Zoe Episode 6

ZOE (The missing Seal)
Episode 6.
Written by Amah
” … you and Rolf will become husband and wife and like the law demands, your first male offspring will belong to Kuwe, your late husband and my first son.
” Yes my Lord…
Zoe bow in respect to Lord Amos and straighten again while still on her knees.
She stood with her head bent obe-diently as Lord Amos suddenly becomes quiet.
Amos wanted to say something but held back.
He looked at Zoe again, her head remain bent, she has never objected or argue over any task given to her.
Even when she has a choice and right to argue over the tasks but she will not.
Lord Amos wanted to say anything that might give the poor girl comfort and hope and also how Kuwe has treated her but he reconsidered because
Whatever he says will demean Kuwe.
Kuwe was still the first fruit of his loins, the first show of his strength as a man.
He couldn’t speak ill of him even though he was evil during his short life time.
Saying few prayers for Zoe will ease his heavy conscience and make the girl to feel at peace.
” May you be fruitful and multi-ply my house. Bearing sons and daughters to my lineage. Zoe, you will be fertile and my grandchildren shall come from thee and I will boast when I become old for the children you bore to my household shall be a blessing of my gray hair…
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Lord Amos knew that Rolf will not suffer her as Kuwe has done. His second son was not violence or evil. Rolf has human sympathy at heart although he has never gotten along with his elder brother.
They detest each other and Rolf do not hides his hatred for Kuwe but that doesn’t mean he was like Kuwe.
Rolf is different and he will love Zoe like she deserves.
Zoe rose to her feet, she lifted her head and looked up at her father in-law.
Lord Amos was discomfited by the warm in her eyes.
Zoe was beautiful and strong. She looks better now with a glow around her than before.
Amos nodded towards her.
” You may leave now”
Zoe turned to leave but suddenly turned back and looked at Lord Amos with something de-ep beneath her eyes and weighs heavily at her heart.
” May I speak with you my Lord?
Zoe asked still looking at Lord Amos who raised an eyebrow, wondering what exactly the girl wanted to say.
” Since my duty here is to bear children for your household, will you also teach me the ways of your God? I do not want to follow the strange ways of the land in worsh!pand I know you detest that yet you have never given me a direction on how to worsh!pthis true God in heaven that you serve.
Lord Amos stiffened, he breathed de-eply before saying.
” I will instruct Rolf concerning that. He will show you how to serve the God of my forefathers, the true God of heaven. You will be taught at the right time Zoe.
” My Lord, there is no perfect time to learn. Your second son do not know the de-ep things that you do. He may say it but I nee-d a strong guideline to follow. The time is long past my Lord and I de-sire to learn soon without the postponing…
“Don’t you dares reprimand me Zoe…
Lord Amos clenched his fist at the boldness of the girl and the hunger she sees in her eyes. She really wanted to know about God.
“No, I will never do such my Lord. Who am i to reprimand you. I beg for your pardon… I only want….
Lord Amos saw the tears gathered up in Zoe’s eyes, he ignored her appeal.
” Leave right away, I’m done with you…
He said to Zoe, more like a command.
Zoe bow and flee out of his pres£nce.
Lord Amos wondered within him as Zoe left.
What could he even tell Zoe about God, it was God that struck Kuwe for his cruelty. His household has dropped after Kuwe’s death now all he was concerned is in multi-plying it throu-gh Zoe.
” ….God’s ways are perfect, all he requires is to do what is right, to live mercifully and to walk humbly before him. Obey his commandments for obe-dience is better than sacrifice. Stay clear off evil. serve him in truth and in spirit, fear the Lord and seek him for he is the rewarder of those that diligently seek him….
Lord Amos sat up as his father’s words c@m£ pouring into his mind.
He remembered every word his father has constantly echoed to his heart.
He was even in great fear now than before after his sons death. On a good day and in perfect timing Zoe will come to know about God.
Zoe was with Hadar, her nursed who was asked to stay with her for sometime. They were together that night. sitting outside the house.
In three days time she will be handed over to Rolf by Lord Amos.
Zoe told Hadar everything that Lord Amos has said.
Rolf will sleep with her and she will conceive and bore a child for Kuwe who will take up his name. Then the rest of the children she will give birth to will belong to her and Rolf.
” Rolf is a nice man, he is good looking and also loving. why do you seem afraid?
Zoe knew Rolf was handsome but he also has a big fist like hammer. Just like Kuwe.
What if he changes later and becomes like his late brother.
Zoe quic-kly waved off such thoughts.
She breathed in slowly. she will not allow herself to dwell in fear of the past.
She will have to be positive and free her mind so that nothing will prevent her conception.
Although Rolf kept the same kind of friends like his elder brother kept but he doesn’t patronize the arena games or gamble with the merchant. He was in charge of most of his father’s business and foresee things in his different pasture and landings. Even with the numerous servants and workers he still does what is required of him and treat everyone well.
” Be happy Zoe, is obvious that Lord Amos is standing by you. He is on your side not on lady Samar’s. He doesn’t even believe whatever she said because he knows everyone’s character un-der his care. Rolf will make a good husband… don’t be afraid. Your mother in-law has sing your doom to Lord Amos ears for months. She does not want Rolf in the same room with you, let alone the same be-d. She hates the fact that you will become Rolf’s wife.
Zoe looked at the shooting stars. She lowered her voice to a whisper
” No one should blame her, lady Samar is doing everything a mother will do. I will grieve too for a lost son if I was in her shoes.
” You have to be careful with lady Samar, she seek someone to blame for Kuwe’s death and you are her closest target. Although all the blame is la-id at her feet for supporting her son’s evil deeds. She suspect you Zoe, lady Samar is claiming that you cast a spell on Kuwe and killed him for what he did to you.
Zoe turned sharply and looked at Hadar.
” What kind of power do I even have to do such. I am nothing except a common maiden married off to bear children for Lord Amos household. What will I really gain in killing my husband. I’m not fully free because I’m still bond to this household. I never harmed Kuwe, I nursed him when he was sick and cared for him until his death. Why will anyone want to blame me after seeing how wicked he was.
” Shhh…my child, you don’t have to worry over what people say. They all saw him beat you severally yet they look the other way and did nothing to save you from him. Lady Samar is jealous that Lord Amos is standing by you. She is afraid of losing her position so she lies and kept lying. A lie told often is eventually accepted as truth. Be at peace my child, you have prevailed. Lord Amos has given Rolf to you as husband. is clear he believes the God of his father took his son despite lady Samar’s claims that you have a p@rt in it. But be careful because she is as cunning as a serpent. She will have no choice now than to live with the fact that Lord Amos is in full support of your union with Rolf. Lady Samar sees you as enemy so be wise and follow her with all wisdom.
Zoe nodded before returning her look to the shooting stars.
She knew Lord Amos is not standing by her or by his wife. He stands alone. He is only taking the necessary steps to preserve his family and multi-ply his lineage.
She stood up to return to her quarter, she was hiding her hurt, disappointment and the unknown fear from Hadar.
Lord Amos refused to guide her in the ways of his God, even though his God clearly has the power of life and death in his hands.
” I really do want this household to prosper and multi-ply, I want to fulfill my duty and bear children as it is required of me.
” You will Zoe, Rolf will give you a child and many children will come from you.
Zoe nodded and walked into her quarter to rest for the night.
Hadar watched her and felt pity for her. Her heart aches heavily for Zoe. No one in this household deserves Zoe. She was very kind, lovely, ha-rd working, loyal and accommod@t!ng. Zoe carries herself with dignity especially when she is faced with lady Samar’s insult, anger and outbur-st.
Hadar loves Zoe dearly as she would have loved any child of her own wo-mb. She has nursed and trained Zoe to be strong and it saddens her to watch the way she was been treated.
After two days Lord Amos has summoned Hadar, he sought her out to Make his inquiries concerning Zoe.
Lord Amos wasn’t straight with word, he fibled on and on
Hadar un-derstood what exactly he was trying to say and saved him the embarras-sment by rightly answering his concerned questions which he tries to finds perfect ways to ask.
“The best time for conception will be in fourteen days. Zoe’s b©dy cycle is in perfect order my Lord. And in fourteen days it will fall into her fertile period where she will quic-kly take in.
” Are you certain about this… fourteen days is a perfect time to conceive?
Lord Amos asked concerned.
” Yes, my Lord I’m very certain.
Hadar knows everything about Zoe, and Zoe keeps no secret from her.
She brou-ght Zoe up and marked her first flow and all her b©dy changes.
She knows the days if her cycle and counted it from the full moon so that she will know precisely which day offered greatest fertility period.
Hadar takes her time to study Zoe and she was certain about the fourteen days she told Lord Amos.
After three days Zoe and Rolf bec@m£ husband and wife.
And so the count down begins.
To be continued