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Believe 2 Episode 35

[you’re my heart’s crown👑]
do i have to run away? Lotanna watched me in pity as i ran away.
yes my love,I also feel sad.I have to run away and stop going close to you
going close to you when i know there can’t be us always make me feel like i will not be happy for so long.
I already accept my destiny,
you see i don’t even BELIEVE anymore and if am given another life, I will choose a life that i won’t be a maid and I won’t be poor,
my mom will love and cherish me like an egg and I will be the only happy in my father’s eyes.
in that life I will choose,there will not be any onome and olamma…
I wish i have that life too.
As it stands now,tomorrow is the day you will choose Akuna in the pres£nce of many…they will be happy… don’t worry about me,
I will be happy too.
finally,I got to the maids quarter and knocked,chioma opened the door.
“is that Adeife …..where did she go to since afternoon”I heard Rhoda.
I moved in fully and walked to my belongings where i dropped the bag.
“so will you still attend the party?”
Rhoda asked.
“your hair is pretty”dumebi said.
“let me see,which cloth did you buy” Vicky took my bag
and chioma hissed.
“a maid in the morning…a prostitute at night”she said.
I shot her a glare and didn’t reply her,I don’t have strength for talking back this night,I have greater things to think off.
I bath and changed into a nightwear,
I know I feel cold and it made me remember lotanna because we both have cold..
I don’t want to think so i used a wrapper to cover myself.
I was sleeping peacefully until ebere tapped me.
“someone wants to see you outside”
she whispered.
“I don’t want to come”
I replied in a sleeping manner.
“but it is very important”she said.
“am sleeping already, I don’t want to stand up” I replied.
“fine,it’s princess Amarachi”she said.
I stood up and tied a wrapper on the red nighty I wore,its one of the things aunty Tracy bought for me.
I went outside and met Amarachi.
you see when ebere woke me up,
I had thought it was lotanna.
in as much that I don’t wanna see him,I still miss him.
is he fine?
is he catching cold?
no matter how many handsome princes give me attention,I still keep loving lotanna more and more…
someone who I know that is not mine
am I not being silly?.
“your phone,I came to give you”
she said.
“okay,thank you”I collected it and turned to leave.
“but amarachi–is lotanna fine?
is he alright???
is he sleeping?
has he eaten? I asked like carelessly.
“I don’t know,he wasn’t allowed out since morning because of the poison stuff,its only this might he came out”
she replied..
“okay but do not tell him I ask of him” I said.
“why?”she asked.
“nothing”I nodded and went in.
Chioma fell down as I opened the door.
Jesus! she has been listening to my conversation with Amarachi.
I p@ssed her and went back to bed.
soon enough,my phone rang.I checked it and it was lotanna.
I didn’t pick it,instead I kept the phone in a place where it won’t ring out..
I know he wants to beg me about what will happen tomorrow, I already know it so need to hear it.
yes,I also feel bad too Lotanna.
I waited at the garden,
soon enough,a guard p@ssed.
why is chioma not coming??
I sighed and went to the securities at the palace gate.
“did any girl p@ss here?”I asked.
“no,my prince”they chorused.
I nodded and left.
so where can that maid be–
am sure she’s in this palace.
isn’t lotanna too smart,
doing all of these to keep a girl away from me.Am very sure tomorrow,he will choose Akuna based on mother’s accord….
Adeife♥Adeife’s p.o.v
early the next morning I woke up with other maids to work since the party is a very elaborate one.
I made sure I didn’t go close to lotanna’s suite,I avoided everyone… even nkem.
after about 6hours,everywhere was set…the place of the feast was decorated beautifully.
It’s starting in the evening and the crowd already got much.
There were different lines for different categories of people.I smiled as I look over to the princess lane,I smiled again they were up to 200 there.
The other 4lanes have 100people each…
then the princes lane was as beautiful as a flower.
different princes in different royal attire …..gosh,the handsome ones got much.
I quickly turned when I saw Prince Jedioku.I didn’t knew I turbed to the princess lane.
“Ifee!! shadia called and dragged me in.I smiled as I greeted her.
good thing we now talk.. she’s totally different from Akuna.
“how are you doing…tell me does Akuna still bully you”she asked.
I dried my tears and she hugged me tight.
A guard came over.
“maids from golden palace shouldn’t stay here,this is the princess lane” the guard said..
I nodded and wanted to leave,
shadia took me back.
“am talking to her”she said.
“okay”the security said and left.
“sooo ife–
she was saying,but stopped when she got a call.
“honey”she answered the call and left.
I hastily left the princess lane to where the common maidens were.
🚺 am the one!!
🚺 one of the prince will pick me!!
🚺 you just watch me dance!
🚺 chidinma dance for the prince!
I heard things.
Just then a set of pretty princess rushed in.
waooow..the one in the middle look as hot as a fire,but her dress was as low as her hips.
as in eeeehhn these are the same princesses that attend Royals…
are they here for fashion?
are they here to get chos£n?
are they here to show off??
there are many cl@ssic princess I don’t know their names.
♥ I love you nneka!
♥ mmasimachi waoooow!!!
♥ someone check the anklet on nneka’s feet…
I checked it and it was same thing with the one lotanna gave me but I dashed Dumebi.
that was what made us friends.
The nneka is very pretty,she wore a black flowing gown with a white cut off…something was written in the bracelet she wore.
Her hair was braided like mine,
same bead in my hair,
same hairstyle.
securities followed her and focused more attention on her.
she stopped where i was standing.
“how dare you?”she addressed me.
“how dare you make same hairstyle with me,this mustn’t repeat itself” she said.she didn’t allow me reply,she left.
nneka crossed the other side if the crowd and blew klzzes,
maidens were screaming her name.
then I spotted ngozi speaking with a girl..
crazy girl,why did she cut her hair.
I went to her side.
Akuna,olamma and xara strolled in.
well Akuns dressed to kill and impress,
everyone stared at her like a queen.
“so what will happen if you get dressed in those cloths we bought yesterday and not this baggy maid cloth that is hiding your endowment” ngozi whispered.
I smiled and watch the crowd.
🚺 future queen
🚺 akuna I love you
🚺 queen Akuna
🚺 that’s the person lotan will pick.
Akuna got so proud as she p@ssed in a royal chariot.She couldn’t even wave at those hailing her.
ngozi hugged me tight.
“don’t think it…it is you he will pick”.
I rolled my eyeballs and left.
I entered the maids quarter back and wanted to sleep,
I know he will choose her so do I still need to witness it?.
ngozi entered.I pretend as if I didn’t want to sleep.I don’t even know how to tell her I don’t want to attend.
she helped me get dressed in one of the clothes we bought yesterday.
we went back to the arena,
the crowd got unbearable now.
I caught a glimpse of lotanna,he dressed like a king…he wore a gold coloured attire,
securities covered.
soon,the selection started.
🚺 nooo
🚺 don’t p@ss me
🚺 my prince choose me..
🚺 no oo look at me.
I heard girls screamed,some were even crying he p@ssed them.
he got to where Akuna was,Akuna smiled heavenly and catwalked out.
🚺 no please!
🚺 me me me!
Akuna friends dragged her back playfully,
she got so proud as they hail her.
finally they let go of her.
🚺 pick
🚺 pick and klzz
🚺 my prince pick your bride.
girls screamed,
Akuna smiled and lotanna look around again,I moved into Ebere’s back..I really don’t know how I feel.
Akuna catwalked out and moved closer to lotanna…she klzzed his cheeks unaware.
“oh why? a girl in my side cried for real.
Akuna looked around,smiled and relaxed.Feels so good to be in control.
Lotanna walked out of her pres£nce, a lot of guards followed him.
Xara looked confused,
Olamma looked at Akuna.
finally,he was a step close to the lane that i was.
He stretched out his hand,
is this a joke.
“my prince is it me you choose?”
chimamanda a fat girl asked.
he strolled into the lane,
they paved way for him.
I started shaking,I also paved way for him but he took my hand and wore me the bracelet meant for his bride.
His mother stood up from the throne where she sat.
my eyes widened.
all the maidens shouted..
I really can’t breath well.
“Will you be my royalty?”he asked.
“lotanna stop this!! Akuna screamed.
“But— Jedinna also stood and all the princes stood up.
“Lotanna but it was me–
Akuna said..
“it was you but not anymore if you really want me to go by my mother’s words then you will have to hold the incense staff for 30min” lotanna said.
The queen looked at Akuna.
🚺 yes princess Akuna pick the incense!!!
🚺 pick the incense or you forever loose the future queen to Adeife .
🚺 30sec
🚺 20sec
🚺 10sec
“Akuna is not a v!rg!n!!! shadia shouted and laughed loudest.
Xara couldn’t withstand the heat,
as it get hotter.
🚺 Akuna,say something!!
Akuna didn’t move.
The queen look so surprised Akuna couldn’t near the incense.
she stepped from the throne.
“Akuna,where’s your dignity??
she asked…
Akuna didn’t move.
30seconds p@ssed..
“my word is my law”lotanna said.
the queen turned to me,
I couldn’t even look well,my sight already reduced.
“I love you” he said to me,
the queen turned.
I stayed quiet..
Lotanna klzzed me.The queen looked.
I got scared as she started coming.
will she separate us again??
“I love you” lotanna said.
The queen looked us..
“I love you too”I said he klzzed me in the pres£nce of his mom,
I didn’t even know when I klzzed him back♥♥
season 2 ends here


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