A step into love episode 22

🌹 🌹 A step into Love 🌹 🌹
Episode 22
Charles was awakened back to life by the sound of the gunsh0t, he sat up only to realize Cindy is on her and while he was about tapping her to wake up maybe she might have fainted, he realized blood gushing out of her shoulder, he bec@m£ flabberg@sted and stunned as his head spun, he looked up and found John staring at them with guilty and surprise written all over his face, Charles did not take his time to mind this as he screamed out,stood up with anger and pu-ll-ed John to the floor, striking his face with both of his fist while John didn’t bother to retaliate, it seems he was shocked to have sh0t Cindy.
Suddenly, Angelina rushed in from nowhere and ran to Cindy, calling her and shouting her name, she brou-ght out her cellphone and called the emergency,
Within few minutes, the ambulance c@m£ and Cindy was hurried into it while Charles and Angelina joined her, it seems someone had called the cops as they’d arrived before the ambulance and John have been arrested (again).
The ambulance arrived the hospital safely and speedily and Cindy was rushed into the ward, Charles and Angelina both ran after her as she was been driven into the ward but they were held back by the nurses, so Angelina stood in the pas-sage pacing up and down as she bit her bo-ttoml!pand sl@pping her fist together while Charles stood and rested his back at the wall, ru-bbing his face with his palm and cl@pping his fist together as he sighed each and every moment.
Few minutes later, the doctor c@m£ out looking stressed out, Charles and Angelina quic-kly approached him immediately they sighted him coming,
“doctor, how’s she? Hope she’ll be alright” Angelina asked impatiently
“the situation is getting critical and she’d loose so much blood including the bullet, the pene-tration is too de-ep so we’ll nee-d to carry out surgery and we nee-d a person to sign before that could happen” the Doctor explained
“Doctor, I’ll sign it” Charles answered looking bothered
“and what’s your relationsh!pwith her, remember we nee-d her family to do that” the Doctor expatiate
“yes, I’m her brother” Charles lied
“and what about your parents?” the Doc asked again
“they traveled few weeks ago, for Christmas………plea-se I can do this Doctor” Charles pleaded looking worried
“and what about the money?” the Doctor asked
“that’s not a problem at all”
“well, it’s okay but you have to make everything snappy cause the percent of her living, is just twenty percent” the Doctor explained and left
“What!” Angelina exclaimed as her hands dropped and her eyes wi-de-ned, Charles couldn’t believe this either,
He was totally stunned…….
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