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fate of love episode 44

Of love ❤️

By; succie

Chapter 44

Millet comes out from the mansion and sees Janet outside the mansion.

“Ma. Janet, what brings you here”.

“I need your help Millet”.

“With what ma.janet”

“Can you please tell me where Sharon and Jesse are hiding in Busan”.

“Why ma.janet, is everything okay”.

“Yes Millet, you don’t have to worry, I just have something important to discuss with Jesse”.

“Okay ma.janet, they are stay in no.10 songjeong street in Busan, it won’t be [email protected] to locate the place, once you are in songjeong street”.

“Thanks alot Millet”.

“You are welcome ma. Janet, but are you sure there is no problem”.

“Not at all Millet, thanks alot”. Janet said and Millet nods with a smile.

Few minutes after Janet left, Millet enters the mansion, and Jace approach her.

“Why was Janet here”.

“And why should I answer your question Jace”.

“Because am Don Roman’s right hand man”.

“And does it look like I care”.

“Listen Millet, if I find out that you know the whereabouts of Jesse and Sharon, am going to tell on you”.

“Go and ahead Jace, because you won’t find any evidence against me, because I know nothing, and I hope that Don Roman never finds out about where Jesse and Sharon are”.

“Just know that am watching your every move Millet”.

Millet scoffs and said. “Whatever Jace, you can follow me all you want, I don’t care, you are just Don Roman’s dog”.

“What did you just say to me”.

“Am sure you are not deaf”. Millet said and went upstairs, and Jace just look at her.



Don Roman throws a chair at his men and yells in anger.

“How can you say, you can’t find Jesse and Sharon in the whole of Seoul, are you trying to say they elope into the moon”. Don Roman yells.

“We did our best in finding them Don Roman, but it seems they are not in Seoul”. One of his men said.

“Then where could they be!!!!!!”. Don Roman yells again looking so angry, and Sam enters..

“Don Roman”.

“What do you want!!!” He yells.

“One of our clients just call he s£nd he wants the drugs he paid for”.

“Well tell him, we aren’t giving him any”.

“But why Don Roman”.

“Are you now questioning me”.

“Am sorry Don Roman, but this client of ours is Add!¢ted to drugs, if we don’t give him what he wants, he might tell on us, and he already paid a huge money for his delivery”.

“Does it look like I care, get out from my sight Sam, am discussing something important”.

“But Don Roman we……”

“Just get out Sam!!!!!”. Don Roman yells and Sam quickly leaves.

“And as for all of you, don’t report back to me until you find my daughter got it”.

“Yes Don Roman”.

“Now go and continue searching for my daughter”. He said, and his men bows before leaving the warehouse and Don Roman folds his fist in anger.

“Where did you take my daughter to Jesse!!!!!!, Wait still I caught you, you are going to regret big time”. He hits the table in anger.


Janet was arranging a few food stuff inside a sack, and Violet enters.

“Aunt, are you going somewhere”.

Janet looks at her and said. “I thought you were mad at me, you weren’t even in this house for two days”.

“Am sorry Aunt, I just wanted to clear my head, so where are you going”. She asked smiling.

Janet sighs and said. “Am going to meet Jesse and Sharon”.

“You know where they are”.

“Yes, Millet told me where they are staying in Busan, I Want to give them a few things, and also speak to Jesse”.

“Can I go with you”.

“You Want to go with me”.

“Yes Aunt, I want to also see how my best friend is doing”.

“Okay Violet, you can come with me, Happy now”.

And Violet nods smiling, Janet looks at her and smiles.



Joanna was walking towards the [email protected], when she sees Liam coming her way, and she quickly turns to go back, and Liam ran to where she was.


“What do you want Liam”.

“Are you still mad at me, I have said sorry more than a million times, what do you want me to do, do you want me to go on my knees and beg you, am sorry Joanna”.

“Whatever Liam”. Joanna said and made a step to leave, and Liam quickly went on his knees, and Joanna was taken by surprise.

“Am sorry Joanna, if I made you jealous, they are my [email protected], and that why I was smiling with them, am so sorry”.

Joanna looks around and said.

“Can you please get up”.

“Have you forgiven me, if you haven’t then I won’t, until you do”. Liam still kneeling down.

Joanna sighs and Said. “Fine I have forgiven you, get up”.

“Are you sure you have, you might ignore me again”.

“No I won’t, just get up Liam”. Joanna said looking around praying so [email protected] that any students shouldn’t [email protected] by.

“Just stand up Liam”. Joanna said again.

Liam smiles and stood to his feet.

“You are so crazy you know that”.

“Yes I know, and I think is because of you, I can’t wait for you to grow up quickly”. Liam pouted out, Joanna looks at him and smile.

“Close your eyes”.

“Why Joanna, are you trying to hit me”.

“Just do as I have said, or you want me to get mad”. Joanna said Liam quickly close his eyes.

Joanna looks at him and smiles, she looks around, before walking close to me, she raised her feet and pecks him on his cheek and quickly runs away.

Liam touch his cheek, and a huge smile appears on his face.



Sharon comes out from the house, and sees Jesse pressing out the juice of grap-e s.

“What are you doing jesse”. She asked and sits beside him.

“Am trying to make some local wines Sharon, and sell it at the local market”.

And Sharon looks at him with surprised.

“You never told me you know how to make wines”.

“That because I didn’t want to tell you Sharon, is a dream that I have given up on”.

“You want to own a wine company”. She asked and Jesse nods.

“So why are you giving up Jesse”.

“Because no one is interested in helping me out Sharon, so that why am giving up”.

“That not the right to thing to do Jesse, you don’t have to give up, am sure one-day, some one will be interested in helping you, and am also here too”.

Jesse look at her and smiles.


“Yes Jesse, we are going to achieve your dreams together”.

“And what about you Sharon, what you dream”.

“Emmm, to be with you forever”. She said with a smile.

Jesse chuckles with a smile and care-ss her cheeks, he was about klzzing her, when Janet calls his name.


And he quickly looks at her.

“Mom, Violet”. He calls looking at both of them, while Sharon continues to look at Violet wondering why she was here.


“How are you and Sharon coping here”.

“We are good mom, how are you Violet”.

“Now you care, you left without a word”.

“Am sorry Violet, we had to leave immediately, and you weren’t at home then”. Jesse explains.

“Whatever Jesse”.she said folding her hands, and Sharon looks at her without saying a word, she wraps her arms around Jesse, and place her head on his shoulder, and when Violet see her cuddling herself in Jesse’s arms, she became so angry, but didn’t show it or say a word.

“Actually Jesse, there is a reason I came here”.

“Why mom, is everything okay in Seoul”.

“Everything is fine, is just your dad already ask for my forgiveness”.

“And so”.

“He said is okay if you don’t want to accept as your dad, but he wants to help you out, before he leaves for China for good”.

“I don’t need his help mom, he should go back to China or Japan, wherever he choose to go to, I don’t care mom, I don’t need his Fortune”.

“But son with his help you can be able to achieve your dreams and become rich”.

“I don’t need him mom, and since when have you been on his side”.

“Am not on any one side son, I just want you to achieve your dreams, and besides he already accepted the fact that you can’t accept him as his dad”.

“Yes I can’t accept him as my dad, so there is no way am going to accept his offer”.

“Why are you been so stubborn Jesse, is it because you don’t want to leave this place, is she always giving her body to you, is that why you can’t leave Busan and come back to Seoul, to achieve your dreams”. Violet yells.

“Violet will you please stop, stop with the blame, of always blaming Sharon in everything”. Jesse said.

“Well isn’t she reason why you are here, if her dad can’t freaking accept you, why can’t you just leave this no good of a whore”.

“Violet!!!!!!!”. Both Jesse and Janet yells her name, while Sharon kept calm, Wondering what she has done to Violet to make her hate her so much, she wasn’t affected by what Violet call her, because she knows she wasn’t a whore.

“You know what am out of here, keep on fooling yourself Jesse, because one-day Sharon is going to leave you”. Violet said and storms out of the house, and that was when Sharon became affected by what she said.

“What going on with Violet mom”. Jesse asked looking confused.

“I have no idea son, but are you sure you don’t want to accept your dad’s offer”.

“No mom, he should go to hell for all I care”. Jesse said, and Janet sighs.


After Janet left, Jesse went to meet Sharon in the room, she has been in there without coming out.

“Sharon I prepared dinner for us, let eat together”. He said.

“Go ahead Jesse am not hungry”.

“What wrong Sharon, I noticed you have been quite the whole time, is everything okay”.

“Is about what Violet said Jesse, maybe am the reason why you can’t go back to Seoul”.

Jesse sighs and went to sit beside her on the bed.

“That not true Sharon, I choose not to accept anything from that man, because I hate him so much, you don’t have to overthink Sharon”.

“And do you think am ever going to leave you”.

“Well will you”.

“Never Jesse”. Sharon said shaking her head.

“Then I don’t believe a word Violet said”.

“But why is she always mad at me, I haven’t done anything wrong to her”.

“Just let her be Sharon, she may act cranky outside but she is really nice, that why am always putting up with her little madness”. Jesse asked.

And Sharon smiles.

Jesse looks at her and said.

“So should we continue from where we stop”.

“Where we stop what Jesse”.

Jesse smiles and moves closer to her, and whispers in her ear.

“Before my mom interrupted”. Jesse said, and Sharon quickly got down from the bed.

“No Jesse, you aren’t getting any klzz from me”.

“Really, how about I take it by force”.

“Well if you can”.

Jesse tries to grab her, but Sharon quickly run out from the room, and Jesse chase after her, and both continue running around the entire house laughing.



Don Roman came out from the car, and was about to enter the mansion when Violet approach him.

“Don Roman”.

Don Roman looks at her and said.

“What the heck are you doing here at this time of the night Violet”.

“I have been waiting for you, and I noticed that, that good for nothing Millet is on leave”.

“And what does that got to do with you, leave Violet if you don’t have something useful to say”. Don Roman said and made an attempt to leave and Violet quickly said.

“I know where you can find Jesse and Sharon”



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