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[email protected] mistake Episode 11 & 12

” *[email protected] MISTAKE”* 😍😍
Episode 11
Muna successfully collected a 100k from Chief for abortion.
She went over to Obinna’s place.
“Babe there’s something I want to tell you..” She said
“Which is?” He asked nonchalantly
“I’m.. Preg..nant..”she said slowly
Obinna looked at her for sometime and laughed carelessly.
Muna didn’t un-derstand the reason for his laughter.
” Obi..what’s with the laughter?”she asked in confusion
“Am just laughing at your stupidity..” He said.
This shocked Muna.
“Who’s responsible by the way..I don’t want to conclude yet..who is responsible for the pregnancy?” Obinna asked looking at her intently.
“You..of..course..who else?” She said
Obinna laughed loudly again
“Kai..onye Hausa wants to scam an Igbo man..chai” he continued laughing
Muna was confused all the more..
“You’re confusing me Obi..what’s the problem?”
“You sleep around and when you get pregnant you want to pin it on me? Do you think am that daft? Do you think am blind and stupid that I don’t see anything you do?? You don’t know I know you’ve been slee-ping with all my friends? From Joe to Iyke..all of them..even your lecturers..most guys in your [email protected] Kai..Muna you are a waste to your generation.
You’re lose and cheap..I regret ever meeting you” Obinna said seriously
“I still don’t un-derstand what you’s only you I’ve been with..” She said as tears dropped down her face.
“Will you shut up! You’re such a stupid liar..see let me tell you, I’ve just been [email protected] time with you, nothing more..I realised just how cheap you are a long time ago. Meanwhile, I have a serious relationsh!pwith a good girl at home.
We’ll be getting married once am done with school so I think this is the right tikw to end things with you. Thank you for being my money leave my house..” He said standing up to usher her out.
Muna stood up in tears..”Obinna after everything? Are you really dumping me because of rumours??”
“Memuna..I wouldn’t want to use f0rç£ on you so plea-se kindly leave..”
“Obinna plea-se..”
Obinna pushed her out of his room and into the parlour where all his friends where..
He dragged her out of the house..and locked the door.
Tunde and Co..kept laughing
“Finally, good riddance to bad rubbish” Joe said and they all laughed.
Muna [email protected]£ depressed and sad about the breakup with Obinna. She didn’t believe she was just being used by 4 friends.
She however decided to drop her pains and forge ahead.
Mimi took her to the doctor where the abortion was conducted.
The process was so painful that Muna kept screaming and asking God for mercy..she prayed and begged God that if he helped her out of this alive, she would forever serve him and drop all her evil ways.
For 2weeks, the pains Muna felt from the abortion was hell. She couldn’t seat or stand..she couldn’t lie down..her life was just hell. She tool drugs and pain relievers all the time but it wasn’t helping..the bleeding was much and she started smelling from the continuous bleeding.
Mimi who was helping her [email protected]£ tired.
“Babe this your case is serious o..ahahn..I’ve done 5abortions and after three days am usually back to my old self but yours is taking 2 weeks and even getting worse” Mimi lamented.
“I don’t un-derstand o..I simply don’t un-derstand..” Muna said crying..
“It’s better you go to a standard hospital plea-se” Mimi said closing her nose in disgust..
Muna kept crying and pleading to God for mercy..
She managed to sleep and when she woke up the next day, Mimi was nowhere to be found. Her things were missing too..
She instantly realised that the person she called a friend had ran away from her.
She cried and cried..she didn’t know what to do..
It was their other roommate that helped her out..
“plea-se check my phone and call ‘Juli’ for me” Muna requested.
The girl quic-kly did so and explained everything to Juli on phone..
In less than 30mins, Juli arrived and was shocked to find Muna in such a situation.
Since her experience with them, she had stayed away from them totally..
“Juli plea-se am sorry for everything I did to’s only you I could think of in a situation like this..plea-se help me. I don’t want to die..” Muna cried
“Don’t won’t die..just keep praying in your heart” Juli said
She quic-kly warmed water and took Muna into the bathroom where she helped her bath and cleaned her up. She gave her a pad to help hold the blood for sometime..gave her h0t tea and then tool her to a specialist hospital..
With the instruction of Muna, she called her parents who quic-kly [email protected]£ over the next day..
Episode 12
The Doctor ushered Mr and Mrs Jamiu into his office.
“There’s something you need to know about your daughter’s health”
“Go on Doctor” Mr Jamiu said
“ see, from the series of tests we conducted, we discovered she had an abortion. A terrible one I must say..”
“Abortion? Jesus Christ..that can’t be true!” Kiki screamed
“Yes, it’s true..the process had a slight effect on her wo-mb..but we were able to control the bleeding..she would have to un-dergo a surgery to take away all the remaining [email protected] of the dead cells…and flush away the bad blood..”
“Is her wo-mb OK? Will she be alright?” Mr Jamiu managed to ask..Kiki was alre-ady crying.
“For her wo-mb, we wouldn’t know yet till after the surgery..but we @ssure you that she will be fine” the doctor concluded.
“Mum, Daddy..I’m sorry I put you throu-gh all these pains. This is indeed a big mistake I’ve made..all in my quest to enjoy flashy lifestyle and live a [email protected] life in school, I’ve made a [email protected] mistake…my life is in total disarray.. I’m sorry” Muna cried bitterly holding her tummy as she lie down because she was in serious pains.
Juli was still by her side crying as well.
“But Why? Memuna we tried to provide everything for you. Everything.. But you decided to ruin your own life by yourself. This is just your second year in school but look at what your life has turned into” Kiki cried
“To think that we never believed this young lady here when she [email protected]£ to give us report of your wayward life in school” Mr Jamiu said bitterly.
All Muna could do was cry and beg her parents.
Soon, the nurses [email protected]£ in to prepare her for the surgery.
“Muna keep your faith high..don’t loseguard..keep praying in your mind asking God for mercy and guidance. I promise you’ll come back alive..” Juli said holding her hands.
Muna nodded in affirmative.
“Be strong. We’ll be here praying for you” Kiki said in tears.
Mr Jamiu said nothing. He simply nodded his head slowly..
Muna was rolled into the Theatre..
Mimi ran to Chisom’s house where she lived with two of her friends.
“Ahahn..Mirabel what are you doing here?” Chisom asked as soon as one of the girls ushered her in.
“plea-se can I stay with you here for sometime?” Mimi pleaded
“What happened to your own room?” Chisom asked puffing out cigarette
“You won’t un-derstand.. Muna wants to kill me with odour” Mimi went ahead to explain everything that was happening.
Chisom laughed “that one hasn’t seen anything yet..stupid smelly girl”
“So plea-se can I stay with you here for the main time?”
“Mimi you can’t stay here” Chisom said
“But why?” Mimi asked disappointed
“Because you are a friend to my enemy. I don’t want to have anything to do with you”
“Chisom remember the good old times o”
“Forget good old times..plea-se leave my house. I cut you off a long time ago..go back to your bestie or look for one of your guys and stay with..I cannot [email protected]£ you..plea-se leave” Chisom commanded.
Mimi slowly left the house.. She had broken up with Tunde a long time ago so he wasn’t even an option. She dialed one of her Alhaji sugar daddy’s number.. Wasn’t reachable..perhaps out of the country.
She called several of her male friends but all had one excuse or the other to give.
A thought creaped into her mind.
She immediately called Chief, Muna’s sugar daddy.
She told him she had an urgent message for him so he invited her over to one of his guest houses..
“Good evening Chief” she greeted as she entered the room.
“Gudu evening.. What you talk that is your name again?” Chief asked with his incoherent English laced with Igbo accent.
“Ermm..I’m Mirabel, Muna’s friend”
“OK..Muna sef I never hear flom her kamgbe last week..what is wlong with her?”
Mimi went ahead to tell Chief all about Muna’s health..She lied that Muna had contracted an incurably [email protected][email protected] disease and that the pregnancy she even aborted wasn’t for Chief..she told him Muna had several b©yfri£nds and sugar daddies..
After this explanation, Chief was angry and furious.
“So that nwa mba nshi deceived and chop all my money..chai I have suffer..she no no who Chief Eze Donatus is okwaya” Chief said in anger.
It wasn’t [email protected] for Mimi to calm him mind with mind b!owing S-x and thereafter requested that she stay in one of his houses because according to her, Muna chased her away.
From then, Mimi started [email protected]!ngChief Eze.
It’s been over 3hours and the doctor wasn’t out of the theatre yet. No news about Muna.
Juli was praying silently in our corner of the reception.
Kiki was tired of crying as she sat with swollen eyes.
Jamiu simply paced about restlessly..
After about 30minutes, the doctor [email protected]£ out..
They all rushed to him
“Doctor how is she?”Jamiu asked
“How is my daughter?” Kiki asked
“Doctor hope everything went well..”Juli asked
” you all need to calm down okay? Anything that happens is for a purpose..God doesn’t sleep..”
“Save us the sermon! Where is my daughter??!” Kiki screamed.
The Doctor shook his head slowly..
If na Nollywood movie u for hear gan gan 🙆🙆🙆😭😭
Hope isn’t what am thinking 😤

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