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attraction episode 47

I can’t find episode 46 Yet I don’t know how it got off my writing app 😢

[ When ♥️ comes alife]

✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

©️ Spark

Settings: English romance

🍀 Episode 47



” You know I don’t have all the time for a bachelor party ” Darren said as the guys team came to arrest him from the hospital .

” You don’t have all the time in the world now ? Then what happens when the both of you get married ? Look you really have to plan how you’d make a balance between work and family time, man. ” Ashton patted his back .

” I… I … Will ” he said and they smiled at him .

” We knew if we’d told you , we have a party for you, you’d have looked for one escuse or the other , tommorow is your wedding ,the day you become one with Lucia … You have to be ready for it ” Tris said and he smiled happily .

‘ fine I’d just sign off and we can leave , where exactly are we going ? Darren asked .

” I thought you asked ace to plan the party ? Aiden asked .

” Me ? Darren turned and they turned to ace who was looking everywhere but them making everyone burst into laughter.

” Let’s go ” Ashton said and they left for the venue .

” Ace this is where you planned the party ? And you make us drag Darren along ? Ashton asked .

” Where else is the best place to get a bachelor’s party if it’s not a club ? Ace asked curiously .

” We all have girlfriend’s , and look I’m not ready to die in dunni’s hands just yet ” Aiden said .

” Hey i didn’t bring you guys here to cheat , I only brought us out to have fun …. ” Ace said dramatically .

” Okay we get what you mean , we just have to make this day memorable for Darren ” Ashton said and the guys hailed .

” It’s finally good to see you both workaholics join us to have fun ” Austin patted Ashton and Caleb as they went in .

” Let’s party ” ace screamed dramatically making them laugh as the deep music began playing.


” Whhhhhat kinda dresses are these red ? Emerald asked shocked .

” Well they where designed by your boyfriend , hope you can see the A boldly written on the label ? Red Asked smirking .

” They’re so bold , I mean look at the stRa-pes ” cherry added .

” See red don’t mind this v!rg!ns , I want the black one , and I’m going fu-ck ing commando ” dunni said and high five red .

” Jesus you’re gonna go to the bachelorette party [email protected] ? Do you wanna kill Aiden ? Val teased .

” We are all going there in black dresses maybe I should go [email protected] less too ” red chuckled .

” And [email protected] ” em added .

” Awwwn my baby is all grown up and following her mommas footsteps , what’s remaining is to get fu-ck ed ” dunni cooed and Emerald chocked on the juice she was drinking .

” All these babies ” red laughed .

” What do you think hazel ? Red asked .

” I have no problem besides before you start teasing I’m not a v!rg!n ” hazel chuckled .

” You don’t need to tell us babe , no one, I repeat no one dates Caleb Jones a v!rg!n , like that guy is fu-ck ing eatable , buh I love Nate ” red said making the girls laugh .

” I wanna see Ashton’s reaction when he see’s me tonight ” em said and Lucia laughed .

” He’d die of heart attack” dunni said and Emerald laughed .

” I now see the reason Ashton’s calls dunni and red bad influences ” Kayla said and everyone burst into laughter .

” C’mon girls let me get you all ready for the party ” Luna said and everyone cheered her on .

The night was about to get wild .


” Wait do my eyes decieve me now ? Ace asked dramatically whilst wiping his eyes and staring at the entrance .

” Was that cherry ? Infact was that the girls team ? He wondered .

” What’s wrong ace ? Aiden asked and they all looked towards where he was gazing at jaw dropped 😮




What the …. The cursed in unison .

” What is Lucia fu-ck ing wearing ! Darren bursted frustratedly .

‘ I apologise because I know it’s red’s handwork ” Nate said with a crying face and the guys felt pity for him .

” Nate I thought I was dating a tigress buh seriously you’re about to marry the devil ” Aiden said and the guys chuckled .

” I think I need to lock up Emerald that dress is just after her @ss , we are going home this instant ” Ashton cursed making the guys laugh .

” Babe ” the girls joined them and Emerald klzzed his l!ps softly .

” Don’t babe me Castillo what are you fu-ck ing wearing ? He cursed .

” A dress arshie devil ” dunni said and he glared at her .

” Aiden tell your girlfriend to stop frustrating me ” he said frustratedly .

” Baby it’s not dunni’s fault , I wanted to wear one of your se-xy club night designs aren’t you happy ? She asked innocently .

” You’re asking me that ? You look like the reason men get Se-duced ” he cursed under his breath and the guys laughed crazily .

” I’m burning that dress the minute you take it off ” he said and she chuckled .

.” I’ll get you a new one baby sis ” dunni said .

” You’ll do nothing dunni tigress ” Ashton said and she smirked.

” Aides your brother dey challenge me ‘ she said fluently in pigin .

” It’s a joke love he doesn’t mean it ” Aiden said .

” Of cause I mean it ” he said frowning .

” Cherry just one advice , look I can’t come and stress myself, look me I don’t like stress the next time you wear something like this , we having se-x ” ace said and everyone choked on their on saliva.

” ACE North what the .. ” Ashton trailed .

” And you seriously just had to say that in front of her elder brother ? Jarvis asked.

” So what ? Who knows what you do in secret with my baby sis ? Wait 🤨

” Hope you’ve not shifted her womb ! Ace asked dramatically and Aiden and Ashton turned.

” Hey I … We haven’t really ….” He trailed and Everyone burst out laughing .

” You know there’s never a dull moment with all of you around you know ” Darren said hugging Lucia sideways with a bright smile on his face and they cheered them on making him chuckle .

No matter what , he knew he was ready to face the new journey of his life with Lucia by his side.

And his crazy friends .


” For richer for poorer ”

” For sickness and in health ”

” Till death do us part ”

They both said their vows of love to each other in a big church wedding with media and all .

” I pronounce you husband and wife , you may now klzz the bride ” the priest said and everyone cheered as they klzzed in the pres£nce of God .

” Oh my God this is just ….” Em trailed as she chuckled out tears .

” Love get a grip on yourself , if you’re crying like this for Darren what will you do on our wedding day ? He asked and she turned in shock .

” Whattttt ?She stuttered .

” When I think of my future Emerald , I think of it with you in it …. I’m waiting for the perfect time to pop the question but …. You’re still in school id let you graduate first ” he said and she cried emotionally .

” He chuckled and klzzed her forehead as she looked hell cute ”

” You know I used to hate weddings a lot ” dunni muttered looking at the newly wedded couples getting congratulated .

” Why cause if wale ? Aiden asked .

” He just made the thought of love relationship family feel so scary and painful for me ” she said bitting her l!ps as tears rolled out freely .

” Buh I’m fine now , your love gave me the believe that not all men are the same , I love you okay … ” She said and he hugged her .

If there was one woman he wanted to walk down the isle with , it was definitely gonna dunni he thought with a smile .

” Hey guys cmon we need to take a pic with the latest couple in town before they go get a room ” ace said and everyone burst into laughter as ace smacked his head .

” I wonder what you are when you concieved ace ” Tasha teased Emma .

” It’s what your mother inlaw ate when she concieved your husband ” Emma said and the women burst into laughter as Tasha laughed .

” Just look at Erik and ace in Front of the couple , are they the newly Weds ? Stephanie asked adding to the laughter .


” Romi I’m exhausted can you please reschedule the shoots besides Ashton is taking me out ” Emerald said as she stared at her @ssistant .

” I’m only releasing you cause it’s hotshot you’re going out with babe ” she teased and Emerald blushed .

” Hey love ” Ashton said joining them .

” Cuddles bug , I was asking your sweetpea if she could please reschedule my shoots ” Emerald said and they both laughed .

” I’ve done exactly that ashrald so go enjoy your night ” romi teased .

” Ashrald ? Ashton asked confused.

” It’s the shipname for you guys ,you don’t know ? It’s everywhere in the internet , Facebook Twitter Instagram ” romi teased making them laugh .

” Oh like the beginning of my name ash and the ending of your name makes it ashrald ? Quiet cute ” he said and Emerald dragged him with her as they left the company it was already late .

” Where are we going ? Emerald asked as came out .

” Somewhere ” he said as he joined their hands together and strolled .

” Ashton I’m tired ,where exactly are we heading to ? She asked .

” We’re getting close to where exactly we’ll get our ride ” he teased .

” Buh you’re car is back at Golden corp ”

” I’ve told you love ”

” Wow I never knew that I’d die trekking ” she rolled her eyes .

” Did you just roll your se-xy eyes at me ? He asked .

” Yes your highness ” she teased

” Don’t roll your eyes at me or you’d face the consequences ” he teased .

” Awwwwwwwwn I’m scared ” she teased .

” Good you should be” he added with a chuckle .

” I was being sarcastic ashton , do you think I can ever be scared of you ? I have you wrapped around my f!ng£r and you’re my harmless big teddy bear” she cooed .

” I feel like crying 😟

🥺🥺🥺Did you just call me a big fat harmless teddy bear ? He asked with a crying voice .

” So ?

” It’s nothing ”

” Good evening Mr North here’s your keys , and we got the venue ready ” the guy said and handed him the keys to the bike .

” Jesus what are we doing in front of a bike ? She asked eyes wide .

” Bike ride babe ” he smirked .

” C’mon ” he said sitting on it and she swallowed down nothing .

She’d never been on one , buh was damn scared of letting him know that .

🧐Was that thing even safe ?

What if she fell and broke her head ?

She sat down and formed [email protected] .

” I’m yours Emerald don’t be scared of grabbing my se-xy arbs ” he teased .

” co-ck y much ” she said .

” I don’t need to ,I’m the [email protected] Castillo ” she said with pride

” Oh seriously ? He asked with a chuckle .

” Oh [email protected] yourself because we’re about to fly high ” he teased and she froze .

” I’m fine love ….wait did you just say fly ? Ashtonnnnn nnnnnnnnnn” she screamed at the top of her voice as he speed up .

” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah mummy daddy ……I want to meet my family before I die Ashton ……I don’t wanna a v!rg!n , besides there are many men I’ve not met yet …….. especially my crush hrtik Roshan 😭😭😭😭 and Tom cruise 😭😭😭

” What the. …” Ashton cursed as he parked the bike on their destination came down and glared at her .

” Oh my word , are we in heaven ? If we are what are you doing here ? You should be in hell for your reckless driving ” she cursed .

” Did you just say you’re crushing on Tom cruise and hritik Roshan ? You’re into older men ? You have a fu-ck ing hot boyfriend dammit ” he bursted .

” If someone is hot and my crush I have to think of them in my last breath right ?

” Emerald seriously ?

” You’ve not told me what you’re doing here ” she smirked .

” Oh really ?

” Yes you ….” She trailed as he pulled her close smiling .

” ASH…ton ” she sighed .

” Free to crush love buh I shouldn’t here of it …I get fu-ck ing jealous ” he said klzzing her softly and she chuckled pulling him in for a klzz .

” Awwwn my cute teddy fatty bear ” she teased .

” EMERALD you don’t call a guy teddy bear it’s fu-ck ing annoying ”

” Awwwwwwwwn my baby ”

” Fine Im dating the qeeen of crazy people”

” And you love her crazily ” she teased .

” My biggest happiness” he said laughing and she chuckled.



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