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July 30, 2021


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You are mine Episode 9 & 10

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“Slow down Ass hole” Some drivers cursed admist blaring of car horns.

That wasn’t important to me right now. Arya was all I got and I needed to save her.

“You’re about to crash Mr” One lady yelled

I swerved to avoid crashing into an oncoming lorry.


“Get the Ambulance” That was what I could hear before passing out.

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I grinned as I watch Edwin left the house to rescue Arya. Grabbing the flowers, I dumped them in the waste bin. I took my phone.

“Job done madam” The voice was thick.

“Did you remove the brake from the bike” I asked slowly

“All done madam” The voice said and ended the call.

“Edwin if I wasn’t going to have you, no one would” I said balancing myself on his bed.

I was about going into the kitchen when I heard my phone buzzed. It was a text message.

@Unknown : Confirmation madam, Edwin is currently struggling with his life at St. Victory hospital.

I smiled at the text as I sang my favorite song.


Gradually getting comfortable around my boss. I hadn’t been fair to Edwin. I got a call from an Emergency number.

“Miss Arya Artemyo” The caller said for confirmation.

“Yes” I said as I changed my sitting position

“Edwin had an accident and he is currently at St. Victory hospital” The caller said and ended the call.

I wasn’t so sure I heard the caller. I dialed Edwin’s number and his line was switched off. Tears gathered in my eyes, I needed to go with Roland.

“You sounded urgent, is everything alright” Roland said and sat beside me on the sofa.

“Edwin had an accident” I said in tears

We both drove to the hospital only to meet Benita already in the hospital.

“You’re cruel” Benita yelled at me.

“How do you mean”?? Roland spoke on my behalf

“She made Edwin get into an accident. Someone called Edwin to tell him that Arya was in trouble” Benita eyed me with disgust.

“I wouldn’t do such a thing” I tried to prove my innocence.

“You will have to explain that to the police” Benita sighed.

“Calm down, Edwin will be fine” Roland tried to console me.

“Let me be. You caused all these, you made me totally ignore Edwin” I said pushing Roland as I ran out of the hospital.

I didn’t have to run much. I sat few meters away from the hospital. I couldn’t help but to blame myself for everything that happened to Edwin.

“So you came to hide here” That was Benita as she let out a grin.

“Benita, I don’t want to fight you” I said boldly.

“That if you can, officers arrest her” She said.

Just then, The police led me into their van. I called Roland to tell him I was arrested by Benita . I didn’t spend much time in the station, I wrote a statement and Roland signed for my bail. I went back to the hospital with Roland.

“Edwin, please talk to me” I knelt beside him.

“Doctor, how is him” I asked the doctor

“He has not regain consciousness” The doctor said and left me.

“Edwin, please live for me and I will never let you go” I broke into tears.

I was about getting up from my kneeing position when Edwin moved his left little finger. I gasp in excitement.

“Did you see that” I screamed at Roland

“He’s alive” Roland said and smiled.

“Doctor!!! Doctor!!!” I screamed in excitement.

The doctor rushed into the ward.

“Doctor, He moved his fingers” Roland said

“You may now excuse us” The doctor said dismissing Roland and I.

I moved out of the house Roland gave me to live with my parents. I was done with anything that had to do with Roland. I went to see Edwin at the hospital daily. He wasn’t getting any better. I heard my phone buzzed and it was a text message

@Roland Luis: why haven’t you been coming to work.

I didn’t remember to write officially that I was done working for him

@Arya Norche: Am done working with you sir.

I waited for the text to be delivered before switching off my phone.

I woke up the next morning with the intention of going to get a new job. I got outside my compound only to find my boss car.

“Did I do anything wrong”?? His voice was calm

“You didn’t sir” I said trying to walk away from him when he held me back.

“Arya, please re consider your decisions” My boss went on his knees.

“Sir, My resign from the Hacienda doesn’t have anything to do with you” I said

“So you are back to calling me Sir” He said

“Let’s leave it at that” I said and freed myself from his grip.

I got to the hospital only to meet Edwin jerking on the bed.

“Doctor!!! Doctor!!!” I screamed placing my hands on Edwin’s chest.

I was dismissed by the doctor and Edwin was moved into a different ward entirely. I waited patiently for the Doctor’s report.

“Doctor, How is him” I gripped the Doctor by his coat.

“Miss Arya, we need the sum of 10 million naira to commerce an urgent operation if Mr Edwin must survive” The doctor said and walked out on me.

10 million naira!!!….How on earth would I get such money. I had stopped working in the Hacienda. I begged everyone including my parents and I was able to raise one million naira. I had no choice but to go back to the Hacienda. I wouldn’t mind spending my whole life in Hacienda this time around. I got into the Hacienda and the watch man welcomed me with a smile. I walked briskly to my boss office.

“Please sir, I need a loan” I immediately went on my knees

“I don’t have loan but my contract still stands ” Roland said rudely

“I accept the contact” I said





Arya accepted my offer. My heart flipped in excitement as I watched her sign the contract. The contract clearly stated that it was a fake wedding and no one had access to the papers expect from our lawyers.

“Roland, it’s a fake wedding and know that I don’t love you. It’s Edwin I love and I’m doing these for him” Her words broke my heart.

“I don’t love you either. I’m doing these for my inheritance” I grinned.

It really hurt to see that Arya didn’t have any feelings for me. I made up my mind to stop the feelings I had for her.

“There would be another document you have to sign as regard the fake wedding” I said rudely.

“Let me know when it’s ready” She said boldly.

I had a big problem, collecting half the 40 million naira from my Grandmother was the big problem. Arya would have to accompany me for my Grandmother to believe me. I took my phone and sent her a text.

@Arya Artemyo: meet me at the Hacienda

@Roland Luis: sure, I’ll

“Is the money ready” Arya looked tensed

“Nope, As a matter of fact you will have to accompany me to get the money” I smiled.


The doctor gave me 24hours to produce the money or I loss Edwin and here was Roland was acting crazy. I should accompany him to get what money. I watched Roland as he brought out something that looked like a ring.

“What are you doing” I stood fixed

“Don’t ask questions” Roland said placing the ring on my middle finger.

I walk sluggishly behind Roland as he led me into his car. We had a peaceful drive until I got to a different mansion entirely.

“Granny” Roland said as a hug a middle aged woman.

“Your grandmother” I ask not so sure because the woman was kinda young.

“Yes, Arya” He smirked

“Gud afternoon ma” I prostrated

“Granny, meet my wife to be ” Roland said placing a kiss on my cheeks

“Heck” I wanted to scream

“Show granny your ring” Roland said stretching my hands to show his grandmother the ring.

“My ring happens to be the best” I chipped

“Arya and I has started preparations for our wedding” Roland said

“I love Roland so much and he’s such a nice man” I said sitting beside Roland’s grandmother.

“Nice one Arya” Roland whispered in my ears.

“Granny, I want my wedding with Arya to be the talk of the town” Roland said

“Roland You have Estates , can’t you raise money from the estates for your wedding” His Grandmother asked

“Granny, The estates is no longer paying. Come on granny I still have over 30 million dollars with you” Roland frowned

“Roland, I can only give you 20 million from your inheritance and it must be used for the wedding” His grandmother said getting up from her sitting position.

She came and brought a check of 20 million. After signing on the check, She handed it over to Roland.

“Arya, This is the check” Roland said handling it over to me.

“Thanks Roland but how do you intend replacing the loan ” I managed to control my tears.

“I’m going to use the Hacienda as a collateral” Roland said and covered his face with his hands.

I didn’t say anything and since it was too late, I deposited the money in the hospital account.

“Edwin, I hope you understand that I’m doing these because of you” I said silently.

I watched as Edwin was rushed into a theater ward. I wasn’t allowed to enter the ward.

🕛Tick Tok!!!! Tick Tok!!!!🕛

12 hours gone and there still no sign of the doctor or the nurses who took Edwin into the ward. I totally switched off my phone to avoid disturbance.

“Congratulations, The operation was slightly successful” The doctor announced

“Slightly” I stood freez

“He had a small injury on his spinal cord and it will take a little time before he can walk” The doctor said

“What” I sighed

“When there is life, there is hope” The doctor encouraged me.

I went into the ward to see Edwin, he was completely different this time around.

“Arya” Edwin pronounced my name softly

“I’m sorry Edwin” I knelt beside him

“Promise never to leave me” Edwin said touching my face.

“I promise” I smiled at him.

Edwin was discharged and I moved in with him. I wasn’t going to be so fast in telling him how I got the money for his treatment and when he asked me about it, I totally ignore.

I tried to keep my fake wedding from Edwin. I invited my parents and few friends to the wedding. To Roland and I it was a fake wedding and to others at the parties, it was a real wedding. I wasn’t expecting Roland to spend much but he spent more the 20 million dollars. The reception was really mind blowing.

“I need to go home” I whispered into Roland’s ear.

“But it supposed to be our wedding night” Roland said

“It’s a fake wedding” I said

“Arya, I hate it when people disobey my orders” Roland yelled at me.

I followed Roland to his house, headed straight to the guest room and wrote my rules. I brought the paper for Roland to sign.


*Don’t shout out me in public.

*Always respect my decision

*you not permitted to touch any part of my body not even when we are in public

*Don’t ever say you love me.

“Sign at the bottom” I commanded

“What for” Roland stared at the paper

“Rules guiding this wedding” I said and Roland signed the paper.

“Get ready for my own rules and don’t ever in your live think I would love a low life like you” Roland said and walked out on me.


After all my pleas and warning, she still went ahead with her so called fake wedding. I sent her a text.

@Arya Artemyo: Meet me at home…..I’m sick



Did Arya make the right choice by promising her Boss a fake wedding just to save Edwin’s life…..will they be able to survive their pretends?

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