annabella episode 65 & 66

{ The Billionaire’s Maid… }

THEME; When The Sky Falls.



By: Summer Gold R.


“Here’s the result you requested for Sir” The Doctor handed over a file note to Gregor but he didn’t take it

“I only need the answer not this…is she pregnant or not” Gregor said

“Oh,she’s not pregnant,she’s only infected by Fibroid and needs to be taken care of as soon as……”

“That’s not my business to deal with” Gregor cut in and stood up

“Thank you for the information anyway” He said

The Doctor smiled and bowed,watching as Gregor walked out of the office

“Wow,he’s scary” He muttered


Stella opened her eyes on the hospital bed feeling pains all over her body,she could feel the stings from the wounds of the cord whips and she sigh out.

“You’re awake” The voice she heard made her heart skip thousands of beats at the same time. She turned toward the side where the voice came from and there was Gregor standing,his two hands inside his pockets as he stared at her blankly.

“Pre…..sident” Stella stammered

Gregor walked closer to the bedside

“Why did you do that??” He asked softly and Stella swallowed

“Wh……at??” She stuttered in fear

Gregor brought out his phone and played the record Annabella gave to him,She was actually there from the very beginning and she recorded everything Stella was saying on the phone.

Gregor paused the audio and Stella bite her lips

“Tell me it isn’t true” Gregor muttered

Stella kept quiet

“I said you should deny it you bitch!!!” Gregor yelled and Stella flinched

Tears rolled down her eyes

“I did that because I love you” She said

“Love?? What did you just say?” Gregor asked again

“I love you Gregor…but you never looked at me. I just…wanted a way to make you mine” Stella said

“So you decided to…..” Gregor roughed his hair and sighed out.

“I just want to have you,because I love you…..” Stella broke into tears

“Shut up” Gregor mumbled

“I do……”

“I said shut the f**k up!!!” Gregor shouted and almost hit her but he held himself back and shifted away from her

“Come in” He said and immediately the door opened

The cops came in and Stella’s eyes widened


“Young woman,you are under arrest for illegal assault and rape” The first cop said

Stella shook her head and tried getting down from the bed

“Freeze!!” They yelled,pointing their guns at her.

“Boss please!!!” Stella cried

Gregor glared at her and walked out of the ward without saying a word.

He could hear Stella’s screams and cries as he walked but he cared less.


Annabella was in her room pacing around,she was deeply worried about the fact that Stella might be pregnant for Gregor.

If that happens,then everything is finished. She wouldn’t imagine Gregor telling Stella to abort the baby,she’s not sure Gregor is a man like that and she wouldn’t preach that either,what if she dies???

She was still thinking about all these when the door suddenly opened and Gregor came in,Annabella turned at once and their eyes met.

“Bella……” Annabella raised a finger up and Gregor stopped

“Tell me,is the result positive or negative,tell me if that bitch is pregnant for you” Annabella said

“She’s not pregnant” Gregor answered

Annabella sighed out

“You know….I have no idea right?” Gregor asked

“I know,but still it’s really annoying Greg,it’s annoying to think about,I want to kill her so badly” Annabella said ,looking away.

Gregor moved closer to her and hugged her from the back,his hands wrapped around her waist.

“I’m sorry” He muttered,kissing her neck

Annabella rolled her eyes

“Come on,smile. You’re making me feel bad,I came here because I feel so mad at myself” Gregor said

Annabella pulled his hands down from her waist and faced him

“Not like it’s your fault” She muttered

Gregor smiled and pecked her lips

“Why are you looking so pretty?” He asked

“What,are you just noticing that??” Annabella asked

“Of course not,I’m just saying you keep looking prettier everyday” Gregor said and her cheeks turned red

“Ahh wait,I found the admission form. That was the reason why I went to the office,you’re the best man in the world Greg,thank you” Annabella said and hugged him tightly

“You deserve more than that,trust me” Gregor said,lifting her in the process

Annabella chuckled and held him more tighter

“You don’t feel any pain again right?” Gregor asked

“No,why?” Annabella asked

“Coz I don’t think I can resist you right now” Gregor whispers

“Me too” Annabella whispers back and immediately Gregor dropped her on the bed

Wiping off of clothes followed.


Melanie and Wright walked out of the lecture hall hand in hand,it’s their last class for the day.

“I’m sleeping over at your place tonight” Melanie said and Wright looked at her


“Yeah,why are you looking so surprised?” Melanie winked

“I’m not surprised,I’m dying of happiness right now” Wright said and Melanie chuckled

“Let’s get some groceries on our way” She said


“Coz I’m gonna prepare dinner for us” Melanie said

“Oh wow can’t believe this” Wright said and they both laughed

👥 Isn’t that Thadeus Storm??

👥 It’s him!!!

👥 He looks so handsome now that I’m seeing him in reality!!

👥 Wow Wright really took after him!!

Wright and Melanie stopped walking as they heard that murmurs among the student.

They both sighted Thadeus standing and leaning on his car

“What’s your brother doing here?” Melanie asked

“I have no idea” Wright replied,also looking confused.

“Hey kiddo” Thadeus smiled and waved at him

“Just ignore him” Wright muttered,holding Melanie even more tighter as they continue walking

“Why?” Melanie asked

“Coz im still angry with him and I don’t want to talk to him” Wright replied

“Wright” Thadeus called when Wright didn’t look at his side

Wright ignored him and walked to his car instead

“Hey Wright” Thadeus called again

Wright opened the car door for Melanie

“But your brother……”

“I’m not talking to him Lanie,get into the car” Wright said seriously

“I will talk to him then” Melanie said

“Suit yourself,I will be waiting here” Wright said and entered the car

Melanie sighed and turned back,she walked to Thadeus and crossed her arms when she stopped in front of him

“You are….???” Thadeus raised his brows

“Oh i guess you don’t know me,I’m your brother’s girlfriend” Melanie faked a smile

“Oh,that brat didn’t tell me he’s got a girlfriend” Thadeus smiled

“Yeah right,and I’m also Gregor Campbell’s sister” Melanie said and Thadeus frowned


“Oh i guess you’re surprised,but that’s the truth. I’m his sister,and I know everything you did to my brother and his girlfriend,I told Wright about it and I am sure that is why he doesn’t want to talk to you right now…Mr Thadeus Storm” Melanie said

Thadeus kept quiet

“You really….want to date my brother?” He asked after a while

“Well,thinking about the situation on ground,my parents and my brother will never allow me,but he’s not you,not a…..” Melanie sighed out,she wanted to call him a rapist but decided not to

“He’s totally different from you” She muttered

“Hey,I’m not a bad person” Thadeus said

“Seriously? Why does that sound funny?” Melanie asked

“You can’t understand okay??” Thadeus said

“You should be glad you’re Wright’s brother,I really have a bad mouth,I’m a spoilt brat too,but I wouldn’t use them all on you,so Please,stay away from my brother and his family,is that too much to ask? If you hurt him,then you should know you’re hurting your brother too because he’s so much in love with me and wouldn’t want to loose me for anything especially when you’re the reason behind it. That’s all I have to say for now,bye” Melanie said and flaunt her hair before walking out of his sight

“She’s got some attitude” Thadeus muttered,staring at her as she entered the car and Wright took off

“That brat really left me here?? Seriously??” He scoffed

Some students covered him up after that,requesting to take pictures with him


“Why are you quiet?” Melanie asked

“What did you say to him?” Wright asked

“Nothing much,I introduced myself to him as your girlfriend and also Gregor’s sister” Melanie said

“You did?” Wright asked in surprise and she nodded

“That’s brave of you” Wright chuckled

“Trust me” Melanie said and pecked his cheek

“Don’t do that again,I might just turn over and f**k you in this car” Wright muttered

“Geez,you’re so naughty” Melanie laughed


Georgia stepped down from her car and removed her sunshade,she could see some of the kids leaving with their parents already. Maggie had told her just yesterday the exact time the twins closes in their school and that’s why she’s here just to have at least some moment with them.

Just as she was about walking,she saw another car stopped beside hers and Annabella came out looking hot,the breeze blow her long hair and she had to pulled the hair behind her ears.

Georgia was glaring at her so badly even though Annabella didn’t notice but then she turned and their eyes met.

Georgia started walking toward her with a fake smile on her face,Annabella didn’t move from where she was.

“I will get the kids” Jay said and Annabella nodded,her eyes not leaving Georgia as Jay walked away.

Georgia got to her

“Finally we meet one on one…dear chick” Georgia smirked

“Annabella” Annabella smiled and Georgia rolled her eyes

“I know your name” She said

“Oh,but I don’t know yours” Annabella said and Georgia frowned

“Gregor doesn’t mention my name?” She asked

“You should tell me your name first to know maybe he mentioned it or not” Annabella said

“Georgia” Georgia said

“Oh sorry,I’ve never heard him mentioning any G name” Annabella smiled and Georgia chuckled

“Are you trying to get me angry?” She asked

“You’re not In any position to ask that Georgia,you set me up with Thadeus but I didn’t get angry,you must be suffering from anger issues if something so little gets you angry” Annabella said and Georgia glared at her but then changed it to a smile

“I’m here for my kids” She said

“Your kids?? mean my cuties” Annabella grinned and Georgia laughed out loudly

“Oh gosh you’re so funny” She said

“That’s not funny” Annabella said

“Oh geez,so you think my kids will ever choose you over me?? Just because they tell you they love you behind my back,you think it’s gonna be the same if they set their eyes on me?? You should wake up Bella…..”

“Only Greg calls me that,don’t repeat it” Annabella said and Georgia faked a smile

“Well anyway,wanna bet?” Georgia asked

“What’s that??” Annabella asked

“If the kids appear right now,we are both gonna call them and see who they will run to first” Georgia smirked and Annabella frowned

“Are we playing a game here?” She asked

“Are you nervous already?” Georgia smirked

“No” Annabella said

“If they run to me first,then I’m taking them with me,and if they run to you,you can take them” Georgia said

“Deal or no deal?” She asked and Annabella kept quiet for a while before she answered

“Okay…deal” She muttered

Georgia smirked and walked back to her car

Almost immediately,Casey and Alex showed up with Jay behind them.

The twins stopped on their tracks the moment they saw Georgia and Annabella standing.

“Kids!!” Georgia called sweetly

“Hey Cuties” Annabella smiled and waved at them

“Mommy!!!!” Alex and Casey called excitedly and began running to one of them.