Yemisi episode 24 & 25

(Episode twenty four and twenty five
(The stream)
Yemisi: umm ok ,I want to run away with kunle soon
Labake: ehh what kind of nons-en-se is that and where on earth will you run to? I don’t buy that idea
Lara: hmm I agree with bake for the first time ,it’s not right at all ,what if you get harmed or something bad happens to you
Yemisi: nothing bad will happen,am going to another village where there will be peace for me and kunle, plea-se support me in this one ,I rather die in the forest than get married to that man
Labake: ok ok ,but who do you have in that village? how will you cope ,all your dreams of education, how will you manage?
Yemisi: my auntie is there and am sure she will allow me to stay as much I can stay till the prince decides to marry someone else
Labake: do you have any money?
Yemisi: I have some savings!
Labake: ok I also have some money you can join it to manage
Lara:me to !
Yemisi: you are the best ,thanks very much !(hvgs labake and lara)
Labake: no nee-d to thank us ,we are your friends (smiles)
Yemisi: ese!!!!
(Awele palace)
Olori 1 crying as she holds kabiyesi clothes)
Olori 1:why do you have to live me all alone in this wicked world
Olori 2:(sobbing as palace guards console her with the maids ,some chiefs also in tears ,prince rokanmi sobbing with bisi)ahhh kabiyesi!!!! kabiyesi,why?
Chief one: but he was fine this morning, I don’t think he died well ,someone is behind his death
Olori 2:I agree with you ,adewunmi is the murderer! she killed our husband
Olori 1:bamike!
Bisi: do not accuse my mother, it’s not the time to accuse someone
Prince rokanmi: what if your witch of a mother did it ?
Bisi: my mother is not a witch the only trouble maker here is that thing you call a mother!
Chief one: I think we should all calm down !
(Just then one of the maiden ran outside of kabiyesi room)
Maid one: my queen ,my queens I found a watch in kabiyesi room
Olori 1:(stands up)who owns that watch?
Prince rokanmi: my watch is in my hand so who owns it?
(Episode twenty five)
(Awele palace)
Prince rokanmi: who owns it?
Gbenga: (stepped out) I your majesty
Prince rokanmi: you? What were you doing in my father room ,tell me now !
Gbenga: I didn’t go to his room today
Prince rokanmi: then how did your watch get there?
Olori 2:(drags gbenga shi-t) you murderer, you murdered my husband !
Olori 1:but gbenga can’t do such ,gbenga tell them ,you are not a murderer
Olori 2:how did you know that ?he is just innocent in sight but I know he did this,he must be punished!
Gbenga: hmm (thinking)Bamike !!!
Prince rokanmi: as a soon to be king I here by banish you from this kingdom
Olori 1:rokan you can’t ,kabiyesi hasnt rest in peace yet!chiefs of our lands plea-se say something
Cheif one:we are nob©dy to disobey the kings order
Cheif two: the king has spoken !
Olori 2:(thinking in her mind)well who would have thought that it will be so easy to kick you out you foolish man ,before you destroy me I ll make sure I ruin your miserable excuse of a life !
(Olakunle hut)
Olakunle: but my love
Yemisi: kunle !we can do this ,the last thing I want is to get married to that prince, lets do this unless I ll be f0rç£d to marry someone I dont love
Olakunle: hmm since thats the only option! I agree with you then (hvgs yemisi ti-ghtly)I won’t wanna loose you not know not forever
Yemisi: me too my love ,I will always love you no matter what and I really don’t care if I have to die for you ,all I know is that I tried to survive for you my choice !
Olakunle: I love you
Yemisi: I love you too
(In the bush paths gbenga walking helplessly as he fainted)
What hides behind?