Annabel’s little secret Episode 7

Little Secret
(What happened to her?)
Episode 7
Vanessa’s Pov:
My sisters and I returned home, frazzled and plonked ourselves on the chair immediately.
“Gosh! I’m so tired; I could sleep for a thousand years” Renee yawned and I laughed.
“Yeah – same here. I can’t wait to eat and go to be-d” Esther also said.
“Where’s Annabel?” I asked, taking off my shoes.
“It’s pretty late alre-ady. I think she should be in her room or something” Esther replied.
Immediately, the door opened and Annabel c@m£ in, holding bags upon bags.
“Phew!” She exclaimed as she struggled to walk in with the multi-ple bags.
Immediately she did, she plonked herself on the couch.
“Oops. That was stressful”, she breathed out, feeling relieved.
“Hi sisters” she smiled.
“Are you just coming home?” Renee asked.
“Oh! Yeah – actually. I had to go do some shopping” she replied and started bringing out the contents from the bags.
“I really really nee-ded some new clothes. So, I had to get them. Aren’t they adorable?” She asked as she showed them to us.
Renee and Esther stood up and went to t©uçh the clothes.
“You mean you bought these?” I asked, surprised.
“Yeah – of course. Why?’
The clothes were..way too short and rugged.
“Since when did start wearing such dresses, Annabel?” Esther asked and she wrinkled her brows in surprise.
“I don’t get you. What’s wrong with them?” Annabel asked.
“They’re way too short and ex-posive, Annabel. You’ve always detested such dresses.” I replied.
“Really?” She asked and cackled.
“Well, I think I nee-d a little change. What do you think?” She asked and continued adoring the clothes, leaving me stunned.
When she was done, she packaged them back into the bag.
“Okay. So, I’m damn so hungry. plea-se, tell me food is re-ady” she murmured as she showed up with the bags.
We kept staring at her and not minding us, she took the stairs, probably headed for her room.
We had dinner together and decided to spend some time in the sitting room to watch some movies.
Esther and Renee were alre-ady with their diaries.
Annabel was there as well but was busy with her phone, surfing the net.
After a while, we heard the door bell ring and Renee went to check it out.
“Oh” she mouthed after checking the knocker.
“Um…Annabel” she called.
“Someone’s here to see you”.
“Who’s it?” She scouted.
“Leo” Renee whispered with a wi-nk and moved away from the door.
Annabel remained on her seat, putting on a fogged look.
“Come on Annabel. What What are you waiting for?” Esther asked and that was when she stood up, sluggishly.
Annabel’s Pov:
I went outside and found him standing there at the balcony.
Leo – nice handsome fellow.
“Annabel” he called immediately and embr@ced me.
“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry it took me this long to come see you. I…I was so hooked up at the office. What happened to you? Are you alright? Were you hurt?” He said without a pause, amusing me.
“I’m fine…thanks” I replied with a smile, staring into his pretty eyes.
“Hah! Thank goodness. I’m really sorry, Annabel. Sorry you almost got hurt” he enthuse and I chuckled.
“Come on, Leo. Its fine. You don’t have to apologize for anything, okay?”
He exhaled de-eply and hvgged me again.
“Thank you Annabel. Um…I’m actually in a hurry. Just dropped by to see your face. I’ll call you later, okay?” He said and I flu-shed in a smile and nodded.
“Goodnight” I replied.
“Goodnight” he said and we hvgged again before he left.
I stood and watched him as he entered into his car and scorched off.
Hm. What a nice fellow, I giggled and walked into the house.
Vanessa’s Pov:
Annabel returned to the room not long after and took her seat.
“So, how was it?” Renee asked immediately she c@m£ in.
“Hmph. It was fine. He’s a nice guy” Annabel replied and crossed her legs.
“I wonder why she keeps pretending not to like him” Esther said with a teasing look.
“Of course, I like him” she replied and we roared with laughter.
“Woah! Finally, she’s admitting it”.
“Okay; it’s time for diaries” I cut in and stretched out my hand, expecting the first person to give hers to me.
“Fine” Renee mumbled and gave hers to me.
I smiled and opened it
“Hm” I mouthed and adjusted on my seat.
“I dreamt of Royce last night. And he had proposed to me” I re-ad from the diary and paused to look at her.
“Wowwwww” Esther laughed.
“So, you’re now ma-king up dreams, huh?”
“I swear, I’m not. Royce is really gonna propose to me”.
“it’s just a dream, Renee” Annabel said.
“Yeah – but I’m sure it’s gonna happen pretty soon” she defended, rolling her eyes.
“Yeah – whatever” I said and continued re-ading from the diary.
The rest of the contents were kinda boring and when I was done, I gave it Back to her.
“Okay, Annabel; you’re next. Let us have your diary”. I said and stretched out my palm.