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bad boy’s good baby episode 65 & 66

( He’s A Bad Jerk… )


By, Summer Gold R.


“Should we just continue?” They both asked at the same time and burst into laughter

“Are you serious right now?” Kingsley chuckled

“What should we do” Summer pouted

“Let’s go to [email protected]” Kingsley said and Summer nodded

“Hold my hand” Kingsley said opening his palm

Summer smiled and dropped her hand on his

They left the projection room and started walking to [email protected]

“Are you nervous?” Kingsley asked

“No I’m not” Summer replied

When they got to [email protected],the professor was already in. Immediately the students started whispering

Kingsley and Summer entered quietly and sat down together,Jacqueline and Scarlett hissed out loudly at the same time as they glared at Summer

“Silence” The prof said and they obeyed.



Summer smiled as she stood in front of the mirror staring at the necklace around her neck,ever since Kingsley gave her,she never took it off,and the [email protected] too are like her new treasures

Naomi cleared her throat and Summer turned

“You know what?” Naomi started

“What?” Summer asked

“Kylan and I…..”

“What happened between you and Kylan?” Summer asked immediately

“Calm down pinkie,,I’m just saying,he want us to be friends” Naomi said

“Friends? Just friends? And nothing else right?”

“Of course not,I have a boyfriend’ Naomi chuckled

Summer nodded

“So,do you want to be his friend?” She asked

“Yeah,he’s not that bad” Naomi smiled

“He’s not” Summer muttered and climb on her bed

“Are you reading?” Naomi asked

“What else can I do?” Summer said

Naomi sighed and stood up

“I’m meeting with Weston,He’s taking me out on a date” Naomi said walking into the dressing room

“Are you coming back tonight?” Summer asked

“What do you take me for?” Naomi laughed

“Am just saying,what if the rain starts?” Summer chuckled


“I really want you two to spend the night out” Summer chuckled



Naomi came back into the room

“How do I look?” She asked

“Hot…perfect” Summer replied

“Thank you” Naomi smiled

Her phone started ringing

“I think he’s here” Naomi muttered and immediately carried her bag

“Have fun” Summer called as Naomi ran out

She dropped the book in her hand and dialed Kingsley’s number but he wouldn’t answer the call

“Where is he?” She muttered and took her l!ps in,since she left the [email protected] with Naomi,they haven’t spoken and she’s missing him badly already

She dropped her phone and continue reading.



The door ringer sounded again as Kylan was about getting to the door,he’s the only one in. Keith left with Romina and Kingsley claimed he’s got something important to do also.

He opened the door and Scarlett smiled at him

“What are you doing here?” Kylan asked after Scarlett came in

“You guys should stop pushing me away,we are supposed to be best friends.” Scarlett roll her eyes and sat down

“We can’t be friends forever” Kylan said

“Seriously? Is that all you’re going to say?”

“I’m the only one home right now” Kylan said

“Kingsley is ignoring me because of his girlfriend,Keith too. You’re the only one who’s still friendly to me,but it’s not the same. So I am here for you,not them” Scarlett muttered and Kylan chuckled

“What should we do? Let’s watch a movie” Scarlett said

“I have something to do” Kylan muttered and went in

“Are these guys serious right now?” Scarlett scoffed and took Kylan’s phone on the table

She started scrolling through it,watching pictures and some videos.

She stood up and got herself a drink,she sat down back.

She keep on scrolling until she saw something like a recording,she clic-ked on it curiously and the voices came up.

“You’re so confident when it comes to that,,well I know someone who isn’t a b*tch like every girl here” that’s Kylan’s voice

“Seriously? I’m sure every normal girl would fall for me at first glance” Kingsley said

“I’m sure she won’t,,,she doesn’t seem to like you” Kylan said again

“That’s insane,I am Kingsley right? Kingsley Robert,I get any f**king thing I want,,who is she?” Kingsley asked

“Hmm,,,wanna bet on that? I’m certain you’re going to fail tho” Kylan said

“Do we need to bet?? I’m going to f**k her just with a light snap of my f!ng£r” Kingsley said

“I doubt that” Kylan said

“Then who is she?” Kingsley asked

“Remember the girl we bumped into on our way here?” Kylan asked

“Oh,,the girl with the curly hair?” Keith asked

“That girl?” He asked again

“Yes” Kylan replied

“She’s not my type,,you should know I love hot girls,,big b**bs,b*tt,hot legs,,,gosh that girl is completely out of it,her dressing is lame too,she’s way below my standard” Kingsley said

“I know,,so just forget it” Kylan said

“I’m in,,let’s place the bet. I wanna try something new this time” Kingsley said

“So,,if you win her heart,,,,,,”

“I don’t care about her heart,,I just want to f**k her,that’s all” Kingsley cut in

“Okay,,if you f**k her for real then,,I’m going to grant your wish. But if it’s the other way round,you will have to drop your car” Kylan said

“Cool” Kingsley said

Scarlett’s eyes widened

“It… was all…a bet?” She stammered and immediately covered her mouth with her palm

She smiled and immediately s£nt the recording to her phone,she dropped Kylan’s phone and rushed out of the apartment.

Kylan came into the living room and was surprised when he met no one.


Jacqueline was dancing to a song in their room when Scarlett stormed in

She immediately turned off the music and Jacqueline faced her

“What is it this time?” She asked

“Come here,,hurry up. I think we finally won” Scarlett said

“Really?” Jacqueline smirked and rushed to her on the bed

Scarlett played the recording for her and Jacqueline grinned

“This is crazy” She muttered

“So,what should we do?” Scarlett asked

“Why are you still asking? We are posting it of course…and then finally we will succeed in breaking those two apart,isn’t this wonderful?” Jacqueline asked and they both laughed out

“F**k,i can’t wait to see Summer’s expression when she find out that Kingsley only placed a bet on her. Imagine Kingsley saying she’s not his type,I knew it. Kingsley would never fall in love with such thing” Scarlett scoffed

“Summer.,just watch out for this and let’s see how you will get out…” Jacqueline said with a wicked grin playing on her l!ps



As Summer walked to the [email protected],she could see some students pointing at her while some murmur and laughed.

‘What’s going on?’ She thought and continue walking but it only got worst

👥 I can’t believe she’s still walking

👥 If I am the one,I’m going to kill myself

👥 I never believed my Kingsley would fall in love with someone like her,Gross

👥 He even said her dressing is lame

“Pinkie!” Summer stopped when she heard Naomi’s voice

She turned

Naomi ran to her,she really didn’t return last night.

Naomi grabbed Summer’s hand and dragged her away to someone quiet

“Pinkie….you don’t know what’s happening?” Naomi asked,almost shaking

“What’s going on? The students are weird” Summer said

“F**k” Naomi bite her l!ps and brought out her phone

She immediately played the recording on her phone

Summer almost lost her breath by the time she listened to everything

“This is…fake right?” Summer asked,trying not to break down

“It’s real pinkie,,it was posted on the school site and every students……”

“Stop” Summer muttered and almost lost her balance but Naomi caught her

*She’s not my type,,you should know I love hot girls,,big b**bs,b*tt,hot legs,,,gosh that girl is completely out of it,her dressing is lame too,she’s way below my standard*

That word rang in her ear and she broke down in tears immediately

“He……said…I’m not his type….” Summer muttered

“Pinkie…let’s go to the hostel” Naomi muttered

*I don’t care about her heart,,I just want to f**k her,that’s all*

She screamed out when she remembered that

“Pinkie,get hold of yourself,,let’s go”

“That’s not Kingsley’s voice Naomi,,tell me it’s not Kingsley’s voice” Summer said as tears roll down her eyes uncontrollably

Naomi sighed

“F**k Kingsley” She Muttered

Summer wiped her tears

“I need to ask Kingsley first,I don’t want to believe this. I don’t want to believe they are talking about me,it’s not Kingsley. He love me so much Naomi,I know him,he love me so much” Summer said

“I will ask him” she added and ran off

“Gosh,I can’t believe this” Naomi rough her hair


The K3 were walking when suddenly Keith stopped

“What happened?” Kylan asked

“What the f**k!” Keith turned to Kingsley

“What’s wrong?” Kingsley asked

Keith immediately removed his airpods and played what he was listening to

“What is that?” Kingsley asked still not getting it

“Are you kidding me?” Keith asked

“I’m asking the h*ll did that got to the school site!” He snapped

Keith and Kylan exchanged glances

“Who recorded that?” Kingsley asked

“It’s definitely not me” Keith replied

“It was me..but I swe*r i didn’t post that…I wouldn’t do that” Kylan said

They were still talking when Summer got to them,seeing her eyes,Kingsley could feel his heart beating so fast.

“F**k” he muttered

“We need to talk” Summer muttered

Keith and Kylan immediately excused them

“Sunshine….” Kingsley tried walking closer to her

“Stop” She said and Kingsley stopped

Summer immediately played the recording on her phone,her hands shaking in the process,she was at the hedge of loosing it but she’s trying to act strong.

They both listened to it and Summer stopped it

“Tell me Kingsley,it’s not your voice right?” She asked

“I can explain Sunshine….”

“You can explain….that means….it’s all true” Summer broke into tears

“It’s true,but trust me I fell in love with…..”

“You fell in love with me??” Summer asked still in tears

“Trust me….”

“Stop telling me to trust you Kingsley,stop saying that word. I was a fool, I mean you suddenly started talking to me,we’ve been here for four years without saying a damn word to each other and I couldn’t even s£nse that you have a reason why you suddenly started talking to me,you wanted to get into my [email protected],you’re so lucky Kingsley,you always get what you want”


“Stop calling me that!!!!” Summer yelled

“I love you….” a slap landed on his face the moment he said that

“I hate you!!!! I hate you Kingsley Robert!!! I regret every f**king minute i spent with you…I regret giving you my body like a fool!! I regret ever giving you a chance into my life,I regret ever believing your lies….” she choked as she couldn’t control her tears

Tears rolled down Kingsley’s eyes too

Summer sniffed in and immediately removed the necklace around her neck and the [email protected] too,she threw it at him.

“Lastly….I hate myself” she muttered and ran off

“Sunshine!” Kingsley ran after her but she was already out of sight

Kingsley stopped and fell on his knees

“I’m screwed” he muttered as tears roll down his eyes uncontrollably



  1. Ceejay Genius

    Summer pls don’t allow Scarlett destroy the beautiful relationship u av wt Kingsley….
    Scarlett n Jacqueline,ur doom is nigh!!!

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