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August 1, 2021


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You are mine Final Episode

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Arya in trouble!, I said to myself as I rushed to where my car was parked. I only got a text but there was no venue, location or whatever. My phone beeped again and I saw a missed call from an unknown number. Where was I gonna go from here?, I whispered to myself.

I got to my house and saw little Vera crying.

“Little girl, why are you crying” ?? I sat beside her

“Mr Roland, you have to be careful. Please protect Miss Arya and also ensure that apart from you and Miss Arya no one gets the code to the volt” She said and covered her face with her palms.

I stared at her briefly before I got a call on my phone. I picked the call and recognized Arya’s voice.

“Benita’s needs the code to the volt” Arya cried

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“Hold on” I said driving in a confused state.

I got to the traffic and decided to call Arya back.

“Text me the address of where you are” I said ending the call.

The text came in quickly. I glanced at the address briefly before zooming off.

I rushed into the room to meet Arya on the floor with her hands and legs tied.

“Let her go” I grinned at the Lady who was with her.

“I guess you must be Roland” The Lady smiled mischievously.

“I’m Arya’s boss” I said boldly.

“I’m Benita, Arya’s Business Associate” The Lady laughed loudly.

“Benita you are getting this all wrong” I recognize the voice but couldn’t place the face. The voice was muscular

“Why are you doing this Edwin?” Arya said in tears

“Edwin….Arya’s boyfriend” I recalled my last event with him.

“Arya , Give me the code to the volt” Benita Screamed sending a slap across Arya’s face.

“You aren’t getting away with this” I rushed to punch her face but was held back by the so called Edwin.

I struggled to free Arya as I fought with both Benita and Edwin.

“You gat no idea how I started with Arya” Edwin gripped me by my collars.

“Run Arya”!!! I managed to lose her legs totally

“Watch it Roland” Arya screamed and I bend my heads to avoid been hit by a bottle

“Run Arya, I will be fine” I said slowly and watched Arya run away.

“You should have stayed away” Benita grinned.

I touched my face with my fingers and saw blood on my palm.

“Argh” I screamed in pain

“Stay out this Benita” Edwin said pushing Benita aside as he pointed a gun to my forehead.

I passed out!!!!!


“Roland”!!!! I screamed as I watched him being shot.

I took my phone and dialed the police number.

“Emergency …House 26, Mangrove Estate……Colorado” I said quickly and ended the call.

I ran for safety when I noticed Edwin was coming after me. I kept running until I saw an ocean.

“Dead End” I sighed in my palm only to discover a ship coming my direction.

“Help me please” I screamed ensuring there was no sign of Edwin.

“Ma’am is not done so here” The Captain spoke with an Italian accent.

“Please, I’m in trouble” I said diving into the Ship avoiding futher questions by the sailors.

We got to the bank of the ocean and all the Sailors were asked to alight. I came down from the ship and sat beside the bank.

“Where are we” ?? I asked the Captain

“Florida, you don’t know here” The Captain said sitting beside me.

“I have been here once with my boss” I smiled removing my hairs which glued to my face.

“You don’t seems happy” The Captain said offering me a cup of coffee.

“I don’t wish to Share” Tears flowed freely from my eyes.

“It’s Okkkk ma’am , you would be fine” He said as he supported me to stand on my feet.

“I’m Raphael ” He glanced quickly at me

“I’m Arya” I smiled at him.

Raphael took me to his house. I ate and changed into his dress even though I wasn’t comfortable.

“Are you ready to tell me everything now” Raphael insisted and I told him everything that happened in Colorado.

“Involve the police” Ralphel suggested and I smiled

“I got no evidence” I said bluntly

“We will get evidence in Colorado” Raphael said and hug me lightly.



I stared at the young man lying in front of me in pool of his blood. I watched Edwin walked towards me sluggishly.

“Where’s she” I spat

“She escaped” Edwin said placing both hands on his head.

“How could you let that happen, what if she report to the police” I yelled

“I guess she did that before escaping ” Edwin said.

“We need to get out of here” I said hurriedly.

We were about leaving when we heard the siren of the police.

“Freeze everyone” The police announced

I glared at Edwin who in turn glanced at me.

“Go Benita, lemme face this” Edwin said bringing out the gun he had hid in his trousers.

“I can handle this” I said grabbing the gun from his hands.

“Don’t shoot”…… Edwin didn’t complete the sentence before I pulled the trigger

“Run away Benita” Edwin said

I dropped the gun and ran with Edwin.

“We are in trouble” Edwin sighed.



I flipped through the photo albums of Raphael. I saw photos of him and his family as I smiled briefly.

“Arya, we would be going to Colorado soon” Raphael said handling an envelope to me.

“You have a family” ?? I asked ignoring his questions

“Yes, but we are divorced” Raphael said sadly

“Any Child” I continue asking

“Yes, My little Princess lives with her mom…..we should talk about you Arya” Raphael said changing the topic .

“What inside the envelope” I said tearing the seal.

“I took two weeks break so we could go to Colorado together” Raphael said

“Thanks Raphael” I hugged him.






“Raphael did you take those documents along with you?” I asked rolling my hair the doughnut style.

“Yea, I did….oops!!! I forgot the Camera” Raphael said heading back to his room.

“I’m scared” I sat beside him

“You can do this” He picked up his traveling bag and we both left the house.

Getting to Colorado, the atmosphere was kinda tense. I smiled at Raphael who in turn returned the smile.

I was able to locate the place I was kept when I was kidnapped. Raphael moved around to see if there was any trace of Roland or Edwin.

“How are we sure his dead body hasn’t been buried” I said in tears resting on Raphael’s shoulders.

“Do you know where the so called Benita lives?” Raphael said staring around.

“No, I don’t buh I can show you where Edwin lives” I sighed cleaning the tears on my face.

We both entered a taxi to Edwin’s house. Edwin’s house wasn’t as beautiful as before.

“Hold on Arya , lemme call the police Raphael said bringing out his phone.

“Benita we are in trouble, The police are looking for us” I could recognize Edwin’s voice.

“Let me turn on the recorder” Raphael said bringing out the recorder from his bag.

“Shut up Edwin!!!….let me think all these wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t let Arya go…..I hate you Edwin and will kill you just the way you killed Roland” Benita yelled.

“Benita, I promise you won’t get away with this” I stormed into house neglecting Raphael’s plead to stay back.

“Bi*ch” Benita rushed to gripped my neck.

“Let her go” Raphael sent a punch on Benita’s face.

The sirens of the police made everyone of us calm.

“Mr Edwin and Miss Benita you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Mr Roland” The police said placing the handcuffs around Edwin and Benita’s hand.

“Did he just say attempted Murder” I whispered to Raphael not so sure if it was a statement or a question

Just then my phone beeped. I check to see who the caller was but the number was totally strange.

“Miss Arya on the line”?? I guess the caller was asking for confirmation.

“Yes, Any problem” I asked totally confused

“From St. Victory Hospital, Mr Roland wish to speak with you” The caller said and ended the call.

“Roland is alive” I screamed and hugged Raphael

“We need to go to the hospital” Raphael said as I watch Edwin and Benita been led into the police Van.

Raphael and I got into another taxi and we both hurried to the hospital.

“Arya, I thought I would never see” Roland said slowly.

“I miss you Roland” I said placing a kiss on his forehead.

“I love you Arya, please marry me” Roland smiled.

“Get well first” I smiled back.


The date fixed for the trial of Edwin and Benita finally came. I went with Roland in the company of Raphael. We had submitted our recordings and few pictures the day before.

“Mr Edwin, what do you have to tell the Court” The judge said adjusting his glasses

“That I’m guilty of all the charges and was mislead by this woman” Edwin said pointing at Benita

“It’s a lie my Lord, I tell you he was the one who shot Roland” Benita said boldly.

“My Lord, I wouldn’t have done all that if not for her wicked counsel” They started arguing and the Court was thrown into confusion.

Who could be right ??

“Order” The clerk announced and the Court was dead silent.

“Mr Edwin, I guess you know it a serious offence when you try to kill someone…..Hence you Edwin Torres has been sentenced to 17 years imprisonment for kidnappings and Alleged murder of Mr Roland…..While Miss Benita you are been sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for child labor and alleged kidnappings….Court!!” The judge passed his verdict

I bowed my heads and watched Edwin been taken away. He stared at me briefly before walking out of the dock. Roland directed me out the Court.

“Edwin” I called his name wiping my tears

“I’m sorry Arya, I sincerely wished for a better life” Edwin’s words pierced my heart.

“It’s all over” Roland said wrapping his hands around my waist as he placed a kiss on my lips.

“Hmmm…hmm” Raphael cleared his throat and we both turned back.

“Thanks Raphael” I said still holding Roland

“I would be on my way to Florida now, Miss Arya” Raphael chuckled.

“Let me invite you for our wedding…..taking place next Saturday” Roland said giving him an invitation card.

“Congrats” Raphael smiled.


💍🔔Wedding Bell🔔💍

“You two aren’t looking bad” Vera complimented our dressing

“Thanks darling” Arya hugged her lightly and she frowned.

“What is it?” I was concerned

“If you two get married, that means I won’t be needed here” She said sadly

“Darling, you won’t go back to the streets” Arya tried to console her.

“What about Mr Roland” she whispered into Arya’s ears but I heard her

“Vera, After the wedding we would proceed to adopt you” I said and she laughed.

“So, I have a family” Vera chuckled

“Thanks darling for standing by us” Arya kissed her.

“We are running late” I was excited.

I stood in front of the congregation and smiled brightly. At least, I married the woman of the dream.

“Can miss Arya stepped forward” The clergy said and Arya walked in her white flowing gowns

After the exchange of marital vows, We were asked to take our first genuine Kiss.

Arya laughed.

“Congrats Mr and Mrs Roland” Raphael said.

“Thanks for coming” Arya hugged him.

“Guess what Arya” Raphael smiled brightly

“What” I stared at the woman and the little daughter beside him.

“I’m back with my wife” Raphael introduced them

“Mr Roland, The code to the volt is ur date of birth” Vera smiled.

I suddenly remembered . We got back everything and lived ever happily after.




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