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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

You stole my heart Episode 7 to 9

9 min read

💏 You Stole My Heart 💏

Chapter 7 🍭🍭

By : Summer Gold 🔥



Michel’s Pov :

I walked out of my room and went downstairs,, I really need to get a drink right now.

I got the drinks and went into the sitting room,,,

” Hey ” someone called almost in a whisper

” Jeez, you startle me ” I said holding my chest

” Anyway why are you here? ” I asked and sip from my drink

” I couldn’t sleep ” she said ” You? ”

” I couldn’t sleep either ” I replied walking upstairs

” Where are you going? ” she asked

” My room ” I replied without looking back

” Let’s go together ” she said and I choked

” Why? ” I shouted

” Just go on ” she smirk

” No ”

” Then move ” she pulled me away and ran upstairs, what is she doing right now?

” Hey,, come back here ” I ran after her immediately,, but she was already in my room

” You are unbelievable,, how can you come into a guy’s room like that? ” I asked but she’s not even moving from the bed

” Piper am talking to you ”

” Just sleep if you want ” she snapped and I scoff

” I will just sleep somewhere else ” I said walking toward the door

” No,,,, never mind. I will leave ” she sigh and walked to me

” Okay,, you can stay ”

I said and collapse on the bed

She joined me immediately,,,

” Goodnight ” I said

” No bed time kiss? ” she asked

” Are you kidding me? You are not my girlfriend ”

” Am gonna become one soon ” she replied and I chuckles

” In your dream ” I said

” Why can’t you just tell me you love me? I know you do ” she said and sat down

” Just go on and sleep ” I said

” No,,, tell me you love me ” she said and I sat down

” You are crazy,, how can I tell you that when I don’t? ”

” You don’t love me? ” she asked brokenly

” I don’t ” I replied

” Okay,, that’s good. I’m going to bed,, goodnight ” she said and walked

Did I say something bad? Am sure I don’t love her, she’s just a friend.

I closed my eyes as sleep took over.



I went downstairs after I took my bath and put on my uniform,, I joined them on the dinning

” Morning mom ” I greeted

” Morning baby ” mom replied

” Ella? ” I called and she smiled in return

I turned to Piper but she focused on her food,,, after eating I walked to my car while Piper followed in silence.

Why is she quiet anyway?

The drive to school was a really boring one since no one is talking to the other,,, immediately we got to school she went out of the car without looking back.

Is she ignoring me right now? Too bad.


” Why are

you guys quiet? ” Austin asked as we eat lunch together, I stole a stare from Piper who only focus her gaze on the food.

” What do you mean? ” I asked

” You and Piper ” He said

” Are you guys fighting? ” David asked

” Of course not ” I replied and look at Piper again but she wasn’t even saying anything

Gosh, am the only one talking back

” I lost my appetite ” I said and went to class

She should have told me what I’ve done wrong,, I hate this silence.

” I know what is happening ”

I turned back and Austin smirk at me

” What do you mean? ” I asked

” I know you have feelings for her ” he said

” I don’t ” I said sharply

” Gosh, I can’t believe you don’t know what you want ” he said

” I know what I want, and definitely not her ”

” We will see to that ” he said and punch my shoulder in a friendly manner

Do I love her? No I don’t


Chapter 8 🍭🍭


Piper’s Pov :

” What do you mean by,, you won’t talk to him? ” Emily asked

” That’s what am gonna do until he tell me he loves me,,, ” I replied and took a bite from my pancake

” Are you sure this plan is gonna work? ” She asked

” I don’t care, ” I replied

” I know you love him a lot, he’s just proving hard ” She said and I smiled

” We will see to that ” I smirk

” See, he’s coming ” she whispers and I looked up. I avoided his gaze immediately and focus back on my Pancake

” Who made this? ” Emily asked

” Michel’s mom” I answered

” I love it,, can you bring more tomorrow? “..

” gosh,,, are you kidding me? ” I laughed

” You said he have a sister ”

” Of course,, she’s so beautiful and lovely ” I replied and remember Ella, with those cute dimples

” Am sure you really like her ”

” And she likes me too ” I winked

” Awwn, how I wish Austin has a sister too,,,, ” she said and covered her mouth immediately with her palm

” What? You guys are dating? ” I asked

” Uhm,,,,,, I,, ”

” You kept this from me? ”

” Am sorry Piper,,,, ”

” No,,,,, don’t talk to me anymore ” I snapped

” Piper, please ”

” I can’t believe this,,, I thought we were friends ” I said

” Am sorry ”

” It’s okay ” I said


Finally it’s our last class for today,, I took my backpack and walked toward the car.

” Let’s leave ” Michel said and started driving home, I focus my attention on my phone

” Hey,, how about we go have some fun tomorrow? It’s Saturday ” He said but I kept quiet even though am really interested in having fun

” Am talking to you Piper ” he said but I did not respond

We got home and I got out of the car almost immediately,

” Piper ” Michel ran after me and I ignored him while walking upstairs

” Am talking to you!! ” He pull me back with force

” I don’t wanna talk to you!! Don’t you understand?!!! ” I yelled back pointing my finger at him

” Why? ”

” And why do you even bother about me? ” I asked looking down

” And why do you think am not bothered? ”

” I don’t know,,, you should have an answer to that but I don’t care ” I said walking toward the guestroom

” I love you ” He said and I stopped

” Good to hear ” I said

” That’s what you want to hear right ” He said

” Not anymore ” I replied and walked in .

I don’t want to force you before you tell me that.


” Hey Piper,, see this ” Ella said dragging my hand along with her to her room

” What is it? ” I asked

” Just come with me, it’s a surprise ” She said

We entered her room and I sat on the bed,, she came to me and show me a diagram

” What is this? ” I asked

” It’s you,, I drew you” She said happily

” What? Am the one here? ” I asked almost laughing but I won’t wanna hurt her feelings

” yeah, do you like it? ” she asked

” Like? I love it” I said and pecked her cheek

” See, brother. I told you am the best ” she said and that was when I looked back and saw Michel standing there

” Come on Ella,, that diagram almost make me wanna faint. It’s an absolute rubbish ” Michel said

” But, Piper said it’s beautiful ” she faced me with a sad face

” Am telling you the truth darling, it’s beautiful ” I said and she cheered up immediately

” Yeah!!! Thanks ” she said

” Hey we need to talk ” Michel said pulling me up

” We have nothing to talk about ” i said and push his hand off from mine and walked out of the room

He ran after me until we entered the guestroom

” But,, I already told you what you wanna hear ” he said and I scoff

” Just like that? Michel I don’t want to force you to say that,, I know you don’t feel the same way I feel for you, so lets just forget about everything ” I said

” And how the fuck do you expect me to forget? ” He asked and pulled me to himself ” All those memories keep on coming,,,, I can’t forget about it Piper. ”

” So what? ” I asked sounding uninterested

” I love you,,, I really do ” he said

” You sure? ” I asked

” Gosh,,, you need to believe me ” he said

” Okay,,, now let go of me ” I said getting away from his grip

” Not until I do this ” he said starring at my lips

” what? ”

And he kissed me!!!


Chapter 9🌷
Finale 😘😘


By: Summer Gold

Michel’s Pov :

” So tell me why you pretended all this while ” Piper asked as we walk in the moonlight with ice cream in our hands

” Let’s just say I was a fool not to discover so soon ” I replied and she stopped

” So now,,,, how do you feel about me? ”

“Do I need to answer that? Piper,, I love you a lot ” I said

” More than I do? ” She raised an eyebrow

” Maybe ” I smirk and we laughed

” We need to go home right now,, Ella will be waiting ” She said dragging me along with her

” Gosh,, let’s wait for some minutes ” I said

” No we can’t ”

“yes we can ”

” You are so stubborn ”

” I know ”

” But it’s late already ”

” Okay, let’s leave ”


We got home and everywhere was beaming with light and different sounds coming out,, piper and I faced each other and then back to the house

” What is going on? ” I asked

” No idea ” She replied and we entered

” The couples are here!!!!! ” they screamed


” What are you guys doing? ” I asked looking confused

” Remember the deal? You promised not to fall in love with her ” Austin said and winked

” But,, now what? ” David said loudly

” Gosh,,,, you guys are something else ” I said with a grin

” I told you right? You will be the one begging me “:Piper whispered

” Did I do that? ” I whispers back

” Yeah sure ” she replied

” So,, what if I was joking? ” I said

” Are you crazy? You won’t dare do that!! ”

” See who is begging now? ” I winked

” I wasn’t begging ” she defended

” So what? ” I asked

” Am gonna kill you if you leave me ” she smirk

” What? That’s too harsh ” I said

” You won’t leave me right? ”

” I can’t ” I said and kissed her

” Get a room!! ” They screamed and we left each other immediately

” Gosh,, are guys crazy? ”

” Guys!!!! Let’s dance!!!!! ” Emily shouted and climb the chair

” Yeah!!!! ” Piper said

” Hey brother can you get me a cup of milk? ” Ella said with a pleading face

” You little brat,, you can see am having fun right now. Go tell one of the maids ” I snapped

” No I want you to get it for me ” she pouted

” Gosh,,, okay let’s go ”

” I told you am gonna make you suffer for yelling at me ” I heard Ella talking silently

I turned back immediately

” You baby demon,, how dare you do that!!!! ” I yelled and she ran away while I follow

” help guys,, Michel wanna bite me ” she shouted and everyone turned to me laughing loudly

” What? Bite? Gosh!!! I am going crazy already ” I shouted and went upstairs

I wish I never had a Sister,, mine act like a baby demon. A kid brother would be better

” Hey biter ” Piper said and entered my room

” Don’t call me that ”

” But she said you wanted to bite her ”

” Why will I do that,, I told you that kid is a devil ” I scoff

” Don’t say that to her,, I really wish I have a sister ”

” Then you can take her ” I said and laid my back on the bed

” She’s your sister no matter what,, just a little bit crazy ”

“I know,, and I love her ”

” She’s cute ” she said

” You are cuter ” I said and she blushed

” Now let’s go back ”

” Not until I finish what we started downstairs ” I winked

” And what was that? ”

I stood up and pulled her closer,,, ” This ” I said and lock my lips with hers



So did you enjoy this short story? 😁😁😘😘

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