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burning heart finale

[ ★love ♥️ life ★family ]



✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

©️ Spark

Settings : English romance

🥀 finale episode


” Hey ” Franco said as he walked out of his office to see Katleah with Nicole .

” His sister in-law ‘ he said.

“Hey my favorite brother in-law” Nicole teased and he chuckled .

” Marco and nuel shouldn’t hear you ” he said and they chuckled .

He looked at Katleah and Nicole gestured him to ask her out , he shook his head and rubbed his neck nervously .

” Franco are you okay ? Kat asked confused .

” Oh he’s perfectly fine … right Franco ? Nicole asked glaring at him .

” Ya … I’m good , escuse me ” he said and walked away.

Nicole looked at his retreating figure and burst out laughing whilst Katleah chuckled at her sisters cuteness .

” Hey girls Danny said as she catwalked towards them with baby Dan in her arms .

” Hey Dante ” Kat said as she klzzed his full cheeks .

” C’mon let me take you guys out for lunch I’m starving too ” daniella said and they walked out together.

” Wait I thought I saw Franco here whilst walking towards you guys ? She asked .

” Well he left already …..he always walks on tin ice anytime he’s around Katleah it’s just so cute ‘ Nicole squiled .

” Nah I don’t think so ….I mean Franco doesn’t talk to me about anything else other than Anne and Anna …infact there was this day he walked in on me in a robe …he cursed under his breath and kept explaining why he was in the room at that time , look I don’t think Franco and I are ever gonna be a thing , even if I want us to , Franco hasn’t killed that guilt in him yet . ….I don’t think he’d ever be able to look at me …. without guilt ..
” Katleah said and Danny held her hands .

” But you have feelings for him don’t you ? She asked .

” Of cause I do , at first I hated him for what he did to me ,buh getting to know Franco and everything he’d been through made me realize keeping Anna and Anne where the best gifts I could ever give to him ” Katleah said and Danny smiled emotionally .

” You do know even if you guys finally decide to build a relationship ,it won’t be a bed of roses following the fact that he defiled you without permission ? That memory , a person might forgive but never forget . Do you trust him ? Can you give him your heart Kat ? Danny asked .

” I know it’s risky ,but maybe this is a risk I wanna take. … sometimes we have to walk towards our Happy ending ” Katleah said and Nicole smiled .

” Wow I’m tearing up already ” Nicole said and they all laughed .

” Wait ,you mean you walked away without even breaching the topic ? Marco asked his brother .

” I couldn’t …even before I could say a word , I became tongue tied ‘ Franco said and everyone burst into laughter .

” Are you serious ? Andrew asked shocked .

” Of cause I am…look I’m not good when it comes to all these …” He said nervously .

” You’re nervous it’s showing all over your face so take a deep breath ” he advised .

” Ya out …” Vince said and Franco lic-ked his lower l!p .

” The thing is I can’t even face her. ..I’m always reminded of the pain I caused her ” he said and Chris shook his head .

” Franco if you want kat you have to make the first move …besides Kat’s beautiful and trust me there lots of suitors out there waiting for a chance with her ” Andrew added and he gave a nod .

” Huh I’d do it , I really love Kat and I want her in my life …I’m gonna have her in my life ” he said and the guys cheered him on as he chuckled .


Marco brought down the cake from the heater and chuckled as he felt his wife wrap her hands around his waist .

” Wait what are you doing ? He asked and she walked to his front .

” I’m distracting you dammit ,it’s been long we had some alone time ” she said frowning .

” We’ve both been busy with work and Dan …'” Franco said as he put her hair behind her ears .

” Oh leave Dante outta this ,you exhaust yourself to the point that you go to bed even before we can get on with foreplay ….it’s annoying .” She said and his jaws dropped .

” It’s because work has been stressful lately after Eli and Nora got engaged ….we’ve not yet recovered from the preparing the dishes at the celebrity engagement and we had another list of parties lining up …plus the preparation for grandpa’s birthday ….” He said gesturing towards the cake .

” Well you have lots of staffs ” she whinned and he smiled .

” I like to prepare important stuffs myself …” He said and she turned with a pout as he hugged her from behind .

” I miss my husband …” She Frowned .

” Okay …I’d work on my schedule and we’d go on a weekend out after the party ….make up for the time ” he said and she turned .

” And Dante ? She asked frowning .

” Don’t worry we’d drop him off with mom or aunt Serena ” he said and daniella squiled .

” I love you Marco ” she said and klzzed his full cheeks .


” I said i don’t know him ,which part of I don’t know him don’t you understand vincenzo ? Nicole asked angrily .

She hated fighting with vincenzo but who ever said marriage was a bed of roses was a fu-ck ing lier .

They did have their bad days like today ,buh always sought it out before going to bed .

” Nanny pia …nanny pia …” She called and a lady on a middle fifties Walked out.

” Yes ma’am Nicole ” she answered and she gestured her towards Vince who said playing ” know your alphabet’s” on an iPad .

” Come on morreti ” she said and took the kid upstairs .

” you don’t know him and you let him hug you like that ? He asked and she looked at him in unbelieve .

” Wait don’t you trust me vincenzo …that guy is just a colleague ,I don’t even know him up to the way friends know each other …he’s just this huggie hugging time of guy …that’s how he greets everyone male or female …” She said frustratedly .

” Well I trust you ,but knowing how jealous I can get …” He trailed .

” I should have pushed him away ? She asked as she matched upstairs .

” Nicole , Nicole ” he called going upstairs .

‘ Nicole we’re not done talking ” he said angrily and she turned to him .

” Vince you know I don’t like when we have arguments like this …are you stressed from work ?she asked in a low key and he rubbed his forehead .

” I’m sorry ” he said and she smiled .

” I’m sorry too , I knew just how much of a jealous freak you Morreti’s are and knowing you where on your way to pick me up ,I should have been careful ” she said playing with his shirt button and he klzzed her forehead tiredly.

” Thank you for understanding Nicole ,plus I’d try my possible best to reduce my possessiveness ….” He trailed and she joined their l!ps together .

” I know what will help ” she teased s£nding her hands to his belt and he threw his head backwards with laughter .


” Daddy ” Anne and Anna called as they klzzed their fathers face immediately he bent to their level Making Leah smile .

” My princesses ” he said picking the both of the. In his arms .

” How was school ? He asked .

” Fun….” They squiled making him laugh at their cuteness .

” C’mon girls remember you have to change your outfit plus take a nice bath for evening ? Kat asked .

” No daddy’s gonna leave …read bee time stories. ..” Anne whinned .

” It’s your turn this week Franco ” Kat said and he smiled .

” I know Kat …” He said and she stared at his face a bit too much when she realized herself they both looked away .

“….c’mon Anna ” Anne called as they ran upstairs .

” They’re so cute ” Franco chuckled and Kat couldn’t agree more as the servants went upstairs to prepare them .

” Escuse me ” Kat said and made to leave .

” Katleah ” he called and she turned .

” Yes ” she said and he felt the word stuck on his throath .

” It’s nothing ….” He said and she looked at him shocked .

” Kat ” he called immediately she turned he shook his head again .

” It’s nothing … absolutely nothing ”

” Franco are you sure you’re okay ? She asked .

” Ya I’m fine …’ he said and she chuckled softly as she walked upstairs .

” Oh fu-ck kkk …I’m so stupid ” he said and heard laughter from behind.

” Ya dad ….laugh all you want. ..” he said as he turned .

” It’s not a matter of laugh all I want son , you’re way too nervous when it comes to Katleah …” Gilbert said as he gestured him to sit .

” It’s noth like that dad ,my [email protected] immediately goes into a freeze and my tongue ties when Kat is in front of me …I can’t even feel my blood running …” He said and Gilbert burst into laughter .

” You’re not helping matters by laughing at me you know ? He said and Gilbert chuckled .

” Okay I won’t laugh I …. hahahaha ‘ he added .

‘ dad ” he said and gilbert smiled.

” It’s because you’re inlove with her and hurting her in the past has made you realize just how much she means to you .

” But you need to calm down …take a deep breath and you know bridge the topic …we both know Kat wouldn’t forget what happened …but Anna and Anne has replaced that was memory and it’s up to you to make her happy son ” gilbert said patted his back and left .

” And that was how Cinderella got married to the prince and they lived happily ever after ” Franco said and his daughters squiled happily .

” Yeah ……..! The girls squiled

” Ok babies it’s time to go to bed ” Franco said and tucked them in bed .

” I love you Anne ,I love you Anna “he said as he klzzed their full cheeks .

Katleah admired the loving dad as he stood up and turned just to see her .

” Oh kat…” He said as he stood up immediately .

” I was huh …” He stopped talking and she folded her hands in amusement .

He stared at what she was wearing and looked away .

” What are you doing Franco ” he cursed and Katleah chuckled softly .

” Goodnight Franco ” she said and she turned to leave he called her .

‘ Kat can we talk ” he said and she turned .

” Huh…sure ” she said and he heived a sigh of relief as he walked besides her and towards the morreti’s garden .

” You know I’ve been wanting to talk to you about ….us …I mean what I feel about you but …I just couldn’t ” he said and she just stared at him .

” Kat …I know I’m broken …I’m not perfect and plus I’ve hurt you in the most unforgivable ways ….wait what am I even saying ” he said in shock and rubbed his face .

” For how long would you continue to beat your self up ? She asked and tears rolled outta his eyes as he burst out crying .

” I don’t know ….I don’t know …I …don’t know Katleah I’ve tried so much to get rid of it buh if won’t stop ….each time I even think of pursuing how I feel about you ,I end up remembering how I’d ruined you …I’m so sorry Katleah …I’m so sorry …” He said crying bitterly .

” I totally understand if you don’t want us to go that way …I understand …I mean it’s crazy … who’d even wanna stay with a man who ….’ he was saying and she placed her f!ng£rs on his l!ps .

” Calm down Franco …shhhhh” she said softly .

” Why ? I’m speaking the truth ” he said and she smiled .

” Well because I feel how you feel ….ya before you say I’m crazy ,I don’t know what game life is playing with us ,buh I do know I have feelings
….deep feelings for you ” she said and he cried .

” I love you Katleah …I swear I love you so much , just give me time ..
To get over this guilt ” he said and she smiled out tears .

” I’m here Franco you’ve tried to kill it for 3 years and it didn’t work ,let me try now ….let’s do it together … maybe get a therapist …to talk to us about it ” she said and he pulled her into his arms .

” I love you Katleah ”

” I love you more Franco .”

Life after that wasn’t exactly a bed of roses as they saw relationship therapists to help build their relationship .

It hadn’t been easy especially with the celibacy for the entire dating period due to Franco’s pannick ….

He’d immediately feel his hands shaky each time they even try to get intimate and end up pleading for her forgiveness ….and looking like a crying mess.

But his family never left his side and so where his daughters and Katleah ….

She’d been the most supportive beautiful intelligent kind girlfriend .

About a year and 3 months later he proposed to her at the wedding ceremony of one of Marco’s friend’s wedding ceremony .

As for the se-x part of the relationship , celine had amazingly thought Katleah what to do which ended in the best … making session at his bacharlores party.

He’d woken up at the wedding morning and laughed crazily with his fiancee in his arms .

Celine and the girls team had smartly gotten him tipsy …but he wasn’t that drunk to remember every damn thing that happened .

Infact they’d both replaced every bad memory with that precious night .

He worshipped her like the goddess she was …and with klzz [email protected] and pleasure…. build new memories and made their love even more stronger .

Franco took a deep breath as his brother vincenzo helped him set his tie and the guys team gave him a thumbs up whilst his father smiled at him .

As the wedding [email protected] began and Katleah walked right through the door he felt tears stung his eyes .

If someone had told him back then that one day that he’d one day he a father ,have a family of his own ,find love and be happy….he’d have denied because then he was lost .

Lost in hate anger and pain and the feeling of being regected and the urge to end his life. ….

He’d ruined so many lives back then but today those same people picked up the pieces of their lives and picked up the pieces of his too .

He wiped his tears as he stared at his wife to be …

” We’re gathered here to witness the wedding ceremony of Franco morreti and Katleah Martinez ….” The priest began and he could see Katleah smile at him .

Gilbert morreti stared at his children their Friends and his beautiful wife .

His grandchildren ,his father ….the Dela questa’s and tears rolled outta his eyes .

He could see his sons and their partners very much happy and inlove.

Truly all is well that ends well .

What had happened that them was what had the capacity to burn a man’s heart to nothing .

But they stood firm to survive after uniting .

It was really the story of love family and relationships . Sometimes all we need in life is unity , understanding the spirit of forgiveness and love .

” You may now klzz the bride ” the priest said and as their l!ps met in a [email protected] klzz .

Tobias morreti smiled out tears .

The End .

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