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You stole my heart Episode 4 to 6

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By: Summer Gold 😘

Chapter 4 💃💃



🌷 Piper’s Pov 🌷

” Wow, I love this place ” I said happily at the view of the ice cream shop

” You love it because of the ice cream ” he said even though he wasn’t looking at me

” Maybe you get me ” I said and laughed

” What flavor do you want? ” the shopman asked

” Vanilla chocolate ” I replied almost immediately

” How about your boyfriend? ” He asked and I blushed

” She’s not,,,, ”

” Same thing ” I interrupted

” Okay ” he said and left

” Why can’t you just tell him the truth ” He said

” You will soon be ” I replied

” In your dream ” He said and I smiled

” Here you go ” the man said handing over the ice cream to us

” Thanks ”

” But I never asked for this ” he blurted

Gosh, how can I stand this brat

” Just try it ” I said

” No, you can have everything ” he replied and walked forward

I ran after him,, and put the ice cream in his mouth

” What the fuck are you doing? ” he asked angrily

” Just lick it ” I said and he did ” How does it taste like? ” I asked

Bad ” I smirk

” You know it’s a lie ” I said sadly

” That’s the truth,, your taste is really bad ” he said

” Idiot ” I muttered

” Double idiot ” he replied

” Stupid ” I said loudly

” Bear Piper ” he said

” What? How can you call me that ” I shouted and he laughed

” Of course you are bear ” He said

” Am not ” I said

” Okay, am not in for arguments ” he surrendered

” Finally you know am the boss ” I said and he stopped immediately and turned to me

” You are really the boss? ” he asked and I nodded

He started walking to me while I move backward until my back hits the wall,, oh God what is he planning to do?

He lean down to my face since he’s taller than me,, his frankincense feel my nose, he smell so nice.

Is he trying to kiss me? Just do it please, but I must not admit it.

” What are you doing? You are not allowed to touch me ” I said

” so what if I do? ” he asked With a smirk

” 100 dollars ” I replied

” What? Just a touch? ”

” Yeah ” I replied

” How about à hug? ”

” 200 dollars ” I said

He lean closer that I could now feel his breath

” A kiss? ” he asked starring at my lips

” 1000 dollars ” I blurted out

He laughed out loud

” I can’t possibly kiss you ” he said

” What do you mean? ”

” You should know,,, ” He replied still laughing hard

I pouted and we started walking again

” You want me to kiss you right? ” He asked and I choked

” If you Want me to,, you can just ask ” he said and grin

” Stupid,, just kiss me ” I said looking down

” see,, I knew it ” he said

” So? ”

” You have to pay 1000 dollars before I kiss you ” he said

“What? But I was just joking ” I raised an eyebrow

” Then forget about the kiss ” he said

” Idiot ”

” Bear Piper ” he replied



Chapter 5


🔥 Michel 🔥

” What are you thinking? ” Austin tapped me and I snapped out of my thought

” uhm,,, nothing ” I replied

” Is it Piper? ” David winked

” Who is that? ” I asked facing my book

” Are you kidding me? ”

” Am not a kid ” I replied

” Gosh, you are in love with that girl already ” Austin winked

” Am not, that Will never happen ” I said standing up

I started walking by the hall way and then someone drag me to the bathroom

” Gosh ,what the hell who is this? ” I asked and turn only to find Piper, she winked

” What do you want? ” I asked

” Hmm,,,,nothing really .I just miss you ” she pouted her lips

” Funny ” I said and started walking out

” Wait ” she pull me back

” What do you ,,,,” she kissed me before I finished my sentence and I was too shock to kiss her back

She unlock from the kiss and ran off

What just happened? Did she just ,,,,,

I walked out and went back to class,,I searched for her but I couldn’t find her.

I think am going crazy already,,


” Why did you do that earlier? ” I asked as we entered my car ,,,,,” And why do you want me to take you home?”

” As you can see ,my car is not here .so take me home ,,” she replied.

” Okay ” I said and drove to her house in silence

We got home and she got down,,,

” You can come in if you want ” she said and I also got down, I don’t know why I agreed anyway.

We got in and It reveals a woman who almost look the same as Piper,, same blue eye and black hair.

She seems like she’s in a hurry,,,,

” Mom,, is everything okay? ” she asked

” Yeah baby, I need to go somewhere really important right now, ” she replied without looking up

” Business again? ” Piper asked like she’s hurt

” Am sorry, but trust me. Am just gonna use a week, and I will be back ”

” Same thing you said the last time and you ended up using one month ” she said in tears

I was moved by her tears

” Am sorry Piper,, trust me this time ” she patted her

” Just leave! ” she yelled and went upstairs.

Her mother sigh and turned to me,,,

” Who are you? ” she asked checking me out

” Michel ” I said with a bow

” Are you piper’s boyfriend? ” She asked and I chocked

” What,, am,,,, ”

” Help me take care of her please, I know she’s angry with me right now,,,, but am just,, I need to do this ” she said and I nodded

” Am leaving ” she said and went out

I watched as she drove out of the compound,,,

” You are still here? ” Piper asked coming downstairs

” I was about leaving ” I said

” Okay bye, see you tomorrow ” she said and turned to leave

” Will you be,, uhm,,be okay by yourself? ” I asked

” What if am not? ” she raised her brow

” You can sleep over at my house,,, and we can watch the Disneys together. It will be fun ” I said not knowing where it came from

” Why are you suddenly acting nice? Do you pity me? Or you really want to do this,,,,,, excuse me but I hate it when people pity me ” she said and went up

Gosh, did I say something wrong? Should I go meet her? What if she get more angry?

But I really didn’t pity her,, I just think that’s the best, she took it in the wrong way.

I sigh and walked out,,,


🔥 Piper’s Pov 🔥

I just made a mistake, I shouldn’t have talked that way. I need to go meet him right now, yeah.

I rushed out of my room and ran downstairs,,, oh no he’s going.

” Michel!! ” I screamed his name and he stopped the car

” Am sorry, I shouldn’t have,,,,, ”

” It’s okay, I understand you. But I didn’t say that because I pity you,,,, seriously, I don’t know why I said that ” he said and tears run down my eyes

” Am sorry,, can you wait? I will just get my things ” I said and run inside again.


Chapter 6 🍭🍭


Piper’s Pov :

We got home after the long silence drive,,

” Wow ” I said softly

The house is a really huge one, so beautiful

” See am rich? ” he asked walking toward the front door

” No, your parents are rich ” I replied and followed him

” Hey mom ” he said, I turned toward the woman,, wow she’s so beautiful.

” Hey son,,, you are late,, ” she stopped immediately she saw me

” Who is she? ” She asked walking closer

” Piper mam ” I said with a smile

” How are you? ” she asked

” Am good ” I said feeling uncomfortable already

” Are you his girlfriend? ” she asked and Michel and I coughed

” No mom,, she’s my friend ” Michel said and I nodded

” Okay,, but she’s gonna make a good girlfriend anyway ” she said and winked

” Mom!! ”

” Oh sorry ” she said and I giggle

” She will be staying with us for some weeks, family problem I guess ” Michel said

” No problem ” she said

” Thank you mam ” I said with a bow

” Michel!!!! ” A girl shouted running to him,, she’s about 6 years or more

He never told me he’s got a sister, wow that’s cool

” Hey Ella, how are you doing? ” Michel asked and pecked her cheek

” You promised to buy me some ice cream ” she said with a smile

” Of course,,here ” he hand over a cup to her

” Michel? Who is she? ” She moved closer to me and that was when I realized how pretty she is.

” Is she your girlfriend? ” she asked with a smile

” No, a friend ” He replied, I kneel in front of her and peck her cheek

” Am piper ” I said

” Ella ” she said

” You are so beautiful ” I said and touched her cheek, she smiled widely, awwn those dimples

” You are also beautiful,, are you staying with us tonight? ”

” Yeah ” I replied

” Oh my God, am so happy, so we can both have some ladies moment? ” she said jumping up

I couldn’t help but to laugh

” What? Ella I’ve told several times that you are a girl and not a lady ” he said and faced me ” And besides,,, piper is also a girl ” he said

” Idiot ” I said

” I don’t care, Piper come, you can sleep in my room ” she said taking my hand

” No,, she’s going to use one of the guest rooms ” Michel said

” You are so mean!!! ” she yelled and ran upstairs

” Gosh Michel, why did you do that ” I said looking at Ella going up

” What if I want to come to you? ” he asked and smirk

” You are crazy ” I said and slap his arm

” Like you don’t want it ” he said and went upstairs

” Hey!!! Won’t you show me the room? ” I ran after him

” You are too loud ” he said

“Just show me the guest room ”

” It’s in my room ” he said grinning

” Michel,,,, “..

” You have to give me 1000 dollars ” he smirk

” You idiot ”

” 2000 dollars for calling me an idiot ” he said and entered his room

” Okay,, am sorry ” I said and bite my bottom lips

” I don’t need it ” he said laying his back on the bed

” So,,, you want 2000 dollars? ”

” Yeah ” he said

” Idiot,,, I don’t need your help. I will ask Ella to show me ” I said and walked out.

I heard him laughing,, gosh that idiot.

” Hey Ella ” I called waving at her, she smiled and ran to me



Tbc 😘😘

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