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March 7, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Yemisi Episode 5 & 6

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(Episode Five and six)

(Bakre compound)

(Yemisi room)

Yemisi:(still fast asleep as labake barged in with lara)hmmm

Labake: wake up sleepy head

Lara:you know this was your idea ok?

Labake: waky, waky!!!(taps yemisi playfully)

Yemisi: ohhhh labake ,why are you disturbing my sleep so early in the morning

Labake: come on get up and change ,dont you know what is going on in this village

Lara: hmm!

Yemisi: ki lo tun sele?

Labake:the Prince of awele is back and he invited all of the villagers in awele to attend his welcome party

Yemisi:hmm and so what should I do then

Lara: oh oh !!

Labake: get showered and get dressed for the welcome party ,maybe you might even have the opportunity to get to know the prince

Yemisi:well remember that I have someone else so I don’t need any prince, kunle is my one and only prince so I think you should both get going because am not going to the party ,I have a lot of things to do

Labake:things or to go see that wretched guy you call a man

Yemisi: why so much hate for my man and anyways you can go am not going (exits for the bathroom)

Labake: hmmm! (leaves angrily)

Lara: (follows)


The palace ground)

Young and old dancing to the solid talking drum beats ,The king and his two wives by his side as the Prince rokanmi arrives all beats went down,everyone silent)

Prince Rokanmi: my people

Villagers:ka bi e si ooo

Prince Rokanmi: I thank you all for attending this welcome party thanks very much my great people, there are a lot of food and drinks ,eat and enjoy !

(The drummers plays the beat as the villagers danced to the beats)

The following Day

(The stream)

Yemisi:(fetching water from the stream as Lara and labake interrupts)

Lara: yemisi

Yemisi:ore mi what’s up? So labake how was the party yesterday, I forgot to come check you at your place

Labake: hmmm!!you decided not to come anyways it was still fun

Yemisi: labake you of all people should know that am a party pauper

Labake:hmm that’s what you say all the time

(Just then prince rokanmi with guards beside him where just passing by as rokanmi sighted yemisi)

Prince Rokanmi:guard call that fair skinned girl for me immediately

Guard 1:yes my prince(walked straight to yemisi)hey you ,the prince wants to talk to you

Yemisi: why?

Labake: just go first

Yemisi: where is he then?

Labake: maybe the guard is confused, guard is it me?

Prince rokanmi:(walked straight to them as he drags yemisi hands)it’s you am calling

Yemisi: let go my hands ,argh! (Removed her hands as she slaps rokanmi)

Labake: ahhh you slapped the prince

Lara: ah!

Guard 1:(points an arrow)

Prince rokanmi:(gives the guard signal to stop) am the prince of this land ,my name is rokanmi

Yemisi: well am not interested in your name ,lets go girl’s

Prince rokanmi: what’s your name?

Yemisi:(hissed as she exits with labake and lara at her back)

Prince rokanmi: what are you waiting for ,findout everything about that damsel already

Guard 1:yes my prince !!!!


(The Bakre compound)

(Back yard)

(Labake, Yemisi and Lara eating mango fruits)

Labake: but to be sincere you shouldn’t have slapped the prince ,he is the prince of this land and you can be banished for it

Yemisi: he dragged me against my will ,not even my beloved does that to me

Lara: lets forget about that matter jare

Yemisi: you are so right ,about the jamb form, are they out?

Labake: always boring (refers to Lara and yemisi)

Lara: that’s why you always fail because you don’t read your books labake

Labake:e pele miss book reader


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