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July 30, 2021


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You are mine Episode 11 & 12

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Leaving Arya was gonna make my life a mess.

“Edwin, you sounded urgent” Her voice was so calm.

“Arya, How could you betray me” I sobbed

“I didn’t betray you, I just couldn’t watch you die” She cried and I smirked

“You couldn’t watch me die Arya and yet you did something capable of killing me” I yelled at her

“Please Edwin, forgive me” Arya went on her knees.

Still in my thoughts, I remembered when I first met her. Arya had always stood up for me even when her parents kicked against our relationship.

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“Arya, if I can’t have you no one else would” I needed to tell her the truth.

“I’m not leaving you either” She said and placed a kiss on my lips.


I was only trying to help her. She own me now and I was going to treat her like a debtor. I brought out the file case which contained our wedding contract. I took my pen and a piece of paper.


*Don’t ever leave the house without my permission

*live according to my dictates

*No need for children

*And this wedding ends the very day my grandmother gives me the other half of my inheritance.

*Also note that subsequent rules would be given and the day you disobey any, you will return my money.

I signed beneath the rules and waited for Arya to come sign hers. It was past 8pm and my fake wife was back home. Even though I was worried sick about her absent, I suspected she was with Edwin.

“Where are you coming from” I asked

“It’s none of your business” Arya was rude

“Look here, I gave you part of my inheritance because I wanted to help you , I don’t even think you deserve my pity” I yelled and brought the rules.

“Sign here” I commanded handling her a pen.

💔✍️ARYA’S P.O.V✍️

I felt bad. I loved Edwin and my boss has been nice to me. Damn!!! I guess I made a wrong decision in accepting to be Boss fake wife. Those rules were heart breaking and I wasn’t expecting him to write such. I had to obey every single rule. I took my phone and dialed Roland’s number.

📲”Roland, I wish to go see my parents” I lied

📲”Don’t exceed 6pm” Roland said sternly and ended the call.

I wasn’t going to see my parents, I was going to see Edwin rather and inform him about the new rules.

“Edwin, we now have rules governing our supposed marriage” I said sitting close to Edwin on the bed.

“Rules” Edwin smirked

“He also said that we are gonna dissolve the wedding once he gets the second half of his inheritance” I said slowly

“Arya, I got a plan” Edwin grinned

“What’s that” I was confused

“Pretend to love Roland and get enough money from him” Edwin smiled mischievously

“What for Edwin” I screamed

“Arya, do this for us. We would use the money for our wedding ” Edwin went on his knees

“It’s impossible…..I can’t extort money from Roland. Hasn’t he done more enough already” I shouted in tears.

“Prove to me that you don’t love your boss and do as I say” Edwin walked out on me.

Edwin was asking for too much. I didn’t love Roland but it wasn’t enough reason for me to betray his trust for me.


When she said her boss made rules, I knew those were mere words. I guess he had feelings for her but pretended about it. I was going to make Arya stick to my plan. Maybe Benita would give me better ideas.

📲”Hey Benita, meet me at Camille Restaurant” I said in a rush

📲”Sure” She responded and I ended the call.

Benita was beautiful. She didn’t look so bad in the dress she was wearing.

“Are you alright” Benita asked as she sat opposite me.

“I need your help” I grinned

“About”?? Benita said as she slipped a glass of drink

“Arya is cheating on me with her boss, And what I need is for Arya to come back to me. I don’t want to share her with anyone” My tone changed to sad one.

“How do I come in” Benita smiled

“I need plans, I need possible ways of getting Arya back” I said

“What do I stand to again” Benita said as she stared at her glass of drink

“Name your price” I slipped my drink

“50 million naira” Benita said and my heart skipped a beat

“That too much” I eyed her

“Edwin” She laughed and I didn’t find it funny.

“First things first, We need a spy. Something like an informant” Benita continued.

“How do we go about that” I stared at her

“Leave that for me” She said boldly


I didn’t bother myself in getting Edwin’s attention anymore. Now I could say Edwin and I are more like business partners.

“Vera!!! Vera!!!!” I screamed almost losing my voice

“Yes madam” The little girl responded calmly

“You will have to stop working in the Restaurant for now” I smiled mischievously

“Why madam, Did I offend you” She said almost in tears

“No dear, I need you to work somewhere else and this time around your pay would be big” I said placing my hands on her shoulders

I briefed her on her new work. She was a smart girl, Knowing she won’t let me down.


Since I had been placed under house arrest, I spent my time going round Roland’s compound. Roland was damn rich and Edwin was no match for him. I heard sounds, that was probably the cry of a child.

“Little girl, what are you doing here ” I asked as I stared passionately her.

“I lost my Mom and no one is willing to care for me” The girl said in tears

“I will care for you and adopt you as my daughter” I said leading her into Roland’s house




“Don’t give me that crap” Roland said walking into the sitting room with anger.

“Please Roland, She is just a helpless child” I tried to justify my actions holding the little girl by her wrist.

” I don’t raise orphans in my home” Roland stormed out of the living room

“Does your husband hate me” The little girl was so innocent

“No, he doesn’t.” I said leading the girl into the visitor’s room

“Roland, please let’s help this innocent little girl” I knelt beside him on getting to his room

“Arya, I’m not in support of this” Roland turned his face from me.


“What’s the recent update ” I asked Benita when she was done with the phone call.

“Arya accepted her, I mean the informant” She said sitting close to me on my bed.

“Thanks babe” I hugged her

Staring at her recently made me have tingles gosh. I wasn’t suppose to feel lusty over her but I couldn’t help it ..

“Edwin” Oh I was so stupid not to know she was still talking to me

ouuch i felt embarrassed

“Are you Alright” She stared at me

“I’m so,,,rry” I shutterd slowly

” Okay I get it now, I said I will be leaving It getting late already” Her voice was seductive

“Oh you leaving fine ” I was fucking unconscious.

She was such a damsel. I wonder why it took me so long to find out. My mind scolded me for saying fine. I wanted her to stay and even spend the night with me.

I moved closer to her and gave her a peck
I didn’t know were the urge came from. She kissed me back slowly. I deepen the kiss and I was glad I did.

The whole stuff was getting intense and I was enjoying it , She grab my head moan into her mouth. gosh!! Her lips taste so juicy. Soon we found ourselves on the bed I was doing justice to everything. She broke the kiss I wanted more of her.

“Whhhy did you stop ” I asked

” Babe are sure you ready you gonna do this” She asked still staring into my eyes.

“Yes” I nodded sheepishly

“Are you really sure babe” She asked again

I did respond rather with a kiss

She kissed me deep moving to my neck making sure a left a hickey on every spot
She moved down slowly to my belly making sure she left no trace left, then moving down to my abdomen she pulled off my trousers.


“What did I just do, was I drunk” I winced in pain

I turned to the other side of the bed and noticed she was no longer on the bed. Just then she came out of the bathroom with her robe.

“Looking for me” She sat on the sofa

“No” I buried my face in my shame.

Even though, I wasn’t so sure whether or not Arya was cheating on me, I had already cheated on her.

“Let this be our little secret” I whispered

“Then you will have to marry me” She whispered back.

Damn!!! I wasn’t making a right decision by cheating on Arya.


“How many times have I warned you never to enter my room when I’m not around” I yelled at my so called wife.

“Roland, I’m your wife and I have right to every room in this house” She shouted

“Fake wife, in case you have forgotten” I eyed her

“You don’t have to always remind me of that” She stormed out of me.

I shouldn’t have talk to her like that. I heard her cry and I went to her room.

“I’m sorry Arya, I didn’t mean to raise my voice on you” I sat beside her

“Roland, leave my room” She sobbed

“Mr Roland, Granny is here” Vera said

“Granny” Arya and I said simultaneously rushing downstairs to welcome her.

“Welcome ma” Arya carried her bags

“I’ll be spending two weeks with you Roland” Granny smiled

“That would be great” Arya frowned at me.

Granny around meant work for I and Arya. Our pretence had to be intense else she would end up suspecting our marriage.

“Now that Granny is around, it means that henceforth till she leaves my room is now yours” I placed my hands on my jaw

“Hope you know I’m not sharing that bed with you” She raised her voice

“Bring down your voice. I didn’t ask you to share bed with me” I frowned

“Who’s sleeping on the floor” Arya stared at me

“You” I laughed

“I’m not in the mood for jokes” She said rudely

“Seriously, it gonna be routine. I won’t have to sleep on the floor always” I smirked

Dinner was set. Since Granny was around, Arya prepared the meal.

“Your food is delicious” I complimented

“Thanks my love” She said placing her heads on my shoulders

I noticed Granny looked at us and my heart jumped in excitement. Arya was such a great pretender.

Arya brought her bed sheets into my room. I watched her struggle with the big bed sheets.

“What do you need that for” I smirked

“I’m not sleeping on that polluted bed sheets of yours” She continued pulling my bed sheets.

“You know what, I won’t also sleep on that polluted bed sheets of yours” I pulled my bed sheets.

I was about lying on the floor when I heard a knock on the door. I got up from the floor in hesitate.

“Granny” Arya whispered

“Where is your husband” I overheard Granny

“Sweetheart, Granny wants to see you” Arya open the door as Granny made her way into my room.

“What’s the bed sheet doing on the floor” She said pointing to my bed sheets

“Its dirty” We both lied together

“Arya, can I borrow you for sometime” Granny said and she glanced at me.

“Should in case I come late, Always know I love you…..Good night” She said and placed a kiss on my lips



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