Yemisi Episode 3 & 4

Episode Three & four
(Bakre compound)
In a very muddy land ,well built bungalow unpainted)
Yemisi: (re-ading her books as Mama yemisi interrupts)
Mama yemisi: my daughter,doctor of the year ,always re-ading (smiling and hailing)
Yemisi: maami (smiling)mummy mummy(hails back)
Mama yemisi:yemisi go get re-ady ,our guests has arrived and you are not dressed
Yemisi: what guest maami?
Mama yemisi:didn’t your father tell you ?
Yemisi:(stands up seriously)tell me what maami?
Mama yemisi:hmmm, the Oba of Alake’s village asked for your hand in marriage
Yemisi: not again maami, did baami accept the proposal?
Mama yemisi:yes of course
Yemisi: Whaaaat???
**find out what happens on the next episode of yemisi
Yemisi: Whaaat???(walked out angrily to the sitting room as she sees the oba of Alake’s village seated majestically on their olden days couch with her father a short thin dark old man with bald white hairs)kaaro sir! (In yoru-ba style)
Baba yemisi:ehh se dada, greet your husband very well
Yemisi:which husband?
Oba:(a well dressed matured man in yoru-ba attire agbada)my wife!
Yemisi: which wife?(chuckles) look at me well am not your wife and I will never be (hissed)
Baba yemisi:(stands up as he sl@ps yemisi ha-rd on her face)how dare you talk ru-bbish from that tiny mouth of yours,ohh! You want to remain in this house forever ,kolewerk (shakes his head)
Mama yemisi: (interrupts ,pleading)okomi ma bi ni
Baba yemisi:dont you tell me to calm down ,this stupid girl nee-ds to be taught on how to respect her elders
Yemisi: (folds her hands in disagreement)baami me am not getting married now o ,besides am registering for JAMB exams this year ,I want to go to school o,I don’t want to get married now .
Oba:(stands up) my wife I can pay all the money you nee-d for your school ,you will study wherever you want ,London, anywhere, I ll take care of you
Yemisi: take care of who ,with the four wives you have ,they are not ok abi? me am not getting married to you have said my own !(exits still murmuring)
Oba:hmm I thought you said she agreed alre-ady
Baba yemisi:we are sorry sir ,don’t worry I will make sure that she gets married to you
Oba: you said that the last time and the same thing happened, Guards lets go
Baba yemisi: plea-se sir
Oba: (exits without turning back with the guards at his back)
Mama yemisi: Baba yemisi, dont beg him ,yemisi don’t want to get married now
Baba yemisi: ohh so you are the one spoiling yemisi, come on get out of my front ,use less mother !
Mama yemisi: okomi what have I done again?
Baba yemisi:ask your stupid daughter, my own is yemisi is getting married to the man of my choice soon (exits)