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August 1, 2021


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You are mine Episode 1 & 2

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I sat on my bed and wondered what life was without money. My dad lying critically ill in the hospital and having Arya to take care of. It had been six years since we started dating and it was high time I took my relationship with her further. I had an estate as my only inheritance and even though the estate worth 20 million there was still no money to run its affairs so I locked up the estate.

“Dong!!! Dong!!! Dong!!!” That was my door bell.

I wasn’t really expecting anyone. Reluctantly I staggered to the door to see who the visitor was.

“Arya” I smiled placing emphasis on her name.

This was the lady who bought me so much joy and the reason for my existence. If only I had the money, I wouldn’t hesitate to make her my wife.

“My love” Arya replied placing a kiss on my lips with a smile.

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I ushered her into my room and offered her a seat. She wasn’t a stranger tho but it was my responsibility to make her comfortable. I stared into her eyes and noticed she blushed silently.

“Why didn’t you inform me before coming” I said breaking the awkward silence.

“Is it a crime” Arya said as she changed her position to seat with me on the bed.

“No” I smiled at her.

“Is anything the matter” Noticing her mood, I decided to ask.

“You, Edwin…..for how long how we going manage. Your father is seriously ill and we don’t even have half of the money the hospital requested” Arya said with tears gathered in her eyes.

“Everything will be fine” I managed to console her even though deep down I felt bad.

“How soon Edwin…..Not to talk about us. Six years of dating and still because of this situation we can’t get married. Edwin please do something” She went on her knees as the tears flow freely down her cheeks

I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t stand seeing the woman whom I love hurt because of me. I had been looking for job but no one was willing to employ me. It’s not just as easy as she thinks.

“You hurt me with your tears. You and I know I have been looking for job. Is it my fault that I am unemployed” I yelled at her.

Sobbing silently, I felt bad for yelling at her.

“I’m really sorry Arya, I didn’t mean to yell at you” I hugged her tightly.

“I understand” She said wiping her tears with the back of her palm

“I think I have an idea” I smiled at her.

“What idea” She said returning the smile.

“I will sell the Estate, deposit part of the money for my father’s treatment and then use the other for our wedding” I said.

“You can’t sell that Estate, that Estate is your only inheritance and you know it” Arya said.

“I just can’t help it” I sobbed in her palms.

“It’s gonna be fine but you won’t sell that Estate” Arya said consoling me admist tears.


“What a mess” I sat on the sofa and buried my face in my palm. I wasn’t going to let this whole issue weigh Edwin down because he was all I got. I heard dad horn blared and I totally ignored. Still lost in my thoughts, I changed my sitting position on the Sofa.

“Darling, what is the problem” Mom said bringing back to reality.

“Mom, it’s Edwin” I broke into tears.

“How many times have I told you to leave that good for nothing” Dad chipped in

“Dad, Edwin and I have come a long way and I can’t leave him now not with the situation of things” I said boldly.

“What do you intend doing” Mom sighed.

“Dad , mom can I get like a million naira from the both of you, I promise to repay you ” I pleaded on my knees.

“Your father and I have lots of things at hand and getting a million naira won’t be possible” Mom said.

I couldn’t believe. This should be about the 50th time I was asking mom and dad for a support and I got the same old story.

With anger I went into my room. I wore my pairs of jeans and my sweater. I rolled my hair the doughnut style and picked my bags. Only God knows where I was heading to. I boarded a bike.

“Where did you say you are going” The bike man asked as I climb on the bike.

“Take me anywhere” It sounded crazy.

“I don’t understand Miss” The bike man said politely.

He didn’t need to understand me. I wasn’t so sure where I was going but I didn’t want my butt kicked off from the bike.

“I will pay any amount, just take me anywhere” I sounded still confused.

The bike rider got the bike started and I enjoyed the cool breeze. He drove very fast as I tried removing parts of my hair which sticked to my face.

“Wait, Stop!!!” I exclaimed.

I was so sure I saw something like a job vacancy. I got down from the bike and tuck my hands in my sweater as I approached where I saw the vacancy.

“Dong!! Dong!!” I pressed the door bell slowly and a middle age man came out.

“How can we help you” He said slowly

“I came in respect with the vacancy outside, please I need a job” I said almost in tears.

“This is a poultry farm, I advice you find other jobs where beautiful ladies like you work” The old man said as he kept checking me.

I felt embarrassed but I needed a job at least to support Edwin.

“Please sir, help me” I went on my knees.

He directed me to administrative block. The poultry farm was way too big and I so wished I got a big pay. I got to the boss office and knocked gently.

“God please” I prayed





“Come in” The voice was damn thick.

I walked into the office slowly still with my hands under my sweater.

“Are you handless” He said staring at me

“Gud afternoon sir” I quickly brought out my hands from my sweater.

“How may I be of help” He said as he went through some files on his table.

“Please sir, I need a job” I immediately went on my knees.

“Ohh…The watch man has informed me already. So what can you do” He faced me.

“Anything sir” I pleaded

“Anything is nothing. What did you study in school” He asked still facing me.

“Veterinary medicine” I responded immediately

“That’s great so how come you don’t have a job” He sounded surprised

“Its been five years since I left the university and five years in which have been looking for a job” I broke into tears

“This is Hacienda Luis and this hacienda belongs to my late father monsieur Luis” He concluded.

“Am so sorry about the death of your father sir” I felt pity for him

“Call me Roland” He corrected politely

“Okk sir…..sorry Mr Roland” I quickly corrected myself

“Just Roland” He smiled at me

“Roland” I smiled.

“Submit your CV on Monday morning and be ready for an interview” He dismissed me.

“Thank you sir sorry Roland” I said shutting the door.

I totally forgot the bike man. I didn’t even remember not paying him before entering the hacienda.

“Miss, you kept me waiting” The bike man complained the moment he saw me come out from Hacienda Luis.

“Very sorry….I will pay extra charges” I quickly apologized and hop on the bike.

I directed the bike man to Edwin’s house as I couldn’t wait to break the goodnews to him. I got down from the bike and for a second time fought to pay the bike man.

“Miss” The bike man called

“Sorry” I dipped my hands into my bag and gave him two dollars.

“Bien” He spoke French and I smiled at him.


“Phew” I sighed as I opened the fridge to get a glass of water.

This should be the hundredth time I was submitting my CV and getting the same reply. What was the problem, all these I thought silently.

“Dong!!! Dong!!!” That was my door bell and I wasn’t expecting anyone expect Arya.

“Edwin” Arya screamed my name as she hugged me lightly.

“You seem so happy” I smiled

“Yes, I applied for a job and am hoping for a goodnews” she kissed me.

“Hope you aren’t expecting me to return that kiss” I teased her wrapping my hands around her waist.

“No ” She moved closer to me as her body touched mine.

Her touch were warming . I loved this girl and wouldn’t mind doing anything to please her. I stared into her eyes and she stared back at me.

“Promise you will never leave me” I said squeezing my palms in hers.

“I promise” She smiled at me.

She pushed me slightly and went straight to the kitchen. Thank Goodness , there was food in the kitchen. If I had the money, taking her out wouldn’t have been a great burden.

“Edwin, what will you do if you find me cheating” She asked with her mouth full and I frowned

“Meaning what Arya” I said angrily

“Common, I just kidding” She playfully hit my legs.

“I don’t like such jokes, they are expensive” I frowned

“I’m sorry” She quickly apologized.

“Arya” I pronounced her name softly

“Edwin” Arya smiled at me.

“I love you” I said staring at her passionately

“Love you more Edwin” She said slowly



I arranged my CV neatly and kept it in my bag. I know I was supposed to dress in suit but I had none. I wore my jeans and sweater. Packing my hair the normal style, I grabbed my small bag.

I checked my time and it was 7:45am. Damn!! ….I’m late and I was supposed to be in the office by 8:00am.

“It’s high time I got a personal bike rider” I whispered within myself.

🕛7:50am 🕧

I was nervous. How could I arrive at work late on my first day. I prayed silently and just then I saw the flash light of a bike. I flipped my hands as a sign of stopping the bike man.

“Hacienda Luis” I said as I sat on the bike.

Thought of Edwin flashed through my mind as I journey to the Hacienda. I got down from the bike and payed my bills.

“Gud morning sir” I greeted the watch man politely.

“You must be Miss Arya” The watch man said slowly.

“Yes sir” I said pretending a smile

“The boss awaits you” He said and opened the gate.

I held my bag and walk briskly to the boss office. It was 8:30am by my time. I was late….damn those bike rider who decided not to work this morning. Here I was in front of the boss office, taking a deep breath in I knocked on the door. I couldn’t imagine myself working here

“Come in” This time the boss voice sounded cool.

“Gud morning sir” I was nervous

“What is it by your time”?? He frowned

“8:30am sir” I was scared

“Work is supposed to resume when” He yelled at me.

“Sorry sir, I didn’t mean to arrive late just that all the bike riders went on strike today” I sobbed.

“Don’t give me such excuses and I don’t think you are fit for the job ” His voice became louder.

“Please sir” I went on my knees and broke into tears.

“Don’t give me such crap …. He yelled and stormed his foot on the floor.

“Please sir….I need this job” I crawled on the floor and held his legs tightly.

The boss stared at me for a while before dropping the bomb.

“You got the job” He said collecting the CV from me.




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