Zoe Episode 5

ZOE. (The missing Seal)
Episode 5.
Written by Amah
It may appear that she was delivered from the hand of Kuwe but in truth she wasn’t fully.
Her pres£nt situation was not better off than before, it looks worst to her.
She was a widow and also bond to Lord Amos household.
She has no husband, no child, no right standing in the Lord Amos household after her husband’s death and she couldn’t go home. as much as she has wished to return to her father’s house but she was not allowed to do so.
She can only be free from all of this if Lord Amos do the right thing as tradition demands.
The ways of the land is a unique one that when a man dies without a child his younger brother takes his dead brother’s wife and gives his brother a son throu-gh her
So that the brother’s name and linage will not die along side.
The son will continue with the late father’s line while every other child born after then belong to the younger brother.
This was wi-dely practice all around the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Zoe was patiently waiting for days till when Lord Amos will speak to her concerning her next fate.
The mourning period was going to last for 90 days. she decided to focus on other things during then instead of wondering what lies beneath Lord Amos heart and his plans for her.
Zoe occu-pied her mind with imagination of the true God of Lord Amos.
If truly he was the one that struck down Kuwe why haven’t he also do the same to lady Samar who openly worsh!ped and burned incense right in the compound.
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Lady Samar built a shrine at one corner of the house were she burnt her incense and and bow everyday to her god.
Lord Amos never goes anywhere near the corner of the shrine.
He makes sure he kept his distance from lady Samar anytime she goes into her shrine.
” Why haven’t the true God of heaven struck down Lord Amos for allowing his wife to bring up his children in the ways of the strange gods. Despite Lord Amos never permit it, he stayed away from any idol but it was his wife that brou-ght up the children in a strange way. Why did he watch her do it without st©pping her or forcing her to worsh!phis own God.
Kuwe turned out bad because of his up bringing. The children joined their mother to offer sacrifice and incense to Bianca, Yuri, Mae and so many other gods with different names. If God struck Kuwe why haven’t he also struck lady Samar for all this evil deeds or Lord Amos for not pressing ha-rd enough and standing by his rules to st©p his idolatry wife.
Zoe pause and robbe-d her hands together.
She looked around to make sure she was all alone.
She sat properly on her chair pu-ll back her hair shaw, she closed her eyes as the evening breeze graced her uncovered hair.
She was sitting at one corner of Kuwe’s chamber all alone where she can’t easily be seen.
She was alone with her thoughts.
Zoe looked up to the sky
” I have never seen Lord Amos offer sacrifice or Slaughter anything for his God, so how do he worsh!phim. How are we supposed to pray, what kind of food or meat do his God really eat. Or he doesn’t eat at all…so how I’m I supposed to know how to serve, worsh!pand pray to him. Is it only by living right? If it is so then is too simple. I have heard him say that the God of heaven requires us to live right and not worsh!pany idol because he is a jealous God. I have also heard him say that God do not require sacrifice but obe-dient…
Zoe wallowed in her different thought
Kuwe was no more her master, her fate now lies in Lord Amos hands.
And she was not afraid of whatever he decides.
She wish to know more of this his God and how to offer an offering to him, to thank him for not allowing her unborn children to be sacrificed to Yuri.
Zoe was halted in her thought as Rolf called her name which made her to quic-kly rose from where she sat.
” What is eating at you. You seem to be buried in your thoughts…I don’t mind if you share your troubles with me. Tell me what bothers you Zoe, I know is no more Kuwe because he has gone to the abyss and will never return to bother you.
Zoe looked up at him and frown. She took a separate seat and sat down leaving distance between her and Rolf.
Despite she has despised Kuwe when he was alive but he was her husband and the first son of Lord Amos. He also deserve some respect from his younger brother who never fails to show his disapproval over his elder brother.
” He was your elder brother my Lord. Even if you never showed respect or liked him when he was alive do so now that he is gone. He deserves some respect from you…
” Zoe, which other respect do Kuwe nee-ds except to be mourn which I have done alre-ady. I can’t grief for him for a whole ninety days, can’t even grief for him more than a day because he doesn’t deserve it. You should be happy that he is gone. He will never trouble you again… be happy and celebr@te for your freedom has come.
” He was my husband, he was your father’s first fruit, he was your elder brother… even though our living together was hell but I will grieve him in death… at least he deserves that respect.
Rolf smile, Zoe looked at him as his smile turned into a quiet laugh.
Rolf was as handsome as his late brother.
They all took after their father’s height, b©dy and beauty.
Lord Amos was a good looking man which is clearly where his sons got their fine looks.
Lady Samar was also beautiful in her own way but can’t be compared to Lord Amos.
Shelar, the last son of Lord Amos is the only one that shares in the mother’s resemblance.
Zoe looked at Rolf as he laugh quietly to avoid been heard.
She looked away, covered her head properly and stood up to leave
Rolf quic-kly caught her hand ma-king Zoe to turn in shock.
Rolf realized him self and pu-ll back his hand with an apology.
Rolf was not supposed to t©uçh Zoe especially during her mourning period.
It was a taboo and she must not be seen very close to another man until the mourning period is over and until Lord Amos hand her over to Rolf as his wife and the first son they bear together belongs to Kuwe. Until then she was not free to do otherwise because she still belongs to Lord Amos.
Rolf apologies again
Zoe ignored his apology and walked away.
Lord Amos walked round his chamber, troubled. The ninety days is almost over for Zoe’s mourning, he knew what he has to do but waited for the grieving days to be over before proceeding.
He looked out at his chamber and saw Zoe b!owing off wheat chaff from a weaved basket with Alia who appears to be by her side almost every time.
Lord Amos knew that Zoe has never loved Kuwe. she was only submitted to Kuwe, showed him full respect as a wife should and obeyed his command as her Lord.
She has been beaten severally but Zoe has never for once screamed Just to attra-ct people to her aid. she has never insulted Kuwe or disrespected him in any way.
She accepted her fate wholeheartedly, does whatever her mother in-law ask of her except becoming a pagan worsh!per.
Lord Amos was proud that his daughter in-law did not join his wife to worsh!pidols or burn incense.
He doesn’t know why Zoe couldn’t produce a heir for Kuwe even after her father confirmed her fertile.
He has wanted her to bore sons and daughters to Kuwe but it never turned out as planned and it probably got to do with the wickedness of his son.
Lord Amos breathed down, he saw her smile to whatever Alia said.
Lord Amos watched as his second son deliberately walked pas-s where Zoe and Alia stood working.
He looked at Zoe who refused to look up at him as her head remain bent on the wheat she was picking.
She was still in her mourning attire. Her head remain covered and so is every p@rt of her b©dy except her face.
She appears to be free and more lively than before.
Lord Amos breathed again as he saw his second son look at Zoe with an ungodly hunger in his eyes.
He knew that Rolf, his second son took no plea-sure in oppressing the weak or the innocent.
Rolf posses human feeling unlike Kuwe.
And is quiet obvious his second son yawn to have Zoe.
He doesn’t know if Zoe feels same way too.
Zoe was good at hiding her feelings which makes it ha-rd for people to know exactly what she was feeling or pas-sing throu-gh.
Lord Amos suddenly curved his mouth sadly and pu-ll-ed at his bears as he watched Rolf walk back again and looked at Zoe who raised her head this time and looked back at him.
Rolf smiled but Zoe did not.
They stare at each other and Zoe returned her look to the wheat.
She quic-kly covered her face properly as lady Samar appears.
Amos watch as his wife picked up a coal fire for her evening incense to her god.
He shakes his head pathetically while watching his wife walk to her shrine.
Alia whispered something to Zoe’s ear which made her blus-h and looked at the direction Rolf entered
Alia probably mentioned something about Rolf to her.
Lord Amos left his upper window chamber and walked back to his relaxing chair
He bow his head in prayer to his unseen God.
After the mourning days was over Lord Amos knew that it was time.
Time has come to summon Zoe for the next plan.
Another phase of her life was about to begin and he prays this time it will be different from the first.
To be continued