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January 19, 2021


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Babysitting the bad boys season two episode 19

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Episode 19
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Secrets and Romance]💯
By: Blessing D writes



(You used to love me)

💝Kendra’s POV 💝
His grip on me loosened as his hand fell off mine. But he quickly got hold of my hand again and without any replies to her he left with me.

He totally ignored her.

I kept looking back as the girl starred at him a bit confused and disappointed.

We didn’t say a word to each other as we kept walking along a part in the school.

I could tell he was recalling her again.

“Hey” I called softly and he stopped, turned and faced me.

“I’m sorry for that. I…just am.., I’m sorry” he apologized.

I bent my head to think.

What was that behaviour about? Does he still have any feelings left for her? I thought to myself and asked him.

“Do you still like her?” I asked starring directly to his eyes to know.

“I don’t. I’m just shocked to see her again after two years so you don’t have anything to worry about okay?” He cooed cupping my face and I forced a smile.

He gave me a quick peck on the forehead.

“Come, classes are about to start, let’s go back” he cooed and we both left.

My first lesson this morning is English so he took me to English class and left.

😎Rico’s POV 😎
I sighed and tucked my fingers into my trouser pocket.

What the hell is she doing here now? I thought as I walked down the empty hall.

I was lost in thought and didn’t notice she was now standing in front of me – pearl.

“Hey Rico, please can I have a word with you?” She asked starring at me.

“No” I replied coldly and walked pass her to my class.

😒Sheila’s POV 😒
“Oh girlfriend she really believed it and came down here, I can’t believe this!” I danced happily.

“But, Rico is ignoring her. We have to make sure she succeed is breaking that tiny bit*h and my Rico apart. He taken spoken to me for ages.”

“He hates me. He snubs me, he even told me once that I disgust him but I’m determined to make him take back those words.”

“So let’s go conceive pearl to keep trying. Let’s poison her mind” Betty suggested and I agreed.

“Of course, we’re surely gonna do that. She’s not hard to take off after we have used her” I supported.

“Yea let’s do it now” she smiled and we left to meet her.

👖Rico’s POV 👖
I didn’t wait for class to end before leaving the class.

I was so restless during the whole teaching that I didn’t understand a word said there. I’m sure its because of Pearl.

I really don’t like her return.

I sat in the garden trying to take my mind off everything bothering me that I forgot to go to Kendra’s class.

“Rico” I heard her voice again.

Shit! What now? I thought and stood up on my feet to face her.

“I thought I made to clear that I have no business with you” I said icily.

“Rico, I came to apologize for leaving that way” she said calmly.

“Yea, apology not accepted so can you just leave? I don’t want my girlfriend getting wrong ideas about you just leave alright” I hushed.

“I suspected that the girl is your girlfriend, she’s pretty” she said.

“Yea, I know and thanks for that so please just leave, go far away from here. Disappear like you did before I don’t want you around here” I rushed my words.

“But, I just came to apologize to you and cole, at least give me a listening ear” she said raising her voice more loudly.

“What happened to you? You love me right? Why are you so bitter now?” She asked.

“Loved. It’s loved and not love alright just leave” I snapped and was about to walk pass her when she grabbed my hand.

“Shit. Let go of me” I groaned and freed my hand from hers.

“I love my girlfriend more than anything. I might die if I loss her so don’t try to complicate things and just f**k*ng….”

I felt a soft lips pressing against mine. I was so engrossed in lashing out at her that I didn’t no when she kissed me.

Like what the f**k! I thought and pushed her away from me immediately but it was too late as I heard a familiar voice call me.

I turned to see Kendra’s standing there with tears rushing down her eyes.

“You….”she was saying but suddenly stopped, turned and ran out.

“Ken” I called going after her and I didn’t take long before I caught up with her.

“Ken” I called standing in front of her.

“You…”she said again and slapped me.

I held my cheek as I starred at her.

“Kendra its not what you think” I said looking at her.

“You told me you had no feelings for her, you liar” she screamed.

“I swear to you that she kissed me. Kendra I have nothing left for her I swear” I retorted hoping she listens.

“I hate you!” she half yelled and made to run away but I held her back and back hugged her.

“Forgive me for letting it happen, it won’t happen again” I pleaded but she just kept crying.

🎲Cole’s POV 🎲
I was in the garden all along watching everything that took place.

I was informed that pearl was back and in school so I decided to come check it out and to my utmost surprise I watched all the drama unnoticed.

Immediately Rico left with kendra I came out from where i was so she could see me.

She pulled a surprise look on when she knew I have been there.

“Cole” she called softly.

“Why are you back?” I simply asked.

“I..I came to apologize to you both” she replied.

“Oh now? Your apology isn’t needed and we have moved past all those silly times.”

“What you did today – kissing Rico don’t try it again.”

“I’m giving you two days to leave. Don’t complicate things for anyone one” I said flatly.

“I heard you guys are still fighting, its surprising how you’re still taking his side even if that girl is your girlfriend too” she replied and I ruffed my hair.

“Two days, I give you two days to leave” I said again not wanting to answer her question and started leaving.

“Why? I’m i now a problem to you guys?”

“You used to love me too” she said making me come to a pause.




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