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Being Mrs Spence Episode 7 & 8

Episode 7.
“What have I not done, how have I not prayed, no… tell me. God, answer me because I can no longer un-derstand your reasons for all this torture. When you knew that Coleman wasn’t the man for me, you saw he was going to make my life a living hell.. you are God, ever knowing right? You saw things before it happens… you knew all this will happen yet you allowed me fall in love with such a man. You watch him dehumanized me, treated me like an animal, disrespected, turned me into a crazy bitter woman. Oh God, you saw how Cole made a harlot, a servant, a robot out of me. You could have warned me…I know I was blinded in love but knowing the aftermath of it, you would have warned me… maybe throu-gh signs like the days of the Israelites or throu-gh your ordained servants. I will listen, I could have known what I was getting myself into. Goddd! I’m tired of living…I just don’t see reasons to move ahead everyday. Ever since Coleman announced he was expecting a baby from another woman, my life has not remain the same…is in shambles. I feel like I’m at the receiving end… Coleman made a big mockery out of me. Is [email protected] to cope throu-gh… unexplainable [email protected]
Florence wept while on her knee right in church. She cried heavily and refused speaking to pastor Josh that [email protected]£ to her aid due to the heavy cry.
She pleaded to be alone and the pastor left her to be.
Florence later drove home, Cole was around.
He was arranging one of the guest room.
She went to be-d without speaking to him.
The following day, she saw him still putting things in place.
“What are you doing…are you expecting a guest?
Florence managed to asked.
“Yeah, not a guest anymore. Marina is family now because she is carrying my child. She will be coming over later today and will be staying here. I want to make it comfortable for her and my unborn child.
Florence laughed out sarcastically
“Coleman if someone told me in my dream that you will do this to me I could have greatly doubt it. You opened your gutter mouth to tell me that you are expecting a baby from another woman and very excited about it. You are the same man that told me not to get pregnant because you are not re-ady for responsibility and mess from kids. You made me take pills every time just to make sure I don’t fall pregnant. Before God and man, I was a good and obe-dient wife…I wanted to plea-se you at all cost but this is where it brou-ght me. You will live to regret this Coleman… for everything you made me go throu-gh… you will regret it except if I don’t serve a living God, except if I have ever wronged you or be a bad wife to you. But if not, your regret is awaiting…
“Spare me all this nons-en-se talk…
Cole barked and then continued.
“… I didn’t ask Marina to get pregnant but since she is I can only protect what’s mine. Ever since her pregnancy, my love for kids has returned… I’m looking forward to having her and my baby close to me. By the way, aren’t you the same person that said something maybe wrong with me, I may not be able to pregnant a woman until I visit the doc and he induse me with drugs and injection. Unknown to you that Marina was alre-ady pregnant for me before all this your shenanigani. Listen, I have no regret of my actions. I thought is the same bible you re-ad everytime that says children are blessings from God, blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. I may not be fanatic or too religious like you but I know the Bible more than you do. Florence, you can’t beat this, st©p trying to guilt tra-p me because it won’t work. My Mom is also happy and alre-ady expecting a grand child from me, she doesn’t care the woman that gives birth for me…all she’s after is to get her grandchild. Be happy for me and Marina, don’t allow jealousy and bitterness to seal your wo-mb.
He walked out and Florence fell to the ground and wept with a heavy heart.
After a week Marina moved into the house. Florence visted her sister and told her all that was going on in her home.
Susan asked her to leave Cole and his mistress and move on with her life because Cole doesn’t worth all the trouble that she was going throu-gh.
“I have tried doing that Suzy, I packed my bags to leave but I couldn’t. I don’t know how to start all over or to love another man. Walking away from my almost five years of marriage has proven difficult but staying in that house, watching Cole and Marina drives me insane… de-eply insane. Cole does not care if I stay or leave, Marina is all and all to him now. Suzy, I feel like a looser alre-ady. I have slowly become an unhappy woman. No child to call mine, I now share my husband with his soon to be baby mama. Marina deliberately gets on my nerve just to see my reaction. I’m still trying to summon courage to move on until my mind is made up, I can only live everyday at a time.
“Flo, Leave that house before those two confused souls kill you. Marina has a mission and she is an inch away from getting there. Cole is foolish and doesn’t realize it yet. He doesn’t value you and only sees you as his maid and maybe a S-x toil that doesn’t supposed to get pregnant. I’m so angry right now… angry that you are still in that house and watching them treat you like trash. I won’t f0rç£ you to make haste decision, take your time and decide what you really want Flo, But be wise as serpent… don’t allow those two throw you into a trash before you decide on what to do. I could have come to that house and give Cole a piece of my mind but you won’t let me. He deserves to know that you have someb©dy that can fight and speak up for you when necessary.
Florence later went back home.
Marina placed her two legs on Cole’s b©dy as he sat [email protected] the legs while talking and laughing with her.
Florence felt invisible, no one noticed or acknowledged her pres£nce.
They turned and looked at her before returning their attention back to what they were doing.
Florence went into the kitchen, she made food in the morning before leaving.
She couldn’t eat due to she had no appetite. She was hungry and went straight to her pot of food.
She [email protected] out when she saw that the pot was almost empty.
The remaining food in the pot looks like fowl food.
Someb©dy even ate directly from the pot.
Florence boils angrily as she rushed out to where Cole was sitting and watching the television with Marina.
“Where are all the food I made this morning.
She asked angrily.
Marina looked up at her and began to laugh, Cole joins in the laughter.
They returned their attention to the television while Cole continue to [email protected] Marina’s leg.
Florence went straight to were they were sitting, collected the remote control and turned off the television.
“Now that I have your attention, who ate all the food I made this morning and even eat directly from the pot, leaving crumbs for me?
“What has gotten into you Florence, are you crazy?
Cole turned to her in annoyance.
.”yes oo, very crazy. Are you just noticing it but that’s not the answer to my question. I said who…
“I did, I ate the food…
Marina interrupted. She continued.
“…i told Cole that I was hungry and wanted the food you prepared because it smell so nice. He dished out for himself too and gave me mine. After an hour I was hungry again and asked him to bring the pot of food instead and he did. I didn’t finish it, I ate some of it and out of the kindness of my heart I remained for you. You un-derstand my condition that as a pregnant woman I easily gets hungry and have cravens too. Oh, poor you… you have never been pregnant so you won’t un-derstand.
Florence rushed and [email protected] her across the face.
Marina held her stomach screaming.
Cole pushed Florence away, she fell on a wooden stool and bruised her hand after hitting head on it.
she cried out in pain as she stood and charged towards Cole.
She hit Cole but he pushed her off again. Florence began to destroy things in the living room.
She threw one of the parlour stool on the flat screen TV and it broke into pieces.
She took an iron stick and began smashing things in the house. Cole tries to hold her but she hit him with the iron, bruising his forehead.
Marina ran into the room and lock up the door.
Their security man was knocking, the man rushed in but Cole s£nt him out and warns him never to interfere ever again.
“Florence, st©p this madness or I will throw you out of this house. Go somewhere else and [email protected] crazy style, this is not a psychiatric home. Look… you’re destroying my properties, scaring my unborn baby and the mother. Florence you are lucky because I don’t beat women, I could have broken your ribs for all this [email protected] madness in my house.
“You dares not Coleman Spence. any day you raise a f!nger at me, I will uproot those untamed ba-lls in between your legs, cook it with pepper and salt and serve it to you as dinner. I have had enough humiliation from you. A serial cheat, liar, woman beater and pretender like you. Your abuse, your disrespect and many other wicked act against me is coming to an end. Your whore is lucky that she ran away and locked herself up, I would have done emergency operation for her today, oh bet me Cole, Marina could have delivered a premature baby tonight for you…
Cole’s heart was beating so fast as he saw the fire in Florence eyes. She was [email protected] angrily, displa-ying the crazy aspect of her that Cole wasn’t used to.
“If you won’t stay here in peace and leave Marina alone then leave, the door is open.
Cole finally said.
“Are you trying to throw me out of the house because of your harlot?
Cole knew if he says yes, Florence will go telling everyone that cares to listen that she was thrown out by her husband because of another woman who’s pregnant for him.
“I’m not throwing you out Florence but if you won’t stay peacefully, considering Marina’s condition and [email protected]!ngher and her excesses then the door is open. Marina is carrying my child and nothing must happen to her or my baby. Pamper her, let her do or eat whatever she feels like. Is her hor-mones that are raging, not her. You don’t un-derstand what it feels like to be pregnant that is why you keep reacting like a mad bitter woman. Get yourself together and accept what you can’t change.
Florence bite her l!pas Cole mentioned that she doesn’t know what it feels like to be pregnant and that is the reason for her bitterness.
She suddenly [email protected]£ tired. Florence walked away.
She allowed the day to break, got dressed for work early, she picked few of her stuffs into a bag, took her car key and walked away.
Cole didn’t st©p her from going, he just watched her leave.
After the drama and altercation with Cole, Florence began to regret.
There was no need for everything she displa-yed in the house.
It was a real waste of energy and time.
She could moved out long ago before things escalate to this.
Moving out will give her time to think of what exactly she wants to do with her life.
Episode 8.
Cole pick up his phone to call, but he kept thinking if he should.
He may call and Florence will not pick up and if she picks, it will end with banter and insult.
He dropped back his phone and forgot about calling her.
He felt relieved that she was gone but he can’t seems to get rid of the guilt feeling.
His wife suddenly [email protected]£ a pain in his life. Marina maybe lazy and can’t cook or clean like Florence, maybe due to her condition but she has other good side.
He has being the one doing majority of the house chores, ordering for food every now and then.
He thought of employing a female maid but Marina was against such idea.
She told him if he wants to employ any maid it should be a boy, not a lady.
She doesn’t want to start competing with a maid over her man.
Marina was scared of loosing him.
The only person that knows how to cook, clean, wash and make sure everywhere is tidy to his taste is Florence.
He miss that aspect of her and wish he could call her to come home to tidy up things a bit.
Marina has suggested that he should divorce Florence and focus on her and the baby alone.
Cole has promised to think about it first before proceeding with the idea.
Marina has a large crazy S-xual appetite like him.
Even in pregnancy, she remains rou-gh in be-d. He likes and enjoys her different be-d style unlike Florence that doesn’t know many skills like Marina does.
He will continue to over look Marina’s faults and focus on the good in her which is the be-droom displa-y.
Marina has suggested that she can’t give birth and become an ordinary baby mama.
Is against her personality.
Since Florence is no longer a threat and he was still going to divorce her later, maybe is high time he thinks of taking their relationsh!pto the next level.
Cole has thought of that many times and knew she was right.
On the second week after Florence left the house, he bought an engagement ring and engaged Marina who was super excited.
She hvgged and bath him with k!sses.
Becoming Mrs Spence was just around the corner for her, is few steps away.
Cole was happy for the decision he made but if he had to get married to Marina he has to divorce Florence first.
Since Marina was going to give birth to his child, it was only normal for her to fully take over his home and heart.
Florence is a crazy bitter woman, he was done with her. His focus now is on Marina.
Madam Gold travelled down after getting an invite from her son to visit.
Her driver brou-ght her and she was happy to know that her son was doing well.
They sat round table laughing and talking about Florence.
“She is not re-ady to be Mrs Spence. Almost Five years and she can’t get pregnant… just within months of be-dding Marina and she is alre-ady pregnant. Florence must be battling with regrets right now… I’m happy she left, giving room for two of you to stay in peace. I really don’t care how the baby comes or from whom, all that I care about is that it must be my son’s authentic and undiluted sperm. Coleman, You are just like your father, a fast shooter. I remember how I used to die and wake up in his arms. Just him tou-ching me at the right sp©t takes my spirit to heaven. Hahahaha…
They all boast out laughing. Marina then said.
“I’m so happy meeting you, your son says many beautiful things about you. Since I’m pregnant and also engaged to him, a maximum security, peace of mind and rest should always be considered. Florence may return with another madness, I suggest Cole should put her in her place by getting her arrested. I don’t want anything to happen to me or my baby. And another thing is I will also be needing a car, with my condition I can’t be seen jumping from one taxi to another. Everything should be put in place for both my safety and well-being. Madam Gold, I like you alre-ady and will want to be like you when I grow older.
Madam Gold laughed out and promised Marina that every of her request will be considered.
Cole also agreed to the list of things Marina requested.
While they were still talking a horn was heard outside.
They rushed to the window and looked out.
“The devil is back.
Marina exclaimed sadly. Cole and his mother nodded in agreement.
Florence parked properly, she sat without rushing to get down.
Is being over two weeks she moved out, Cole never called even ones to know how she was doing or where she was.
She thought of moving back in after a week but her sister Susan refused her from going.
After two weeks she knew it was time to return. She was calm, she has miss her husband and her home.
She was also hoping that Cole had also missed her and was afraid which was why he never called.
She bought some food items and other things for the house.
Susan was against her coming back, she asked her to wait until Cole comes for her but she couldn’t wait anymore.
She wants to know how her husband was doing and hoping that Marina has not done any thing bad to him.
Florence said a few prayer. Telling God she doesn’t want any drama or violence. She just wants to return home in peace and want things to work out between her and her husband.
She can’t allow another woman take over her home just because she was pregnant for him.
Florence, picked up her bags including the grocery she bought before going inside.
She saw madam Gold, Marina and Cole sitting in a round table.
They were laughing and pretending like she was invisible.
She greeted madam Gold but got no reply back.
Cole was inwardly happy to see her and she looks vulnerable.
“Atleast she will get to tidy up the messed up kitchen”
He thought within himself.
Florence walks straight to the kitchen and dropped the food items on a table.
She frowned at the way the kitchen was scattered and dirty.
Without going to change over her dress, she began to sweep, clean and tidy up the kitchen.
After every where was sp©tless again, she started cooking.
She prepared rice and chicken stew just the way her husband likes it.
After she was done cooking and cleaning she decided to go into the room to change up and drop her bag.
Getting to the room, she couldn’t find any of her things.
None of her wears or other personal stuff was seen in the master be-droom she shares with Cole.
Instead Marina’s things occupied everywhere, her cloths and undies was littered everywhere in the room.
Florence stormed out. She walked straight to Cole.
“Where are my things… where did you keep them…
Madam Gold interrupted.
“Florence, have you greeted me properly since you walked in here or have I become invisible? This is my son’s house remember that. Look, what you can’t do in years, another beautiful lady has done it just in months. You have been gone for weeks now, only for you to return today and start asking questions with a harsh voice. Whose your servant here? You are obviously not worthy to be Mrs Spence. You lack manners, I don’t know what my son sees in you before agreeing to marry you…
Florence tried not to reply her. Her focus was on Cole.
Who spoke without looking at her, his attention was on his phone.
“Your things has been moved to the guest room, check them out there.
Florence bite herl-ips as she tried to blink back tears.
Marina spoke by waving her ring f!nger to Florence face
“As you can see, I’m engaged to Cole and ones he finalise with the divorce plan, your name and everything about you will be erased from here. I’m the new Mrs Spence in view and that’s why I have moved to my rightful territory. No one chased you out of the house… you pursued yourself and expect your seat to continue waiting for you. Is not done that way. madam Gold is solidly behind my relationsh!pwith her son. I have every blessings I can ask of… st©p the jealousy and bitterness towards me so that mother earth will smile on you. I’m the new boss around here, your place is in the second guest room. I’m not afraid of you anymore, if you do anything stupid, Cole will get you arrested.
Florence, without thinking picked up the bottle water on the table and empty it on Marina’s b©dy.
Cole was shouting at Florence to st©p but she pu-ll-ed Marina by the hair and dragged her to the floor.
Cole [email protected] her, she took the coffee cup that still has a h0t coffee which Cole was taking before she [email protected]£.
She threw the cup with the coffee at him.
The content poured all over him, the coffee cup hit him [email protected] on one side of his eyes and shattered into pieces.
She thought of going over to the kitchen and carrying the pot of h0t food to empty on Cole’s b©dy but she waved it off.
One side of Cole’s eyes was swollen as he went over Marina trying to help her stand.
Madam Gold was screaming on t©p of her voice.
Florence went to her and said.
“What is st©pping me from stranggling you right now is just one thing… just a single thing but st©p pushing your lucks madam Gold. Put your son and his whore on a leash because I have thrown caution to the wind, I will do so much harm to any of them that dares me.
She turned to Cole and said,
” I’m still very much around, so go get the police to arrest me because I’m not done with all of you.
She walked back to the room and began throwing off Marina’s stuffs away.
After sometime, she st©pped.
“This is waste of energy does not worth it”
Florence said within herself.
Florence picked up her bag, she went into the guest room and saw the way her cloths, bags and shoes were thrown to every corner of the room.
She began to pack them up.
After arranging and packing some of her things, she carried it to her car boot.
If she stays one more night in this house someb©dy may die.. either she or one of them out there.
After picking the necessary things, she went to Cole who has not st©p ranting.
“Leave and don’t ever come back. I will arrest you for @ssault and destroy of property. You are crazy and I don’t want to have anything with you again. I will deliver the divorce letter to you whenever is re-ady. I cease to be acknowledge with a mad woman like you and if anything happens to my wife to be or my baby I will search you out and end your life. Cole said.
Florence looked at him and smile.
“Empty threats doesn’t scare me. I really can’t fathom my reasons for even coming back. Maybe because I was worried… bout you. Maybe because I miss my home of five years. Maybe because I was just stupid. Before stepping in, I prayed to God to help me keep my emotions in check and never to let my anger get the best of me. Just imagining that I used to love a man like you makes me want to poke. I will be waiting for the divorce papers Coleman. Whenever is re-ady, I will be re-ady with my pen to sign. I promise you that you will regret this, you will regret everything you made me go throu-gh. God will avenge me. Oh, just mark my word, you will regret everything you did to me Coleman Spence.
Florence walked out, she got into her car and drove off.
She was still driving when it occurred to her that she was leaving all the food she made behind.
She quic-kly reversed, drove back to the house, parked outside the gate, their security man opened the gate and she walked in.
When she opened the door, they were shocked to see her.
The dirts and the effect of their previous fight was still on the ground.
They were busy eating, filling their mouth with food and fried chicken.
Cole was using ice to suppress the swollen on his face.
They [email protected] out at her as she stepped in.
Florence walked to the kitchen and saw that half of the food she made was gone.
She knew then that it must be what they were enjoying on the dining.
Florence took a flasks and poured in the remaining food. Each in different food flask.
She spre-ad the remaining crumbs all over the kitchen.
Emptied the kitchen waste bucket on the kitchen floor.
She made sure the kitchen was filled with dirts, far more than she met it earlier before walking away with the food flask and a nylon bag.
She carried her flask, went straight to the table were Colman with his mother and Marina were dining.
She surprisingly began to pack all the food into a nylon bag.
She carried away the food plate in front of each person.
She used spoon to re-move all the grain of rice and pieces of chicken into the nylon. She deliberately poured water on the table and made sure she pushed a [email protected] plate on the ground which shattered into pieces.
They all watched her, dumb founded as she left the remaining empty plate for them, took the whole food outside.
Cole shakes his head sadly.
Florence [email protected] all of them on the table.
Cole never knew Florence was this wicked and crazy.
Florence, walked to the security man, she gave him the flasks of food.
The man was very grateful as he thanked her.
Florence dropped the one in the nylon and asked him to throw it into the trash can.
The security nodded happily as Florence washed her hand from the outside tap.
She got into her car and drove off.
She didn’t go over to Susan’s place. She stayed in a h0tel instead for three days.
On the third day, she decided to chat Maxwell up.
He responded immediately.
They continued chatting and talking for days.
Max later invited her out for a normal [email protected]£ in an open field, one of her favorite place where he usually take her to when they were still [email protected]!ng.
Florence was re-ady to breath in fresh air again.
She accepted the invite and got re-ady for the main day when she will get to meet Max after years of not seeing each other.

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