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Bad boy’s good baby episode 62

( He’s A Bad Jerk… )


By, Summer Gold R.


Kingsley opened his eyes and exhaled out loudly,he looked around and he was still outside the ward,he was only hallucinating. almost immediately,the door opened and the Doctor came out.

Kingsley refused to move closer in fear of his hallucination coming true

He only stared at the Doctor,tears rolling down his eyes

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“Tell me….how…is she…” He asked brokenly

“Please,do you know who Kingsley is?” The Doctor asked

“It’s me” That was when Kingsley rushed to him

“Good,she keeps calling that name and it’s hard calming her down…”

Kingsley rushed into the ward immediately and met the shaking Summer,even though her eyes were closed,she still looked so scared.

The nurses excused them as Kingsley grabbed her hand

“Sunshine,I’m here” he said,holding her more tightly

“Kingsley?” Summer called still not opening her eyes

“It’s me,please open your eyes,I’m losing patience” Kingsley sniffed in his tears

“I’m scared….please don’t leave me” Summer broke into tears

“I won’t…I promise,so please open” Kingsley said and kissed her hand

Summer managed to open her eyes and Kingsley wasted no time in pulling her into a tight hug

“I..had a dream,a bad one” Summer muttered

“Tell me about it”

“You left me..we were separated in my dream. I don’t want that to happen,I don’t want to stay away from you” Summer said ,,tears rolling down her eyes

“That’s never going to happen,I’m never going to leave your side. I will protect you from now on,,forgive me for being such a useless boyfriend,I’m so sorry you have to pass through all these,I’m so sorry” Kingsley cried more and Summer broke the hug

She began wiping his tears

“Stop crying” She muttered

“Should we just start staying together from now? Let’s just get another apartment in school or anywhere you want,I don’t want you out of my sight,I wish I can just follow everywhere,I want to be beside you every second,if that’s the only way to protect you,I will do just that” Kingsley said

Summer smiled and pecked his lips

“How long did I slept?” She asked

“A whole day sunshine,I was already dying slowly,I would have followed you if anything happens to you,I sw**r” Kingsley said

Summer suddenly grabbed her head in pain

“Are you okay?” Kingsley asked

“Headache” She muttered

“Should I call the Doctor?”

“No…..I was hit with a plank from the back. I think I passed out for some minutes,when I woke up,I met myself in the store room,,a poisonous gas…..”

“Do you know who the person was?” Kingsley asked and Summer shook her head

“Do you think there’s a CCTV along that way?”

“I don’t think so” Summer muttered and Kingsley sighed

“We need to be careful Sunshine,please anytime you’re taking a walk alone,just call me and I will be right there,okay? I promise to kill whoever did this,I promise” Kingsley said

“I missed you” Summer muttered,hugging him again

“Thank you for coming back,I don’t know what I would have done if you really left me sunshine” Kingsley said rubbing her back



Summer stared at the empty space as the nurse run different type of test on her,she was wondering where Kingsley is,it’s been about an hour since he left and she’s missing him badly already.

“Do you have any idea where my boyfriend is?” She asked the nurse

“No I don’t” The nurse replied politely and Summer nodded

“All done” The nurse smiled

“I am totally fine right? I don’t feel weak like yesterday” Summer muttered

“Yeah,you’re fine. But you still have to spend a night here” The nurse replied and Summer nodded

“See you later”

The nurse went out and Summer got down from the bed,she really want to see Kingsley so badly,it’s so crazy,it’s like an alpha craving for his mate.

She opened the door and the next thing she heard was a bursted balloon which made her gasp,seeing the people standing

“Pinkie!!!” Naomi screamed and ran to hug her

Summer smiled,as they hugged each other tightly

“You really scared me pinkie,don’t do that again” Naomi pouted and Summer nodded

“Welcome back Summer!!” Everyone chorused and Summer finally got the chance to look at them

Weston,Gavin,Romina,Sawyer,Keithand Kylan,And then the juniors who were a little bit strange to her

“They found you Pinkie,,we really owe them one” Naomi said and immediately Cassidy rushed toward her,pulling her in a hug

“Thank you for waking up senior” She muttered and Summer smiled

“Thank you for finding me,,” She said

“We love you Senior Summer”

Brooklyn handed over the flower bouquet in her hand

“Thank you” Summer said and inhaled the smell

“We brought food,let’s eat together” Romina said and like that they all went into the ward

“Looking for Kingsley?” Keith asked seeing Summer wasn’t going in

“Where is he?” Summer asked

“He will be here…..” He was still saying when Summer caught a glimpse of Kingsley coming. She immediately left Keith and ran to Kingsley

“You shouldn’t be running this way” Kingsley said and carried her in a bridal way

“My legs are fine” Summer smiled


“Where did you go?” She asked

“I got you a new dress,you should take your bath and put it on,,maybe after eating” Kingsley said

“You’re the best” Summer pecked his lips

Kingsley started walking to the ward

“Your mom called last night,you were asleep” Kingsley said

“I’ve not checked my phone all day,did you answer the call?” Summer asked

“No I didn’t,you should call her later,she might be worried”

Summer nodded

They entered

“Summer come over,you need to try this meal out”

Kingsley dropped Summer and they joined others



“I f**king hate this [email protected],is that girl a witch or something? It’s not even up to twenty four hours and she’s awake?!” Jacqueline scoffed

“She might be a witch,who knows if she spelled Kingsley. But I don’t care,he’s mine no matter what” Scarlett said

“Let’s just die down for a while,,next time. I might really kill her finally” Jacqueline muttered



“Kingsley drop me” Summer laughed out throwing her legs in the air

“Until you promise you’re sleeping over here” Kingsley said walking toward his room

“Fine fine,I will” Summer agreed

“Good girl” Kingsley smiled and dropped her on his bed

“What if I escape?” Summer asked

“I will catch you and f**k you real [email protected] until you can’t walk” Kingsley said naughtily

Summer chuckled

“Should we go on a date tomorrow? It’s Saturday,,,and it’s been stressful all f**king week” Kingsley said

“Yeah,let’s do that. But…I want ice cream” Summer pouted

“Are you planning to escape? I’m going to order for that right here” Kingsley said

“I’m not escaping,stop being extra”

“Chocolate ice cream” Summer said as Kingsley brought out his phone

“Done,Will be here soon. So now can I enjoy my girlfriend?” Kingsley asked and Summer nodded

“I told you I have a surprise for you,,wait its not one but let’s start one after the other” Kingsley said

“Firstly,where is Keith and Kylan?” Summer asked

“Probably at the frat house” Kingsley replied and she nodded

Kingsley was about talking when they heard the door bell

“I think the ice cream is here” Kingsley said,and left the room

Summer fell on the bed,a minute later Kingsley came back in with the rayon. Summer sat up immediately and Kingsley dropped it,he brought out the chocolate ice cream.

“F**k,I’ve been craving for this as h*ll” Summer smiled and pecked Kingsley’s l!ps before opening

“You can continue” Summer said after eating the full spoon in her hand

Kingsley lean closer and lick off the little drop on her l!ps,she blushed

“The surprise” Kingsley muttered and started unbuttoning his shirt which made Summer stop eating the ice cream

“Why is your face like that? It’s not what you are thinking” Kingsley teased and she lick her l!ps

“Close your eyes” Kingsley said and she did

“Now open” Kingsley muttered and she opened immediately

Her l!ps went wide opened immediately as she saw his arm

“You got a tattoo?” She asked still not believing her eyes

Kingsley nodded

“Do you like it?” He asked

Summer stared at the tattoos closely,

“It look really hot” She muttered

“Should I tell you their meanings?” Kingsley asked and sat down next to her

“Yes” Summer replied

“This S repres£nts your name” Kingsley started touching it one after the other

“And the sunshine,,that’s your nickname. This one,,S&K means Us,,the padlock and the heart means,,we are going to be together forever. And the flower….it’s the sunflower,your other nickname…” Kingsley chuckled

“Then..what about the T&T?” Summer asked

“I want us to give birth to twins” Kingsley whispers into her ear


“I really wish it happens,when that time comes let’s give them T letters names,it’s a secret for now” Kingsley smiled

“What if we end up with no twins?”

“That doesn’t change anything,,we are gonna give them the name which starts from T”

“You’re dramatic” Summer laughed

“I’m dead serious” Kingsley also laughed

“I can’t wait for that time tho” Summer smiled and started eating her ice cream again

“Getting married in the biggest wedding venues in the world,and then having kids,seeing you everyday…that’s all I want” Kingsley said

“We have a test in two weeks time” Summer said teasingly

“Planning for the future is part of the test” Kingsley said and they both laughed

“The other surprise?” Summer asked

“Right” Kingsley got up and walked to the dressing room

He returned with a small box

“Wow,” Summer muttered

Kingsley smiled and opened the box,the diamond [email protected] and necklace was revealed.

Summer [email protected]

“It’s beautiful,are they mine?” She asked

“Of course” Kingsley said and immediately wore the necklace on her and then [email protected] around her wrist

“I love you sunshine,I love you so much,so f**king much i can’t explain” Kingsley said

“I love you too” Summer said and hugged him

“Stay with me forever…please” Kingsley muttered,holding her more tightly

“I will,I’m not going anywhere sweetheart” Summer said



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