Yemisi episode 26 & 27

(Episode twenty six)
(The stream side)
(Yemisi and Olakunle holding hands together walking pas-s the stream as they saw Gbenga laying helplessly on the floor)
Yemisi: my love what’s that? (shocked to gbenga on the floor)
Olakunle: hmm! (walks straight to gbenga) he is alive !c’mon lets help him
Yemisi: seems like a royal guard ,he looks very familiar
Olakunle: maybe !let’s not talk too much ,his life is in danger !(carries Yemisi on his shoulder)
(Olakunle hut)
(Gbenga laying on the bench as baba feeds gbenga with some herbs)
Yemisi: will he be ok?
Baba: yes of course
Gbenga: (coughs as he tries to sit right)huh where am i?
Yemisi: we saw you by the stream side and decided to help you ,how are you feeling? Am yemisi
Gbenga: I know you ,you are the prince soon to be wife
Yemisi: yes !
Olakunle: (interrupted holding h0t plate of pepper soup )oh thank goodness he is alive ,sir how are you feeling?
Gbenga: (sees the n£¢klace on Olakunle ,stands up as he t©uçhes kunle from head to his toe)you !yesss!our king ,he is alive ,yes our majesty yes !kabiyesi! (Prostrates)
Olakunle: hey hey hey get up ,am not your prince and I don’t know what you are talking about
Gbenga: (laughs)yes you can’t know but I ll explain to you
Yemisi: I don’t un-derstand
Olakunle: me too and I don’t want to listen to what you have to say either
Gbenga: years ago ,Bamike the second wife of awele f0rç£d me to kill the first child the only son of our queen ,you are the child ,I couldn’t kill you so I had to save your life by abandoning you near the stream
Olakunle: then how are you sure I am the prince of this strange land
Gbenga: this n£¢klace are for the royalties, you are wearing the n£¢klace so you belong to the royal family
Yemisi: what? But !how ?
Gbenga: (laughs)you are our majesty ,come with me,let’s go home and crown you the king ,your father pas-sed away and Bamike and rokanmi can do worse if rokanmi is titled the head of the village
Yemisi: so who’s rokanmi then?
(Episode twenty seven)
(Olakunle hut)
Yemisi: so who’s rokanmi then?
Gbenga: am afraid rokanmi is my son
Yemisi: what? So all these years has just been lies all along ?I can’t believe this
Gbenga: this royal chain proves a lot of things my dear, the queen bamike couldn’t bear a child with the king and was f0rç£d to sleep with me and she however pinned the blame on kabiyesi, she wanted to get rid of kunle so she s£nt me to kill him which I couldn’t
Olakunle: ok that’s enough now !I will never go back to a kingdom that dos£nt nee-d me ,am not going to a place they abandon me ok?
Gbenga: it all happened so quic-k ,they never abandoned you ,it was all my fault ,I and Bamike ruined your lives
Olakunle: (hissed as he exits)
Yemisi: I ll go talk to him!(exits following kunle)lakunle, lakunle wait !
Olakunle: what is it ?if you are here to talk about what that crazy man just said then plea-se leave !
Yemisi: to where? this is where I belong! (Points to olakunle heart)that’s my home ,and you nee-d to go back to your once lost family ,am sure they ll un-derstand, this can even prevent us from running away ,because I ll get married to you
Olakunle: shh! Lets just get married ,lets run away together ,lets do it early tomorrow morning!
Yemisi: but tomorrow is my engagement!
Olakunle: me or your engagement?
Yemisi: you but ,kunle don’t you think there won’t be violence if we should just go to the palace and reveal your secrets ,it’s more than running
Olakunle: remember this was your advice and now you are changing it all because of that lunatic
Yemisi: that lunatic saved your life a long time ago ,you should be grateful, I can’t believe you are getting angry for no good reason ,and if you don’t go apologise to gbenga I will get married to rokan!
Olakunle: it hasn’t gotten to that extent my love
Yemisi: yes it has kunle !I promise to run away from this nightmare with you tomorrow as soon as possible if only you can go apologize and appreciate that man!