Annabel’s little secret Episode 5

Little Secret
(What happened to her?)
Episode 5
By: Faith Lucky.
Vanessa’s Pov:
We all sat in the hospital room in front Of Annabel as she la-id on the be-d – not looking weak anymore.
“So, luckily”, the doctor continued
“There are no br@in damages, no internal bleeding. She’s perfectly fine. And so, she’s re-ady to be discharged today” he concluded and mum heaved a hvge sigh of relief.
“Thank you so much doctor. I really appreciate” Dad said.
“Sure. You’re welcome sir. I’ll be in my office” the genial doctor said and left.
“Annabel, how’re you feeling? Are you alright?” Renee asked, holding her palm.
“plea-se, you don’t nee-d to worry about me. Like the doctor said, I’m fine” she replied with a smile.
Well, obviously she looked fine. She wasn’t having any injuries except for a scratch on her arm.
The police had luckily found her lying unconsciously by the road side.
“You got us really scared, Annabel” Esther grouse.
“Yeah – what really happened?” Mum added and she signed and stared upwards at the ceiling.
“I…I was kidnapped” she replied and we flin-ched.
“Kidnapped?” Dad repeated.
“Yes. I had gone to make use of the restroom. And while I was..using the washbasin, someone c@m£ up from behind and sed@t£d me with a napkin over my nose and I pas-sed out immediately.
“I woke up hours later and found myself in a strange dark room. I don’t know what their plans were but, miraculously, I was able to escape. I fred the ropes that bounded me and escaped.”
“You…escaped so easily?” Renee asked.
“Yes. Like I said, it was a miracle” she replied sharply and a short silence stepped in.
“I ran as fast as my legs could carry me until I finally sp©tted the road. But by then, I had alre-ady become too weak. And that was how I pas-sed out” she concluded with a sigh.
“Thank goodness. But…were you t©uçhed?” Esther asked and looked down at her legs.
“No, no. They didn’t do anything to me” she replied.
“But what could their reasons be for kidnapping you in the first place?” Mum asked.
“It’s possible they nee-ded a ransom” dad replied.
“Then, why were they so carless to let her go easily?” Esther asked.
“Will you be able to recognize them if youyou see them?”
“Guys plea-se” I ch!pped in.
“I think we should give her a break. The most important thing is she’s back and safe. So, I don’t think we should rack our br@ins over any other thing. Instead, we should just see it as a miracle”.
They all kept quiet for a while, probably trying to digest what I said.
“So, Annabel” I called.
“Do you think you’re strong enough to go home?”
“Of course” she smiled.
We arrived home hours later and Annabel kept gazing around the house.
Dad had alre-ady gone to the office and we were just left with mum.
“I’m so glad you’re home, Annabel. You really scared the hell out of me” Renee said as we walked into the sitting room and Annabel laughed.
“Yeah. You nee-ded to had seen her, Anna. She looked like a ghost” Esther tea-sed and Renee rolled her eyes.
“I’m really sorry, guys. Sorry for getting you scared” she replied as we all st©pped walking.
“Annabel,” mum called.
“What would you like to eat?”
“Um…Anything will be fine. But for now, plea-se take me to my room. I nee-d some rest” she replied, dazily.
“O…okay. Come on then.” Mum said and we all climbe-d the stairs together, headed for our room.
In a short time, we were there.
“Welcome home, Anna” Esther said ad we walked into our big gorgeous room.
“Yeah…thanks” Annabel replied lowly, wearing a perplexed look.
Her eyes were going round the room.
She walked slowly and sat on Esther’s be-d.
“Hello? That’s my be-d.” She scoffed.
“What’s wrong with you, Esther? We share our be-ds, don’t we?” I asked and she rolled her eyes with a “yeah”.
“Okay, Annabel. I’ll just get you something to eat, okay?” Mum said and tried leaving the room, but Annabel called her back.
“Yes dear?” Mum quic-kly turned to look at her.
“Can I…ask for a favor plea-se?”
“Of course baby. What is it?” Mum asked curiously.
“I nee-d my own separate room”.
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