a crazy love episode 29 & 30

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“What happened?” This time Kizy questioned after watching his unnatural expressions.

“I had been dreaming to meet ‘Dark Queen’ and the first and second ranked members. I have always respected and idolised her for being the only female to make it into top 10. But now that you suddenly disclose that you are that woman, I don’t know how I feel about this.” Markus said with a sad face.

“Whats wrong in respecting and idolising me?” Kizy shouted while banging both hands on table and standing up but…

Suddenly she realised that she and Markus were not the only ones present at dinner like always.

‘Crap! How can I lose my temper and shout at Markus in front of his family like this. This time I am done for.. All the well mannered and cultured image I carefully made went down because of him.’ Kizy thought while crying internally.

“Haha.. sorry grandpa, grandma, mom.. I.. I didn’t mean to shout at him.” Kizy said while biting her lower lip embarassedly and sitting down on her chair.

But both Grandpa and grandma started laughing loudly. In fact even Mary was laughing a little after Kizy apologised.

“Old man look, my grand-daughter-in-law is as ferocious and dominant as I am. Good, good. Kizy you should scold him like this whenever necessary.” grandma said.

“Yes afterall she is my grand-daughter-in-law. She should definitely have that temper. Keep it up child.” grandpa praised Kizy.

Even Mary was smiling and nodding her head. But all this made Markus feel as if he was abandoned by his own family while Kizy was enjoying all the attention.

“Are you all my real family? My wife is shouting at me and yet you all are praising her for that!” Markus complained.

This way the family enjoyed there dinner like any other normal day, as if the situation at C City had never happened where Markus had returned from a near death experience.

But Kizy knew that all this was happening for her. The family didn’t wanted her to worry and wanted to keep there promise. Therefore they were delaying the discussion while she was present.

“Let’s discuss this tomorrow. I will visit the team A members personally in the morning. Both of you rest here for today.” Grandpa ordered Markus after dinner and he had to follow though a little unwillingly.

Mary had already directed Kizy to Markus room in the mansion. Thus when Markus entered, Kizy was already laying on the bed.

Markus locked the door before taking off his jacket and climbing the bed.

“Go shower first.” Kizy said while shifting on the other side, as if Markus was dirty.

“Wifey how can you treat your husband this way, who just barely managed to survive.” Markus said teasingly.

“Because I did all I could to make you survive. Now go and get showered.” Kizy said.

“So were you worried about me after knowing the news?” Markus still continued his teasing.

“No not at all. Now that I think, I suddenly regret doing all the hardwork I did for you today.” This time even Kizy started playing along with him.

“I am a sensitive man, please don’t break my heart by saying such words.” Markus said while acting pitifully.

“Yes you are right. I should have ignored that man on 31st floor and pretended to never come across such news.” Kizy said, pretending to think hard.

“So whether I live or die, it won’t matter you?” This time Markus spoke in a serious voice.

“Pffft!! You are asking the same question for second time.” Kizy said.

“No I am asking this for the first time today.” Markus said a little uncertainly.

“You asked the same question in your last football match.” Kizy said.

“You remember that match!!” Markus asked with surprise.

“Off course how can I forget. That was the first time I supported you, though unwillingly.” Kizy replied.

“Now that I remember, that was truly your first time supporting me, but after that you acted very rude.” Markus said while nodding his head.


“Charles here” Markus shouted while running towards the goal post.

Today was the final match between St. Xavier’s and ASP university. Both the teams had initially scored 7 goals each and match came to a draw.

Thus they recieved extra time of thirty minutes to declare a final winner. And right now both the teams had unfortunately managed to score 11 each, about to make another tie.

They had there last fourty second remaininig now. Both sides were trying hard to goal since if none of them scored, this would again end up as a draw and they will have to decide the results on basis on penalty shootouts, which none of them wanted.

Markus wearing his blue jersey and black shorts, was runnimg at his fastest speed towards the goalpost, while Charles was running with the ball, tackling the opposite team.

All the girls were drooling at their figures, howling and hooting like crazy for the boys, especially Markus. They weren’t there to watch the match, but more like watch how Markus would remove and throw away his jersey after match ends, just like last time.

Meanwhile Charles dodged the player in front of him and kicked the ball towards Markus. Markus was about to give a head for final goal, but the captain from opposite team suddenly jumped before him, about to kick the ball, but instead kicked Markus in his abdomen.

Markus suddenly dropped on his knees, clutching his stomach while gritting his teeth while the captain managed to kick the ball away.

“Foul!!” Charles immediately shouted behind him but referee simply shook his head, concluding that it wasn’t a foul.

The captain had been too sneeky with his kick, making it seem as if he only kicked the ball. Only the goalkeeper of opposite team, who was standing behind them was able to see what actually happened.

But again, why would he support another member and betray his own team?

“Thats a foul!!” Charles still shouted while sitting beside Markus to see his injury.

“You slipped on your own! Is that considered a foul as well?” The opponent captain said with a shrug.

Charles ignored him while checking Markus. But nothing was visible on his abdomen, other than it had turned a little reddish.

“The player is not injured, this won’t be considered a foul.” referee replied.

Charles knew that Markus was a tough player, so he won’t be kneeling right now, without uttering a word if he wasn’t in severe pain. But he didn’t knew how to explain to the referee, as if the referee was offended, even he would be warned.

“Is it still not a foul?” Suddenly Kizy shouted while walking towards Markus and Charles.

Kizy stopped near the referee and played the video where opponent captain had injured Markus on her phone. The video was completely clear and recorded from an angle where it could be seen that he had kicked Markus in abdomen.

“Is it still not a foul now?” Kizy asked the referee.

“But he isn’t injured, he is just faking it.” The captain shouted.

Kizy simply went near Markus and pressed her hand lightly against his abdomen.

“Aarghhh!!” Suddenly Markus shouted loudly.

“He most probably recieved an internal injury then.” Kizy replied while looking straight at the Captain. .

The referee immediately called for a doctor who confirmed what Kizy had spoke was true, concluding that he suspected a hairline fracture of middle rib on right side.

Thus referee gave a red card to the captain who had to leave the ground, while the game ended as a draw and penalty shootouts were to decide the winner.

“Take him back to the infirmary.” Kizy being the university representative ordered Charles.

“I.. won’t go.” Markus replied through gritted teeth.

“Don’t tell me you intend to go for the penalty shootouts this way and want our team to lose?” Kizy said.

She had known Markus for years, and she knew what he wanted the moment he refused her decision.

“Yes.” He said.

“Charles you are our witness then. I have already asked him nicely to leave but he rejected it. So if something severe happens to his body, I won’t be held responsible for it.” Kizy said sternly.

“Markus I think she is right. You should go now.” Charles said.

“Who is the captain now? Me. So I will decide whats right for now.” Markus replied with difficulty.

“Fine.” With that Kizy went to stand near the boundary.

Soon the penalty shootouts started. The teammates convinced Markus to shoot last, so that they could avoid letting Markus shoot if they were on the winning end.

But somehow ladyluck was totally not on there side as both teams scored three goals. Markus was the last to shoot, if he could goal, then they would win.

But if not, then penalty shootouts would continue.

Thus Markus slowly went to his position. He was in so much pain that even simply standing was taking a lot of effort, forget he was about to kick the ball forcefully, that too using his right leg, the side which was paining even more!

“Come on just shoot. I will take the responsibility from here on.” suddenly Kizy shouted from the side.

Markus just gave her a single glance and immediately kicked the ball with full force before collapsing on floor.

And that was GOAL!!

Thus when all his team was celebrating, Charles and Kizy helped the doctors to carry him back to infirmary.

Markus was given some medications while Kizy and Charles simply stood there to keep a watch. Soon all his teammates entered the ward.

“Markus we won!”

“Captain this time we have to salute you for real.”

“Markus we made it!”

The teammates were all excited but a little sad as well. Afterall there captain was so severely injured, yet they couldn’t stop him from playing and even had to rely on him for there win.

“Let him rest for now. You can go back to the headmaster first and inform him. I guess you planned a party for your win, so continue with that. Don’t disturb the patients in infirmary.” Kizy spoke.

“How can we party without Markus?” Charles spoke.

“I am sure you don’t want him to attend a party with his situation. You can celebrate first and then throw another party once he is healthy.” Kizy suggested.

“Ok, you all can go back. I will stay with Markus.” Charles said to the team.

“You don’t have to stay. Your captain isn’t attending, it won’t look good if another member is absent. I will stay, anyways this is my responsibility.” Kizy adviced.

Charles thought for a minute before finally agreeing.

“Take care of him. If you need anything, just call me.” Charles said before leaving with the group.

Kizy simply nodded and took out a book from her bag to sit beside the bed.

“Why did you said that before my shoot?” Suddenly Markus asked her from the side.

“Because I knew you would need someone to cheer for you, as your willpower is too low.” Kizy replied without even looking at him.

“As if I needed your cheering. It only helped to distract my focus.” Markus argued.

“Yeah. You can never score a goal while being focused, that was why I distracted you.” Kizy said, still ignoring him while reading the book.

“Shut up. You were even ready to take my responsibilty there! What would have happened if my situation had worsened?” Markus asked angrily.

“Nothing much, I would have conducted a proper funeral for you-” Kizy was still speaking when Markus shouted angrily.

“You stupid girl! I just mentioned worsening of my condition. Do you have to kill me?” Markus asked, enraged.

“No why would I kill you Markus. You were the one who wanted to kill yourself by still playing after getting injured.” Kizy said simply shrugging her shoulders.

“Look at me!!” Markus ordered.

“Now what?” Kizy kept her book aside and said annoyingly.

“So whether I live or die, it won’t matter to you?” Markus suddenly asked with all seriousness.

“Look Markus, let us try to remember all the moments we have spent together. Either you were bullying others, where I was scolded by teachers for not being a responsible class representative. Or you were fighting and arguing with me. Do you deserve my feelings for your death?” Kizy answered.

“Kizy I never knew you were so mean who would keep grudges. Mean women live shorter lives.” Markus commented.

“Happy to live a shorter life where you won’t be there.” Kizy replied.

“Also if you are energetic enough to bicker with me, I guess you can take care of yourself.” Kizy packed her book inside bag.

“Bye.” With that she left the ward.

“Hey… Kizy.. Stop there.. Aarghh.. you stupid girl… just let me recover, I will be the one to kill you then.” Markus shouted from behind but Kizy completely ignored him and moved ahead.


“Now that I think about it, darling you were really heartless back then. To leave your hubby alone in sick condition.” Markus said.

“Because I knew that a simple hairline fracture of rib won’t kill you. And I wanted you to be punished for not listening to my advice on ground. Anyways I knew that the worst you would experience would be immense chestpain and nothing else.” Kizy replied as if stating facts.

“Oh so my little lamb wanted me to learn from my mistakes.” Markus replied happily.

“No I just wanted you to suffer.” Kizy said.

“But how did you know that I had internal injury at that time? Even Charles and that referee weren’t able to understand. And referee was even guessing whether I was faking it. How did you know about my injury then?” Markus asked suspiciously.

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“You remember why I was always your class representative?” Kizy asked.

“Yeah because you loved buttering up those foolish teachers and would score the highest.” Markus replied.

“Thats called being nice. And as for my scores, I loved studying. I would read the anatomy books for fun, and that was why I just felt that there was something wrong with you the moment I placed my hand. There was a time I wanted to study medical and be a doctor. But then dad-” suddenly Kizy realised that she was speaking too much and kept quiet.

Markus wanted to hear more, but watching that Kizy wasn’t willing to speak, he diverted the attention.

“So a doctor. Ahhaa… not bad. But those patients would be the one suffering here right now instead of me then.” Markus said.

“What are you suffering because of me?” Kizy asked annoyingly.

“Little lamb you know-” Just then Kizy cut him off.

“Markus you dirty animal. You still haven’t showered and you are trying to divert my attention. Go shower now or else I am leaving this room.” Kizy said seriously.

“Lets do some exercise first, then we can shower.” Markus said suggestively.

“What exercise? Markus can you not see what time it is? Get out of the room if you want to exercise and let me sleep. Also for your information, I have already showered. Now get lost.” Kizy said.

“Stupid woman are you seriously this dumb or are you pretending to play dumb?” Markus asked irritatedly.

“Why am I dumb? Shouldn’t you be the dumb one to think of exercising now?” Kizy asked still unaware of what this devil meant.

“Oh Kizy!” Suddenly Markus said seductively before climbing on top of her body.

“What are you doing? Go back to your own space, you haven’t even showered yet.” Kizy said while placing her hands on his chest, stopping him from leaning down.

“So that means you will allow our exercise ones I have taken a shower?” Markus whispered in a raspy voice.

By now Kizy had completely understood the exercise this devil was refering.

“No, get down now, your weight is about to crush me down.” Kizy said still trying to push him away.

“Little lamb, you should get used to it and train your body, afterall this will be our routine soon.” Markus said.

“Markus how did you become this shameless? You always knew your boundaries and never said such vulgar things.” Kizy said frustatedly.

“You are the one to bring out this side of mine. Why do you have to be so innocent little lamb? Your innocence turns me on.” Markus said.

“Markus another shameless word from you and I will leave this room.” Kizy said seriously.

“Ok ok I will stop. But at least help me out to act a little for sometime.” Markus said.

“What act?” Kizy asked.

“You may not know, but grandma must be there outside our door, waiting to see whether our relation is smooth sailing or not. So for her sake, we need to put on some act.” Markus said.

“What does she wants to see from our relationship? And what type of act do you mean?” Kizy asked.

“Nothing much, the one you acted in elevator yesterday in front of our employees.” Markus said teasingly.

“You.. you get lost. Pervert!!” Kizy said before pushing him away.

“Aahh Kizy don’t be so wild!! My mom or grandparents might hear us. Lower your volume.” Markus said in a louder voice.

“Who is wild? You are the one being wild.” Kizy said irritatedly.

“Wifey don’t bite, or else I will lose my control.” Markus still kept speaking in a louder voice.

“Are you out of your mind?” Kizy said angrily.

“You still don’t believe me right? Wait.” With that Markus suddenly bit her neck which was completely exposed in her round neck top.

“Markus!! What are you doing? Stop right now.” Kizy said through gritted teeth.

But Markus simply lifted his face to search for another spot before biting. This way he ended up creating four purple marks.

“Now go and fetch us a glass of water.” Markus suddenly went back on his side, as if the one biting Kizy moments ago wasn’t him.

“You want me to go like this?” Kizy asked wide eyed.

“Yes. Just to clear your doubts.” Markus said.

Kizy was still confused but alas decided to check it herself. If Markus was lying, she decided to punish him for that.

With this masterplan, she slowly opened the door knob, but all her plans were shattered the moment she opened it.

“Oh why are you out? I was just going back to my room.” Grandma said awkwardly.

But suddenly she saw Kizy’s neck and a satisfied smile bloomed on her face.

“Grandma why are you still awake? We had our dinner almost half an hour ago.” Kizy said while trying to hide her exposed neck.

“Oh that! Actually I went back to my room and fell asleep, but then I realised that there was no water in my room. So I came to fetch some.” Grandma said.

“But your room is on the ground floor, and so is kitchen. This is second floor grandma.” Kizy still questioned.

“Oh my! Look at my memory. Guess I am being more forgetful with each passing day. I forgot where the kitchen is. Go and sleep now, I will go back. Bye goodnight.” with that grandma immediately went back, without letting Kizy speak another word.

Kizy entered back in the room dejectedly.

“Confirmed?” Markus asked with a smug smile.

“Grandma is gone. No need to act anymore. Go shower now.” Kizy replied while puffing her cheeks.

Markus felt that he had teased her enough and went to shower.

Finally Kizy was about to sleep when her phone buzzed, showing an incoming call.

‘Who will call this late?’ Kizy thought to herself before picking the phone but after looking at the number, she was wide awake.

She checked that Markus wouldn’t be coming out soon, before finally accepting the call.

“Second sister as you said, I kept one alive but a problem arised.” First sister said from the opposite side.

“What happened now?” Kizy asked in a low voice. But she knew that first sister won’t be telling her any good news.