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arrange marriage with troublesome lamela episode 3

🥀🥀✳Arranged Marriage with Troublesome Lamela☸🎡

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🖊Sunday Precious Ene

Chapter Three

Writer’s POV

So if i tell them I’ll be staying indoor all day they will agree Lamela smirked, she entered the restroom pushed open the window and jumped down.

Ahhhh she screamed as she injured her wrist. Just great she shuttered hitting her feet against the floor like it’s the cause of her problem.

Walking slowly and peeking at the same time to avoid being seen by Sanchos.
Almost close to the gate she kept @ssuring herself. Almost there, almost there Her subconscious mind kept whispering.

Uhmmmm Sanchos cleared his throat and Lamela flinched.

Where do you think you are going? Do you have an appointment Sanchos asked
You see Sanchos, you nearly gave me an hypertension, i thought it was a ghostie Lamela replied.

That didn’t answer my question young Lady, where are you going? He asked again.
Fine Lamela Lamela rolled her eyes at him. I’m going out to receive some air, home is boring and my schedule is clear for now, i have no movie role for now, so if you will excuse me, i have some important place to be, my parents are aware by the way She concluded.

If your parents are aware then why didn’t you use the front door Mela, i saw you jumping down the window so this little trick of yours won’t work on me this time Sanchos said.

Please Sanchos, just let me out, i promise to buy you fl!pper pie on my way back she pleaded pouting her l!p.

Tempting offer ma’am but I’m a man of my word, i already promised your parents that i wouldn’t let you out Sanchos replied.

I know your problem Sanchos, name your price? Lamela stated.

How about you give me a klzz, that would do the trick and I’ll tell your parents you sneaked out without my notice Sanchos replied.

klzz you? You must be daydreaming, I’ll give you $1000 to let me out Lamela muttered.

Tempting offer but i refuse, it’s either you give me a klzz or stay back home choose wisely Mela Sanchos replied with a smirk

You know what, with or without your permission i can go out, I’m just trying to be lenient on you this time unlike the last time i knocked you out, you’re no match for me and you know that so stop being a di*khead and take this cash Lamela fired.

Sanchos began sweating, i would have preferred a klzz but I’m no match for this bag of trouble before me, she knocked me out last week due to my refusal to let her out He muttered inwardly.
Just give me the cash Sanchos replied stretching his hand and Lamela gladly placed the money.

Good boy she said and ruffled his hair, sometimes all you have to do is accept my tips and avoid being rough-handled she added and opened the gate.

One day you’ll fall for my charms, you’ll come begging me on your knees for a klzz and I’ll deny you one he shouted after her.
Screw you as*hole Lamela replied giving him a middle f!ng£r and a smile found it’s way to his l!p.
She’s so cute he stated dreamingly.


Lamela flagged a taxi. Chessburn street she instructed and entered the car zooming off to her destinations.

Bestie here i come she screamed happily.


Daniella……..Maggie yelled
Come and polish my nails, I’ll be going out with my friends she stated.
I’m busy young ma’am, making the Bannock you instructed me to Daniella yelled back.

Just great, you guys aren’t fun at all Maggie pouted, she kept devouring the chocolates positioned before me.

I hate this chocolate she yelled.
Susan come take it away She instructed
But ma’am you told Daniella to get you this, why did you lose interest all of a sudden? The maid in question asked

You never question me okay? I’m the lady of the house and i do whatever i please Maggie fired.

Lady my a*s, you’re just seven behave like a kid of your years for oncs Susan muttered under her breath but seems Maggie heard her anyway.

What did you just call me? Maggie fumed
Oops! She heard me Susan muttered covering her mouth. You will surely put me in trouble one day She said inwardly.

I’m sorry Ma’am, that was a sl!p of the tongue, it would never repeat itself Susan apologized.

I will let this one slide but the next time you call me a child, i will not take it likely with you, I’m a grown @ss lady for crying out loud Maggie yelled, now come and polish my nails just like that of Tatiana she instructed.

I will go get the nail polish ma’am Susan replied running off.
How dare her call me a kid, is it a crime to be seven years old Maggie hissed and grabbed a candy, having removed the barrier she inserted it in her mouth and began licking it angrily.
The taste is not bad anyway, i’ll keep some for Tatiana she said, let me see the look on her face when my nails get polished like hers Her subsconscious mind whispered and a smile found it’s way to her l!p.

I’m waiting Susan…… She shouted

I’m coming Susan replied

Zee world will help for the mean time she muttered and took a remote control changing it from disney to Zeeworld.
Who told them to put Disney in the first place, what a nerve she snarled.



Oh yea…. Faster…shove it dee-peri [email protected] as the bitch worked magic on my below, i yanked her hair and forced my d**k down her throat, she gagged in the process but that’s none of my business.
fu-ck my mouth [email protected] the bitch kept yelling, it’s a good thing the door is soundproofed.

She su-cked my d*** till i c-ummed in her mouth, without waiting for instructions she gulped it down and lic-ked her l!ps like the bitch that she is.

Delicious She muttered

I pushed the papers on my desk down, positioned her on the table and pulled her legs parts paving ways for me to perform wonders.
I went on my knees placed my mouth on her pu**y l!p and gave it a slight bite pouring W-et klzzes on it, having su-cked the content down there dry, i began f!ng£ring her.

f!ng£r me [email protected] Charlie……faster….dee-pershe kept shouting and i increased my pace.

Oh yeah….that way….she [email protected]

Call me a philander i instructed

Charlie the philander….Charlie the philander she kept yelling till she c-ummed and i lic-ked my f!ng£r.

With her legs around my waist, i positioned myself ready to thru-st into her when the floor flew open

Who dare barge into my office i yelled but on turning it’s no other person than my secretary Donald.

What? I yelled
You have a meeting with the board members Sir, they are already here he said.

fu-ck i cursed and ran my f!ng£rs through my hair, i already had an £r£¢tion.

I dis£ngaged from the bitch and took my trousers from the floor ready to put it on but she held me
Charlie don’t do this, don’t leave me this way, I’m hor-ny she pleaded.
Let go of my hands i yelled and she flinched. you want me to let go of a deal worth $50millions for you? Who are you? Get the fu-ck out of my office i ordered.

Charlie please…..she begged
I put on my trouser, inserted the belt and threw her a glare.

Donald, help this bitch out i instructed
I’m not hor-ny sir he replied
I already tried my best Lila, seems the only person available doesn’t want you i said and headed out leaving her stark na-ked .

Should i pay her off Donald’s question made me to stop on my track.

No i instructed, it’s a free service, she’s lucky i picked her anyway.

Motherf**ker she cursed as i headed out and i gave her the middle f!ng£r.

Lamela’s POV

The car stopped at my destination, i paid the cabman and headed in.

Davis is gonna be happy to see me, it’s being three days we last hanged out. He’s not my boyfriend, he’s just my bossom buddy.

Davis i screamed happily on spotting him seated on his executive chair, he looked worked up.

My baby he screamed and came to [email protected] me.
I missed you i pouted and he pecked my cheek.
You didn’t go to work Mela, what’s your reason? he asked not allowing me to take a sit.
What? You’re not happy to see me? I asked feigning annoyance and pretending to leave.

Don’t go Mela he held my hand and dragged me back.

I’m sorry for asking he apologized
I’m not offended i replied smiling sheepishly, i just cleared my schedules for this week and as it stands, i rejected all the movies roles given to me so I’m free for the time being i sprouted all in one breathe.

Take a sit bestie he said
Alright i replied and sat on a red cushion, his office arrangement is simple, just two cushions, a fridge and the walls are decorated with artwork, He’s a lover of art.

What can i offer you he asked
Pres£nt everything you have before me, your greatest foodie of all time is here I replied
Mela he called playfully walking over to me, he sat on the cushion and ruffled my hair.
Stop i pouted, do you want to make me ugly i joked
Here she comes again, one minute you’re Troublesome Mela, the next you’re the greatest foodie of all time and then this dramatic side of you surfaces, just tell me who the f*** are you? He asked playfully.
I’m your Mela i replied and a smile curled on his l!p.

Don’t forget my food okay? I said and he laughed.
Tina get Lamela everything eatable, she’s here he instructed over the landline.
Good i muttered, before i forget, i came to tell you that I’m getting married and I’ll like you to be my bride maid i said.
What? Married? Why he yelled.
It’s my parents idea, they had all this planned out i explained.

You will not marry him, i object he yelled
Calm down Davis i said
Calm down? Easy for you to say, you know nothing about marriage he yelled louder this time and i Flinched.
Gosh! Davis what has come over you? You have never behaved this way before, if anyone deserves to be upset then it has to be me, I’m the one who’s being forced not you i yelled back.
But i don’t want you to marry him he whispered into my ear, marry someone you love Mela.

Life is all about sacrifices, I’ll take this risk this time just for the sake of my granny i explained and he rolled his eyes.
Mela….He shouted
What? I yelled
Your wrist he pointed at my bruised wrist. What have you done this time? He asked
The usual i replied smirking.
Come get your hands treated he instructed.

No…I replied and made to run but he caught me.
What a lovely bestfriend i have.



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