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June 15, 2021


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Zoe Episode 7

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ZOE. (The missing Seal)

Episode 7.

Written by Amah



Hadar took a great care of her work and service to Zoe, insuring that everything was in other.

She made sure that every inch of the house walls, ceiling and floor was well swept.

Then she sprinkled the room with salt water, create a tiny hole in the stone wall and seal it up with some saint leaf mixture all was to stop any evil spirit from entering and anything that may prevent conception.

She filled a small lamp with scented oil and placed a tray incense in each of the four corner of the house.

She sprayed the whole warm chamber with tusk fragrance which will boast s£xuality and increase fertility.

She sprayed the big bed with a soft weaved colly cloth where the couple will lay and get together.

She was determine to make sure nothing in the household of Lord Amos will prevent Zoe from conceiving.

She looked around the room and was satisfied with her work.

Hadar stepped out and saw Zoe with Rolf.

They were in the means of few gathering who came to drink and merry with them on their wedding.

Hadar went to Zoe and she looked up at her and smile.



“You aren’t drinking Zoe, take some alcohol, is very good for your stomach.


“I don’t like alcohol Hadar, is intoxicating and I don’t want to get intoxicated.



ignored her, she went straight to where the alcohol was kept and poured some into a cup she handed it to Zoe and asked her to drink and she obeyed and drank.

Hadar later left after asking her to take another cup, Zoe obeyed and decided to take another cup.


Rolf looked at her and his eyes was filled with passion for her.

Hadar knew that a little drink will make Zoe to relax and enjoy her night with Rolf.

She was ready to make sure that everything goes well and nothing is left untouched.

Hadar looked up to heaven and prayed to the God of Lord Amos to bless Rolf and Zoe’s union.

Zoe and Rolf had their first night together in the warm room set up by Hadar.

Their passion burns so hot and it was gentle and different, so different from what Zoe has always knew.

Different from what she and Kuwe shared.

The days went and they continued in their passion even till the fourteenth day was over.

On the her last fertile day Hadar sat outside the close door throughout that night, playing a small drum and singing quietly just to prevent any jealous spirit that will hinder Zoe from conceiving during this period. She believed she was driving away any demon or bad spirit that will interrupt the two passionate couple from making a baby.

Hadar couldn’t wait for Zoe to conceive and bore a child for the household of Lord Amos. And after then the girl she has loved and served all her life

will get the full respect that she deserve.

She will become a proud mother and make Lord Amos proud just as he has always wanted.


Zoe found out that Rolf was more cunning than his brother, she was ashamed and weak to speak to anybody about it.

She couldn’t even tell Hadar the wickedness of Rolf.

That night they lay quietly in bed after another early night of passion.


Hadar has kept awake most night playing the silent drum and singing quietly and sometimes she just sat outside and prayed to the God of Lord Amos to bless Zoe.


Zoe was saddened with Rolf behavior which she was greatly ashamed to speak of everything happening. Rolf has denied her the chance of bearing a child, he denied her the right to be a mother.

She couldn’t bear it any more she tried to scream out her pain but Rolf held her mouth tight from making a loud noise.


Link – 728 x 90

“How can you do this evil, you dishonor me, your father and late brother.


Zoe grabbed a cloth and covered up herself as they lay in bed.


“Zoe, I do care and cherish you, I promise to treat you far better than Kuwe has ever treated you…please.


“What do you mean in treating me better when you do this…is this better…?


Zoe pointed at the cloth where the content lies carelessly.


“My lord the only purpose we are together is to multiply your father’s household and to bear a son for your late brother…why do you do this wicked thing.


Rolf sat up from the bed, Zoe stared at him with so much anger in her eyes.


“Stop looking at me that way Zoe, what is wrong with enjoying ourselves? What is wrong of swimming in each other’s passion and having a great fun together?


“we have an obligation my Lord which is to fulfill your father’s wish, to give your brother, my late husband a heir. And that is what you must do because is the main reason for this our union, is not to have fun or merry in each other’s arm. I have watched you do this evil and I can’t take it anymore.


Rolf glared at her and said



“ Nobody has any right to tell me what to do…who are you to tell me what to do Zoe, I own my body I can do whatever I pleases with it and I am having fun with the woman I love and I promise to take care of you…


“No you don’t love me, if you truly love me you will do the right thing and make me pregnant, for the sake of what I stand for in this household. Stop treating me like a prostitute…there is only one thing I want, one thing you can use to prove your love for me and your royalty to your father and late brother but you kept spilling it on the ground. Why…why do you do such?… Pulling out just when I needed it most and pouring your seed on the floor, on the bed and anywhere you feels like. you avoid it getting into me. Is a total wickedness…


Zoe threw off the cloth that Rolf spilled off his semen angrily


“Kuwe use to complain that you are stubborn and I do not want to be believe that you will turn out as a nagging wife. What is difficult in understanding me as your new husband? I love you but I will never give my seed to Kuwe. He is dead and that is good for him but I will never give my seed to him. Everything about him has to die off. I will keep spilling it away so that you will not conceive and bore a child that will belong to Kuwe. I hate him even till death and I can’t do as father has asked or the law demands…I will do as I want and you should follow my command Zoe. Stop arguing with me every time over this…I enjoys you and I want you to understand and enjoy me too.


“I will not allow you treat me like a harlot…do you think your father will not grieve and weep over this dirty act of yours. They will all think I am at fault…they will think I cannot conceive but you are throwing off every chance of me doing that. You are throwing it away. Please don’t deny me my right or you will be cheating your father’s entirely household. What future do I have with all this act of yours…



Rolf snapped angrily at Zoe


“You have the future I gives you. You have me and I have you that is all that matters. I was in the field pasturing father’s flocks and making sure that they are grassing well. I was at the landing inspecting the building is properly laid, I was in the farm house making sure all product are well stack up. I did all this while Kuwe was at the arena gambling with father’s money and living his life when he should have been thinking of starting his own family. Now he is gone they want me to produce heir that will bear his name so that his name will keep living. Never. I will never do that. I am sorry Zoe, this is not because of you is a war between Kuwe and I will make sure his name is totally erased from this earth. No sperm of mine will get into you for you to conceive and bear a child for him…I will keep throwing it off. if that is what I will do for the rest of my life then is fine by me.


Zoe was shocked at Rolf hatred for Kuwe, his elder brother. The hatred was huge and burns like fire that even in death he still hold unto the hate.


“…you don’t know what I also suffered in my brother’s hand. Growing up with him was trouble. He beat me at everything and whenever I run to mother she will look the other and will not care or reprimand Kuwe. She will say “respect your brother” I started developing hatred for him right from when we were still boys and it burns like fire as we grow and I watch him do the same evil to other people and also to you. The truth is I was so happy when he died, I rejoice as if it was a new born celebration. It gave me pleasure to watch him die, I wanted to dance and laugh so loud and I know you felt the same way too.


Zoe hushed him immediately. He smile and look down at her mockingly.


“I take no pleasure in your brother’s death. Please do not include me in your wickedness. If this continue I will be forced to report you to your father…


Rolf laughed out loudly before turning to her


“It will be my word against yours. Father never does anything serious to stop Kuwe when he was dealing with me during our younger days. He scold him few times and that was it and now he wants me to give Kuwe heir that will carry his name. So that Kuwe will keep living through my seed. That will never happen. And if you report me I will tell father that I did my duty as is required of me but your womb is close and you can’t conceive. He will believe me. And like you already know mother hates you passionately, it will be an opportunity for her to glory in your predicament. So the best you can do is to remain shut and not say anything to anyone. Let’s enjoy ourselves in the arm of each other and live our youth in a beautiful way not thinking of how to make babies which the first will take over Kuwe’s name. Kuwe belong to the dead and also is his name. Let his name die too because I will never ever give my seed to be conceived for him. Is better wasted than to have Kuwe’s name on it.


Rolf wrapped his arm around Zoe, drawing her into his warm self.

Zoe slapped off his hand and moved to the far end of the bed. He rush up at Zoe again, Zoe fought hard with him and pushed him away from her.


What is the point of being laid when at the end he will spill the only thing that matters most to her on the ground just to prevent his brother from having a child or increasing his father’s household.


Rolf left her alone and slept off without a pang of guilt, he was not disturbed at all as he was already snoring within few minute of sleeping off.


Zoe lay awake thinking to herself.


To be continued

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