Yemisi Episode 7 & 8

(Episode seven and eight)
(Awele’ s palace)
(Rokanmi room)
(A well furnished designed room rokanmi murmuring as Olori 2 walks in)
Olori 2:oko mi you are back from the stream ,hope you had a great time there
Prince rokanmi:yes mom ,I did
Olori 2:now that’s not my rokanmi, what’s the matter my child?
Prince rokanmi:if I tell you will you able to do my request?
Olori2:you are my only son ,the one and only heir to the throne ,there’s nothing I would not do for you so go on and tell me
Prince rokanmi: I saw a beautiful girl
Olori 2:hmm I knew it
Prince rokanmi: and I want to marry her
Olori 2:oh my son is in love ,gbenga!!!!(calling out one of the guards name)
Gbenga: (rushed in) my queen
Olori 2:I nee-d your help, my son so what is her name then ?have you talked to her
Prince rokanmi: no mom ,and the worse p@rt is that I don’t know her name
Olori 2:don’t you worry son we will find her ok?
Prince rokanmi: I hope so
(Just then Olori 1 was pas-sing)
Olori 1:is something wrong
Olori 2:and if something was wrong you are no b©dy to ask that
Olori 1:but it’s just a question
Prince rokanmi: yes mom
Olori 2:shh (stands up) I am the special wiFe of the Oba ,I gave him a son ,a son ok ?you maybe the first wife but you couldn’t even ba-re him a son
Olori 1:hmmmm that doesn’t mean you should insult me
Olori 2:well you haven’t seen anything yet,and plea-se leave my son room don’t come and ru-b your bad luck in my son’s good luck
Olori 1:I have a daughter and I don’t really care if I don’t give birth to a male only God knows the reason I lost my first male child and only God will judge you (exits)
Prince rokanmi:mom you were so rude to her,what did she do to you?
Olori 2:don’t mind that woman ,she’s a witch and a big disgrace to woman hood
Prince rokanmi: I ll go shower now! (exits)
Gbenga: I ll take my leave
Olori 2:where do you think you are going to? (Drags gbenga hands to her w@!sts)
Gbenga: my queen what are you doing ?
(Awele palace)
(Rokanmi room)
(Olori 2 holding Gbenga hands)
Olori 2:you know it’s been long we had S-x and you know kabiyesi is useless to me now that he is very ill
Gbenga: what if someone sees us ,I won’t ,the last time I did ,you know what happened
Olori 2:that was twenty five years ago and no one knows about it, plea-se now ,just do it with me
Gbenga:well if you don’t leave me alone I will go out there and tell everyone what you did twenty five years ago
Olori 2:well no one will believe you ,I killed her son for a reason ,I s£nt you to take adewunmi son for a reason
Gbenga: you killed a baby that knows nothing ,ika ni ye ,come on leave me alone ,nons-en-se! (Wants to leave)
Olori 2:meet me at our usual place or you will be fired (exits)
Gbenga: ehhh (thinking out loud)what kind of woman is this ?ahhh am in trouble, what she finds out that I never harmed the little boy ,ehhhh I hope he is not alive till now o !hmmm (exits)
(The stream)
(In a small hut ,baba roasting the fishes as Olakunle drops a basket filled with lots of fishes)
Baba: you are a very good boy
Olakunle:baba you always tell me that day by day
Baba: I wonder where on earth or who on earth would abandon such a miraculous child like you
Olakunle: hmm baba this world is filled with wicked people
Baba:hmm ,don’t you want to know your parents
Olakunle: I see no reason in knowing them,maybe they saw me as a burden and decided to throw me away
Baba: (wears olakunle a traditional n£¢klace)I saw this on your n£¢k when they dropped you here ,it was a long time ago ,a young man dropped you inside the water I heard you screaming and I swimmed just to save your life ,and I thank God you are alive till now
Olakunle: Baba lets not talk about sad pasts jare it’s all in the pasts ,and am grateful for what you did
Baba: so won’t you introduce me to that beautiful girl I usually see you with
Olakunle: ahn ahn Baba !!!
Baba: ma pa iro, do you really love her?