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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

You are mine Episode 5 & 6

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I felt bad to see Arya in tears. It was all her fault, I wouldn’t have beaten her up. Arya was a nice girl who didn’t deserve to be maltreated I just didn’t know why I beat her up at very slightest provocation. I heard Arya sobbed in my room and I opened the door to see her lying on the floor.

“Arya, please am sorry” I went on my knees

“Edwin, let me be. Must you do things just to say sorry” Tears dropped from her cheek

“Please Arya” I pleaded

I was able to lure her into forgiving me but she refused spending the night with me. It was my cause so I didn’t blame her much.


Edwin asking me to quit my job. I was only trying to help him and nothing else. How long will I continue to bear the beatings. I love Edwin no doubt but I loved my life more. I didn’t spend the night with him because I didn’t want another drama when I was suppose to go to work. I got to work, too bad my boss arrived before me.

“Why are you late” He glared at me

“Sir, I ….” I didn’t know what to say as tears dropped from my eyes

“Is anything the

matter” He kept staring at me.

“No sir” I walked out on him to avoid further questioning.

I went straight to my office. Even with the numerous work, I cried throughout.

“Miss Arya, is everything okay” That was the watchman

“Very fine” I said and quickly wiped the tears on my face.

“The boss wants to see you” The watchman continued

“What for” I asked politely

“I noticed you are moody today and I told him about it” The watchman smiled

“You reported me” I wanted to scream

“I meant no harm madam” The watchman said and walked away.

I got to the boss office and sat opposite him. I wasn’t going to tell him I was having issues with my fiance. I thought of what to tell him.

“What happening Arya” My boss sounded so calm

“Nothing sir” I tried to prevent my tears from falling but they betrayed me

“Please don’t cry” Roland offered handkerchief

“I will be fine sir” I said boldly.

“I can help you” He said and I looked at him.

“I need a loan of 20 million dollar sir” I blurted

“20 million, That a lot” Roland was surprised

“Sir, my fiance’s father is critically ill” I said totally ignoring the wedding part.

“Let me guess, your fiance’s father is ill and it is affecting your fiance and in turn affecting you and your job” my boss said sarcastically

“Yes sir” I lied

I stared at him


This was once in a life time opportunity. Ever since Donna left me and travelled overseas, it had been difficult loving any lady. I got 40million dollar inheritance

from my late mom and my grandmother had made it clear that without getting married, I won’t have access to the money. Donna was the only woman in my life. She left the country slightly before mom died. Donna felt I was un serious about taking our relationship a step further and even when I pleaded with her to come back promising her marriage, she bluntly refused. Two years after she left the country, She told me she was getting married and I accepted it as fate.

“Excuse me sir” Arya smiled at me noticing I was silent

“Do you still need the loan” I asked

“Yes sir” she didn’t hesitate


Was I doing the right thing by collecting this loan for Edwin without him knowing about it. Whatever it was but for the sake of my wedding I needed the loan. I wouldn’t mind working the rest of my life in the Hacienda. I rushed to my boss office.

“Sir you sent for me” I said calmly

“Arya, I have something better than a loan for you” My boss grinned

“What could that be” I stared at him

“A contract” He said adjusting his tie

“I don’t get” I said politely

“Arya, my Grandmother in a way owns me 40 million ” He paused

“How does that concern me” I said with unease

“Will you allow me finish” He sounded upset

“Sorry sir” I quickly apologized

“Fake a marriage with me and I will give you half of the 40million which is the 20 million you asked for” He smiled.

“I thought you said the money is with your Grandmother” I was confused

“Yes Arya and until I get married she is not giving me a kobo from that money” my boss said.

“Sir, I don’t think I buy that idea. I already have a fiance” I protested

“I know you have a fiance but believe me this money will help you both. I didn’t say genuinely marry me besides I don’t have feelings for you” He blurted.

“I don’t have feelings for you either” I yelled.

“Please I didn’t mean to offend you” He pleaded.

“Can I think about this offer” I said getting up from my seat.

I didn’t really like the idea but maybe Edwin would. I went to his house and found him in his room drunk.

“I thought you would never come back” He shrugged

“Is that why you got yourself drunk” I managed to lift him up from the floor.

“I love you Arya” He said and headed to the bathroom.

After taking his bath, I managed to change his clothes and he slept.

“Edwin, I would like to tell you something” I said slowly noticing he was awake

“What” He said and turned to face me

“My boss offered me a contract” I blurted

“How does it look like” he said

“The price is 20million dollar ” I said






“20 million dollars” Edwin screamed in excitement

“Yes Edwin” I replied

“What is the contract like” Edwin asked and I frowned.

“My boss asked me for a fake wedding” I said

“And you consented” Edwin’s mood changed

“No, I didn’t. I only asked for time to think” I said slowly.

“Arya, you are such a whore ……A bitch that what you are” Edwin rained abuses on me.

“How can you say that Edwin” tears dropped from my eyes

“Lier, Pretender that what you are ” Edwin yelled.

“Edwin, I didn’t give my consent” I cried

“Why then are you telling me if you don’t like idea….I have always suspected you and boss” Edwin said hitting his fist on the wall

“Edwin calm down” I tried pacifying him when he pushed me violently.

“You heartless Ingrate. I know it because am broke ” Edwin yelled

“Edwin don’t insult me anymore. I’m doing all these to make you happy. You are the ingrate that is heartless, devilish, wicked” I didn’t complete my sentence before Edwin sent a slap across my face.

“Let me go” I struggled as he pinned me on the bed.

“I love you but what did I get in return” Edwin sent another slap on my face.

“Edwin” I struggled with him.

Edwin brought out a belt and flogged me mercilessly. I struggled to free myself from his grip but he was too powerful for me. I shouted for help but no one could help me. After beating me, Edwin grabbed my bag , locked me in his room and went away with the keys. Luckily for me, my phone was in my pocket. I dialed Roland’s number.

“Gud afternoon sir” I wept uncontrollably

“Are you okay”?? my boss asked

“No sir….please help me” I pleaded

“Text me your address” He said and ended the call

@Roland Luis:
36, Banana Avenue, Colorado . United States of America.

I quickly texted him and hid my phone. Damn!! Edwin was taking too much. Roland came and broke the door. Roland and I drove in his car. We drove peacefully and didn’t engage in much conversation. I got to Roland’s house and it was paradise on earth. Roland was damn rich but how come he still wanted 40 million dollars. I wiped the tears on my face and followed Roland into his house. Staring into his face, I secretly admired my boss.

“You got a nice place” I managed to say

“For how long has this been going on” Roland said ignoring my statement.

“What” I acted dumb

“The beatings” Roland said and eyed me.

“Six years” I said counting my fingers

“Arya, six years and you didn’t tell anyone about it” Roland screamed.

“I thought my love for him would change him” I sobbed.

Roland consoled me. I was about leaving Roland’s house when I got a call from an unknown number.

“Miss Arya on the line” I said quickly thinking it was business

“Edwin has been arrested” The caller said

I ended the call and sighed.

“What the problem” Roland stared at me

“Edwin has been arrested” I felt bad maybe if I hadn’t left him he wouldn’t have been arrested.

“What for” Roland asked

“Dunno” I walked briskly out of Roland’s house

“Hold on Arya, let me at least drop you off” I overhead Roland said and I stood beside his car.

Roland and I didn’t talk to each other until we got to the state police station.

“Inspector, I was told my fiance was arrested” I glance at everyone in the counter

“Who is your fiance” One of the inspectors asked politely

“Edwin Torres” I said and hit my heads with my palm

“He actually disobey the traffic rules and that was why he was arrested” The inspector continued.

“He owns a car”?? Roland asked

“No, I guess it’s his old and rusted bike” I managed to say.

After much talk, Roland bailed Edwin out of the police station since I wasn’t having enough money on me.

“I guess you were drunk again and that why you went against the traffic rules” I yelled at him.

“Do you care Arya . This must be your boss” He said pointing at Roland

“Yes he is and he bailed you” I said boldly

“I didn’t ask him to” Edwin shrugged.


Was it that Arya was gradually choosing her boss over me. Six years we have dated and I never thought once in my life cheating on her. Could it be that it was my attitude!!!. I loved Arya and no matter what she would always be mine. It been two weeks since I saw her last. I got into my old and rusted bike and drove to her house helplessly

“How may I be of help” That was the gateman

“I came to see Arya Artemyo” I said politely

“Sorry you can’t see her” The gateman was rude.

I tried to struggle my way into her house but the gateman wouldn’t let me. I screamed Arya and yet no response.

“I’ll teach that boy a bitter lesson” The voice was coarse and I knew it was her dad.

“Dad, please I’ll talk to him” That was Arya’s voice.

“Please listen to Arya” Another person spoke and I couldn’t guess who that was.

Shortly after the conversation, Arya came out to meet me standing in front her gate.

“I think you should leave now” Her voice was heart breaking

“You don’t want to see me anymore” I said in tears.

“I’ll come see you soon” She said and placed a kiss on my lips.


I went to work and hoped for a better Arya when I got to work. I mean there was something unique about this lady.

“Gud morning sir” She smiled brightly

Thank God she was better.

“Can I ask for a favour” I wasn’t so sure what her reply will be

“Anything for you sir” she said

“Let’s go on a date” I said




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