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July 30, 2021


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You are mine Episode 15 & 16

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Could it be I was dreaming or maybe he was only trying to make jest of me!!….I brushed it aside and left the Hacienda with my car.

“Roland”!! my heart skipped when I saw his car.

He left the Hacienda in my presence but I wasn’t expecting to see him home. I grabbed my bag, locked the door and followed through the back of the house straight to my room, that was the only way I could avoid Roland and his troubles.

“Arya!!! Arya!!!” Roland banged on my door steadily

“Roland” I opened my door slightly

“Arya, I don’t like the fact that you are breaking the rules” He yelled

“I didn’t break any rules” I eyed him before sighing

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“Arya, I don’t love you and I won’t stoop so low to marry a commoner like you” Roland hissed

“So you now call me a commoner” I snapped

“That what you are and if you aren’t comfortable, leave my house….I don’t even want the money anymore” Roland said walking out on me.

“What could have come over Roland” I asked myself

I packed my bags thinking Roland would stop me from leaving his house. Where do I go to from here??

“Miss Arya, Are you leaving me” Vera said sadly

“Don’t worry dear, Mr Roland would take care of you” I pacified her before turning to face Roland

“Because of you, Edwin hates me” I wasn’t going to cry anymore.

I left Roland’s house.


I went into the room and saw Edwin sitting on the floor. I stared at him briefly before shutting the door behind me.

He packed his pink hair in a ponytail and had a black hair band around his head. No much jewelry was on him except the tiny gold wrist chain on his right wrist and a tiny pink dot earrings on his ears. He wore a black polo with a white and black sides strip tracksuit trouser. He was soaked in alcohol

“Not again” I sighed grabbing the bottle of drink from him

“I hate life, can you imagine???. I have lost everything” Edwin lamented

“What happened again” I said coldly

“I just lost my dad, Arya is the cause of all these” Edwin spat

“Take things easy Edwin, this isn’t the time to start blaming anyone” I said calmly touching his face.

I stared at him rooted at a spot, lost staring at him. He was the most handsome man I had ever saw. I was so lost in his beautiful presence that I totally forgot about his trouble and forgot about myself too. I imagined him coming towards me with his sweet smiles on and his dimples lips parts in a beautiful smile and I licked her Iips in anticipation for a deep kiss.

“Get out of the way,” his cold voice suddenly said and I travelled back to reality and stood up from the bed

I sighed and held him back from walking out on me.

“Edwin, please understand the fact that I love you and Arya doesn’t deserve you” I sobbed on his chest.

Edwin pinned my head on his chest and kissed my forehead slightly. Gush!!! I needed more. I kissed him on his lips and he returned the kiss. Carrying me the bridal style, he placed gently on his bed.

“Are you sure you wanna do this” He said and kissed me

“Yes Edwin” I felt like crying.

He pulled my dress and I was about pulling his when some one bashed into the room in tears.

“Arya” Edwin screamed!!!

“Please I can explain” Edwin stammered running after her.

“Sploit plans” I sighed wrapping myself with his bedsheets.


What was my life drama turning into. One minute I felt like a demi god and other minute I was worst than a loser. I ran as fast as my legs could take me, dragging my luggage was not easily. Not noticing a pavement…..I stumbled and fell. Too bad, Edwin caught up with me finally.

“Arya, I’m sorry” I felt the guilt in his eyes.

“I saw everything, she is your mistress right”?? I sobbed

“It’s not what you think” Edwin said holding my wrist

“Then what” I yelled not knowing what to say

“Have you been cheating on me” I turned away my face from his

“Yes, I mean No……seriously Arya I’m sorry for everything” Edwin stammered

“Edwin how could you, After six years….” I pushed him and he fell

“Arya you caused all these. If you hadn’t disobey me all these wouldn’t have happened” Edwin stood and pushed me violently

“Let me be” I said pushing his hands

“I don’t intend to be harsh on you…Don’t let me be” Edwin shouted

“Edwin, you are wicked” I yelled at him and he sent a slap across my face.

This time I wasn’t gonna cry, I returned the slap almost immediately.

“How dare you” Edwin pulled me by my hair before bringing out a gun from the back of his trousers.

“Are you kidding me , so Edwin it has gotten to the point where you point gun at me” I smiled

“The only reason you aren’t dead is because I once had a thing for you but it doesn’t stop me from pulling these tiggers ” Edwin said still pointing the gun at me.

Edwin phone beeped and I noticed a frown on his face.

Still pointing the gun at me, Edwin covered my eyes and led me into a small house.

“Who are you to command me” Edwin roared immediately he got into the room

“We are both in this business remember” I recognize that feminine voice but couldn’t place who she was.

“Miss Arya, We need 20 million dollars from you” That feminine voice

“Benita, That money is huge” Edwin challenge.

“Benita, I remembered her…The food vendor” I tried screaming but my mouth was tired.

“Don’t dare me” She said and sent a hot slap across my face.




Hot tears ran through my cheeks to see the man I loved most treat me this way.

“How do you expect her to get such money” Edwin sounded confused

“Edwin, stay out of this else you will leave me with no option than to report to the police and we will both be jailed” Benita said

I prayed silently.

“I would place Roland on a call, tell him you need money for a business” Benita ordered and I responded with a nod

“Roland, please I need your help” I broke into tears

“Don’t cry” Benita whispered in my ears

“I have been kidnapped” I screamed and hoped Roland heard.

Benita quickly ended the call and gave me series of slap, kicks and punch. I regretted telling Roland the truth.

“Let her be” Edwin said holding Benita

“This bitch has ruined my plans, pray the police doesn’t get involved” She said and sent a kick on my stomach.

“Argh” I winced in pain

I heard voices but couldn’t see anyone

“Shhs” some place his hands over my mouth.

After untying my legs and hands, he asked me to run. Who was this my saviour???


Her phone beeped and I tap on the screen to see what could be when I noticed it was a text.

💬 Unknown number

Miss Arya , Mr Roland just rescued you.

I hissed and switched off the phone to avoid traces. Wait!!!…Does it mean Arya had been released. I ran to where she was tired and couldn’t find her. Dipping my hands in my pocket, I brought out my phone and called Benita.

“Arya is missing” I said resting my back on the wall

“What do you mean by she’s missing, someone I kept in your care” Benita was screaming

“Calm down , I think I know who’s behind this” I said scratching my forehead

“Roland” Benita said slowly

“Yes” I replied with a nod even though she wasn’t seeing me


I missed everything about Arya. I was so sorry she was kidnapped because of me. Even though we weren’t in good terms , I needed to see her.

“Vera!!!, Vera!!!” I screamed the little girl name

“Yes Mr Roland” The little girl ran speedy

“Have you heard from Miss Arya after the kidnapped case” I said flipping through the pages of a book.

“I think someone else has her phone” Vera said boldly.

“How do you think I can get in touch with her” I closed the book I was holding

“Since you two are still in that business, why not publish pictures of your sick mother soliciting for fund” Vera said sharply

“So how will that make me see Arya” I was curious

“Definitely, if she sees the pictures she will come see you” Vera concluded

“And what if she doesn’t see the pictures” I snapped

“Be positive Mr Roland” The little girl smiled and excused her self.

My phone beeped and I checked to see that it was my grandmother. I called her instantly and someone else picked.

“Granny is at the hospital” The voice said

“What!!!… I mean what hospital” I stammered

“St. Victory hospital” The voice responded almost immediately

I ended the call and quickly sent Arya some mail. I also ordered for Granny picture to be published.

I rushed to the hospital and met a nurse whom directed me to my Grandmother’s ward. On getting there, Granny was sleeping. Since she was asleep, I decided to take a walk round the hospital.

“Roland” That was Arya, I recognize her voice.

“Arya” we locked in an embrace

“I was expecting you to show up after I sent someone to saved you ” I continued

“So you saved me” She smiled.

“What are you doing in this hospital” I quickly changed the topic

“I saw the newspaper you published, I checked your house and Vera directed me to this hospital” Arya said folding her hands

“Granny is sick and we both need to be with her” I said squeezing my palms in her.


“Please can I have that newspaper” I said pointing to a particular news paper.

I saw the name, Roland Luis…..I took my phone and called Vera.

“See me immediately” I yelled through the phone.

Vera knew our usual meeting spot. I wore my sun shade glasses and got down from the car.

“Why didn’t you tell me about his sick Granny” I stared at her

“I felt it wasn’t necessary” She sounded rude and I sent a slap across her face.

“What hospital” I said loudly

“Ma’am” Vera stared at me

“Hope you aren’t dumb and don’t force me to slap you again” I smiled mischievously

“St. Victory hospital” I noticed the little girl was scared

“Don’t worry Vera, you are almost done with your job here” I grinned and gave her an envelope containing some money


I had my way. Secretly, I followed Roland and Arya.

“Granny how is your health” I heard Roland said

“Roland, There is a volt in the Hacienda” His Granny coughed

“Granny you will be fine” That was Arya

“Arya, only you can open the volt ….if you think hard you will remember I told you the code. Ensure that Roland gets his inheritance” His Grandmother coughed again.

Wow, My plans were almost achieve. Only Arya had the code to the 20 million dollars in the volt.


I wondered why Granny finally agreed to give me my full inheritance. I smiled within me but then wondered if Arya would tell me the code to the volt, what if she doesn’t remember. I drove Arya to my house while I went back to stay with Granny. I got into the ward and noticed her bed was empty. I went to the doctor’s office

“Doctor, where is my Grandmother” I was confused

“I’m sorry Mr Roland, We just lost your Grandmother” The doctor said and walked away

“Why now Granny” Tears dropped from my eyes.

My phone beeped….A text

💬Arya needs your help!!!!


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