You stole my heart Episode 1 to 3

💏 You Stole My Heart 💏
By : Summer Gold 💯
Chapter 1 🍭🍭
Piper’s POV
I rushed out of my car, I know for sure that am late for the first clas-s, I don’t have a choice anyway. I always wanted to skip maths clas-s, don’t get me wrong, I am one of the best students in math. But I don’t like it.
I walked throu-gh the hall way, not a surprise that there are only few students walking around, probably they are all in clas-s.
I suddenly changed my mind,, I will go to the clas-s. I walked to the clas-s and all eyes were on me, you see what I hated most is getting unnecessary attention.
” Blue!! St©p where you are! ” Miss Ann yelled, I gro-an . She always call me by my last name, its cool anyway
” You are late ” She said moving closer to me
” Sorry mam,, I was,, uhm. Sorry, I don’t have an excuse ” I said looking at the floor
” Go have a sit ” She said, I breath in relief and walked to my seat.
” Hey Piper ” Malia said and win-ked
” Yeah ” I replied shortly and brou-ght out my note.
” Piper,, your crush is in clas-s “she whispers and I freeze immediately
” Michel is here? ” I asked to be sure of what I heard
” Yep,, right behind you ” She said
I’ve never seen Michel in a maths clas-s before, so what is he doing here?
” Blue!! ” the teacher shouted
” Sorry ” I shouted back
The students all faced me
” What!! ” I shouted and they returned their face back to the teacher
” That was,,,,, ”
” Shut up Malia ” I said.
” Sorry ” She replied
It’s finally time for lunch,,, but I was not able to eat because I got grounded in my biology clas-s, and trust me. It all happened just because Malia won’t keep quiet, so I have to spend the rest of the day in the detention room.
I sigh out loud, I am really bored.
Just then, the door opened. I guess there is another victim just like me. I faced the person only to find Two boys starring back at me, and it’s no other boys than Michel and Austin.
They are best friends, so they always get into trouble together, but what about the other two, they are actually four. There is still David and Toby.
Talking about them, the other two boys c@m£ in looking angry, what have they done this time?
Well,,, these four boys are the most popular guys in my school, they are rich, cute, and talented. So I fell in love with Michel, but it’s pity he never looked at me.
” Is this not blue? ” Toby asked and then the other three faced me
” Piper ” I said
” But the teachers call you,,,,, ”
” You are not a teacher right? ” I said and scoff
” So why are you grounded? ” David asked
” Maybe because, someone got me into trouble just because she talks too much ” I said and sigh
” Oh,, sorry about that ” He said and win-ked
” Same to you ” I replied trying to avoid looking at Michel who kept quiet
They all ignored me and starts talking about some random things that I suddenly bec@m£ h0t,, I want to leave!!!!!
” Piper!!!! ” Austin suddenly shouted that I fell from the chair in shock
They all started laughing
” What was that for you idiot!!” I yelled as I stood up p@n-ting in fear
” Sorry about that, never knew you don’t have a heart ” He replied and win-ked
” Stupid ” I said and sat down ” And why are you calling me like that ”
” Actually, there is going to be a p@rty at my house on Friday, do you mind coming? ” He asked
” Am not coming ” I replied without looking up
” I told you ” I heard Michel voice and I was shocked, he know that am not gonna go?
” Am coming ” I said
” That’s good ” Austin said shouting again
” But can I bring a friend? ” I asked
” Of course!! ” He screamed again
” Austin, can you just shut your as-s, we are here because of you ” Michel said calmly and I smiled
He’s just so soft
” Sorry ” Austin said pretending to be hurt,, I giggle. It’s really cute to see them this way.
Chapter 2 🍭🍭
🌹 Piper’s pov 🌹
” Come on Piper, your crush is going to be there, you have to dress properly ” Malia said doing my make up
” Seriously, I am not a fan of make up, I love being natural ” I roll my eyes
” Today plea-se ” she pleaded
” Okay ” I surrendered
We entered Austin’s house and everywhere was filled with different teenagers,, we finally made our way into the inner house.
” Wow,,, you look amazing!! ” Austin said in his normal loud voice
” Thanks Austin ” I blu-shed
” Come with me ” He said and we followed him
” Hi Piper ” David waved at me and I did the same
” Hey,,, who is that h0t leg? ” Toby asked pointing at Malia
I chuckled and faced Malia who is blu-shing alre-ady
” Malia ” She said softly that I sm-irk, can’t believe acting soft right now
I turned to Michel who only continue operating his phone.
” Hey Michel ” I said with a smile
He nodded and turned back to his phone, I bite my bo-ttoml!pand sat down.
” Guys am bored, let’s pl@ya game ” Toby said
” Truth and dare ” David said
” Yeah!!! ” Malia and Austin shouted and we all laughed.
” So we are going to spill this bottle , as you can see it have both the side of truth and dare ” Austin explained and we nodded
He spilled the bottle and it landed on David,,,,,, and it’s truth.
” David who is your crush? ” I asked first
” I don’t have a crush ” he replied proudly with a grin
” When last did you have S-x? ” Austin asked
” Gosh, do you really have to ask? ” he strug his shoulder
” Yeah ” We all chorused
” Hmm,,, yesterday ” he said
” What?!! ” we screamed
” I can’t believe this ” I said and laughed
The bottle was spilled and it was turned to me
” Omg,,, ” I said
” Awwwn,, ”
” So,, can you tell us about your first love? ” Toby asked,,, I looked toward Michel before starting
” It was when I was in grade one ” I said
” That’s cool,, so why did you break up? ” David asked
” We didn’t break up ” I said
” So,, you have a b©yfri£nd? ” Austin asked
” Nope ” I said
” So what? ”
” We never d@t£d ” I stated
” Oh ” Austin said
” And I still have a crush on him,, but he doesn’t even care about me ” I said
” That’s so sad ”
” Can you tell us who the person is? ” Austin asked and I wi-den my eyes
” What? No I can’t ” I said
” Okay, let’s spill the bottle ”
It turned over to me again
” Oh God, why me!! ” I yelled
” Am happy it’s a dare ” David smiled
” I dare you to Tell us who your crush is? ” Austin win-ked
” What??? ”
” You must not lie remember? ”
” Okay,, but,, ”
” No but ”
” His name is,,, hmmm,, uhm,,, Michel ” I said and ran out immediately,,,,
Chapter 3 💖💖
🍭 Michel’s POV 🍭
” Won’t you say something? ” Austin asked me
” I have nothing to say about that ” I replied and stood up ” Am leaving ” I said and walked out
What was that? She had a crush on me for almost five years now? So stupid. Lies,,
I met her standing beside her car outside,,, I walked to her and stood in front of her.
” What do you want? ” She asked without looking up
” Do you really like me that much? ” I asked
” It’s even worst coz, you never noticed ” She replied
” So,, why didn’t you tell me? ” I asked
” I thought you will reject me ” she replied
” So should I do it now? ” I asked and she faced me
” Will you? ” she asked
” I don’t know ” I struged my shoulder
” Why? ”
” I don’t like you ” I confessed
” Should we make a bet? ” She asked
” What bet? ”
” If I make you fall in love with me,, then I will become your girlfriend ”
” And if not? ” I asked with interest
” I will go back to the time before I met you guys ” she replied and I nodded
” Cool, am in ” I win-ked and got into my car and drove off
💋 Piper’s POV 💋
” Are you kidding me? What if he doesn’t fall in love with you? ” Malia asked with a concern look
” Don’t worry about me Malia,,, I’ve always waited for this moment all my life ” I said and sm-irk
” I trust you, but ”
” No but,,,, am doing this. ” I snapped
” Okay,, at your feet bess ” she said and I smiled
” The first thing on my schedule plan is sitting together at lunch ” I said and smiled
” So, we are sitting with them during lunch? ” she asked in surprise
” Yeah ” I win-ked
” Go girl!! ” she screamed out that students all turned toward us
” Cool down ” I said as we got to the clas-s.
I saw Michel entered with his friends,, I smiled at him and he returned the smile. I know what’s going on in his mind.
Don’t worry b©yfri£nd,,,,,, am re-ady for this.
” Blue!! Attention!!! ” The teacher yelled
” Sorry!! ” I yelled back
Finally it’s lunch period, I walk out with Malia who seem nervous all over.
” Calm down Malia, it’s just lunch. And besides you are not gentle remember? So why the sudden change? Wait, don’t tell me you have a crush on one of the boys.” I said suspiciously
” What? Of course not ” she replied immediately
” Hmm,,, okay let’s go ” I gr-ab her hand and we walked toward them
” Hey Piper sit with us ” Austin said
” Good thing they ask us first ” I whispers to Malia
” Are you sure? ” I asked feeling reluctant
” Of course ” David said
I took a seat beside Michel
” Hey ” I greeted
” Hi,,, so how is it going? ” he asked with a sm-irk on hisl-ips
” Going well,,, you? ”
” Great ” he replied
” Am glad ” I said and win-ked
” I see you are trying ha-rd , but trust me it’s not gonna work on me ” he sm-irk again
” Am not gonna f0rç£ you sweetheart ” I said and smiled
” Then what? ”
” Nothing ” I replied
” You are crazy ” he said and laughed
” Guys,,, use a room ” Toby shouted
” We are not ma-king out ” I said and rolled my eyes
” I think you are about to ” David said
” What? ” That was when I found out how close our faces are to each other. I couldn’t help but to blus-h.
I re-move a strand of hair form my face and smiled,,,
” You are falling Sweetheart ” He whisper
” Shut up, am not ” I replied
” Okay, if you say so ” He replied and took a piece of his pancake,,, I stare at him as he chew. Hisl-ips are so damn pink.
” St©p dreaming sweetheart, I Won’t k!ssyou ” he said and I snapped out of my thought
” I never asked you to ” I replied
” You were starring at myl-ips like you wanna cut it off ” he said and I bite my bottoml-ips
” You are such an idiot ” I said and drank my milk
” We are six here ” Austin said
” So? ” I asked
” Too bad you guys only see yourselves ” He said
” Is there something going on between you two? ” David asked
” What? Of course not ” Michel answered
” But,,, ”
” Shut up Austin ” He snapped and walk away
Austin raised an eyebrow at me while I focus on my food,,,,
Michel,, I will get you no matter what
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