-sires st©p!! inside my head.
oh finally Anna shows up and I thought she would never come.. I really want to know what this meeting is all about
Anna walked in, she looks quite expensive , her guards and as-sistant strolled down with her but the guards st©pped at the main door leaving her with her as-sistant.the crowd is really much ,Mr and Mrs dervantes as well as all important persons are available .my husband had to come too I can’t remember the last time he attended such after he handed over to Anna this means there must be some important issues to address.Anna arrived at her sit she sat down with so much pride then she said
” plea-se procede.
the director of a.g.h.c stood up.
” since Anna has arrived we will move into the main reason why such a big meeting is held again over the years. .also ma’am Anastasia Grande gives a special welcome to all of you.
he sat down and Anna spoke into her Mic
” hello ladies and gentle-men .as well as repres£ntatives to active heads who couldn’t make name is Anastasia Alexandra Grande the first.”she smiled ,her name really fills her head with joy.
” and I am the only heir of to one of the biggest hospital owned by grande group. ie) ANNASTASIA GRANDE’S HEALTH CENTER.( A.G.H.C.) this position balanced me with me 70 percent of shares in Grande group.this means that in this gathering I am God.
every one looked at each other and her father smiled gently.
” I Annastasis Alexandra Grande held this share holders meeting strictly involving dervantes groups share holders too . I wish to resolve an issue which has been a big b!ow to this great p@rtnersh!pbetween Grande and dervantes group.
” the file sitting in front of you is a list of un -accessible income and resources from within and outside both groups for a long period of time , aging from my coma arrest. as you can see its a long list. pls m.d re-ad out some p@rts .
” March 34 procurement for drug from dervantes (access denied)
” April 4th ,procurement for Labour from a.g.h.c ( r.d denied access)
” procurement for capital from dervantes ( access denied)
” and so on…. madam.
he sat down
” thank you , so we all see clearly why this merger is not working.after my accident both groups st©pped giving acces 2 works,Labour,ca
pital,resources resultant to this ,dervantes group had to get an external investor ie) Liam king to invest in the new hospitals without reaching out to a.g.h.c for financial aid. mr dervantes can you tell me why..
Liam looked at Anna and smiled softly.he must be surprised at her strict nature
” well Anna , you stayed in coma for longer than usual and mind you this p@rtnersh!pwas binded with marriage, so we had to reduce our transfer of resources so should in case you do not wake up ,the merger will easily be severed”, Ryan’s mother said.
” well Mrs dervantes you spoke well but after I awoke and started treatment monetary access was still denied especially in hvge amounts.
” Anna your relationsh!pwith Ryan has not been legalized.we are just being carefull cos if one day both of you break up both groups will incure too much cost and the merger will cause a hvge blood battle so I advice you to do this after your wedding my jewel “, Anna’s dad said
” Anna my dear I alre-ady told your Dad that his fear is useless, Ryan loves you and he told me he would get married to you once he is back so what is our fear,let’s st©p this access denial..Mr dervantes said and his wife looked at him.
” honey be careful ,Ryan is a human being not a toy ..he has the possibility of falling in love again or getting fed up with Anna “, she said in low tunes to her husband
” Ryan can’t be stupid enough to do that”,Ryans dad replied.
Anna closed her file
” my relationsh!pwith ryan is secure , i also live with ryan as a fiancee.even throu-gh my years In coma Ryan waited for me and he was never caught or seen anywhere with a woman so this proves that we both love each other very much and our relationsh!pis very much secure. .. so as the foremost heir of Grande group I hearby declare that from now hence fourth , both companies will have open access to both resources and capital with no hindrances.this merger will bloom into a strong p@rtnersh!pand we will all be one.
her as-sistant gave her the declaration file and she signed it.
” Anna if this will push throu-gh , we nee-d a formalized do¢v-mentation of your marriage to Ryan which can be looked at during proceedings..we are all investors , we don’t want to watch both companies go down or result to a blood battle”, liam said.
” nice speech Liam, so today before you all and with full permission from Ryan I hereby formalize my union with Ryan we are now a couple before society and law the rest will follow when he returns.
the judge brou-ght out the marriage certificate and signed it .
” since the fiancee is not here May his both parents sign in his stead”, the lawyer said
Annas as-sistant pas-sed her the file and she signed it.
now her marriage to ryan has become a bond that can never be broken .I watched Ella wipe her tears..she finally lost Ryan.
” father in -law and mother .plea-se sign…. anna said
the file was moved around and Ryan’s Dad signed as well as his mom.
” daddy plea-se sign
” sure Anna , I hope Ryan is in line with this”,…. my husband signed.. the lawyer took the certificate and signed it then he sealed it.
” from today Annastasia has become a legal wife to ryan dervantes.p@rt of this agreement alre-ady took place before her coma arrest and Ryan signed it then so now that she is has been completed and legalized . they are now a couple before society and the law the remaining rites will follow when Ryan returns.
I know my husbands fear,even if Ryan is not in support it won’t make any difference,nothing can change this union and he doesn’t want Anna to get married to a man who doesn’t really love her but was f0rç£d into it.after the signing Anna stood up
” and today , I here forth formalize my marriage to ryan dervantes. now this merger has been strengthened once more ,there is a full do¢v-mentation so if I or Ryan go contrary to what I did today by breaking off this marriage and leading to war, each share holder or investor has the right and privilege to sue us to court . and sue the company as well for repair of damages.I believe I was clear and un-derstood….
“you were un-derstood clearly Mrs Ryan dervantes., the crowd chanted and Anna smiled Mr dervantes smiled too.
am gong on a two days break oh……fv¢king stressed out recently rewriting all this is ma-king my days ha-rd to cope with..
* Ryan’s p.o.v*
what exactly is holding Clara , did she get dear and fall sick too,I feel bored without her.just then my phone rang it was a video call so I connected it to the screen .it was my dad,I can’t believe he is smiling so happily, when was the last time he smiled at me
” Ryan I am so proud of you son, I didnt know you were smart enough to convince Anna into this. once you return you will take your main position in dervantes group your Dad is finally placing his ha-rd work in your hands cos he trusts you.
I smiled happily, my long dream.I looked at my mom she smiled at me…its time I forgave mum.her early morning texts made my days better.
” dad I am happy but what about Anna
” Anna strengthened the merger
” no don’t tell me she formalised
” yes, she formalized your marriage. you are now a man my boy you are a husband and you will soon be a dad
” but why ,how could she… why did she do that
” what’s wrong ryan, are you trying to say something
” no dad ..of course not.. it’s all right
” I thought so too.I am proud of you son.
he dropped the call and my heart beat sank.tears streamed down my eye how could Anna do this. ARRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!”, I screamed out I wanted to marry Clara what’s going on what did Anna do ,what about Clara how do I cope , what do I tell clara . I tried throwing away my phone when mum called.
” Ryan what’s wrong ,u didn’t seem happy
” mum I love someone else, i am d@t!ngClara, I don’t love Anna anymore mum plea-se mummy help me.
“ok, i will see what I can do,hold this call.. she called her secretary who c@m£ to her
” dicta has any transfer been done yet
” no not yet madam
” good schedule a meeting between I an Grande
” no madam a transfer has been made.
” what
” Mr dervantes alre-ady collected 70percent of the capital nee-ded to finalise the new hospital from from a.g.h.c
” what
” yes and the m.d of a.g.h.c alre-ady made a transfer of 20 nurses and 6 methrons their pay is un-der r.d and the alre-ady pla-yed in advance
” when
” also Mr dervantes procured a large quantity of drugs right now from a.g.h.c ….
” st©p , st©p I heard.
” ok madam
its alre-ady hopeless , my dad succeeded in ruining my life.
” ryan did you hear all i heard,its alre-ady hopeless … what are you going to do. you see why I warn couples not to cheat?,once the feeling is lost inform your p@rtner. Anna did this because she trusts you Ryan i don’t blame her
” mum I don’t love Anna anymore… you know Anna is too emotional if I break up with her over the phone Anna might not eat for two days and no one is there too look after her not even her mother and you know she is sick…I have lived with Anna and I un-derstand how she is wired mom… She is very weak inside..she just acts strong but she is very helpless that’s why I didn’t want to dump her over the phone like that.
” Ryan i un-derstand and i know you love Clara but you have to sacrifice that love,a lot of things are at stake nee-d to burry Clara and resurrect Anna.
” mom I don’t love Anna anymore.
” can you watch Anna get hurt ryan?
” no never, am I crazy? .. we’ve been throu-gh a lot together.
” so this means you dont hate Anna still love her very much but as a friend right
” yes mother
” now Ryan you are married to Anna so you have to find a way to make this work I nee-d you to break up with Clara and try finding your rhythm again with Anna … try to love Anna again you have not been d@t!ngClara for long this means you are still trying to bury Anna but I know from experience you can’t Bury what you shared that fast cos you shared something grand. ryan start now to dig out your feelings for Anna so you both can live together peacefully you will surely live together my love there is no going back.
” mom I don’t want to love Anna I love Clara and I will call Anna right now and tell her that I don’t love her mum
” Ryan are you drun!k?,Anna must never find out about Clara if she does she might get angry and break off the marriage when that happens a great chaos will fall upon the company and your dad will never forgive you.he won’t only kill you he will kill me too and even Clara… don’t try your father ryan.
” so what am I supposed to do , sit back and live Like a robot. I love clara and i just want to be happy why did Anna ruin my life like this
” ryan I know it’s not too late to rekindle your love for Anna you have to break up with clara ryan you are now a married man let that innocent girl go.. she nee-ds a man that can take her to the alter too,don’t th!gh Clara down that’s selfishness ,Ryan tell her the truth and let her go don’t make her a mistress .
” But I don’t want her to go mum
” Ryan if you don’t let Clara go far away she will get hurt…. your dad mostly will hurt her… Anna will hurt her … daniella will hurt her…Ryan she is not safe in your world.
” then maybe I should just leave my world and join her world
” Ryan plea-se think before you not hurt Anna do the right thing Ryan
don’t let Anna find out about Clara…she must not notice a difference , break up with clara now and get things normal if not the problem and blood shed will keep getting h0tter remember this is the only way to protect clara
arrrghh !!! I angrily smashed my phone. what is going on, I dont want to hurt Clara no plea-se… what do I do with Clara and Anna. breaking up with Anna means ruining my fathers ha-rd work ..he Will disown me but holding on to clara means ruining her life cos Anna and my dad will kill her .. and what will she say she is fighting for , a married man?… just then Clara rushed in she held a bag with her
Clara p.o.v
sir Ryan looks different ,he looks worried this is not the way I left him. I walked closer and he just looked at me.
he stood up and hvgged me ti-ghtly.
I held him ti-ght too.I wonder what’s wrong
” Ryan ,what happened
” Clara something happened I don’t want to think about all this, all I want is you.
he hvgged me ti-ght again.I handed him the bag of sweets I bought for him in the market.he smiled and hvgged me again.I wonder why sir Ryan is hurting.
we walked to the couch
” ummm how is Louisa
“she’s fine
just then his phone rang it was Anna ..he didn’t pick up ..he dropped the phone on the table and hvgged me ti-ghter.he k!$$£d my fore head and hvgged me again…he is acting as though I want to leave but am not going anywhere.or could he be the one who wants to leave me.this thought f0rç£d tears out of my eye… what is going on. he k!$$£d myl-ips de-eply… oh gosh just what I was avoiding…I missed him so much so I de-epened the k!sshe dis£ngaged and just hvgged me again he’s pretty eyes are so teary even the sweets won’t he take again.
” Ryan I love you …I will never leave you and I won’t let you leave me.I will fight for both sides…i hvgged him he brushed my hair with his f!ngersand just froze in my arms. I tapped his back and he chuckled sweetly…..finally I missed that.
Anna’s p.o.v
why won’t Ryan take my calls , what’s going on .should I call Clara?
I nee-d to upd@t£ Ryan of the board meeting …I know he won’t be mad that’s y I did this as I surprise for him…now that I want to tell him he won’t pick up.just then DANIELLA walked into my room
” congrats setting dads investments on fire
” what do you mean
” there will be war very soon Anna , watch out …all the investors will soon sue both companies to court for pla-ying with their investment.
” what do you mean, why will that happen
“cos Ryan is going to break off that marriage Anna ,ryan doesn’t love you anymore he is in love with that handnurse.I caught them both red handed when I left for Africa and what’s more they even sleep together.
“daniella leave my room
” Anna its the truth so better withdraw your declaration before its too late
” you want me to break off the marriage so you can keep trying your luck with Ryan right,
“Anna believe what you want or you can go and see for yourself.
daniella walked out… could she be right could Clara have failed my that why Ryan never picks up his calls I walked down and a maid was walking up.
” madam you have a visitor
I walked down and there he sat .Liam king.he waved at me I walked down to him
” to what do I owe this useless visit
” yes Anna can never change …not even after coma
” what are you doing here
” Anna since you strengthened the bond,I am now a full member of a.g.h.c
” does that make you a member of my life.
” let’s walk…pls
” fine
I wore my sli-pper and we strolled down. he looked at me and smiled
” you are beautiful Anna
” I own a mirror Liam
” yes I forgot she is full of herself
I smiled
” Anna don’t make a mistake.
” do you know what it feels like to f0rç£fully marry a man who doesn’t love you anymore
” no
” do you know what it feels like to marry a man and realize you no longer love him
” no, where are you streaming to.
” withdraw your statement before transfers get h0t ….. it’s a plain advice cos you don’t know if Ryan is still in love with you and from the look on your face you didn’t inform ryan
” what do you know about Ryan and who he loves
” I know quite a lot , alot … be careful Anna the decision you made can ruin your dad’s company for life
” that’s if Ryan breaks up the marriage but he won’t cos he loves me.
” are you sure you still love him too or are you confusing de-sire for love.
what is this stupid Liam saying .
” I love Ryan
” Anna I just gave you an important advice…. withdraw your statement… when ryan returns and you both get married you can easily strengthen it again….. once serious transfer starts it wouldn’t matter whether you love each other or not the marriage will be by f0rç£ and you don’t know how that feels.. this is a man you have not been with for close to 3 is beautiful but love without attention gets weak…he walked down to his car …I don’t un-derstand why is Liam covering Ryan’s interest…he is sounding as though he doesn’t want me for ryan..he spoke as though Ryan is in love with someone else and he supports the other girl .what’s all this….its enough I nee-d to visit Ryan i am going to Africa tomorrow.
claras p.o.v
sir ryan really won’t tell me what the problem is and its getting me worried.I bathed and hurried out …. I fell on my be-d.sir Ryan seems lost in thought I think he deserves some alone time so I will sleep here.I closed my eye and fell asleep and after few minutes someone held me ti-ght I awoke it was Ryan i smiled he k!$$£d my n£¢k then my cle-avagethrou-gh my night go-wn . he is acting so weakly.. as if he wants to eat me up and just keep me in his tummy having me all to himself .he fell into me and burried his face in my che-st I moved his hair.I wish he can tell me the truth
” why did you sleep here..I was dreaming of you.he said
” I am trying to learn how to stay without you,I can’t get add!çted.
he k!$$£d my fore head for long minutes and just gathered me in his arms.I have a feeling Ryan might leave me very soon.
I am really getting used to waking up in sir Ryan’s arms…. i looked at him while he sle-pt I smiled and brushed my f!ngersinto his che-st.. he is really handsome.
I moved my hand to his face then hisl-ips I re-moved my hands and k!$$£d him I rembered my decision not to k!sshim again this made me smile against hisl-ips ok just this once.I felt him brush his hands behind me and pu-ll me down de-epening the k!ss.
” morning k!sssir ryan
he smiled
” Clara I want to tell you something
” tell me
” uhmm
” let’s talk in the kitchen ” we both walked down into the kitchen , we were busy with the plates. he wanted to talk when someone walked in we are not expecting anyone ,we both turned and it was Anna .