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Believe Episode 29 & 30

[the girl he never noticed💦]
Episode 29🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻
he kind of stare at me….it was a quick glance and with the way he did, i was smart enough to tell he knew the owner but he doesn’t want to say it,I took my l!ps in.
“give it back then” I said.
“did the owner offend you?”he asked.
“it’s none of your business” I replied as i didn’t turn to look at him,
I entered Tracy’s room where I dropped the bead on one of the Sofa’s,I went upstairs.
her bedroom door wasn’t locked,
I entered and later on it with my phone.
💌 Lotanna,please come back to the room” a message buzzed in.
it was a strange number.
💌 who is this?” I s£nt back.
💌 princess Akuna,your future wife”
another one buzzed in.
I got surprised.So she also went to school….how come she has my number?..
💌 which room are you in? is it Tracy’s? fine am coming over”
she s£nt.
I felt headache,
I hastily stood up and rushed to the living room.
how careless and forgetful? I didn’t even lock the door.
I hastily locked it,then I returned back to the bedroom.
💌 baby am at the door” she texts.
I rolled my eyeballs and switched to flight mode.
I mean how can a princess be so ins£nsible and she went to school, doesn’t even show in her character at all…..
Akuna’s p.o.v
come to think of it,who is the girl making lotanna loose his mind?
hmmm I better not find out about her because if I should do,her life will never remain the same and her fate will remain in my hands… I can kill her and bury her without anybody finding out,with that i can always think of something else in my mind.
The only way she can be safe is if she is wealthy but if she is poor, am sorry she just arrive into hell.
the queen approached,
I started crying,I deepened the cry and even coughed.With that,she rushed to me.
“what’s wrong?” she said,
she felt so sorry.
I deepened the cry the much.
“mother,he is ignoring me again,he doesn’t want me,does it mean am ugly,what else is he looking for in a lady that i don’t have..
I still don’t understand why he is treating me like this,it was because of him i cut my ties with iyke…seems lotanna has seen someone more pretty than I” I cried.
she smiled and wiped my tears till it dried out completely.
“you’re both the future of deerah kingdom,just give him little time..
you will be the next queen while Lotanna-
she paused her statement when she spots Jidenna coming.
I made a quizical look.
are they not over this kingship stuffs.
“the ministers are in the throne room” Jidenna said as he approached,
the queen left me.
I didn’t turn to spare Jidenna a glance,I persummed to my way.
my mind says stop,
I stopped and went back to him.
“hi’ I waved.
he waved back…
“can i ask a question?” I said.
“ask away” he replied.
“your twin brother is he really proud? I asked..
“am I him? if you want to ask questions about him then go to him”
he said and walk out on me.
I got stunned.
no one has ever walk out on me in that manner…
such nerves?
what effontery…
I watched him approach Tracy’s room,the intercom device beeped, the door was opened by lotanna few minutes later..
he entered and close the door after earning me a glare.
Are they that close?.
Yeah,they should be of course-
they are twins!
I sighed as I approach my place in the palace.The door was opened by Sharon (my servant).
“how did it go?” she asked.
“well,he klzzed me” I said and laid on the bed.
“awwww,you’re lucky”
“yeah,really lucky” my servants gwaked with manners.
“and he is attending Royal’s tomorrow, we are going together by the royal yacht.” I said.
“you know everyone speaks of our kingdom with elegance and pride.. I wonder what will happen when they gets to see our crowned princes”
Amaka said.
“I wish I was a princess too so he can be mine like he is yours” Sharon gwaked.
I glared at her, she bowed with respects(both hands on her back).
“Anu ga ago…ogonlongo(long life) my princess” she said as she continue fanning me.
Tiara was doing the finishing of my nails while chioma(the maid from golden palace) selects my outfits carefully.
“I don’t want that dress wrapper, it’s too common” I said.
“what about this?” she brought out another one…
“nooo,that one” I pointed to something rare and cl@ssic.
my mind drifted to something.
“chioma,is any maid intimate with Prince Lotanna,my husband?”
I asked.
“no ma’am” she replied.
that’s where I get curious.
does it mean the girl is not from this palace???
“who cooks his foods?” I asked.
“he doesn’t eat village foods,there is a chef from the city” she said.
I mouthed and “O”.
although I still got currious.
“is there any Ife in this palace?” I asked..
“ohh yeah…Adeife” she said.
“maid section right?” I asked,
she nodded.
must be that Ife, well i will do justice to that before he meets her.
morning approached so fast,
I stood up from Mrs okafors bed with so much energy.I remembered Lotanna hugging me in the previous night,that remains my happiest moment.
someone saved me from death.
I comport myself as Mrs okafor showed up,
she now look so fine and healthy.
“nne good morning” I said.
“same here,have you bath? she asked..
“no,I will do that after finishing my work” I replied.
“you had better go and bath,today is Royal’s, you’re among the maids that would go”she said.
I felt so surprised i was chos£n;
who would have thought of that .
Aaaaah Nkem,
I really got crazy in my thoughts yesterday night.
“do you have cloths? she asked.
“yes ma’am, aunty Tracy bought me some before she traveled” I said.
“be fast” she said.
“okay ma’am” I replied and dashed out to the maids quarter, I kept Lotanna’s necklace at first but later picked it along.
I will return it if I am to chance see him there.
I got ready and dressed.
soon, I arrived and tagged with the other six maids.
Finally I arrived and tagged with the other maids.
“there is a yacht,I didn’t even know our kingdom has started to get developed”
I heard murmurs from the maids as we approached the sea.
I saw nkem,he smiled and s£nt me a wave,I waved back.I had to jump so he could see me.
dumebi hissed to my hearing…
I got scared as we moved in,I even had to hold Mrs okafor hand am scared of seas.
I got relieved the moment we entered,I saw something different for the first time in my life..
I felt as if am in another word,the yacht was like heaven is opened to rain,everything inside was new.
of course it had different sections, even rooms.
“go with the other maids,I want to check something” Mrs okafor left me, I hurriedly went to ebere’s side we walked till we cut across the place princess Akuna and princess Amarachi where..
“the venue was changed” ebere muttered…
the yacht started moving…
I didn’t read how long nor how far all I know was that we are faraway from home……we would get there before night,this is just evening.
I used my eyes to search for Lotanna’s section so I can drop the necklace for him,I didn’t get it, instead I stood near,bashed my lashes and watch the blue sea….
I looked back the moment I heard footsteps,it appeared to be no one behind me….
I moved my glance back to the front, that was when i saw prince Lotanna back view at the far end of the long yacht,he was also admiring the sea.
I felt strange sparkles the more I stare deeply and I hastily look away.
we are two different life’s,
we are two different world’s…
I still looked back again and admired how ethereal he looked in the prince attire…so pretty down there,
even the royal bracelets adorn his wrist perfectly.
soo attractive and admirable.
I wish he would continue dress like this it suite him best,he makes me get the hope to believe.
I got so carried away staring that I didn’t even notice he was staring back..
I feel like we are so close.
ohhh,I hastily bend.
Too late he saw me…
“leaving and hiding in fear,is that worth more than your life…it wouldn’t take you anywhere it will only get you into more troubles” I heard him say softly.
I stood up as I felt happy.You spoke to me again,I felt as thou those words are enough.
I watch in ecstacy as he left with the two guards that were appointed to always follow him.
“what are you doing there hunn? admiring my husband! akuna showed up immediately Lotanna left.
“what are you hunnn…ugly stinking brat,yuck you stinks.. I thought Lotanna has tastes,you can’t be the one” she said as she drew nearer.
i also moved back till my buttocks hit the yatch ending.
Chioma giggled from behind.
**you can’t be the one**what does that statement means???
she must be joking..
“Princes Akuna” I called plainly not knowing what to say..
Amarachi showed up immediately.
“Akuna,leave our maid alone okay” she shouted as she approached.
Akuna still moved forward.
“what if I???? she pushed me lightly, I would have fell but I was holding the yacht ending.
I blink tears.
“Akuna,are you insane! Amarachi shouted…
“then I will show you am crazy” akuna replied and pushed me with force,I fell into the sea..
it pull out a loud sound,it attracted almost everybody in the yacht.
🚹what happened???
🚹 Yes Akuna pushed,aunty Tracy’s maid away…
🚹 Akuna why???
I heard murmurs….
well,I accept it as my destiny,if I should come back again,I would rewrite it…
🚹 nkem,I didn’t do it!
🚹 Prince Lotanna,she was the one who fell!!!!
🚹 Lotanna,I couldn’t even hurt a fly.
🚹 yes,you did liar!
🚹 nkem she did!!!!
I still heard murmurs..
I couldn’t breath well inside the water.
not until I heard another sound,
someone came to save me?…
he also g@sped for breath as he tried lifting my weight on his.
Episode 30🎻🎻🎻🎻
we both struggled in the sea,I didn’t even know where to hold in order to get better.Finally,he managed to lift my weight above the sea and I got crazily scared.
“don’t leave me” I said as I finally opened my eyes.
“I won’t okay,just stay still” he said and paused to g@sp for breath,
I got shocked-did I just hear Lotanna’s voice.
I sl!pped off from where he was holding me and fell back on him feeling so cold,my eyes landed on his neck where i mistakenly klzzed;
was I high? am I okay?…
I rushed words as I hastily withdraw.
He breathed out and looked at me, I look away so he won’t get a clear sight of my ugliness.
His eyes was now red,purely red…
he looked so cold but mine was the worst,I was shivering as i breath out ice smoke.
the water covered me,he rushed to lift my shoulders high and i watched him quietly as he drip of water,he too watched me without saying any words.
“I promise I won’t be a trouble girl anymore” I said.
he didn’t reply…no words.
I froze as he swam very close to me, he touched my shoulders and tried lifting me up,I looked up,everybody in the yacht were waiting and watching from the closest end.
I caught Akuna’s eyes,it was so scary and adorned with hell and deep hatred,I wonder what I did that pain her the most…
“you got so heavy,I can’t lift you from your shoulders” prince Lotanna said and moved his pretty hands away,one of his diamond ring fell..
“fv¢k! he muttered as the water covered us again.
he held me well and lifted me up from my waist,one of his hand sl!pped and trailed from my buttocks and traveled as far to in between my thighs where they get trapped..
“sorry” he rolled his eyeballs and mistakenly touched my hip.
I balanced well,he lift me up..
Nkem and the sailor took me.
I now look so sick,Mrs okafor came to me with a wrapper.
“Akuna you wouldn’t have done this to me if you know what it means to suffer in your life” I said in my mind.
I followed Mrs okafor.
“who will save the prince? I asked
“he is out already” she replied.
I turned back and saw him in the yacht already.
soooo fast…
“You didn’t have to jump in,don’t you know you have cold.Just an ordinary maid,Lotanna are you alright?
prince Jidenna said with horror..
“she was the one who fell” akuna added…
I bite into my l!ps, who are they even talking to?.
akuna walked away angrily.
Mrs Okafor took me to her place in the yacht,I stood patiently at the door shivering with cold,
Lotanna p@ssed,
he moved his hair backwards and strained his eyes like he couldn’t see well…
his eyes was opened halfly as he trailed his room door stylishly, his room was just opposite Mrs okafor own. He entered and slam the door with force,I flinched from where I stood cos the sound was strong.
“why would you fall into the sea?
Mrs okafor asked as we entered her room.
“I did not…it was Akuna that pushed me” I replied.
she sighed and went to collect hot water.
I felt better after everything but I still get uncomfortable.
how can I get comfortable when the person that saved me have issues with cold conditions?.
Aaah,my life is so pathetic!.
“we are approaching there,Ife change your cloth” Mrs okafor said and dropped extra cloth for me.
“thanks ma’am” I replied and took the cloth.she went out and didn’t return until night.
Finally,she arrived carrying a modern stuff, I wish I knew what it was….
“what is that?” I asked,she dropped the stuff.
“flask for storing hot water” she said as she moved close to feel my pulse.
“you’re fine,why looking dull?”
she asked.
“the person that saved me,is he fine?” I asked.
Mrs okafor smiled.
“he is fine,just that he has allergies” she said.I got comfortable, at least he is fine.
I still have lots of questions to ask.
someone knocked at our door.
“ma’am… we are there,the yacht just stopped” I heard the sailors voice.
“okay” Mrs okafor replied,I hasten my dress,so simple and fit for the maid that I am,my hair wasn’t plait,it was let down to my back where it stopped.
“what is this party for?” I asked.
“Royal! the meaning is in it.A party where the royals, princes,princesses but importantly it is what they call the survival of the fittest, a party where the strongest defeat the weakest,a party where princes are tested,their is in an informat taking records…. this is where we know which prince is more braniac and smart…wisdom too” she explained.
“sounds interesting…so our princes are actually here to be tested,I wish them good luck” I said and followed Mrs okafor out of the yacht.
I now see the reason why ngozi always wants me to be here….I didn’t witness something interesting right from my childhood stage.
I smiled and made sure I didn’t loose track with her.We both moved out of the yacht to a dry land where we met crowd.
some canoes,even boats arrived.
only us used yacht.
One last long boat came and I spotted ngozi inside.I got happy.
crazy girl so she came,my happiness faded as I saw olamma my wicked step sister..
I turned back.
and I prayed we shouldn’t meet each other again- she’s worst that onome.
by the time I turned to face front again,Mrs okafor wasn’t with me.
I couldn’t even see well,
the crowd got much.
soon everywhere became quite,
I guess the princes where p@ssing.
🚹 Prince Iyke
🚹 Prince Ameafule….
🚹 Prince Chidindu…
those are the rude princes history have.
people kept screaming and drooling.
I didn’t get myself until someone tapped me…it was Ngozi.
“you came” she said.
“sure” I replied,we hugged.
“what’s this party for” I still asked.
“Royal gathering,some people do not know each other not every princes grew in their respective kingdom, some traveled,some went to the state, this is an opportunity for them to know and see each other” she replied.
“okay” I smiled.
my eyes caught Akuna and olamma,
best friends with the best best bad attitudes.
🚹 Awwwwwwwww
🚹 what kingdom is he from????
🚹 they are twins…so sweet😍.
🚹 solo ethereal,did you see their skin glittering, I imagine what staying with either of them might cause”
I heard things.
I had to jump,
what I saw made me stunned.
maids were visibly drooling!
many stretched their hands to touch.
🚹 who among them is the crowned prince???
🚹 chaiiii,those s£×y abs.
I heard murmurs.
“am coming” ngozi said and hurried to meet one of her old friend, I got carried away by the fun.
I did not know olamma was beside me…
“hi” she waved as she flaunts her beautiful body with so much elegance.
“our eyes met again” I said.
“yeah and you’re still ugly,in one level” she said.
“it is no one business what level I am in my life,have got other important things to do” I replied her.
“you’re a maid maid…ordinary maid while I am swimming in money,
well mother s£nt me to you-
Adeife you shall never sing for you are hopeless and believeless”
she said.
I blinked tears as my lashed bashed, I remembered many things…
I don’t even have a mother,
I lack every good thing every maidens dream of,
I lack self esteem,
I suffer from many things…
I wiped my tears as Akuna approached us with other princesses, her friends from far and near.
“Aku,is this the maid you said Lotanna saved?” Princess Xara said.
“he can’t even look at her for long without throwing up” olamma said.
“she has nice hair” Vivian said and touch my hair.
“nice hair but it is contaminated” akuna said….
And they all laughed.
“he couldn’t even look into her face for long,I was scared they are an item” Akuna said,
olamma laughed.
“seeing who,gossssh Akuna what are you saying? Lotanna and Jidenna came from the states for crying out loud, a lot of girls wants them, they have best tastes so why will he fall for this tramp, you overreacted for nothing dear princess” Xara said.
she is also a rude princess who is fond of rejecting suitors.
Vivian coughed.
“what are you saying my friends? in a relationship what do you think men are after is it face or curve? hmmm Akuna as a better person,I will advise you to eliminate this maiden fast because if money should touch her, I repeat if money should touch Ife, she will just steal your glory and beside who doesn’t like good thing,”
Princess Shadia said.
“yuck,her ugliness is from birth, she is my step sister” olamma said, they all laughed.
“how will he get comfortable with her…she is so cl@ssless” Princess Xara said.
“we have better things to do” Akuna said,her friends followed her.
I just couldn’t say anything, what where they even saying… putting me and Lotanna together,
are they crazy???
we are two different worlds,
two different lifes..
Ngozi came not quiet long,I cheered up…
“Adeife I went to get that substance, this one will make you beautiful for three hours,the party is ending three hours~~
come let me use it on you” she said.
I exclaimed as I covered my mouth.
“Today is your birthday,I bought this pretty dress for you” she said and showed me a stunning outfits.
I exclaimed again.


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