Yemisi finale

YEMISI finale episode
Olori 1:instead of staying here we should look for her,she wouldn’t have gone too far
Mama yemisi: labake you must know something about my daughter? where is she ?plea-se talk for our own good
Labake: prince rokanmi! get up with all our guards !
Prince rokanmi: (stands up)do you know anything?
Labake: yemisi is on her way to board a train to another far village ,don’t ask too much questions, lets go !
Olori 2:plea-se be careful!
Labake: don’t worry we will be fine !(exits with rokan)
*(Train park)
(Yemisi and Olakunle holding hands together)
Yemisi: finally!
Olakunle: bye to awele
Yemisi: hmm!
Olakunle: you missing your parents alre-ady !
Yemisi: yeah I won’t lie !
(Just then prince rokanmi, labake and fifteen guards surrounds them in the bush)
Prince rokanmi: so this is the fool you chosed after me ?(brou-ght out his swords)
Olakunle: (wants to move closer)
Yemisi: (holds kunle)how did you know ?(sees labake)you traitor! You told him !!
Labake: sorry friend but its for your parents good !
(As prince rokanmi drags yemisi, Olakunle wants to hold her hands the guards holds him very ti-ght)
Yemisi: let me go ,no!!!(sobbing)
Prince rokanmi: (sl@ps yemisi)
Olakunle: ehh!!!don’t you dare t©uçh her again!!!
Yemisi: leave me alone
Prince rokanmi: (ti-ght£ñs her hands)am sick and tired of hearing those pitiful voices of yours, you will watch him die ,you dare betray the king of the land ,you will loose the stupid love of your life
Yemisi: plea-se don’t kill him I beg you ,he has nothing to do with all these, plea-se I beg you
Labake: yemisi st©p that’s enough! rokan lets go!
Yemisi: wait ,plea-se let me tell him good bye for the last time ,plea-se!
Prince rokanmi: hmm one minute!
Yemisi: (rushes to hvg olakunle who is still held captive in the guards hands)my love ,plea-se don’t forget that I will always love you be strong for me !
Olakunle: I ll come get you I promise, I ll be there ,you won’t get married to that monster
Prince rokanmi: guards take care of him!(exits with yemisi as labake exits with them meanwhile gbenga and baba had witnessed the whole thing)
Gbenga: (stones one of the guards with a big stick)
Olakunle: (hits one of the guards with his hands as he sees gbenga and baba coming forth as they use their arrows to fire the guards)
Baba: yess!
Gbenga: (hvgs kunle)thank God you are safe
Olakunle: my woman is not safe ,it’s time !it’s time for awele to know their real king ,lets go !!!!!
Gbenga: but I was banished
Olakunle: no that wasn’t the real king ,the real king is standing in front of you!
(They all exits with kunle)
(The bakre compound)
(Yemisi seated beside rokanmi as they were about to exchange engagements rings gbenga interrupted)
Gbenga: don’t!!!!
(Crowd faces gbenga)
Olori 2:what are you doing here? You were banished from the kingdom
Gbenga: you will be banished today
Olori 1:gbenga haven’t you caused us too much pains
Gbenga: pains ,after saving the life of your son twenty five years ago and all I have done you say am causing you pains ,the only person causing you pains is that woman bamike and her useless son who is not the real king of awele kingdom!
Bisi: wait what?
Olakunle: (walked in) my people the real head is back !
Prince rokanmi: you again?
Yemisi: kunle!!!!(flings the ring to hvg kunle)
Olakunle: my love
Baba yemisi: what’s going on here? Who is that man?
Yemisi: this man is the love of my life father ,he is the real prince of this land
Olori 2:that’s a lie
Yemisi: relax Bamike,am telling everyone this and not only you or are you scared that your evil secrets will be revealed!
Olori 2:what ?
Prince rokanmi :mom what is going on here? why are they all blaming you?
Yemisi: you want to know who this woman you call a mother is ?she was unbearable to give birth to a male child for the king and she saw queen adewunmi giving birth to a son ,she eliminated him by s£nding gbenga the most trust worthy servant .
Yemisi: the most trustworthy servant to kill her son
Adewunmi: ahh ah! but how is this true?
Yemisi: I ll show you ,(drags kunle as she joined both hands together)he is your son ,your lost long song ,kunle !
Adewunmi: no my son died years ago
Gbenga: if you don’t believe her believe me ,that witch was always jealous of you ,and she also f0rç£d me to kill the king but I refused and that was why she killed him herself and pinned the blames on me
Bisi: mom this is ma-king s-en-se
Olakunle: my mother ,am your son ,look at me ,feel me am the real king of awele
Olori 2:she will never believe you because there’s no proof of it !
Yemisi: (drags the royal n£¢klace from kunle Pocket)well who laughs last always laugh the best, we are proof of your wicked sins!all the evil you have done has been kept in this royal guarded chain which you all have and it shows all your evil deeds!
Adewunmi :yes ,that’s the chain I gave my baby boy, you are my son, my son is back to me !(hvgs kunle)
Yemisi: (throws the n£¢klace on the floor as it shows all Olori 2 evil deeds from the beginning)
(After the chief elders and the whole villagers watched ,they now believed yemisi ,kunle and gbenga, Olori 2 and her son were banished from the kingdom but yemisi pleaded on behalf of gbenga not to banish Bamike and his only son
Life was indeed happiness as yemisi and olakunle was finally together
Remember don’t trust too much because that too much can hurt so much
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