Amidst temptation Episode 19 & 20

Episode 19
I had been trying on clothes for the past two hours, my sister watched me from the be-d, I had come to spend the weekend at home
“Do you think this is okay?”
“Emilia its fine, all your clothes are conservative, wonder why you bother” she rolled on her tummy, had been twisting for the past one hour but when I asked she said she was on her period…
“Because i want them to like me”I said
“They not gonna like you based on your clothes”
“But its a factor”
I had finally agreed to see Martins parents after he had kept nagging me on it, to avoid suspicion about not being serious about the relationsh!pi had given in, i was gonna go on tuesday but i decided to try out clothes since i was home and my sister was around, but she wasn’t helping and she seemed not to be interested in whatever i wore, not convinced by what she said, I pu-ll-ed offf the Sk-irt and t©p and decided on a go-wn
“Why you going to see the parents so soon?”
“He says he wants me to..”
” Well they’ll like you, everyb©dy does” Erica said, that was the nicest thing she had said to me ever, but I decided she just wanted me to be relaxed, I turned to her, she was trying not to writhe in pain, so I told her
” Thanks” and Zi-pped up my dress “what about my hair, do I nee-d to pack it up.”
“Should be up, more for the makeup..arh” she winced, I rushed to her side
“Are you okay..?”
“Yeah.. Yeah I’m fine” I wasn’t convinced though
“You sure you are..?”
Erica got up suddenly and dashed to the bathroom, I was frozen for a second, i wanted to follow her when I looked down and saw the be-dsheets..I stared at it my heart constricted…
Erica c@m£ out cleaning her mouth, she saw my look and the be-dsheets..
“Don’t worry..I ll wash the sheets”
“ could you..”
“Its just sheets..I ll wash it”she went and took some pain reliever tablets, I just gaped at her still frozen, I finally found my voice
“Don’t lie to me Erica, I’m a medical student you can’t loose that much blood.. unless..”
Erica just folded her b©dy in in more pain
“Unless you had an ab-ortion”
Erica didn’t deny it, she was silent, I glanced at the sheet again speechless, when I found my voice, I t©uçhed her
“Why..what happened”
“I got pregnant OK..I couldn’t tell Dad..I had to do it, a friend took me to a doctor, gave me some pills..”
“That wasn’t the best option”
“You don’t know anything about’re a fv¢king vir-gin, do you know how much I crave that..Dad alre-ady hates me, he ll disown me otherwise..i had to do it” her arms were ti-ghtly crossed, she rocked back and forth “and don’t go preaching to me about how its a sin and all that”
When she had calmed down, I decided to speak again
“Well..I won’t lie to you..its a big sin before God”
“Well I’m no Christian” she ru-bbe-d her stomach in pain, I began to cry
“God why, why did you allow her to go this far, why?”I asked in agony…
Third Person pov
Erica had tears in her eyes too but she was trying to be strong, she envied her sister a lot, being able to keep herself but she had lost it a long time ago by mistake and had just decided to continue in the act, when the baby entered, she knew she couldn’t keep it or tell the father who would never marry her, they weren’t in a serious relationsh!pand Joseph might hate her for it thinking she was trying to tra-p him into marriage, it also was a big disgrace to her family, seeing her father was a renowned Man of God and she being the first daughter was supposed to be an example, when the doctor gave her the option of an ab-ortion pill she decided to take it anyway, she had no idea it would cause her so much pain. She knew she wasn’t going to do it again but knew she nee-ded help, glancing at her sister who was still crying like she was the one who had gotten pregnant and was in pain, Erica took her in her arms as Emilia hvgged her ti-ghtly back
” plea-se don’t tell Dad” Erica pleaded
Emilia shook her head and tried cleaning her tears
“I won’t.. but I fear he has seen it”she said, Erica sighed knowing about her fathers dreams especially as Emilia had told her her father had seen her crying in agony like now
” I won’t do it again..I promise, I ll break up with Joe..I’m so sorry”she bowed her head in tears
Emilia’s pov
I stared at her for long then said
“You can’t do it on your own think I’m stronger than this could have happened to anyone..its because I have God inside of me, he helps me”
“You don’t un-derstand, I’m far gone”she said
“Jesus died for you for this moment when you feel helpless, he can save you, forgive you for what you have done and give you a br@nd new life” I was preaching but I couldn’t hold it back, If I had tried to talk more to her she wouldn’t have gone so far. Erica looked at me with tear stained eyes then gave me her hand
‘”plea-se pray for me”She said.
She feigned illness as she remained in the room, I was her alibi, I didn’t go to see Martins parents and always c@m£ home to check on her, we bonded more during that period of two weeks till she got better and the bleeding st©pped…I was glad it wasn’t worse than that..I was happy God gave her a second chance.
Episode 20
We had planned to see the parents today, I had apologized to Martin explaining that something c@m£ up and he un-derstood and didn’t ask, I was so glad to have him because he was so un-derstanding, never gave me any issues or second thoughts about the relationsh!p
Serena texted me at the clinic
“can I drop you off at the hair salon?”I had told her I wanted to go do my hair after school to look pres£ntable for Martins parents
” OK..thanks”it was weird but I paid no mind to it, was more interested in what the consultant was saying to the patient.
After school, I got in Serena’s car and she drove off
“So what style are you doing?” She asked
“Something simple..what do you think?”
“You could do a ponytail” she turned a bend “what’s with the rush in meeting the parents, is the wedding soon?”
I chuckled”gosh no..”
“So Martin’s scared my brother is gonna take you away from him?”
My smiled ceased, as i looked at her, she had to mention her brother
I shrugged”He’s told them about me. so..?”
” Hm..”she turned another bend while I pinged on my phone, when I looked out…I looked at her “you just pas-sed the saloon”
“Oh i didnt tell bad..Sean’s arriving today, we going to collect him from the airport..I should have told you..Sorry”she looked very innocent pl@yacting but I wanted to kill her as I glared at her but she just drove on
“Serena don’t make me hit you.. St©p the car now”
“He must have arrived even..can’t wait for the reunion” she win-ked, I gawked at her then swore I would never speak to her again after this, I hit the box comp@rtment and sat back, immediately we got to the airport I was taking a taxi back.
But it wasn’t that easy, Serena and I argued back and forth at the airport but I finally decided we were creating an unnecessary scene and went with her, I hated her so much, I shouldnt but I did, she caused me this misery in the first place,
“Smile..he won’t want to see a sad face, its not like I’m forcing you”
I looked at her ” my face is showing exactly how I feel, I feel tricked”
“I just wanted u to accompany me to the airport to pick him up..I swear this wasn’t planned, just thought you were over him alre-ady its been over a year”
If I believed anything she just said, i was stupid “I am over him..that’s why I don’t wana see him” even the thought was giving me palpitations
“You just keep lying to yourself”
I rolled my eyes as we got to the waiting area, I was conscious of how I looked, just on my simple clas-s dress, with my old hair, I wish Serena had even given me a warning, well I would never have agreed to come…I knew he had come when Serena suddenly skrie-ked and left me, I looked in the direction and my face turned red, he wore a black jacket and blue jeans, hair cut was lower…how could someone be more good looking. .. As Serena hvgged him, I discovered he wasn’t alone, he had a girl with him, I just wanted to fade into the background, this one was even finer than Chanelle, when he took her hand and they moved towards me I felt even worse…
“This is Tania..we met on the plane” he was telling Serena
“Ohk hi…” they got to me” Emilia?” Serena called
I looked at him”hey”
Serena took my hand, “This is my friend Emilia”
She told Tania, who waved at me, when i looked Sean was staring at me, kinda was taking me in, I looked at the police walking past awkwardly
” Thanks for coming to pick me up sis, Dad should have s£nt the driver, hope it wasn’t too much stress”he said as we went towards the car
“No of course not”
“OK..Tania is going my way I guess she ll join us”
“OK..there’s room for one more ,so glad you back”
“Glad too..but its just for a while, how’s Dad?”
“He’s alright..getting by”
I felt worse for not even bringing up his mother, Serena drove off while he and Tania discussed at the back
Serena squee-zed my th!gh “its okay”
“I have to go do my hair”
“We having a welcome p@rty for him, you can do it tomorrow”
I glared at her”Drop me Serena, this is no longer funny, I can’t stand up Martin again”
“His parents would think am unserious and he has to go back to work”
“I know why you so angry..because he’s with another woman” She said
“Psst..I have Martin”, I said, she laughed suddenly so ha-rd I now wished she had died at that accident, now I thought about it, if she had, Sean and I wouldn’t have crossed paths again .
“I can’t wait to see you both married”
“Well I have to see the parents first”
“I mean you and Sean”
I clenched my hands together so I didn’t do something evil, I turned to look at the couple at the back hoping that maybe if i told Sean he would make Serena st©p the car..but him and Tania were busy..I faced forward, wanting to hit Serena as she laughed again, I couldn’t believe she ll make me go throu-gh this, I stared out the window trying to take out the image of them k!ssing.