Yemisi Episode 9 & 10

YEMISI Episode nine and ten
(Bakre compound)
(Yemisi room )
Yemisi:(busy re-ading as mama yemisi enters)
Mama yemisi:my daughter ,your food is re-ady
Yemisi:I ll eat soon ,I must learn this maths first, its very important
Mama yemisi:that’s what you said in the morning and you are doing thesame again, you really nee-d to eat something
Yemisi: I ll try !
(Just then a knock on their door )
Mama yemisi: (walks out) who’s that? (opens the door as she sees two b©dy guards)how can I help you
Yemisi: (joins them) yes who are you looking for?
b©dy guard 1:am looking for a young beautiful lady ,fair skinned, someone told me she lives here
Yemisi: sorry wrong house ,maybe you should go somewhere else
b©dy guard 2:ok sorry for disturbing! Lets go (exits with the b©dy guards)
Yemisi: ehhhh maami!!!(puts her hands on her head) am in trouble
Mama yemisi: what happened ?
Yemisi: I I I (stammered)i. .sl@pped the prince earlier this morning
Mama yemisi: ehh what did he do to you ?and why did you sl@p him?
Yemisi:he was curious to know me but he dragged me by f0rç£ so I sl@pped him out of anger and am sure that’s why they are looking for me now
Mama yemisi: what kind of trouble is this, don’t worry my daughter everything will be alright ok?
Baba yemisi:(enters)I don’t think any thing can be alright in this house since you decided to stay at home and not get married like your fellow mates !(exits)
Yemisi: ehh (confused)
(Awele palace)
(Living room)
(Prince rokanmi yells out at the guards)
Prince rokanmi: you all are good for nothing in this palace ,just a simple task ,find me just a girl
Olori 1:Hmm (interrupts) rokan I think you should speak calmly to the guards, and what’s the matter ?where is gbenga?
Prince rokanmi:must Gbenga be in charge of everything?
Olori 1:Ok what’s the problem my son?
Prince rokanmi: am not your son and even though I tell you there’s simply nothing you could do about it so just leave me alone ,I can take care of my self I don’t nee-d your help.
(Awele palace)
Olori 1:but I can be of help if you just tell me what the matter is ?
Prince rokanmi: (sighs) well there’s this girl and I really like her a lot I saw her this morning and have been looking for her but I can’t find her
Olori 1:whats her name ?
Prince rokanmi:umm I don’t know her name
Olori 1:hmm I have an idea ,you see eliot (faced on of the guards) call the town crier, deliver this message to him ,tell him that afternoon tomorrow all the eligible maids of awele should be pres£nt in the village square then anyone you like you will pick rokanmi
Prince rokanmi: but it’s only that girl I like
Olori 1:you might be lucky if she attends the festival
Prince rokanmi: yes yes you are so right! thanks you so much (hvgs Olori 1 as Olori 2 sees them)
Olori 2:rokanmi!!!!!!(in anger drags rokanmi away from olori 1)