Zoe Episode 9

ZOE (the missing Seal)
Episode 9.
Written by Amah
He suddenly stood up and stared down at her, something wasn’t right. He moved away from her and asked suspiciously
“What have you done….what did you do?
His tone was harsh and frightening and he was looking at her with so much anger.
She looked up at him and refused to say anything.
He felt like shaking her and ma-king her to speak up.
He sat up and asked again, this time more fierce than the first.
“What in gods name did you do…?
She remained calm and still did not reply him.
She felt helpless as his eyes burn down on her.
Hadar has instructed her on one cu-p of the content but she decided to give him double. She wanted to be certain of the night. One cu-p will make him snap out fast but with the double dose he will be too engrossed in the task at hand, he won’t be able to reason any other thing except to perform his duty and do exactly what he was supposed to do.
It was all going well and she was patiently waiting for the time of the semen but it never c@m£, she got tired but he wasn’t satisfied.
With a strong hope she waited. All that is required was patient.
all she did was to lie like a log of wood and wait for the perfect time for the one thing she de-sires so much and despite she was weak but she hold onto the tiny hope that was mixed with fear.
He suddenly st©pped and to Zoe’s shock, he spilled it on the be-d.
She cried out in anguish she bent as if she wanted to gather up the content, she risked everything for this. It cannot be happening.
The night was far spent, she has kept awake for hours all for the same thing that he just spilled away again.
She couldn’t scream even though that was all she wanted to do. She stare at the gentle fli-ckers of light as it burns quietly in a corner
Rolf knew something was not right. He almost made the worst mistake of his life.
He calculated how long he stayed on her with full b©dy strength it was unlike him and something wasn’t clear.
He almost spill his semen inside her but have to f0rç£ himself out.
Rolf, sat up on the be-d trying to catch his breath, he looked at her ashen sad face and knew she must have done something to him.
He was not in his normal self and has never felt this way before now.
He has suspected her calm and niceness in the beginning but waved it off.
She even wanted to get him drun!k. The wine that taste so strange…yes it must be from the wine.
Rolf quic-kly stood up and rushed to the wine pitcher that was still on the table.
He opened it and smelled it before turning to Zoe.
“This is not a normal wine, what sort of wine is this Zoe, what sort…I ask you again. This does not taste like my usual gr@p£ wine. I noticed it last night but did not take it serious. What sort of wine is this? Answer me or come and have a taste of it to prove to me that is a normal gr@p£ wine…
Zoe ignored him, she l@ypensively and did not even turn to look at what he was holding.
She was disappointed in her unfortunate life than whatever Rolf was saying.
He moved closer to Zoe with the wine pitcher and pu-ll-ed her up angrily.
“Take a taste of this and prove to me that you did not add anything to it. Take it right now before I strangle you alive.
Zoe collected the wine, she stood up from the be-d and smashed the pitcher to the ground. It broke into pieces, Rolf opened his eyes in shock.
She was tired and dares whatever will happen to happen.
“Go ahead and strangle me to death my Lord. I’m better off dead than alive. I see nothing will make you do what the law demand not even when you are drun!k, even in death you will still not let it go. Go ahead and kill me. Continue from where your brother left of me. I’m not better off than a slave to be used and tortured. I am tired of you and everyone in this household…
Rolf looked at her, his anger almost evaporate at the thought that Zoe has almost succeeded in getting his semen into her. The thought that she added something to his wine to get him high so that he will do her bidding, such thought alone was driving him crazy. But he remained calm.
“…I nee-ded to do whatever I have to do just to make you obey the law of the land and give your brother heir. Nob©dy asked me to add something to your wine, all this was my idea and is not to hurt you but for you to give your late brother a child and multi-ply your father’s household. But I can see you are possess with hatred and am tired of trying so ha-rd all for nothing…strangle me, get it done with if that will make you happy because I am tired of living. I am tired of life itself and I hate everything I’m been f0rç£d into.
Rolf sat ha-rd on the be-d and comb his hand in his head.
“Zoe, why…why do you want to go against my wish? You could have make me a double murderer because the moment I find out that you are with a child I would have killed you and the child. why do you want my hands to be stained with an innocent blood. I told you none of my seed will belong to Kuwe, you watch me swore it with my forefather’s. I was not mincing word when I said all that. Going against my every word to do yours would have gotten you into my wrath and even worst because I will never spare you. How do you want me to say it to you for you to listen? I will never condone what I hate? Zoe, I am not like Kuwe, I am very different and also deadlier especially when my every word is taken granted by the very woman who supposed to be my wife and also my supporter. Why will you think of such? Zoe, I won’t warn you again…I won’t but I will bring down hell on you and everyone involve if you dares pl@ysmart game on me next time, I will lose hell on you and everything you holds dearly. If you pl@ysuch expensive game with me again it will be digging your grave. Let this be the last time we are having this conversation…I am not begging. I am commanding you not to repeat such act. It will not be funny at all…and you will regret ever going against my word. If I’m re-ady to remain childless in order not to give out my seed to my late brother so be it. Kuwe’s name will be erased and I really do not care. If father want his household to increase he should mate with mother or marry another wife…or better still wait for Shelar to grow up. Whatever he wants but he has to leave me out of it. Zoe, for the sake of the love I once had for you don’t ever try such nons-en-se or I will do as I promised.
Zoe put out the cloth that holds the semen away carefully.
She did not wait for morning to come before running off to the field all by herself digging the ground and crying sadly.
She nee-ded to do something to remain sane because she was almost going insane.
Hadar c@m£ to the field to fetch her.
“..The plans did not work out I guess…hope he did not hurt you? Come back to the house, I have prepared a h0t bath for you. I saw Rolf going out this morning, he pause along the way to stare up at me angrily and did not even respond to my greetings. I knew then he found out or he suspects. How many cu-p of the wine did you give him to take…?
“I gave him two, I know you instructed one Hadar but I just wanted him to pas-s out completely, I did not want anything to go wrong or for him to get himself in between. He rode me like a hoarse with full f0rç£ all night long, I was almost pas-sing out but I held onto hope for what is yet to come. After the long night marathon he spilled it away. He said he would have killed me and the child if I have succeeded in conceiving. Hadar I saw it in his eyes, he meant every word of it. He would have indeed harm me and the unborn child if I have become pregnant with his seed that will belong to his brother. Hadar he is not re-ady to st©p spilling his semen and that is what he will keep doing for the rest of his life. Rolf said he is not after having children of his own all because of the hatred he sto-re up for his brother. I’m going to report him to Lord Amos. They should st©p counting days or months for me, is high time he talks to his wicked son to do the right thing. He should st©p counting on me for children when all his son does is to pour the children to the ground and even re-ady to kill me if I have succeeded in tricking him and gotten pregnant. I have my evidence and I will show it to Lord Amos. The cloth that holds last night semen is what I will use as my evidence. He nee-d to make his son to retrace his step and give his brother a child that will bear his name if not, I fear for this household. Kuwe died with no child to his name, Rolf is not re-ady to have one. Lord Amos is left with only one son Shelar who is yet to grow out like his brothers. This is really not fair…it makes me have doubt in my self. Why me in all of this…
Hadar was torn ap@rt as Zoe weep sadly.
She helped her up and guide her back to the house.
She asked her to wash off the earth cake and her dusty face which has tears line.
Zoe washed up her b©dy and wore the new cloth that Hadar brou-ght to her.
“Maybe is high time Lord Amos knows about his son’s deeds. You cannot bear this shame and pain alone, Rolf has to share in it too. Lord Amos nee-d to caution his son and bring him to order if he really want his household to multi-ply because you cannot pregnant yourself. Rolf nee-d to do as the law requires of him.
Zoe left with her che-st filled up to meet up with Lord Amos.
She has done everything possible and the last option is to meet the head of the entire family who is looking out for her to get pregnant.
He nee-ds to know that she is not infertile but his son is very heartless and has refused to re-lease his semen for his brother.
When Zoe got there, Lord Amos and his bosom friend, the only friend that he grew up together with. Lord Lamech. They were drinking, talking and laughing together.
Zoe saw it wasn’t a good time and went back. Watching and waiting for Lord Lamech to leave but evening c@m£ and they both strolled out and when night settled Zoe decided to hope for the next day.
That night she wish to sleep in a separate room but that will raise a questioning eye brow on her.
She can no longer bear the evil act of Rolf but she is left with no choice than to return to the chamber as the night c@m£.
Rolf did not t©uçh her and she was glad and sle-pt in peace.
The following day, she picked up the cloth and found out her evidence has dried up.
If she has to appear before Lord Amos she must come with a good evidence so that it won’t look like she was ma-king up the story in other to save herself.
The following day Rolf still did not t©uçh her until the third day.
And she secured the semen and got re-ady to leave that morning to see Lord Amos.
The semen was still wra-pped up in the cloth.
she will pour out her mind to Lord Amos in other for him to do something quic-k if he really want his household to multi-ply.
To be continued