Zoe Episode 10

ZOE. (The missing Seal)
Episode 10.
Written by Amah
She marched down with a full hope bubbling inside of her.
She has gathered the courage to fight the injustice done to her.
Surely, Lord Amos would defend her if he learns of what his son is really doing. He will bring to an end the sins of Rolf by talking some s-en-se into him as a father would.
Zoe thought within herself as she marched down to see her father in-law with the evidence well secured in her hand.
The wind will b!ow off the name of Lord Amos as though it was a common dust if nothing is done soon. Without children his family will dwindle and die out.
Lord Amos will never want such to happen, he will do anything he can to keep his household multi-plying.
Zoe went to her father in-law, she appeared before him that morning and told him everything that has been going on. She poured out her mind to him, giving details of what Rolf, his second son has been doing.
She pres£nted her evidence, the cloth which still hold Rolf semen. She showed him to prove her statement.
Lord Amos face turned dark red and he said something unexpectedly, shocking Zoe who has alre-ady built a high hope around her father in-law.
“You have had few months with Rolf, maybe with time he will come to his s-en-ses, give him time.
Did he just say I should give Rolf time, he said is just few months and with time Rolf will come to his s-en-ses.
Zoe stared at him with her mouth open in shock as she rephrased his word again in her thought. She was puzzled not knowing what to say again.
She stood, took few feet closer to her father in-law. She was boiling within herself.
All her father inlaw could say was to give Rolf time. Zoe has expected him to be furious that his son had intended to deceive him. Rolf was sinning against the entire household, his action were clear, his motivation was pure greed and hatred. His crime was equal to murder. How could Amos overlook this sins against his family and boldly speak of time. no matter how many time Kuwe had abuse her, she will not allow her dead husband to be dishonored by his younger brother. Even though they were not in a perfect terms, Kuwe was dead now and the least he deserve was to be respected.
Did she have to scream from a roof t©p for Lord Amos to call his second son to account?
She spoke out angrily at Lord Amos.
“I will not allow Rolf to continue in this sin. I will not allow him to t©uçh me again un-der this circvmstance. This is bad my Lord and you nee-d to call him to order.
Lord Amos’s eye flashed
“Who are you to tell me how to caution my son or how to guard my household…?
“My lord this is not fair, I am not telling you how to guard your household but how can I allow this evil? I’m also the wife of your first son. Would you watch Kuwe’s name die because Rolf refused to do his duty to his late brother?
“Be silent girl…
Lord Amos hushed her to be quiet but Zoe has not even started. Anger filled her at the way Lord Amos was handling the case. She was so disappointed to watch him stand there and talk about giving Rolf more time to keep spilling his semen away.
“I am a woman my Lord, shouting at me will not drown out the truth of this humiliation…
She knew Lord Amos was popular and well to do, the community respects him. He was a wealthy man and has everything he has ever wanted except good children and a supportive wife.
He always want to be in charge and hate to be told what to do but today she has to tell him how much sadness she has sto-red up till this day.
It was her right and her obligation to bear children for this household. but he was obviously taking the issue at hand facetiously.
“Why do you thwart me, is in our interest that sons be born. You are counting on me and Rolf to do the nee-dful yet after hearing the sins he was committing you do nothing my Lord. What will become of your household if things were to continue in such an immoral manners as this? Land cannot be worked without children, your large flocks cannot be tended, you will grow old sad because there is no child to grace your white hair like you have always wanted. You have servants everywhere but a son born to you is your pride and the crown of your old age…
“I don’t nee-d you to remind me or tell me that…
Lord Amos roared like a lion at Zoe who was not intimid@t£d and she was not re-ady to back down.
She knew Lord Amos was not like his first son, he will never raise a hand at her and if he also want to do that then he should go ahead but she will tell him the truth without painting words.
“You took me from my father’s house to bear children for you yet you see the evil Rolf is doing but act like is not a big deal.
Amos turned his face away, the muscle working in his jaw as he walked round and st©pped in front of Zoe.
“Very well, I will speak to Rolf when I feel re-ady to do so, in the meantime let things be as they are…
Zoe tried to protest but Lord Amos raised his hand.
“Allow me to finish, don’t interrupt. You should be more concern on how to make my son to love you and make him to do the right thing instead of giving him trouble. If Rolf loves you he may come to do as the law demand without me saying a word to him. He is not a child to be told what to do. He knows what he is doing…”
Zoe shakes her head sadly again as she listen to Lord Amos. Rolf has been right, he has said his father will not do anything and that is well proven now. Lord Amos will go off with his friend to tend his flocks and foresee things in his sto-re house. He will go to the square to be praise and given a honorable seat even when his house is on fire. He will want to cover up the sin happening un-der his nose. He want her to do all the work and woo a grown up man like Rolf to do what is required of him. Everything is always left for her to do.
Kuwe beat her and she was left to accept her fate and condone everything he does, even when he embarras-ses her in public, chase her out of the chamber to entertain a temple pr©st!tût£most night, she wasn’t pained she accepted her fate. He died and Rolf continued in another dimension and all she is asked to do was to still make him to change and do the right thing.
How exactly do she supposed to do that, he will even kill her and the unborn child if she dares deceive him again. Is been months of silent torture and the only hope she has was his father and now she was more hopeless than ever.
“My lord you speak as if you don’t know your own sons. How exactly am I supposed to make Rolf to do the right thing….do you know all I have done before I decided to come to you…?
Lord Amos saw that the girl was not re-ady to give up, she was more stubborn than he had imagined.
“I know my sons, and do no tell me how to run my family….?
“my lord why do you refused to confront the sins that goes on before your eyes, you never call Kuwe to account, you scold him few times and he went about doing the worst, daring you but you did nothing. And now you look at the other way while Rolf continue in sin. You are asking me not to tell you how to run your family, I never said I wanted to as-sume lady Samar’s position all I asked from you is to do the right thing. When will that ever be?
Lord Amos eyes wi-de-ned in surprised and his face paled in rage.
“You have said enough Zoe.
He said with a deadly calm.
Zoe saw his anger but did not care if he wanted to hit her or push her out, she has been hit multi-ple times by his late son and was not afraid of that.
She tone down her voice, cry choke at her throat and tears clouded her eyes but she will not give in to her weakness or cry before him because it will not change anything. It never did.
“My lord when you gave the bride price to my father, a covenant was made between you and him…
Zoe, cleared her aching throat before she continued. It was all she could do to speak in quiet reasoning and not scream out her frustration to his face.
“…I bec@m£ the wife of your son, Kuwe. And as your son’s wife I also bec@m£ your daughter. And as your daughter will you allow me to be treated as a harlot, if you have a daughter will you allow her to be treated the way I’m been treated in this household?
There was silent, Lord Amos was speechless.
“I’m p@rt of your family my lord, even if you don’t embr@ce me like a daughter, I still have the right to be protected and given a fair judgement. Don’t allow my right as a woman to be trodden beneath Rolf feet after Kuwe pas-s on.
Lord Amos gro-an ed in frustration before saying.
“Zoe, be patient as always. I have lost Kuwe to a cold hand of death, I don’t want to battle or trouble Rolf. There must be some other way for him come to terms and is your duty to do that. There should be a way out of all this…
Zoe glared at him, her anger coming up again as he speak of patient to her. Loosing Kuwe should have thought him a lesson, it was supposed to be an eye opener to guide his remaining sons in the right path but here he is leading Rolf dee-per into sin just because he did not want to confront him of his sins for the fear of losing him. Zoe spoke out.
“there is no other way to multi-ply your household my lord, Shelar is still young, Rolf is the only one that has the key to grow this household and since he is not re-ady and you won’t call him to order yet you want to grow this family throu-gh me, I cannot pregnant myself and the only alternative is if you want to come and do your son’s duty by yourself…
Zoe said and immediately regretted her word the moment she saw the man face lit up. Clearly he thought her suggestion as repugnant as she did.
“I meant no offence my Lord. But you know you nee-d to call Rolf to his s-en-ses…
“If you are a woman enough you will do everything to make Rolf forget himself and get you pregnant instead of dumping your problem to my feet.
Zoe,s anger grew.
“I will not pl@ythe harlot again with your son. Enough of all this…I’m tired. I will not allow Rolf to treat me like a prostitute.
“Why not, women have done it for years and they are still doing it. Let him treat you as a harlot if that is all it requires for him to be happy and get you pregnant.
Zoe took a feet back from him. She was tired of arguing, she was not ma-king any progress. She will just leave and face the fate that she was thrown into
“I just wonder when you will do the right thing. Just when! You worsh!pthe true God of heaven like you claim yet you are afraid to speak about him to me. You watch your wife openly burn incense and do all manner of things yet you speak no word of it. She brou-ght up your sons the way it favors her and you did nothing. Kuwe grew to be heartless and thorn in flesh, you watch him waste your money at the arena and you still did nothing. Rolf is doing as he plea-se, even far more evil than I could imagine, he even threaten to kill me and the unborn child if I ever conceive, I brou-ght it to you with high hopes. Hoping you will stand up and do the right thing this time and yet you did nothing. I’m not really disappointed because you have never did what is fully required of you. How will your children do right when you are not? When exactly will you stand up and do the right thing my Lord?
“get out…get out of my sight right now.
Lord Amos shout out of rage.
Zoe Flee without looking back.
She ran to the field and stayed there to cry.
Hadar c@m£ to meet her.
“What were you and Lord Amos shouting for? I heard you shout and he also did…what happened?
“All I asked is for him to do the right. but is obvious he will still sweep it down the carpet and continue to count on me to get pregnant like magic.
Hadar guide her back to the house.
She saw that Lord Amos has summoned Rolf. They were having a word battle with each other.
Zoe’s word hit Lord Amos ha-rd and he decided to speak to his son who do not want to hear any reasoning from his father
Rolf still stand on his word of not giving his seed to Kuwe.
And as they retire for the night.
Rolf turned to Zoe and said
“You just wasted your time going to speak to father. I told you he cannot do anything about it, he never did before. And nothing and no god can change my mind. I will never do it. I’m re-ady to remain childless and you should also be prepared because we are in this together. I will not multi-ply father’s household or give Kuwe my seed. I will keep pouring out my semen to the earth rather than to your wo-mb. My word is my bond. I repeat even father cannot do anything about it, nob©dy and no god can talk me out of this…
That night he had Zoe and spilled his semen after which he mocked her and also his father’s entire household. He was enjoying watching the torture on Zoe’s face as he spills the semen on the ground. He laugh sarcastically while doing it. Zoe wiped the tear rolling down her cheek as she watch him torture her with his dirty act.
The following morning when Zoe woke up, she found out he was still in be-d.
She went to the outhouse and when she returned he was still in the same sp©t.
Zoe went to him and try to wake him up but he was cold.
Rolf was struck dead. He died in his sleep.
To be continued